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Author Topic: [Mul]The day The sky came crashing down [Modern Fantasy][Interest check/open]  (Read 707 times)

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Offline HellisTopic starter

Ok, This is a rp setting I've had with me for some time but never gotten off the ground so to say. Curious if any one wanted to plat a post apocalyptic mordern fantasy. I also think it could benifit from the more mature approach people have here so here goes.

As the day nears sunrise, a chilling mist surrounds the area. The only sounds that can be heard, are the echoes of a stapler, from inside the school by the frozen sea. Just outside the windows of a classroom inside, a massive glacier is devoured by the sun's light and transformed into a black outline just before the sun rises above and it's rays reveal the stapler in the hand of a young woman.

She is about 5'8 with a short dark-violet hair and arctic-blue eyes,dressed in a floor-length lab coat,jeans, and light-blue dress shirt. Behind her thin-framed glasses her eyes wander to a place beyond what is in front of her as she reads the newspaper article she had just clipped to the board.
"No one could have guessed it would happen...not again..."
...=_----Tears From the Heavens----_=...
_____________January 23, 2007_________

The world watched in horror yesterday as the worst fear of astronomers and astrologist everywhere came true. The first of many meteors to follow broke the atmosphere at 9:42 a.m. central and landed leaving a deadly impact in the town of Sunbury,Ohio. Panic and chaos erupted immediately in the world as the deadly shower continued wreaking destruction and injury as it continued nonstop! National leaders quickly ordered an evacuation to a hidden military base in Antarctica. All information about the base was disclosed for security reasons.

It was soon converted into the First Astral Protection Center of The United Nations .Unfortunately the space that could be occupied was lessened greatly by the hour! A team has been developed to build additional domes and manufacture facilities for their production. Aside from that the U.N. has created several new authorities to help manage the chaos and search for those still lost in the storm.

Rumors have it that this new form of authority is corrupt and is solely responsible for the destruction of the Stockholm, Sweden church Svenska Kyrkan, and those who stayed behind within it's walls .Reasons were named as that the government didn't like the religious panic they were causing with their testimonies and theories of the unfolding disaster.
"Tear from the Heavens, they called it."Says Alyssa Vidaneai"Our punishment for all our sins. They believe God has done this so we can start anew .Personally, I believe them and I'm scared for my life and my husband .How can the government just send him out there to add on to the dome when there is still a meteor shower going on out there?!?"
And in fact ,the storm from yesterday is still going on .This is a dark time for us and shall forever be remember in human history,if we are around to still remember it.

The woman shook her head as she finished reading and reached for the next article .She stapled this one to the first ones right and read it over as well.

...=_----Shower Stopped,New Ice Age Begins----_=...
_________________July 22, 2008___________________________

Scientist have concluded that today was finally the end of the 18 month meteor shower the Earth and it's people had to suffer. Although alive our world is left in ruin and tears.
But as the shower has ended, another danger arises .The dust caused by the meteors clouds the atmosphere blocking out the sun and forcing the world into a new ice age .The world does seem to be repeating itself as the flakes begin to fall heavily from the sky.

In other news, the world's governments have unified as have our countries. At the moment the only people know to be alive are those within the domes but there has been said reports of people moving outside the now closed off domes .These people have been classified as Scrappers.

Connected to the paper by tape is another article clipping. Her eyes continue to follow the reading as she works.

...=_----Scrappers: Outlaws or Pioneers?----_=...
_____________October 6, 2009_________

Its no secret that the ones we call scrappers can act rough at times, but are they truly our enemies? As of late the Police have waged an uneven war on the increasing drug traffic throughout the domes. Many of the major dealers have been scrappers and armed battles have taken place as well, thus police begin to suspect the scrappers on an higher scale. The scrappers living outside the dome have answered that the police are unfair and are generalizing. But are they truly? Is it not the ones known as the Black Hand clan indeed scrappers? Does not scrappers shun the civilization for the sake of adventure? The questions are many, the answers few.

The wind blows fiercely and the woman jumps averting her eyes to the door on right leading outside. She shivers slightly but, it is not the wind that gives her a chill .Turning her head cautiously back to her work she grabs another newspaper cut out .Reading this one over with melancholy eyes first.

...=_----Magic Discovered!!----_=...
_____________April 23, 2010_________

"As reward for surviving where even the fiercest beasts of the prehistoric time have failed,we have been granted a new power, a new knowledge and a new hope!! Through testing of those affected by the shower, we've been able to harness some of the energies lying within the meteor rocks!! Already we have begun using these to help restore our once tall and beautiful cities,but we are no longer trying to restore our once humble way of life. We will use this gift to go farther into the future, to carve a new path for all humans into a new dawn of technology!! Ladies and Gentlemen,today we enter a new era, The Era of Magic!!"

