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Author Topic: writersmelody's Story Ideas (F for Varies Depending on Plot Idea)  (Read 591 times)

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Hello Elliquians! I have been absent for some time and am hoping to become active on the site again. To that end, I am looking for writing partners! (If we've written together in the past and you are interested in resuming our story, please send me a PM!) As a heads-up, my ideas tend to be much more plot than smut focused. If that is okay with you, keep reading!

What I Am Looking For In a Writing Partner

If you can be creative, literate, descriptive, and realistic (within the bounds of the setting of our story!) with a character that is well-balanced and interesting, I will enjoy our RP, whatever the scenario! I may be a cisgendered female who mostly writes female characters but I would be happy to write and chat with anyone who can be respectful and is gonna have a good time telling an interesting story with rich characters with me!

Plot- I strongly prefer stories that are just that- stories. Sex and/or romance can be the main focus or just one part of the story but either way, there should be more to a scenario than just moving the characters from one bedroom scene to the next.
Detail- In posts, characters, setting, etc. Characters are one part of a story. There is a world that they are a part of. The more detail, the better. I will be able to be a better writing partner for you if I have plenty to work with.
Patience-  Like I mentioned above, unless I PM you to state otherwise, there will be a post from me eventually. Please be patient! I will be patient with you.
Communication- As long as I know you are still interested in the RP, I will wait as long as necessary for your next post. But please let me know via PM if you'd prefer not to continue the RP for whatever reason. If there is something you want to see or you have an idea or there is something bothering you, please let me know, I am a reasonable being and would more than willing to talk about any ideas or concerns you have!

For more specific information on what I enjoy and have no interest in ever exploring, please read my Ons and Offs.

Another caveat, I am totally happy to become your friend as we chat about our story, characters, etc. :) I like friends! :D (Who doesn't?) But while I am an open-minded person and again, totally happy to make new friends and get to you know outside of our stories, I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BLURRING THE LINES BETWEEN OUR WRITING AND REAL LIFE. I am not seeking someone to cyber with or anything like that, I will not send you any intimate images, or anything of the sort. I am here to have a good time writing and chatting with you. I will respect your boundaries- please respect mine when I say that I am content and only would like, if we do enjoy communicating with each other, to be friends.

Specific Story Ideas
As the title suggests, the following are specific story ideas that I am interested in writing. The bolded role is what I am looking for someone to play. If a title is RED, CAPITALIZED, AND BOLDED it is a story I am especially craving. I do no list a category (Light, Bondage, Nonconsensual, or Extreme) as I am open in that regard. If a role is bolded, that is the role I am looking for someone to write. 

The Conquest, Midieval/Midieval Fantasy (Conquerer/"Princess")

It should have been a devastating blow against the enemy- surely they would make any concession to see their princess restored to them safe and unharmed? It went perfectly too. The guards at the camp were caught off guard and they absconded with their prize. Only to find that the "princess" wasn't a princess at all, merely a handmaiden who had been disguised to look like her. Maybe she wasn't the princess after all but as a close attendant and friend to the princess, who had spent years around the royal family, and educated in many languages, perhaps she could be of some use to them...

I am seeking someone to write the conqueror- could be the leader of a barbarian horde, a rival monarch, an exiled member of the royal family returning to claim the throne... Point is, this would be the story about how they end up claiming the land with the help of my character and ruling beside her. Who knows? Maybe they don't even stop there, depending on how much we're enjoying the characters and scenarios. And obviously there would be romance, though I see this being more story-focused than smut-focused! I imagine this being set in a midieval setting, perhaps some minor magic and such but I am open to discussion!

Beauty and the Beast, Setting Variable ("Beast"/"Beauty")

It was for a good cause. It was. The price seemed so high though! Once she passed through the gates, she would never be able to walk through them again. No matter how beautiful or extensive the grounds- and she'd been told they were marvelous- or how comfortable the manor (in its state of opulent dilapidation) was, it would be a gilded cage. But she was going to see this through. After all, how bad could it really be? How bad could he really be?

This would be a retelling of a classic fairy tale. We could do it exactly like that, we could do a more realistic version set in a historical or modern setting... But the heart of the story would essentially be the same- the story of a young woman who sees beyond the "Beast's" appearance and helps him (or her!) rediscover his humanity while he (or she or (fill in the blank)!) in turn helps her discover strength, courage, and patience and other parts of herself she never knew were there.

