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Started by Jeric, September 01, 2016, 07:25:43 PM

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I have been wanting to get into a workout routine for a while now, so I bought a calisthenic workout book. I thought it would have a bunch of exercises that I could do without any equipment. I was half right. It does have a bunch of equipment-less exercises, but all of the workouts required a pull-up bar and a bar at about knee height. So me being a wanna-be DIYer I decided to make my very own pull up bar. Three day's and 9 2"x4"s + a 4' galvanized pipe later, I had my very own.

To why I decided to make my own, instead of just going to a gym: I hate gyms. I've tried going and always feel super self conscious. I never have that much fun.

On to the workouts. For the next four weeks I'm doing the beginners workout which uses the table below.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
A Rest B Rest A Rest B
Rest C D Rest C D Rest
A D Rest B C Rest D
A B Rest D A B Rest

Workout A: Squat, Elevated push-up, Negative pull-up, Two leg hip hinge, Bent knee bench dip, Ben knee closed grip row, Forward bear crawl. 10 reps each for 3 sets.

Workout B: Reverse Lunge, Horizontal sliding push-up from knees, Flexed arm hang (30 sec), Floor bridge, Bent knee pike push-up, Bent knee open grip row, Classic plank (30 sec). 10 reps each for 3 sets.

Workout C: Forward step-up, Elevated push-up, Negative pull-up, Quadruped straight tap, Bent knee bench dip, Bent knee closed grip row, Supine leg raise. 10 reps each for 3 sets.

Workout D: Walking lunge, Elevated push-up, Flexed arm hang (30 sec), Staggered hip hinge, Bent knee pike push-up, Bent knee open grip row, Side plank (30 sec). 10 reps each for 3 sets.

So that's what my month is going to look like. Wish me luck.


The Monday workout was an A workout. It was tough but I made it through. The negative pull-ups kicked my butt. I had to keep my toes on the ground while taking as much weight as possible with my arms. I also need to tape my pull-up bar so I do not kill my hands.

Total time was about 45 minutes
Peak heart rate was 111 BPM
Total water intake was 8oz (I really need to drink more water)
Current weight 185lbs (84Kg)


Yesterdays workout was a B workout. This one kicked my butt even worse than Mondays. Trying to hold myself in the flexed arm hang didn't last, I made it for about 10 seconds before they gave out. But I need to keep at it to get better. Goal for next time is 20 seconds.

My workout partner couldn't workout with me. I found that a partner is necessary for me. I got super distracted in between each set. First by my phone then by my Chinchillas. So for tomorrow my workout partner promised to workout with me.

1 hour 15 mintues (got super distracted)
Peak heart rate was 114 BPM
Total water intake was 2oz (Filled a water bottle but forgot about it until the end of my workout)
Next weight in on Monday.


Today's A workout was a little easier. Negative pull-ups are still hard, but my hands don't hurt as much. My workout partner was sick today so she only did one set then went to the bathroom to throw-up. I, not being sick, managed to get all three sets done.

For my next A workout I am going to up the reps to 15 each to push myself harder.

55 Minute
Peak heart rate was 136 BPM
Total water intake was 12oz (Filled a water bottle and drank most of it)
Next weight in on Monday.


Today's B workout felt great! I held the flexed arm hang for 15 seconds. Whooo improvement! My workout partner was in good shape today, so we really pushed each other.

Next week its onto the C/D workouts. It will be cool to do something different.

I think tomorrow... well today I guess, I will post a DIY on the pull-up bar.

41 Minute
Peak heart rate was 158 BPM
Total water intake was 12oz (Filled a water bottle and drank most of it)
Next weight in on 186. (up a pound but my weight shifts up and down about 3 pounds depending on the day)


Something to note: do not workout at 11pm after a large sushi meal and four episode of anime. I really thought I was going to boot. But thankfully everything was good. The negative pull-ups are getting easier. I still had some trouble though thanks to the rainbow roll.

The biggest thing in need to work on is my timing so I actually do one second up and down. I'm going to try a metronome app tomorrow.

I didn't get a chance to post about the pull up bar yesterday. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow.

46 Minute
Peak heart rate was 143 BPM
Total water intake was 6oz (not good enough)
Next weight in on September 12 2016


Today was a D day. Just over a week in and the workouts seem to be getting easier. The back of my ribs on each side  are really sore, but it is that good sore that means I worked hard.

The 10 open hand rows I was doing didn't quite work me as hard as i wanted to, so I'm upping the reps on that exercise to 15.

I did not get distracted today either which is a plus.

43 Minutes
Peak heart rate was 124 BPM
Total water intake was 0oz (forgot to get my water bottle. that's really not an excuse because I'm working out in my apartment.)
Next weight in on September 12 2016


Well my workout should have been yesterday and I goofed. So we pushed yesterdays workout today and will do today's tomorrow.

Today, to keep in line with what I promised myself, I went to 15 reps of each exercise and boy my arms can feel it. As an aside I started listening to the Harry Potter books. This is the first time I have ever read/listen to them. I am not on the third book and quite enjoying them.

31 Minutes
Peak heart rate was 156 BPM
Total water intake was 5oz (a single glass...)
Next weight in on September 12 2016


So two years ago my landlord told me that a leak in my apartment was fixed. It wasn't. So now, the celling in my closet collapsed wrecking some of my girlfriends stuff. Well, we started to look for a new apartment/place to live on Monday.

That is the short version of why I have sucked this week at working out.

Long version:

Monday, as stated above, we were looking at houses and didn't get home until like 10pm. Tuesday I had to work late so I didn't get home till 11pm I did workout Tuesday. Wednesday, we were looking at a house, got home at 8 and fell asleep at 815pm. I woke up this morning KICKING myself. Then today I got through one set then had to stop because my girlfriend told me that the sink wont drain. SO I spent an hour trying to fix that, it started pouring outside. My leak is still there. (for a little more background: my landlord has tried to get it fixed 7 times now. I wish I was exaggerating. Actually 7 times. Tomorrow when the guy comes it will be 8.) After calling my parents to figure out what to do. I found a SECOND leak on the opposite side of the apartment.

So that was Monday - Thursday of my week. Tomorrow I plan on finishing the workout I started today.

Tuesday's workout stats:

31 Minutes
Peak heart rate was 131 BPM
Total water intake was 9oz (a single glass...)
Weight from Monday: 189

Sorry for the non workout related post.