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Author Topic: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! Craving GoT  (Read 1717 times)

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Offline RoleplayMasterTopic starter

Hi all! I just got accepted on Elliquiy, and I figured the first order of business would be to make my request thread. As you can tell from the title, I am a male looking for female partners, who roleplays fandoms, celebrities, and original topics. When I say female partners, I solely mean the character you play in the roleplay. If you identify as male, female, or anything else in real life, I do not mind, as long as you play a convincing female in game.

Out of character, I seek a roleplay partner that is patient with me, as I usually have quite a few roleplays on at the same time. This means I may forget certain things you like or dislike, which will make me appear like a jerk. Additionally, someone looking to collaborate and compromise on ideas is essential, as I do not want to be forced into an idea I don't like, nor do I want to be the one doing all the work.

In character, I love roleplays that have a good balance of plot and smut, though some RPs might have more of one or the other. This tends to happen to me with original plots, as I don't normally get enthralled with deep plots in original settings. Fandom plots usually have more or equal amounts of plot than smut, but feel free to ask which way this works for a particular plot or pairing I have listed. I will probably end up making a ons and offs list, unless I see other people on the site using F-List like I do (I haven't had a good look around yet). If you message me before I put up kinks and limits, then I can tell you in PMs what my preferences are.
One thing I will add, is that I love when people can play multiple characters. I love a good plot where it is 1x2, 1x3, etc., as you will find with some pairings listed. Usually I try to make this fair if my partner requests me to, but it is dependent on the wishes of both me and my partner.

Below are my biggest cravings. Unless something has a strike through it, then I am happy to do any pairings listed below the cravings menu.

Any celebrity play
Contestant x Celebrity Judge
Barbara Dunkelman
Meg Turney
Ashley Jenkins

Tommen's Harem of Conquests
Aliens, Zombies, and Breeding, Oh My!
Beyond the Veil ***
The Dark Lord Rises ***
The Tribal Life for Me - V1
World Wrestling Sexual Entertainment
An Abused Mutant
Any Crossover Plot

Very much craving creative use of powers in sexual play. If it's a Star Wars RP, maybe a jedi uses the force to jerk off someone from afar? If a Harry Potter RP, maybe a certain spell has some amazing results. If a superhero RP, then their powers somehow come into play. I want this to be a part of the RP, but not revolve around this.

I thought I better put this here first. Below I will post the various symbols I'll use with my pairings, and what they mean. If multiple of the plot/smut symbols appear, that may mean either the plot I have in mind can go either way, or that I have multiple plots, each with a different plot/smut ratio.
$ - More plot than smut
^ - More smut than plot
& - Even plot and smut (or indecisive)
* - Craving this pairing

I am a big fan of fandom RPs, absolutely love them to death. If you come to me with a fandom request of something I have listed, that would be great. When it comes to OCs and Canons, I only RP against people that play canon characters. I play Canons or OCs. When it comes to you playing as an OC in a fandom world, if it is OC x OC, I likely will not be interested. If it is Canon x OC with myself as the Canon, there would need to be some strong convincing...
If I have not listed something, then message me about it and ask. I don't watch anime though (I have a passing knowledge of Pokemon thanks to the games), nor do I watch shows like Doctor Who or Supernatural. Below I will post the fandoms and pairings I have.

OC x Hermione $^
OC x Fleur &
OC x Katie, Alicia, and Angelina $
Harry x Hermione $
Harry x Tonks $
Harry x Hermione and Tonks &
Harry x Fleur &
Harry x Fleur and Gabrielle &
Harry x Katie ^
Harry x Alicia ^
Harry x Angelina ^
Harry x Katie, Alicia, and Angelina ^
Harry x Padma and Parvati &
Neville x Hermione &
Neville x Fleur &
Neville x Katie $
Neville x Alicia $
Neville x Katie, Alicia, and Angelina $
Dumbledore x Hermione ^
Snape x Hermione ^

OC x Daenerys
Tyrion x Cersei ^
Tyrion x Sansa &
Tyrion x Ygritte $ ***
Tyrion x Missandei $
Tommen x Harem $ ***
Joffrey x Harem $
Stannis x Harem $
Jon x Harem $

OC x Delores
Ford x Delores
Bernard x Delores
William x Delores
Logan x Delores
OC x Maeve
William x Maeve
Logan x Maeve
Bernard x Elsie

Male Wrestlers x Female Wrestlers & *

OC x Kitty Pryde $ *
OC x Black Widow $
OC x Lady Deadpool &

OC x Harley Quinn $
Batman x Harley Quinn $
Batman x Cat Woman ^

Flash x Iris &
Flash x Felicity &
Flash x Super Girl &
Arrow x Felicity &
Arrow x Iris &
Arrow x Thea ^
Arrow x Super Girl &
Arrow x Sara Lance &
Diggle x Felicity $

Suicide Squad
OC x Harley Quinn *** $
Deadshot x Harley Quinn *** $
Killer Croc x Harley Quinn *** $

Note: likely written for the characters and not the plot of the show. Therefore likely school life and such, unless a good plot is given to me.
OC x Nancy
Jonathan x Nancy
Will x Nancy (Aged up)

Saints Row 3 or 4
OC x 'Normal' Shaundi
OC x 'Fun' Shaundi
OC x Both Shaundis
OC x Kinzie
OC x Asha
Oleg x Shaundi
Oleg x Kinzie
Oleg x Asha
Matt x Shaundi
Matt x Kinzie
Matt x Asha
CID x Shaundi - (Note - CID will be in a more human-like body)
CID x Kinzie
CID x Asha

Subzero x Kitana
Subzero x Jade
Subzero x Sonya Blade
Raiden x Kitana
Raiden x Jade
Raiden x Sonya Blade
OC x Kitana
OC x Jade
OC x Sonya Blade

As with fandoms, I love celebrity play. This does not mean just using them as face claims; I enjoy roleplaying as an OC (or a celeb with the right plot) against a celebrity. This means their name, age, appearance, and career. If you can portray their personality well, that is a definite bonus. One key thing with most, if not all plots, is I enjoy the celebrity aspect, so they should be famous. Hiding from the press, not wanting to take risks in public, wanting to please their fans. I don't want to see someone play a celebrity that's happy to walk down their street naked. If they become corrupted somehow and then open to doing that, then that is fine.

