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August 18, 2022, 09:29:46 pm

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Author Topic: Lunaris' Sci-Fi Funland of Story Ideas (F looking for Any)  (Read 867 times)

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Lunaris' Sci-Fi Funland of Story Ideas (F looking for Any)
« on: September 05, 2016, 04:16:53 am »
Hi, everyone! And welcome to my big giant idea thread filled with ideas! I'm a veteran roleplayer with over 14 years of experience (wow, how time flies) in settings that are pretty much all over the place from Fantasy, to Sci-Fi, to Superhero, to Modern.

That said, my current drive is towards Sci-Fi snd Superhero settings. I'm also pretty cool with Steampunk though I've yet to dip my fingers into it. As for who I'm cool with playing opposite of, I'm cool with authors of any gender from Female, to Liege, to Male. I'm only interested in a good story and couldn't care less about the gender of the person writing it. At the same time, I've grown to the point of being cool with pretty much any gender of opposite characters, be it male, female, trans, intersex, or even genderless.

On my end, I feel most comfortable RPing as characters on the feminine side of the gender spectrum. I've tried my hand at male characters but the best I can do with them is temporary NPCs as my interest in them tends to fizzle out extremely fast. It should also be noted that I prefer to play as characters of color on the curvier side of things.

But you probably aren't here to read my rambling, eh? Let's get to it!


Woman with a Cyan Saber
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Your character receives information about a mysterious cyan double-saber wielding Force-User operating on Taris. According to Republic Troops stationed on the planet, this strange figure often shows up to save the day when soldiers are pinned down by Rakghouls. She'll show up, obliterate them with the Force and her double saber, then leave without a word. Some reports state that she wears a Miraluka-style mask over her eyes, though whether she is of that race or just hiding her identity remains to be seen. Others report her using powers typically associated with the Sith -such- as lightning in the defense of soldiers.

If your character is a Sith, they may be interested in discovering a potential traitor or Dark Jedi. Bounty Hunters well...a target like that probably has a high reward. Jedi would have a vested interest in figuring out this person and their motivations. Whatever the case and whatever your character's affiliations and motivations, their tracking of my character lands them in a collapsed tunnel with their quarry...and dozens of Rakghouls that they'll have to work together to avoid or destroy. Fighting for survival tends to make fast friendships...or more.

She's real? - Taken
Custom Setting - Caelia: Mechanist City - Elysium
Find Setting Info Here!

Your character leads a dual life. Whether they are a programmer, inventor, doctor, soldier, or any other profession is up to you but when they aren't doing their day job, they live in Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. These experiences could be anything from intense and immersive gaming experiences, to interactive slice-of-life stories, to Fairy Tale romances. Whatever these experiences may be, they've grown fond of a dear friend that has shared many of these experiences with them.

Your character knows a few things about her: that she's actually a Fae that grew up in Elysium but has battled with illness and weak joints her entire life. She's online because she's extremely fragile and lives in an Intensive Care Unit where doctors monitor her and keep her going with numerous treatments and machines. Being a near-prisoner in her own physical body has made her a bit wild, quirky, and restless online as she's determined to get the most she can out of her virtual life.

A year and a half ago, she contacted your character online to say that she was accepted into the trial of a new line of prototype medical implants and innovative treatments. From that point on, she showed up less and less though she informed your character of what was happening whenever she could log in to visit. The implants were well-recieved, her health was improving dramatically, and her physical therapy was going swimmingly well... So well in fact that doctors have started to allow her to spend time outside of the hospital. More than that, her Fae heritage gave her a natural aptitude for magic and made her a fantastic Manatecher (Mechanist Mage).

In the most recent contact, she logged in only to ask your character two questions: "Will you be online long?" "Great! Can you wait for me?"

And just like that, she logged off...only for you to realize someone was at the front door of your apartment minutes later.

This story can go anywhere from this point, really. Much of it depends on your character and what they do in their offline life. They could tour Elysium together, your character could take her on a memorable date, or if they are a soldier, they could go on a patrol or practice combat together. Sky's the limit!

Hunted by Shadows
Custom Setting: Caelian Wilderness:
Find Setting Info Here!

This particular plot has a much darker setting and situation. Your character is a Loreseeker who's master revealed their self to be a Voidthrall in a summoning ceremony gone hideously wrong. Your character arrives on the scene just as the mage calls a powerful Distorted being into the tower you share. The alien horror proves too strong for your master to control and they are eviscerated on the spot. Though the Distorted ignores your character and disappears into a cloud of darkness, your character's mentor rises again as a twisted, shadowy, alien version of their self and begans rapidly speaking in a horrifying alien tongue. It turns to face your character and your character is bombarded by feelings of sickness and dread as well as sounds of other aliens growling, visions of your world becoming corrupted, and the sight of pulsing entrails.

In short, your character's former master is going to kill you and make you just like them unless you can get as far away as possible, as quickly as possible. Your character cannot remain in the tower, or even Loreseeker territory because the Loreguards will hunt you both to the ends of the earth. Your character may be innocent, but they are guilty by association and if caught by the Loreguards, your character will be killed or worse, cut off from access to any and all magic.

With no other option, your character runs and runs, heedless of where they are going so long as it is away from their former master. Unfortunately, this desperation leads your character right into Mechanist territory, the region of the Loreseeker's sworn enemies. Your character attempts to sneak past a Mechanist patrol only to get spotted by a sniper and engaged just as the Distorted being catches up.

This RP will open as your character is desperately trying to elude both the Mechanists and the Distorted creature. However, your character's former master catches up in the middle of the chaos and the end result has your character and the only surviving member of the patrol fleeing the Distorted together into the thick forests of Alfheim.

If any of those ideas piques your interest, do feel free to look through my Ons and Offs and see if we're make a good team! Post here or hit me up with a PM if you'd like to try something out.

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