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Author Topic: Let's Play Together! (MxM, LF all)  (Read 1709 times)

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Let's Play Together! (MxM, LF all)
« on: August 28, 2016, 12:53:13 pm »
Playing with Roen


[This thread is WIP, feel free to check in every now and then.]

Hi and welcome! So, after about 4-5 years in E, it's high time I make a request thread. If you're interested, I have a request thread for non-forum as well (IMRPs)- Click Here. What I'm looking for are long-term partners of any gender that would play male characters specifically.

Please, do not post directly to this thread, send me a PM. Make sure to specify whether you're interested in a forum or a non-forum RP. I don't bite and I promise to do my very best and respond to all! :)

The Basics

About ME:
  • I'm a gay male, at the second half of my 20's.
  • I love smut, I do, but for long term it's always plot over smut for me.
  • I enjoy multiple character games that involve interesting character dynamics and personal issues.
  • Even though English is not my native language, I consider myself literate. I write anywhere between 2-6 paragraphs per a forum post.
  • Available most days of the week, on most hours of the day (UTC+2:00 is my time zone) via my computer or my mobile.
  • I only do MxM scenes. MxF pairings are for plot reasons (I don't write them off, that'll be unrealistic), but their scenes will not be played out. There are always exceptions to that, we can always discuss it.

What I'm Looking for (YOU?):
  • Writers of any gender that write male characters mainly.
  • Writers interested in playing either top or switch characters. I can write tops, but not exclusively, they don't keep me interested for long.
  • Writers that are fine with playing multiple characters, I like a character-rich stories and I do the same. I find that it keeps everyone's needs and wants satisfied.
  • Open communication: That is the most important part for me. If something bothers you, let me know, we'll see how we can work it out. Don't disappear on me without a word, please; it's a shitty thing to do.
  • Be creative, make our stories a joined effort, don't let me monopolize the plot. I like throwing ideas and I have a relatively creative mind, but I'll enjoy our games a lot more if they're at least 50% you. I'd like a partner that can initiate plotlines, come up with twists and turns and take the story under their lead every now and then.

Here are some themes I enjoy. I kept them separated to gradual degrees of depravity, and I'm fine with all degrees, so don't let yourself be bothered by the stuff on the darker/lighter end of the spectrum. I will ALWAYS respect your limits.

Control Play
Incest (all kinds)
N/C (rape)
Abuse of Power/Authority
Monster (non-humanoid)
Love Triangles
Light N/C (turns into consensual)
Dubious Consent
Genital Abuse***
Familial Issues
Mind/Body Control
Emotional Issues
Addiction/Weakness Exploit
Multiple Partners
Knotted/Barbed Penis
First Time/Deflowering
Abusive Relationships
Size Difference
Body Hair
Muscular Partners
Masculine Partners (must)

*Bestiality- Only if there's no concern for animal abuse.
**Humiliation- Physical, not verbal (don't verbally humiliate my character, but putting them in humiliating situations is good).
***Genital Abuse- VERY limited, no blood, no cuts, no ball-busting, only stuff that have some sort of sexual nature to them, like inserting objects/creatures through the ejaculation hole. 

Themes I will NOT do:
  • Piercing (please, no, personal irk)
  • Castration
  • Sisification/Feminization
  • Cross-Dressing
  • Sexual Gore/Vore
  • Scat
  • Doormat/Uke Partners

Preferred Genres/Settings:
  • Modern Fantasy (Think Buffy, Supernatural, Grimm, Harry Potter etc.)
  • Horror (Like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, F.E.A.R, etc.)
  • Fantasy (High, Low)
  • Sci-Fi
  • Modern (It's possible, but unlikely for long term)

Here are some Ideas of mine, keep in mind that I work best when I have a partner to bounce ideas from, so don't limit yourself to the ones below. If you like what you've read so far and you think that we might be a good match, but you don't like any of the ideas below, talk to me, we can work it out.

It's Complicated [Grey]

MxM, Slice of Life, Romance, Relationship, optional Modern Fantasy, optional Corruption, optional Action Driven, optional Abusive Relationship
This story starts with an already established couple that's having some problems. They have been together for a couple of years now, they started out madly in love, perhaps against their families' wishes, and became very serious very fast. Today they live together, their lives are intertwined, but lately they have started drifting apart. Perhaps family members are getting away, maybe financial reasons or just the differences in their personalities are getting too much to handle or maybe it's just the routine that has made their relationship boring and unhappy (there's an option for darker causes, like infidelity or abuse). At that point, something changes, one of them goes through a life changing experience that leaves him forever altered. It could be something realistic like a near death experience or maybe rape, or it could be something supernatural, if you fancy that.

How would the couple deal with the change? Can they still find a way to stay together and deal with the changes together, would this tear them apart or bring them closer together? If we're talking about the supernatural options, how would they deal with that, can a relationship between a human and a non-human work? What happens when the supernatural world threatens their relationship (the werewolf's new pack, the vampire's master that sired him, maybe a monster hunter that comes into town and decides to hunt the partner down).