I will name a few celebrities, the more asterisks (*) next to the celeb, the more I'm craving them. I may use the symbols from the legend for various celebs. If I do not use them for someone, it means I have no specific plot in mind. The celebrities will be put in three sections: Singer, Actress, and Youtube Star.

Katy Perry &
Nicki Minaj
Jessie J $
Delta Goodrem $
Taylor Swift &
Rihanna &

Emilia Clarke &
Natalie Dormer
Sophie Turner ^
Maisie Williams $
Emma Stone *****
Emma Watson *****
Jennifer Lawrence
Mila Kunis
Jenna Fischer
Daisy Ridley ^
Scarlett Johansson

Youtube Stars
Barbara Dunkelman ******** $
Meg Turney ******** $
Ashley Jenkins ******** $
Jenna Marbles

If a symbol has not been used to display that I have a specific plot for them, that only means that we use one of the general celebrity plots I have, and I have a lot of those :)

Now, onto the originals! As I mentioned somewhere above, my original plots usually don't interest me as much, unless they involve celebrities or YouTube Stars. I only do modern RPs, although I can be convinced for post-apocalyptic RPs too, but don't count on it. My original plots are usually smut orientated, so I won't put down the smut symbol for this section. If you're wondering about a specific pairing, ask and I'll answer.

Son x Mother
Son x Father's Girlfriend
Son x Mother's Girlfriend
Brother x Sister
Cousin x Cousin
Nephew x Aunt

Student x Teacher
Teacher x Student
Nerd x Cheerleader
Nerd x Popular Girl
New Kid x Cheerleader
New Kid x Popular Girl

Boss x Employee
Employee x Boss
Employee x Employee
Employee x Client
Client x Employee
Cop x Cop
Cop x Criminal
Criminal x Cop
Victim x Cop
Cop x Victim
Prisoner x Cop
Patient x Nurse
Doctor x Nurse

HOLIDAYS - (When referring to 'kid', the character would be the correct age by forum rules)
Kid x Mrs Claus
Elves x Mrs Clause
Kid's Father x Mrs Claus
Santa x Kid's Mother
Tooth Fairy x Kid's Mother
Tooth Fairy x Kid

CELEBRITY - (Ties into the above celebrity section)
Fan x Celebrity
Bodyguard x Celebrity
Friend x Celebrity
Family Member x Celebrity
Tribal Member x Celebrity *****
Therapist x Celebrity
Foreign Actor x Celebrity *****
Contestant x Celebrity Judge ***

Room Mate x Room Mate
Neighbour x Neighbour
Babysat x Babysitter
Little Person x Average Height Woman (Can be applied to most pairings)

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Offline RoleplayMasterTopic starter

Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My!
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2016, 07:16:26 AM »

Aliens, Zombies, and Breeding, Oh My!
Sandor Clegane x Sansa Stark
Tyrion Lannister x Missandei
OC Sellsword x Daenerys Targaryen

This story starts where Season 6 left off, when Cersei sets fire to King's Landing, killing Margaery Tyrell, among others. But what is Margaery didn't die? What if months prior, she had found an alien amulet that activated when the wildfire wrapped around her body?
She finds herself becoming Queen of a dying alien race, who have come to Westeros to breed with their women. Releasing a toxin that kills and zombifies the male population, the aliens do not expect any resistance.
The story would start with that, and then properly begin three months later, following a group of two and a group of four. The first group is Sandor Clegane and Sansa Stark, the former protecting the latter from the monsters of this land, human and zombie alike. The second group follows Tyrion, Missandei, Daenerys, and an OC sellsword as they sail back to the mainland.

I can give more details to those interested.

An Imp Beyond the Wall
Tyrion Lannister x Ygritte

Set in Season 1, the Wildlings have grown bold despite their lack of numbers. Attacking a weak spot in the wall, the Wildlings get through and are quickly defeated. Seeing their numbers fall, a few of the smarter few grab hostages, including Ygritte taking the small Lannister man. The Night's Watch ask to return the hostages for safe passage, and they do, except for Tyrion so then they know they won't be killed while leaving. Ygritte takes her prize and while Tyrion initially wants to return to King's Landing he remembers the bounty Catelyn Stark put on his head, and adjusts to his new life.

Tommen's Harem of Conquests
Tommen x Cersei, Margaery, Sansa, Ygritte, Arya, Melisandre, Myrcella, Missandei, Daenerys. Girls can be added or removed.

Set in Season 4, Tommen Baratheon has become the new King of the Seven Kingdoms. The youngest king in a long time, people across the land believe they can manipulate the boy for their own needs. But this boy proves to be stronger than they realise, as well as an excellent lover.

