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May 23, 2018, 05:53:44 PM

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Author Topic: Conquering the World - Seeking GM for Male Warlord - Based on Sengoku Rance  (Read 1015 times)

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Offline OberTitanTopic starter

This is a game modeled after an H-game that was released way back in 2006, Sengoku Rance by Alicesoft,
Box Art

Rance is a warrior from the west, who in previous games focused on classic sword and sorcery dungeon crawls, combined with lots of naughty fun times with different warrior women, monster girls, and basically any woman he could get his hands on. After being forced to flee from his home country, Rance ends up in JAPAN, an alternate-world version of Japan during the Sengoku Jidai area: numerous warlords and small independent states across the country constantly battling each other for dominance in an attempt to become Shogun and be the unquestioned ruler of Japan.

Shortly after arrival Rance is recruited by Oda Nobunaga, a good man weakened by sickness whose country is on the verge of being torn apart by civil war. Hired as a mercenary to to assist Oda's loyalist forces, Rance quickly crushes the rebellion and is selected by Nobunaga to take his place on the battlefield and become Oda's new warlord. As this is a world where every state in Japan has their own princesses, plenty of female soldiers and lots of female generals, Rance is fully willing to accept this responsibility as part of his own ongoing quest to bed every woman in Japan. Rance is obnoxious, brash, reckless, arrogant, and frankly, not that bright. But his unstoppable determination and strong protective urge over the companions he gathers leads him to great success on the battlefield and the rapid growth of Oda.

Disaster strikes when one of eight gourds sealing away an ancient evil is broken, the fragment of darkness secretly infecting Nobunaga. Rance gets orders to conquer the nations that possess the other gourds, and ultimately a Demon Prince is unleashed. The Demon gathers his disciples and rapidly conquers part of Japan, his seemingly unstoppable horde of monsters poised to rip through the entire nation. Only Oda, led by Rance and the heroic generals he's gathered to his side, have the numbers and power to stand against the demons, fight their way to the stronghold, and slay the Demon.

If it wasn't clear, I'm looking for someone to GM something similar against my warlord. A man seeks to conquer the world, or just a country, and with every area he conquers there are princesses to claim and heroines to seduce to his side. This has the potential to be a group game, but I would prefer to keep it solo or small group. It would work well as a system or freeform game. I have the most experience in Pathfinder/3.5 or New World of Darkness, and have access to materials for DND 4th and 5th. I understand GM'ing is quite work-intensive (I've done it myself in the past) and I'm happy to help with building the various heroines mechanically in the system or create portions of the setting myself. Specifics of setting and character I would prefer to discuss with a potential GM, so I'll leave it loose for now other than stating I'd be up for just about anything; medieval, steampunk, scifi, urban fantasy, eastern medieval, etc.

While this setup could easily become a rapefest, I'd much rather stay away from constant non-con. Certainly there can be heroines or princesses who find the idea of switching sides highly objectionable, but ultimately they all willingly serve beside (and under, or on top of, or in the training fields...) the warlord. I'd like the darkness to come from the enemy, the cruel tyrants being overthrown and the inhuman beasts seeking to ravage the world.

To be more specific about how I would like a game like this to function in terms of the mechanics and system:
I run and build a male warlord character. Characters are used as individuals and, with minor rule adjustments as needed, abstracted out to represent an entire military unit led by that hero. Female heroes and generals are initially built by the GM, but once I recruit them I take over their mechanics, leveling them up, equipping them, doing their math, etc. GM still runs the female characters in RP, but once they've joined me I may RP control them at different times to open up more possible scenes and interactions.

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested.
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Offline Nanachan

Re: Conquering the World - Seeking GM for Male Warlord - Based on Sengoku Rance
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2016, 07:00:04 PM »
Might you be interested in doing this in R20? I always loved the rance series. Also, seeing as the series is a bit silly (while also being dark, go figure) did you want something lighthearted? or serious?

Offline OberTitanTopic starter

Re: Conquering the World - Seeking GM for Male Warlord - Based on Sengoku Rance
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2016, 08:50:03 AM »
I've never played on R20 and I'm willing to give pretty much anything a try, including if there's a non-DnD style system you wanted to use. The concern I have is that, based on what I understand of the platform, it's designed for real-time play as opposed to play-by-post, and I'm uncertain if I can commit to a given time to always be at my computer for this.

Of course, maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about and R20 will accommodate this nicely. If so, awesome!

I tend to prefer a more serious tone, though I'd very much like for there to still be room for lighthearted scenes. Things like rampaging through a country during the day, then the old hentai cliche of the warlord peeping on all his female companions in a hot spring. Or a captured princess becomes determined to con the warlord into marriage with over-the-top schemes to entrap him.

The vague idea I had for the warlord's personality is someone who's convinced of his own strength and ability, conquering the land in the belief that it's the only way to build lasting peace and prosperity. He's not above forcing himself on women he views as his rightful due or those he claims as plunder, but respects those strong enough to fight by his side. He tries to have them too of course, but they tend to come willingly to his bed rather than being dragged there. More serious and down to earth than Rance was, actually taking the endeavor seriously rather than treating it as just one giant stroke to his ego.

Though I will admit a fondness for the old cliche of "normal guy discovers he's Chosen Something Or Other and becomes powerful figure."

Offline OberTitanTopic starter

Updated the initial post with a few more specifics as to how I envision this working mechanically.

Offline OberTitanTopic starter

November Bump

Offline KeyAndLocke

Today may be your lucky day. I just so happen to have been tinkering around with a 5e game that has somewhat similar themes. The basic premise is that some guy washes up on the shore of an island controlled entirely by dominant women of various sorts, and sets out to either conquer them all or else back one of them in conquering all the others. The weaker of the warlords are more submissive and open to serving a conqueror. The stronger ones are mostly evil jerks.

That's not exactly the same as what you were asking for, but I can run it for you if it's close enough.

Offline OberTitanTopic starter

Person who was going to run this appears to have left E entirely, so...bump, I guess.