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February 25, 2021, 03:19:33 pm

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Author Topic: Bodice Rippers [M lf F, NC, Varies]  (Read 650 times)

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Bodice Rippers [M lf F, NC, Varies]
« on: August 30, 2016, 03:26:42 pm »
So I had a few ideas for potential RPs and they all have Light-to-Med NC elements at their cores. Some of them do have other elements that could potentially push them into Extreme territory, but the NC elements themselves are relatively light. So I'm going to toss these up and let's see what happens.

Bodice Ripper

Majesty's fine empire. God bless the Queen as she ushers in a new age of prosperity and wonder in the British Empire. Buildings tall enough to scrape the sky, networks of communications extending throughout the world, rigid airships float among the skies guilded by the ingenuity of England's greatest minds.

But not everything is shining and wonderful in the United Kingdom. It is 1888, and in London a psychotic blackguard prowls the streets doing the devil's work...

Quote from: Info
This one is set in an alternate Victorian Age London. In this timeline "Jack the Ripper" existed and had the same nickname, but he was and had more of a reputation as a particularly depraved rapist instead of a killer. Due to Victorian social norms, "Saucy Jack" has had far more victims of a higher social standing then prostitutes but few report what happened to the police. The victims also tend to be less sexually experienced and satified, leading to some events of sexual discovery that they wouldn't want to get out. One consequence of this is that the term "Bodice Ripper" does still exist, but it's a victorian euphemism to describe his crimes instead of a sub-genre of romance novels.

I intend more of a historical fiction angle but we can also go Steampunk if the mood strikes.

The Incubus
The Names of the Victims have been changed to protect their identities.

Unsub: "The Wedding Bells Rapist" AKA "WBR" AKA "The Incubus"

Victimology: The Wedding Bells Rapist exclusively targets married women in their childbearing years, too the point of apologizing and releasing unmolested a potential victim when he discovered that she was in fact the single, identical twin sister of his intended target. Beyond that the Incubus seems to show no preference for race, age, and only a slight bend toward upper social classes.

The Wedding Bells Rapist is believed to have been active since at least February of 2009 and has had 35 official victims, though investigators suspect there's actually been far, far more.

MO: WBR uses physical force to dominate and control his victims for a period of time usually between one to several hours though longer have been reported. The Wedding Bells Rapist picked up his "Incubus" moniker from the mask he uses to conceal his identity, a red mask with a simple devil design. The WBR also frequently wears a collection of women's wedding bands on a chain around his neck, claiming to be from previous victims. During this time the victim will be transported to somewhere with an expectation of privacy if not at such a place already, the WBR has been known to break into the homes of his victims while their husbands are away for longer trips for example.

During this time the victim will be subjected to repeated and extensive sexual abuse, always including at least one full round of vaginal rape with semen deposited within the victim. WBR seems to be under the delusion that the sexual assaults he forces upon his victims are the best sexual encounters of their lives and he often forces his victims to verbally state as such. WBR is believed to only use a condom during any attempts at anal sexual assault which is relatively rare. Attacks usually end with the WBR stealing a piece of jewelry from his victim, usually the wedding ring. He claims to wear these rings on a chain around his neck to future victims, which if that's the case there's been a lot more then even the official 35 victims.

The news article catches your eye immediately with a perverse fascination. The names are being withheld to protect the victims as expected, and it's not like you don't feel any sympathy for them, but something about the story seems to be utterly enthralling. Somewhere in your home city there's a serial rapist on the prowl.

Quote from: Info
Basic Premise - You'd play the latest victim of a serial rapist only known as "The Incubus". Little is known about him for sure but it is known that he exclusively targets married women, that wears a devil-themed mask during the rapes, and that he convinces himself that he's the best sexual partner his victims will ever experience. Which, he might be right more often then the victims care to admit...


Nobody remembers who started it, just that once it started it pretty much spelled doom for civilization. The ultimate apex of biological warfare had been achieved, custom made lifeforms made for warfare. The nukes weren't deployed until it was clear that the creatures were out of control. Easily the most feared of all the mutants are the ones nicknamed "Gargoyles". "Gargoyles" are Strong, Durable, have Heightened Senses, and are capable of such an extreme degree of regeneration that it's said they can't be killed at all short of Decapitation or Incineration.

What they're most feared for however is what happens when you let one reach maturity. "Gargoyle" mutants are meat eaters known to even be cannibals but they know to level eat a fertile woman. With fertile women "Gargoyles" will instead attempt to rape any fertile woman they can get their claws on. If they're succesful the victims almost always become pregnant - and pregnant victims usually give birth to a new "Gargoyle" in only a couple weeks at the very most.

It's not all bad news though. "Gargoyles" aren't known for being particularly smart. Either they lack human level intelligence or it gets overridden by heightened instincts. Either way, they can be tricked. Use an ovulating woman as bait and you can even lure several "Gargoyles" into a lethal trap at a time. Usually. There are horror stories of a "Gargoyle" smarter then the others, with a big scar over it's right eye...

Quote from: Info
Based on some old B-Movie love. While "Gargoyles" work best in post-apoc settings they really can work in any setting that leans Sci-Fi.

Basic premise is that "Gargoyles" are mutant monsters that are most known for the fact that they can rape and impregnate normal human women, the resulting pregnancies accelerated to only a few weeks at most before the victims give birth to more "Gargoyle" monsters. I'd play "Scar", a "Gargoyle" with a distinctive scar over one of his eyes that's known for being significantly smarter then the normal "Gargoyle". At least smart enough that the usual "Gargoyle Traps" don't work on him.

The actual NC elements would be med-NC at most, they know not to hurt the women they're breeding - the horror comes later.

Something in the Woods

Putnam, Kentucky always has been a slow town. A town mostly populated by coal miners and their immediate families, Putnam offers almost picture perfect take on small town life in the Appalachian Mountains. Or it did anyway. Officially, nothing is happening. With no charges filed or official complaints brought up officially nothing is happening but the rumors are spreading.

According to the grapevine, it started three days ago in Heavenly Kingdom Park when Natalia Youngblood - the local 5th grade teacher - was out for a jog. She was attacked by so far parties unknown - but Doc Crowe will tell you that in her opinion Natalia was gang raped by at least three men who shoved something like a police baton into her when they were done. Good news is that they didn't hurt her much worse then bruises, but the bad news is that this mystery pack of rapists didn't use condoms either. The day before yesterday it happened again, officially nothing because Mrs. Melanie Saldana hasn't filed any official complaints but Doc Crowe is sure that she was also gang raped by at least three men who didn't use condoms then shoved something like a police baton into her when they were done. Then last night it happened again, to Julie Jackson while she was at work behind the counter at the Gas'n'Go.

The weird part is that if you can get Natalia, Melanie, or Julie to describe their attackers they'll tell you there was only one rapist. He just gave them enough semen to pass for three men when he came into them and a big enough penis to pass for an object. And they'll tell you he had hairy legs and horns. In fact, Julie's been unable to draw anything but what she claims her rapist looked like since the attack, and she claims he looked like something that isn't human. . .

Quote from: Info
Basic Premise - A Satyr is loose in a modern setting, claiming and using the women of a small town. A modern fantasy setting where the supernatural is real but that knowledge isn't public. The Satyr's more supernatural properties may be switched out for something more natural - pheromones instead of hypnotic music for example.
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Re: Bodice Rippers [M lf F, NC, Varies]
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2016, 02:42:53 pm »

Also wanting to add that I'm considering rebooting the Incubus series I've already been doing, so let me know if you're interested.