Here are all the women and their purpose in the RP.
CERSEI: Tommen's mother. Seeks to protect him from the evil women of this world. Also wishes to ensure he never learns the truth of his birth.
MARGAERY: Tommen's soon-to-be wife. Wishes to use Tommen's position to make herself Queen. Also wishes to save her friend, Sansa, from imprisonment.
SANSA: Captured for the death of Joffrey. Eternally grateful to be let off, she begins to fall for Tommen, like she had with Joffrey. Thankfully he is a better choice.
YGRITTE: Captured and sent to King's Landing by the Night's Watch after the Battle at the Wall, Cersei plans to use her to sway Tommen away from Margaery, threatening the lives of her Wildling friends.
ARYA: After mastering becoming 'No One', Arya comes to King's Landing to find everything different to how she had left it. Finding her Sansa 'imprisoned by Lannister scum', she seeks to kill the new king.
MELISANDRE: After the death of Stannis Baratheon, she finds the new Lord of Light alongside an image of the Iron Throne. Understanding this to mean that the current king is her Lord, she travels to King's Landing to serve him.
MYRCELLA: Returning to King's Landing after her stay in Dorne, she hates her mother for letting her get sent there. She wants to get Tommen as far away from Cersei's influence as she can.
MISSANDEI: Seeks to serve Daenerys, her Queen, wanting to serve her under the Iron Throne.
DAENERYS: Seeks to sit on the Iron Throne, believing the boy will be an easy target and easy conquest.

Wolf on the Throne
Eddard x Cersei

What if Eddard had taken the throne instead of Robert? Would be about the arranged marriage between himself and Cersei Lannister, as reward for Tywin's alliance through the war.
(Sidenote, would prefer someone who either knows what they're doing with this history, or someone who doesn't mind too much, as I don't know too much about events at this time of the storyline).

One Decision Can Change A Lot
Margaery x Robb
Margaery x Ramsey
Margaery x Theon
Margaery x Jon

What if Robb Stark had rode to organise the alliance with Renly Baratheon? His appearance during the events that would soon transpire would surely affect Margaery's later appearance at King's Landing. Maybe Robb takes her in, fearing her safety after Brienne's apparent murder of her husband. From there, Robb would be Margaery's next chance at being a Queen, as he is the 'King in the North'.

I have ideas on how she ends up with everyone paired above. Either I can spill the info in PMs, or leave it a surprise. Mostly follows the beats of the actual story.

Bringing the World to Life
Pairings: Any

Literally, just creating the Game of Thrones show like Westworld. So robots are created with the actors/actresses likenesses, probably stuck in one season of narrative. This format would also allow characters that have died (Eg. Ygritte) to return. And just like the Westworld show, this world will soon go to shit as robots begin to understand the world around them.

Budget Cuts
Pairings: Any

Due to budgeting issues, the creators of Westworld need to add something to their tourist attraction to bring more guests. This is when an offer comes to them: Create Game of Thrones, the Tourist Experience. Unfortunately, they cannot make a completely new world, so the residents of Westworld and Westeros just have to share.

Bringing the World to Life
Pairings: Any

Literally, just creating the Harry Potter series like Westworld. So robots are created with the actors/actresses likenesses, probably stuck in one school year of narrative. And just like the Westworld show, this world will soon go to shit as robots begin to understand the world around them (Eg. Harry could join Voldemort).

Budget Cuts
Pairings: Any

Due to budgeting issues, the creators of Westworld need to add something to their tourist attraction to bring more guests. This is when an offer comes to them: Create Harry Potter, the Tourist Experience. Unfortunately, they cannot make a completely new world, so the residents of Westworld and Magical London just have to share.

The Chosen Ones
PAIRING: Harry Potter x Daenerys (and possible others)

The RP is set after the events of the Harry Potter series (Maybe a few years later), yet also set during the first few episodes of Game of Thrones. In this world, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones co-exist, on different continents of the same earth.

After a very quick training, Harry Potter has become an Auror. A perk of being the Boy Who Lived, Harry finally gets to use his fame for a good reason. He found himself enjoying the thrill of the fight, and the satisfaction of stopping the evil that harms the lands. But his job mostly consists of finding rogue Death Eaters after the fall of their dark lord. But soon, a particularly dark wizard was rumoured to be floating around Essos, a far off land that the magic community try and avoid. There, they lord over the lands and fight like savages. They know nothing of civilised magic, nor the ways men regard themselves in this modern society. But Harry is sent there, in order to stop this wizard.

Either this can be an overarching story in the RP, or can be finished immediately.

It does not take long for him to run into a beautiful blonde woman, scared for her life. Her brother has sold her into a marriage with a dothraki savage. Harry vows to save her, pulling her into safety and away from them. There, she admits her claim to a stolen throne, and Harry pledges his services to help her get there.

From there, we would RP the show from Daenerys' perspective, such as getting the unsullied and so on. There will be differences, such as not having a dothraki horde at her service, but she now has a powerful wizard by her side.

The Dark Lord Rises
Tommen/Voldemort x Margaery, Cersei, Melisandre, etc.
Harry Potter x Daenerys
Tyrion x Hermione

Watching with satisfaction as Snape died at the hand of his master, Harry Potter left his professor to die alone, a just end to a horrible man. The trio left him behind, and with it, the knowledge of the accidental horcrux

With the final crack of Expelliarmus against Avada Kedavra, the reflected spell kills the dark lord once again. But wait, his body does not become lifeless. Turning into magical dark confetti, Harry Potter's worst fear came to light - there was one more horcrux. The onlookers cheer as the dark lord is defeated, not knowing the dark days that they will soon face. A month, a year, a century... at some point, Voldemort will rear his head once again.