As you've probably realized, many ways this story could go and develop.

*NEW!* Lockdown -  the Solo Version [Grey]
Survival Horror, Modern Fantasy, High-School Drama, The 90's, MxM, Clashing Personalities, Improbable Pairing, Possibly D/S
Based off on a group game I've GMed in the past that was somewhat of a hit, heh.
This is basically 90's high-school drama mixed with a classical bit of survival horror about a group of high-school graduates on the night of their graduation prom. This is their very last night as high school students, before they set out to the open world, but someone, or something, doesn't want them to get out. Suddenly they find themselves locked on the huge campus and they're not alone.
Can they find a way to beat the sinister force trying to kill them and all of their friends? Can they survive long enough to see it to college?
This game will play on all the classic high-school archetypes: the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the rejects, the secrets and lies, the friendships and rivalries, all in the works as these characters are forced to work together to survive.

In the heart of all of that I want two main characters from different high-school cliques (like a jock and a nerd) to be forced to work together and develop some sort of a romantic/sexual relationship.

That would be the game that would give a new meaning to the phrase: 'Surviving high school'.

Hunters [Dark]

(MxM, Incest, Older brotherxYounger brother, Action, Modern Fantasy, Horror)
One brother is a demon hunter, gifted with super strength and heightened senses; a mortal defender of his region, chosen by his father to defend their human community from any supernatural dangers that occur on a daily basis. It's a gift passed on from generation to generation, from father/mother to son/daughter, while the rest of the family is supposed to stay oblivious. The hunter's brother, the first born, was not.
Being the trouble maker, the older brother never got along with their strict and demanding father, and when he discovered his father and brother's secret, he realized the reason for it. He ran away from home and decided to look for power in other, less conventional ways (witchcraft, demons, something dark).
The younger brother was abandoned by his older brother and left with their father, following the man's lead and constantly seeking his approval. Until one day the father is somehow put out of commission. The older brother returns, stronger and wealthier, set on confronting his brother and father and proving them both wrong.

I'd like to play the hunter, the younger brother in this. This would be a continuous plot that involves a lot of mini-plots, action filled stories and a lot of familial secrets unfolding and a lot of emotional issues being worked out.

The Pack [Dark]

(MxM, Multiple Partners, Incest – FatherxSon, Werewolves, Dubious Consent, Servitude, Modern Fantasy, Age and Size Difference)
Werewolves are born, not made. Offspring to weres that don't go through the change are considered wolf kin, and they can't stay with the pack unless they can find a suitable role in it. That was the sad truth that lead the son (MC) to serve his father's pack, his previously 'uncles' and 'aunts', and satisfy their every need as the Pack's Kadan. A kadan is considered everyone's mate, but not only that, he's supposed to be there and offer a comforting embrace, an understanding ear, and broker peace and truce whenever the temper rise within the pack. The kadan is there to keep the pack united and in good spirit.
They started out as such a happy family- the father was the alpha, his wild and compassionate wolf-kin mate was the mother, the maddening love of his life, and the two couldn't be happier with their newborn son. All until one day the mother died, and the pack leader was left alone. He had to raise the son on his own, with the assistance of the pack, and as the son got older, he grew more and more similar to his deceased mother. He had her eyes, her hair, her scent, her love of the wild. The father bid his time, fought off his loneliness and dark urges again and again, until he could fight them no more.
At some point he took the son as a lover, without the youth's consent at first, but the boy learned, the boy hardened and the boy accepted his important role in his father's life.
When the time came, and his son failed to go through the change and become a werewolf, the father could either send his boy to live with the humans or find a role he could fill. Since letting the only family and love he has left was out of the question, the alpha decided that the son will be the pack's new Kadan.

That is where the game starts.

The son, being a proud, manipulative and slightly cynical person, would do his best to better his standing in the pack and elevate the importance and respect of his position (the actual standing of a kadan isn't set in stone and depend largely on the pack and its leader).

Regarding plot, I'm planning on introducing a danger that would send the pack on the run and leave their territory; this will be a journey game. I will be playing a selection of characters from within and outside of the pack, as well as the son, you will be playing the lion part of the pack as well as the father. That means multiple characters (after the plot kicks in, I'd imagine about 4-5 characters each).

Here are a few pictures of main characters I've written for in the past. This should give you an idea of the style of characters I usually write.

[More to Come. Let's Talk :P]
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Re: Let's Play Together! (MxM, LF all)
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2016, 11:06:06 am »
Update 01/09/16: Inspiration tab added. 

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Re: Let's Play Together! (MxM, LF all)
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2016, 02:33:45 pm »
Update 22/12/16: Lockdown and It's Complicated ideas added. 
Run Away with Me idea removed.

I am currently looking for new partners, on and off forum. If interested, PM me and please mention whether you're interested in RPing on or off-forum.

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Re: Let's Play Together! (MxM, LF all)
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2017, 05:08:39 pm »
Update 02/05/17:
Looking for a new long term partner, both in and off-forum, please note in your PM which you're up for.
Deleted Through the Looking Glass, not interested in that one anymore.