That was the statement made by W.I.L.L. representative Synchro 2 weeks ago, and already our society has adjusted to the use of government distributed Rune-tech. Some for the good others for the worse. Crime has erupted in several parts of the domes,because of power wars between gangs and organized crime leaders .But far worse than this is the discovery made only yesterday on harmful side effects to those effected by the meteors.

Although many were lucky enough to have only lost memory due to exposure to the rune stones, we are all aware of those who have undergone mutations,such as longer ears,tinted skin color, heightened senses and or abilities, and of course the ability to use some powers without the use of rune stones.

While the government has allowed certain individuals to remain within the domes, others have been evacuated for safety reasons .It would seem some of those who have become mutated have loss their minds as well as their appearance violent and resorting to primal instincts becoming cannibals(if you would now consider them still human).Please inform the authorities if you or someone you know has begone to act/feel strange .Testing is also welcome at all medical centers within the domes.

The woman stapled it to the board alongside the others and thought to herself in disgust.
"So this is what's become of the world now....we've gone as far as even labeling people monsters....Hmph. Only the mirrored skies of these domes reflect the true monsters."

Snatching the next paper up she held it against the green background of the board with a silent fury in her eyes .It faded away into a shaking daze as she stared at the paper before her .But memory itself forced her to relive the experience as she read it over.

...=_----Question Answered----_=...
_____________February 9, 2011_________

At last the question of are we alone in the universe has been answered,but it is unfortunately not as many would have hoped. It would appear these other worldly visitors came with the meteors as several of them were spotted crawling out of them! They have been code named by the government .The demi-human fish-like creatures are the Amphlidites.The Large-shelled spider creatures are the Larvalikes.And the flying snake monsters are the Endo-estreges.They are all very dangerous, which is why rune-mining within the ruin must now be approved by government digger's license.

They've already claimed several victims, 2 of which were Runexmitologist Dr. Takuyah Ahira and his wife, Meteorologist Asuka Ahira.Thier daughter Chisato Ahira, was unintentionally rescued by a scrapper who was immediately caught and locked in the C.A.P.C. Penitentiary Chisato now lives with Professor Ouji Kawahara, founder of the new dome-city schools, which will be soon spread throughout all the domes for area convenience.
She stapled this one with pain in her eyes. And as if trying to force it out of her mind grabbed the next one without looking at it .Stapling it with her eyes closed she fights whatever she is feeling with a clenched jaw and a tightened expression.

Opening her eyes she returns to her apathetic demeanor and grabs a mug from her desk, exchanging it's position for the stapler in her hand. Walking to the door on the other end of the class room she digs in her pocket to find a capsule with the code 'CO-48' in bold, and presses down on the top, throwing it in her mug and placing her hand over it.

There is a small 'poof' sound from inside and steam rises from her now, hot cup of coffee as she lifts her hand. She exhales deeply after a sip and her lab coat is blown back from the gust of wind as she opens the door .Traces of a shovel are evident as she walks across the frozen grounds to a small clear tube sticking out of the ground and waits. Gazing upon the remains of her world through the walls of the dome she sips her coffee and thinks.

Moments later a 'swoof' sound is heard and she turns and retrieves her paper from the clear tube, just finishing her coffee as she makes it back to the door. Setting her mug back on the table she opens the latest article and reads.

As the sun rose a bit higher, the sunlight crept up her legs and onto her face behind her desk, causing the glint on her glasses to reflect onto her name on the chalk board.

Professor Ahira
But the bright light was hardly even noticed as she was deep in thought already.
"Yes....A new beginning....all...over...again...."
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Re: The day The sky came crashing down [Modern Fantasy/sci setting]
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.. - .-.. .~Character Sheet~- .. - .-.. .
Gaia Name [b/]

Name: (What ever you respond to, seeing as though some people effected by the meteors have lost memory, nicknames are accepted, even in formal situations such as school.)

Age: (Real age or believed age)



Religion: (Do you believe? And if so in what? Reasons why will reveal them self as the story unfolds)

Rune(s):(Do you posses a runestone, or rune-tech?If so which kind?-Note runestones are illegal if not down-graded by rune-tech.)

Meteor effects: ( Besides abilities given by runestones and tech, those caught in the shower who survived were effected in different ways.From appearance such cosmetic changes as alf ears to increased ability like increased agility, if any describe your own.)

Appearance: (Describe it)

Occupation: (What is it you do,whether for money,education or discovery, you've got to do something right?)

Bio: (Reveal a bit of your life from a third persons view.)

Notes/other: (Other tidbits that may or may not be used in the story such as blood type, weight, and anything else you fell might be important that wasn't mentioned earlier.)