It happened to be two years after the events of Harry Potter that rumours of Voldemort's return had arose. Clinging to the soul of a weak, innocent child, the Dark Lord became King of a Western Civilisation, known only as Westeros. There, he was gaining followers with magic they had never seen before, while learning things he never thought was possible. Harry notices the signs and heads off, knowing only he can stop this.

Beyond the Veil
Sirius x Sansa (Sirius aged down)

After being hit with an unknown spell, Sirius feels himself growing younger and younger. The once forty nine year old could feel his body revitalise. It was only a panic when he didn't see any sign of it stopping. Not until he entered the Veil, the mysterious portal in the middle of the Department of Mysteries, that he felt it stop.

Sirius found himself in a forest, unlike any he had ever seen. It was growing dim, and to his surprise, he could see a castle in the distance. It wasn't Hogwarts though. Perhaps another school on a different continent? But that wasn't the only sign of something being wrong. As he approached a lake to wash the sweat and blood from his face, he saw his nineteen year old self staring back at him. What was going on? It was only when he saw a redheaded girl (that looked oddly like Lily) and an older, likely abused male running away from the castle that he knew something was wrong. Very wrong. Reverting to his animagus, which now strangely was of a large, grey wolf, Sirius ran to help the fleeing duo, who looked to be in trouble...

The King Arthur to my Merlin
Harry x Margaery?

Haven't really thought this plot through fully, so I'd love help with it. To anyone who has seen the TV Show 'Merlin', it would play out a little like that. I want to play Harry (who has somehow made it into the GoT universe, becoming a squire to a king (Robb? Renly? Stannis? Joffrey? Tommen? Robert? Jon?) Using his magic, Harry saves the king from danger time after time, while also becoming closer to his queen (or if it's perhaps someone like Robb or Jon, it could be one of his sisters).

A Veela Like None-Other
Harry x Daenerys

After an unknown mage casts a strange magic upon her, Daenerys finds herself in another world. Constantly referred to as 'Fleur', she has no clue of where she is or what's going on. Apparently receiving a magical education, the Mother of Dragons is thrust into the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Anything But the Dursleys!
Harry x ?

A simple plot. What if Harry did not get raised by the Dursleys, but another family? The Grangers? The Delacours? The Patils? The roleplay would follow his new upbringing in this family, as well as his attraction to his step-sister(s).

Unspeakable Actions
Harry x Tonks

Following the death of Sirius, Dumbledore continues to have members of the Order watch Harry to ensure he doesn't get into any more trouble. On one particular day, Harry notices the glimmer of an invisibility cloak. When investigating it (and ready to kill the next Death Eater he sees), he finds the clumsy Nymphadora Tonks. They decides that when she has her shift, they can hang out and comfort each other over Sirius' passing, and eventually they grow close. In this extended period of time together, Tonks notices his bravery and power, and even his metamorph abilities. This is when she reveals that not only is she an Auror, but an Unspeakable, a secret agent of the Ministry. Harry is suggested to join the program, learning to harness his powers.

Apocalypse Now

Voldemort was created with dark magics that never meant to reach the light of day. While his existence was never meant to be, his death caused catastrophic events on Earth. It made everything in the world begin to die, including the weak-willed humans and wizards. Now only a few survive in this world, filled with zombies and storms that are unsafe to be in. Magic has even seemed to disappear from the world. This RP can follow one pairing or multiple.

Veela Life Debt
Harry x Fleur and Gabrielle (All characters would be aged up to 16+)

One thing not many people know, is if someone saves the life of someone else in the magical world, they are owed a life debt. Usually, this means that the owner can redeem this debt for any one favour, and the person that was saved must complete the action or else be magically killed (like an Unbreakable Vow). As a creature of sex and love, this works differently with Veela. Should a Veela's life be saved, they are forced into servitude with their saviour, needing physical contact with their master to remain strong. Stay away from their master for too long, and they grow weak and die.
During the Second Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Harry makes a split-second decision to save Gabrielle as well as his own prize. This was a good choice, as Veela do not work well with water, and Gabrielle would have died. Unfortunately, the girl is now forced to be Harry's slave for life.
In the third task, an Imperius'd Krum attempts to kill Fleur, but pushes her out of the way of the spell. Unfortunately, this forces both Delacour sisters into his servitude, although it has to be better than being dead, right?

This RP is NOT SMUT BASED. This would be about romance, though plenty of smut would likely be involved too.

New Seeker Please
Neville x Alicia
Neville x Katie
Neville x Angelina
Neville x Katie, Alicia, and Angelina

Set in Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter just got a permanent ban on Quidditch. With Ginny also banned from the pains she's been giving Umbridge during the year, it's looking bad when it comes to finding a seeker. Thankfully, the chasers discover how free Neville's schedule is becoming. They need him to be their Seeker, but he is such a bad flyer. They offer to help, which means lots of free time together after hours...

New Kid
OC x Katie
OC x Alicia
OC x Angelina
OC x Katie, Alicia, and Angelina

Being raised in Australia, it becomes difficult to track the magical use of children. But when one family moves to London and finds their 16 year old boy flipping his new car upside-down, they know something's wrong. Professor McGonagall comes to them, apologising for the trouble and explaining that their son is a wizard. Being brought into school for his fifth year, he is far behind everyone else. But with the Quidditch Girls assigned to be the welcoming committee for new students, he finds himself entering a strong friendship and eventually love.