Dark Path, Modern Urban Fantasy (Carpathian Male/Human Lifemate)

He was an ancient being who had spent centuries defending the light while simultaneously fighting off the darkness that spreads within him. Each battle makes it grow that much faster. He can't hold on much longer. Then she comes, the woman he has been waiting for his entire existence. Only she can save him from his dark path...

This would be the story based off the Carpathian novels by Christine Feehan about a Carpathian male finding his human lifemate at long last. I am open to discussing the specifics of the story- who he is, who she is, and exploring the struggles and glories of the intense bond that lifemates share.

Entertaining Angels, Modern Urban Fantasy(Human/Angel)

It was such an ordinary night... At least until the driver almost hit the figure they hadn't seen in the middle of the road. They are naked and unconscious but otherwise unharmed and even still, there is something compelling about them. Unearthly. There is no way the driver is just going to abandon them! It isn't until later that they realize the truth-- their stray is an angel, cast to Earth. What is her purpose there? Can they help this being discover and fulfill its purpose before unsavory forces come for them both? And somewhere during this journey, the two of them will learn about the divine, humanity, and love.

Or alternately...

The scientist had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to take part in Project Seraphim. However, Stage One was successful. They managed to capture an angel, intent on studying one and learning whatever secrets about the universe and whatever powers angels possessed. Somewhere during the tests and experiments and interrogations though, the scientist starts to see this inhuman being as more than a subject. They are so much more than that. They must work together for the angel's freedom and figure out who, if anyone else, they can trust, and fight against those who would do anything to control or, failing that, destroy this celestial creature.

The tone of the first proposed scenario is intended to be a bit lighter and sweeter. The tone of the second story would be a bit darker and could perhaps involve some nonconsensual elements. We can discuss particulars depending on which scenario tickles your fancy. The human character could be male or female or (fill in the blank) as you prefer.

The X-Factor, X-Men 'verse (Your Character/Original Character- See Below)

Rachel Jackson was an Olympic hopeful, a world-class gymnast. She was also a mutant with the ability to send her consciousness out of her body and even take over someone else's body, her consciousness superseding their own temporarily. Captured by Weapon X, she was tortured and abused but also trained to be a world class assassin, using her athleticism and grace and mutant power to serve as a deadly assassin. Until one day she was rescued.

Rachel is a character I played previously and enjoyed but I never got to finish her story so I'd be interested in writing her again. There are a couple ways this could go. Maybe the X-Men were the ones who rescued her. Maybe it was the Brotherhood or perhaps somehow she escapes and ends up with the Hellfire Club. Your character could be a male or female canon or original character. Either way, this would be the story of them fighting for something beyond themselves and the bond that develops as she starts to heal from the trauma. (Or, if it's the Brotherhood or Hellfire Club, perhaps they teach her to channel that in a different way.) The details, overall plot, and such are very much open to discussion.

General Story Ideas
The following is a list of settings, pairings, fandoms I especially enjoy. If a setting, pairing, or fandom is RED, CAPITALIZED, AND BOLDED it is a story I am especially craving. I do no list a category (Light, Bondage, Nonconsensual, or Extreme) as I am open in that regard.  If one half of a pair is bolded, that is the part I am looking for a partner to write.

Some pairings I enjoy include but are not limited to:
Knight/Soldier/Their Partner
Family Member/Family Member or Significant Other/Friend of Family Member

Some settings/fandoms I really enjoy writing in include but are not limited to:
Battlestar Galactica
Dragon Age
The Anita Blake series
Age of Misrule/The Dark Age/Kingdom of Serpents series by Mark Chadbourn
Christine Feehan's Dark books about the Carpathian series
Dragonriders of Pern series
Firefly/Serenity 'verse
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel 'verse
True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries 'verse
The world of The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A. N. Roquelaure, aka Anne Rice
A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. Martin/Game of Thrones
Fairy tales
Marvel/DC comics
Marvel films
The 4400
Mass Effect
The Walking Dead
The Wicked and the Divine
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I am still seeking writing partners, open to taking on 1-3 new stories.