That Bookworm Slut
Dumbledore x Hermione
Snape x Hermione

As you may have gathered from the title, this will be a smutty RP.
Hermione Granger is a confident, strong woman with a lot of intelligence. She's often too confident though, showing up the Professors and annoying them to no end. Complaining to Dumbledore, they are given permission to give her tests far surpassing her intelligence, so she begins to feel dumber than her peers. Unable to get the usual points for her Gryffindor house-mates, her friends begin to turn on her, making her more alone.
She turns to Dumbledore for help with tutoring. He could help her, sure, but it is more fun corrupting her. Dumbledore says no to tutoring, but offers her points for sexual favours. Of course, she says no, but when she literally has no friends left, she has no choice but to accept his offer.
This RP is about Dumbledore corrupting her from a bookworm into a slut.

World Wrestling Sexual Entertainment
Whatever we decide

Admittedly, I don't watch WWE much any more, but I still want to try this. Basically, we would be doubling (I play two male wrestlers, you play two female divas), playing out a storyline that we create together in OOC chat. This RP likely would have some sort of sexual premise, such as two males going for a championship, while their girlfriends attempt to cheat their way for their boyfriends' benefits. We would RP both in-ring stuff and behind the scenes, though the RP would be written as if all the scenes were real. Preferably my partner for this RP would be okay with non-con. Toilet-play would also be nice, but not necessary

An Abused Mutant
Harry Potter x Kitty Pryde

Same plot as the one below, just with Harry Potter being mistaken for a mutant.

An Abused Mutant
OC x Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde loves to play videogames whenever she gets the chance. Slipping on her headset and talking crap to her opponents. One particular person she loves doing this with is (MC). They've become friends online for about a year now, and feel quite close.
One day, they are booting up their game and about to start, when MC says that he has to go. Kitty is disappointed but accepts. She hears him begin to turn everything off when the front door slams. His headset is still turned on, allowing her to hear the drunk male voice of his father yelling at him, before abusing him physically. Tracking his IP address, Kitty finds him and rescues him, bringing her friend back to the X-Mansion. While the rest of the mutants are a little annoyed at Kitty's recklessness (but understanding why she did it), Charles Xavier congratulates her on returning another abused mutant to their school. Apparently she didn't know he was a mutant, and neither did he!
Feeling unsafe in this new environment, he is allowed to sleep in the same room as Kitty as their friendship blossoms into love, and so much more.

The Prize of Lady Deadpool
OC x Lady Deadpool

Jumping from building to building, this female version of Deadpool fancied herself a superhero for the night, wanting to do some good to balance out the hundreds of men she had skewered a few hours prior. She soon found an alleyway with three large men about to rape a woman. About to jump down, she is interrupted by a young man entering the scene, trying to be a good citizen and saving her. While the girl did manage to run, the man got his ass handed to him, being beaten to a pulp. This is when Deadpool makes her entrance, killing the three men and bringing the cute guy back to her house.
When he awakens, he finds that she plans on turning him into a real life superhero!

This one would be a funny RP where she gets a 'superhero manual', listing off the ways people had gotten powers in the past, and trying to help MC get them too. Obviously since it is not real, MC would manage not to die from the failed attempts.
She can also put her own spin on things, like offering a radioactive dung beetle instead of a radioactive spider.

Junior Avengers
OC x Black Widow
Peter Parker x Black Widow
More pairings can be added for doubling, although that would require you to play female versions of the currently male Avengers.

After the events of the first Avengers movie, Nick Fury decides a second team of Avengers should be made in case the first team needs backup, or a second issue occurs somewhere in the world while the original team is busy. Enter the Junior Avengers, a team of teenage heroes. Each member is assigned a member of the original team to train with. This original Avengers member is their trainer/teacher, as well as their room mate. Yes, that's right. Because of Nick Fury's quickness, he failed to make room for the new team, so decided to have them bunk with their teachers. Two beds per 'apartment', as well as a shared unisex bathroom, awkwardness is bound to occur.
As you may have guessed, MC is paired with Black Widow. They train together and eventually do missions together, as well as eventually becoming lovers.

Who Needs a Robin When You Have a Harley?
Batman x Harley Quinn

Batman hears a police report of a bank robbery in progress. He's the first to arrive, only to find one person in the building: Harley Quinn, tied up next to a bomb. The wires are cut and when Harley is brought to safety, he finds that Joker "grew bored of her." She's unstable and upset, so Batman decides to bring her back to his batcave for observation. She's put in what is essentially a very comfortable prison, but as he becomes more comfortable around her, he finally reveals to her his identity, and she works with him to stop Joker.

My New Puddin'
OC x Harley Quinn

After a bank heist gone wrong, Harley is left abandoned in an alleyway, booted from the truck. It wasn't unusual, sure, but normally the Joker came back after he had his fun. But she waited for one... two... three hours and still nothing. Knowing that he would not return, she decided that she needed to be taken seriously for once. Maybe she should be the one to run Gotham, not Joker, and definitely not the Batman. She takes a crack at it, but realises she's just not intimidating. She has such a playful attitude, no powers, and her association to the Joker really harms her. That's when she gets a brilliant idea: train one of the thugs up to be a crime boss. One that would be strong and intimidating to everyone in Gotham, and she could be his right-hand gal. She would help him get a wacky persona, teach him the ways of crime, and show him the benefits of having Harley on his side.
This RP would follow my character as he turns from an innocent boy of 16 (or whatever age you prefer) into the corrupted individual that loves power. Preferably, you would play other female characters that get captured and bred, but it is not necessary.

The Cat In the Hat With a Bat on the Mat
Batman x Cat Woman

A very smutty plot, though I suppose plot could be involved.
When Catwoman takes a breather after robbing a jewellery store, Batman finds her in an abandoned warehouse. He plans on taking her down, but Cat Woman has other ideas. She had laid a trap for him with an experimental drug meant to knock out men. Except instead, it turned out to be an aphrodisiac, turning the Bat into a horny madman. Selina Kyle didn't mind of course, enjoying the pounding she received.
From that moment on, instead of bringing Cat Woman in for her crimes, it turns into a catch and release, with plenty of smut in between.

We're All In This Together
Deadshot x Harley Quinn
Killer Croc x Harley Quinn

When not saving the world, the crew of Suicide Squad are stuck in a normal prison, filled with other inmates. There are some members of the prisoner community that get quite gutsy with the Squad, especially with Harley, and she won't always be able to look out for herself. Sometimes she'll need help from her new friends...

My Present
OC x Harley Quinn

After defeating Enchantress, Harley is returning to the helicopter when she sees a boy. He's injured and mostly hidden by the rubble. Ignoring the gun trained on her, she runs off to him, picking him up and bringing him onto the helicopter too. When Waller asks, Harley says that this is one of her demands: Let her have him. Finding out that he's an orphan and has no where to go off to, Waller reluctantly agrees, unaware of the training Harley is giving the boy to turn him into her next Puddin.

My Present V2
Read the above plot first please.

This is the same as the plot above, except instead of my character being trained by Harley, he was trained by the Joker. After he falls to his death, Harley loses her Mr. J. Seeing a boy nearby, she rescues him (etc. etc. from above). He then reveals that he's part of Joker's crew, helping her escape and ruling Gotham in the place of his mentor (Option to turn this into an incest story if you wish)

I'm unsure how to properly do an Overwatch plot in the lore of the game. So my way to counter this, is that Overwatch is a VR game, wherein our characters are esports gamers who play as themselves in the game. They play as a virtual representation of themselves, instead of how we play the game, where we have a selection of players. Meaning Soldier plays as Soldier. Soldier can't play as Mercy for example. So RPs could take place within this VR world, though more likely it will take place out of the world. Due to the nature of this, our players likely would be all in their late teens or twenties, despite possibly playing an older Soldier type person.

Additionally, I see Overwatch (the group) and Talon being two opposing E-Sports teams who are by far the best of the rest, always ending up in the finals. I am unsure how the extra characters would work, in terms of Junkrat, Zarya, etc., in terms of what team they end up on.

Holiday Resort
Can be organised through PMs

After Talon or Overwatch win the tournament, their prize (among with the money) is a free trip to a holiday resort. There, they are free to get drunk, have fun, and perhaps get a little intimate...

Holiday Resort Part 2
Reaper x Everyone

Following the same plot as above, except Reaper decides to head to the resort too. Paying out of pocket of course, he decides to make their lives hell, and have fun doing it. (non-con, dub-con)

Taboo Love
Soldier x Widowmaker
Reaper x Tracer

Despite being on rival E-Sport teams, the two find love. But is it true love, or a ploy to get information on their plans?

Soldier x Widowmaker
Reaper x Tracer

After finding some interesting photos that could get her banned from the league, she must prove her worth in other ways to ensure she is not thrown out
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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My!
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Charity Event - V1
Very simple plot. A celebrity holds a charity event with a raffle. First prize is a date with the celebrity. It is meant to end at that, but after that day, the celebrity feels as if she can't get the boy out of her mind...

Charity Event - V2
Same as above, with a slight change in how my character is introduced. The person that wins the raffle is someone very undesirable (Eg. a bully, a pervert, violent, etc.). After doing something he shouldn't in a very public place, he is taken care of by my character. The celebrity thanks him and finds herself feeling unsafe when not around that guy, so decides to continue her date with the new guy.

The Tribal Life For Me - V1
An actress seeks to do a movie about African Tribes, with lots of accuracy. The director demands she spend time in a real African Tribe so she knows what they are like, and luckily, one tribe accepts. She is to live in a tribe for a month with no technology, with only one boy in the entire tribe knowing some English. Their ways are very sexual, yet she finds herself adjusting to her new life and loving the boy that could be only about 16 years old.

The Tribal Life For Me - V2
An actress is flying over Africa when a sudden engine failure sends it crashing to the ground. She is the only survivor, and is eventually found by a tribe who nurses her to health. Unfortunately, only one boy in the entire tribe knowing some English. Their ways are very sexual, yet she finds herself adjusting to her new life and loving the boy that could be only about 16 years old.

Virtual Reality
A celebrity tasked with endorsing a new virtual reality console and videogame asks to first try it out, as she is a gamer herself. She gets strapped in and the headset put on, before finding herself in another world. All her senses work, able to smell the fresh air and touch the trees and animals she finds. It feels amazing, yet as she progresses through the introduction of the game, she feels something is wrong. The first task is to get 500 gold, and she can get 1 gold for each piece of dog poo she cleans up. Her senses now seem like a curse, as the texture and smell of each piece of fecal manner makes her want to puke. But what if there was another option? Continuing her exploration, she finds herself in a pub, offered large sums of gold for sexual favours. Disgusted, the celebrity goes to leave, finding that she can't - she must beat the game in order to leave... better leave those panties off!

This RP would be about corrupting a celebrity from an innocent girl into a woman that craves sex. Preferably very little limits for this RP, as it would require other races, beastiality, and non-con at the very least. Probably a little bit of transformation too. If you want a bit more plot, a romance side-story could occur between the celeb and a follower, but this RP is primarily smut.

Celebrity Pen Pals
Pen Pal x Celebrity Pen Pal

Similar to my penpals plot below, this one involves a celebrity. Your character either could be a celebrity at the time but doesn't mention it, or becomes a celebrity over the course of their friendship, but doesn't mention it. Either way, she has to experience her friend 'fangirl' over her, without him even knowing he's speaking to her crush. Telling him that she has a job with the celebrity, she claims she can get him to meet his crush, only to find out the pen pal and the celeb are the same person!


Dad's Girlfriend
Son (16-19) x Father's Girlfriend/Wife (25-30)

With enough wealth to attract golddiggers from across the world, Chris has had women lining up for years waiting to marry him. Now at 50, with a kid and a dead wife, he finally finds a new partner. His new partner is half his age and has amazing assets which he loves to play with when he has the time, but is usually off on business trips. This leaves the girlfriend/wife with his son, a hormonal teen that can't help his eyes from lingering. Bored of her time with the expensive lifestyle, you notice the kid's staring and decide to have a little fun with him. Tease the obviously virgin boy beyond belief, possibly giving him some rewards for keeping quiet and behaving.

The female character does not need to be played as a golddigger if you don't want.

Sexual Education
One male teacher and 4-6 male students x 4-6 female students

As you can probably guess, this RP is about a sexual education class. While every part of the school is fairly strict and standard, the sexual education course is rumoured to be fun and incredible. Sworn to secrecy about the actual inner goings of the class, ex-students never say what actually happens. But when a class of 8-12 students enter for the first day, they find themselves sweaty and panting as they are shown exactly how to fuck.

Preferably lots of kinks would be shown here, so if you're completely vanilla and hate anything other than missionary, then don't choose this thread.

My Sister's a Pornstar, and I Helped!
Brother x Sister

Needing money desperately (Eg. for a college scholarship, a car, a computer, a tv, etc.), YC needs a job, but is way too lazy. After a nice long session all alone in front of a computer, you realise that maybe getting into porn might not be a bad idea... but you understand it might be a little difficult to perform and hold the camera at the same time. Knowing that your little brother has let his eyes wander on occasion, you decide to get him involved, bringing him in as the director, camera-man, and eventually co-star.

This RP would also be a bit of a corruption RP, as the brother begins to explore her limits. As her fame grows, she must branch out with her sexual experiences to gather more fans. There is also an option for blackmail scenes as her friends or those that don't like her much might threaten to tell her parents.

Light's Out
We decide in OOC.

This is basically either going to be a one-shot, or a scene that leads into something more long-term.

The idea is that at a party of friends, the 'cool' mother suggests a game: turn the lights out in a large room and have everyone walk around blindly. When you touch someone, you end up going into another room with them to fuck. Who does my character find? The best friend he's had a crush on? The female school bully? The cheerleader? The party-holder's mother?

Stuck Alone on Valentine's Day
Picture it: Valentine's Day. Most romantic day of the year. A man of 19 years has been dating this absolutely stunning girl for a year, and this is their anniversary dinner. He's sitting at their table in a restaurant, one of the most expensive in town, when he gets a text from his girlfriend. Opening it, it's a picture of her winking at him, her large lips wrapped around a massive black cock. Breaking down crying, he is soon spotted by a woman with her parents for their romantic day out. Since she has no date, she decides to spend dinner with him, and ends up wondering how any woman would drop a catch like him.

My Sexy Room Mate
Male Roommate x Female Roommate

Simply put, a roleplay about a guy and girl room mate. For years now they have lived together, and he has never made a move on her. She hates that and has now decided to tease him as much as possible until there's no way he can resist touching her.

He's a dude?
Male Roommate x Female Roommates (2-4)

After a room in their house opens up, a bunch of girls put an ad online for someone interested in moving in. As they live in Australia but is moving to America, they can't come in and check the apartment out in person. But they pay and eventually arrive, ready to move in. That's when both parties realise something: The new room mate is a guy, and the house is full of girls. Surely, as mature adults, there will be no funny business... right?

A Home for the Homeless
Homeless Man x Good Samaritan Female

At the same corner every day, no matter the weather, MC sits there, a cup of quarters at his feet. He could be no older than 24, and his only source of income seemed to be the guitar in his lap, with half of the strings already plucked and unusable. After watching a group of immature teens kick over his coin cup, you approach, offering him a place to stay for the night. Which ends up being two nights. Then three nights. You can't bring yourself to kick him out, and it takes a while before you realise that you're falling for him.

The Horny Ghost
Ghost x Home Owner

Moving into a new house can be nervous enough as it is: Does the plumbing work? How are the neighbours? Is it haunted? Well, maybe the last one usually isn't on anyone's mind, but when all you can afford is the apparently haunted house, what is in store for you? Pranks? Murderous spirits? Actually, neither. Just a pesky ghost that will now never leave you alone, and always wanting to touch...

Pen Pals
Pen Pal x Pen Pal

As a school assignment, two students from schools in different countries were assigned to write each other. After a month of the assignment, it was over, but the conversations between the two kept going. This lasted a good 10 years, before eventually emails took over the world, and the letters seemed to be getting lost.
Eventually, the man hears the woman's name come up in conversation, finding out that she is in town for a few weeks. Will he go see her? What will she be like in person?

Foreign Learning
White Male x Asian Female

You play as a homeschooled Asian woman who has finally been released into the world at age (20-23). Her family has given her some money for an apartment or something, but then an online ad catches her eye. This ad offers one lucky person a free stay at an Australian person's house, to learn about their country and customs. Of course, this opportunity can only be won by one person, but your character decides to apply anyway.
What she does not understand, is that the guy running the competition is weeding out all the applicants, searching for the perfect person. Someone gullible enough to believe anything. Someone hot enough to turn into a sex slave. Someone quiet enough that they would keep this secret, without even realising it is a secret in the first place. And that's when your character appears in the selection pool, and is instantly chosen as the winner of this competition.

This roleplay is about my character slowly turning your character into a slut. His slut. Make her dress how he wants her to (or not at all). Make her talk how he wants her to (or not at all). Make her suck dick or moan at the slightest touch.

The Cheerleader Ditz
Cheerleader x Everyone

Essentially, this is just a smutty plot where your character is a little dimwitted, but extremely attractive. Thanks to those attributes, everyone around her takes advantage of her, and she barely realises it. This is an example of a sequence of events that could take place in the RP:

- Cheerleader is failing Maths
- Cheerleader goes to nerd, asks him to do her homework for her.
- Nerd agrees in return for a blowjob (and she agrees)
- Nerd fails to do work, so he makes some stuff up (that's incorrect) and gives it to her.
- Cheerleader fails Maths, blames the teacher.
- Cheerleader begs teacher not to fail her.
- Teacher agrees not to fail her if she bends over his desk and lets him fuck her.

That's an example, we can work out other scenes together. Not meant to have much plot, or make much sense.

The Very Lucky Nerd
Nerd x Everyone

After a rough day of being bullied in gym class, one poor nerd just wishes that he could be lucky for once. He's absentmindedly walking into the locker-room and begins changing, when he hears a gasp, only to realise he accidentally walked into the women's locker room.
Meanwhile, some of the cheerleaders are beginning to grow tired of the jocks. They don't treat their girlfriends with respect, and everyone just believes the cheerleaders and jocks have to go out. Wishing that they would have something new for a change, it seems that their wishes are answered when a hot nerd walks into their lives (literally) and begins to undress in front of them... it has to be a sign, right?

This RP is about a wish that comes true for one lucky nerd, where he is granted the talent of extreme luck. As shown with the above example, he does not control the minds of others around him, his luck just made it so the cheerleaders were looking for something different, and he happened to be what they were looking for. That is just an opening scene, but the RP would have all sorts of pairings.

Look at the next plot if you have darker kinks.

The Corruption of a Very Lucky Nerd
Nerd x Everyone

Please read the above plot first

This RP would have a darker feel to it than the one above. After all, with that much power, who wouldn't go a little crazy with it, or a little power hungry? He would begin to rape women around him, lucky enough that they either enjoy it, or bump their head and get temporary amnesia. He would kill those that he grew bored of, and never get caught. Or he might kill someone, and it rewarded for it as they were a terrorist in disguise, or a producer of kiddie porn. This character can literally do no wrong. If he has this much freedom, what will he do with it?

While not compulsory, a big bonus goes to those happy to include death, watersports, and scat. With the example given in the previous plot, one part could involve an ugly girl in the locker room that is appalled at the orgy occurring in the locker-room. The cheerleaders egg on the nerd to do something, so he relieves himself in her mouth, tapes up mouth and nose, and ties her up in one of the lockers ready to die in the most humiliating way possible.

Ted - The XXX Parody
Boy/Man x Sex Toy

I didn't put this in the fandom section even though it's based off of a movie, because the movie part of it barely comes into play. The plot of Ted revolves around a lonely boy making a wish, that turns his toy bear into a real friend. But what if that worked with other scenarios too? What if someone owned a sex toy (bonus points if it is custom made to look like a celeb), and wished that she was real? This RP doesn't need to revolve around sex, but it would revolve around my character trying to simultaneously introduce her into the real world, yet keep her origins hidden. But as a sex toy, she likely has hidden desires she has to fulfil.
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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My!
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Updated plots with Marvel, DC, WWE, and a few more Harry Potter.

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My!
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Added a bunch of original plots, and moving the cravings section of the first post to the top.

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My!
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Added pairings for the Saints Row series. Will add Mortal Kombat pairings and plots for both soon.

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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Suicide Squad bump. Pairings added, plots will follow tomorrow (I won't bump for that one, since I've done this bump)

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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Monthly bump!

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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bumps! Craving my Westworld/Game of Thrones crossover plots.

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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Added Harry Potter/Westworld crossover plots.

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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Added four more original plots. Would love to try out any of the plots added

Foreign Learning
The Cheerleader Ditz
The Very Lucky Nerd
The Corruption of a Very Lucky Nerd

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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Monthly bump.

Also updated with one new craving (certain kink of creative sex scenes)
Also updated with one new plot (based off of TED movies, but with a sex doll)

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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First bump in almost a year. I'm back and ready to RP!

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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bumped. Added Harry Potter/Game of Thrones and Harry Potter/Marvel crossover plots

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! (Threads or Email)
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Bump, to advertise my new plots. The new plots are:

Stag on the Throne
One Decision Can Change a Lot
The Dark Lord Rises
Beyond the Veil

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! Craving GoT
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Added Overwatch plots. Apparently that meant there was too much words on the plot post, so that other plots didn't appear, so I had to split the post into Fandom plots and put the rest on the next post.

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! Craving GoT
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bump. Left the site briefly after losing a RP I was enjoying, but now I'm back. Will try and add more plots when they come to me, but right now just craving partners.

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Re: M for F - Fandoms, Celebrities, and Originals, Oh My! Craving GoT
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