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Author Topic: Eirian Avenstar, Artificier and hero by accident  (Read 641 times)

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Eirian Avenstar, Artificier and hero by accident
« on: August 27, 2016, 09:41:45 AM »
I'm looking for a play with my beloved new char Eirian. Feedback on the char herself is very welcome. She is designed as a lvl 1 Ebberon-Artificer but played in Golarion (Pathfinder)

This image was commissioned by me from the the amazing Serena Verde. It's strictly limited to my own private use, so please do NOT copy it.

When Dana Avenstar, daughter of Lord Tylvran Avenstar and Akorian Leroung of house Tevineg started to see each other it was the talk of the city. Despite being an unlikely couple, Dana and Akorian proved to be able to overcome prejudices and superstitions, and married. And as if that wasn't enough, they also started a veritable economic endeavour: Akorians Emporium of All Things Magical.

Years passed like the ships passing the floatsam graveyard. The emporium developed from a small shop run by the two into into THE largest specialist trader for high quality (and price) magical equipment. Of course the connections to both the kyonian as well as the cheliaxian houses helped significantly in this. It was the dream of every adventurer to loot a dragons lair... and then shop at Akorians. There was no item of power that could not be if not bought outright then commissioned at the Emporium. It was only a matter of time that Akorian would be reognized as a trademaster.

The couples life became one of those stories that ended with „they lived happily ever after“, or so it seemed, when finally in 4700 their first (and only) child was born: Eirian Avenstar. Showing the mixture of her parents heritage: the violet atzlani eyes, the light chelixian skin, slightly pointed ears, and even at young age the natural grace and lovelyness of her her mother. Everything seemed to be set for a bright future.

And then came the Devils Night. While the emporium was extremely well suited to weather any such storm, it was also a prime target for anyone seeking to use the opportunity of a distracted guard. Akorian led a small but powerfull group of friends from his adventuring days, who managed to fend of the rioting groups. Sadly he was wounded during the brawls, and despite the best efforts, died from the poison. Rumor has it, that the attack was a bit too coordinated to be anything but a hidden effort to keep him from becoming trademaster.

With Akorians death darker days decended upon the emporium. While Dana was able to keep the business alife, any chance to become recognized as a trademaster evaporated. In a long and slow decline, Akorians Emporium turned from a jewel of Absalom to a mere shiny stone. Dana had to cut down on expenses, trying to not let her daughter see much of the problems. Though slowly over time, the lack of investments has left the emporium a mere shadow of its former self.

Eirian meanwhile has prospered. Showing a creative and brilliant mind from early age, she has shown much promise in the magical arts and more mundane crafting. Her abilities earned her a membership with the Mithral Madmen as well as respect from some younger casters and artisans.
If her father was still alife, she would probably continue her studies at the cathedral or one of the other academies of the cities. But as it stands, her mother can barely keep the emporium from sliding further into obscurity. Eirians help is needed, to get the ship back afloat.

This image was commissioned by me from the the amazing Serena Verde. It's strictly limited to my own private use, so please do NOT copy it.

Eirian Avenstar, a mere 16 years young, is the love child of an kyonian artist and magical crafter and her husband a chelish scholar and merchant. This odd mixture of elvish, partly even pixie blood and the aztlanian heritage running deep in her chelaxian side has resulted in a interesting physique. Lithe of build, and with a face as soft and cute as her voice, she is often underestimated in her skills. But anyone able to see, will recognize the curiosity and intelligence burning in her dark blue almost violet eyes. Unlike most elves, she sports a sweet smattering of freckles around her nose.

Born in the city of Absalom, she has shown to be a prodigy in the mechanical as well as the magical arts. One of the youngest students of the Clockwork Cathedral to ever graduate to the higher studies, she is assumed to rise in the ranks of the artificer guild rather quickly. Thus it is uncommon to see her without the signs of her trade, some small clockwork contraption or another. Her style of clothes is usually as simple but practically as her coppery/auburn hair. Still while she might not follow the trends of la moda, or intent to catch the eyes of young men, her natural grace, and the pragmatic body-hugging nature of her clothes (you do not want to have a long flowing robe get caught in a large clockwork apparatus) emphasize her young slender, slightly tomboyish body just in the right way.
Sadly none of the interested boys (or girls) has yet been able to find the right key to her heart. It seems as if she is (till now) almost oblivious to the meanings of the hidden or even open compliments given to her. Like a young budding cherry tree, she is at the brink of blossoming, opening up like a flower her petals for the sun. A sweet tease to all the bumblebees looking for nectar, to drink deep from the Calistrias and Shelyns blessings of love and lust. They have to wait... just a little while longer.

Coming to the gods, Eirian surely isn't one of the most devote of followers. Some would even say, her sceptic scientific mind is headed towards agnosticism. Which is not an easy task, living in a city where anyone could attempt the trial of the cathedral of the starstone... and return as a deity him or herself. Who knows, if Eirian herself wont one day attempt this feat? Just out of spite of the uncaring gods? But not yet, not given her age and inexperience.

If there are gods that have importance to Eirian, it should be Shelyn goddess of art, beauty and love, Desna goddess of the stars, travel and luck, and lastly Calistria with her lighter aspects of knowledge, trickery and lust.
Though none of even these three is really touching Eirians heart in a way that would kindle the flame of true faith. As the aspects Eirian herself holds most dear are creativity, invention and curiosity, which are yet not represented by any deity.
Eirian is only 16 years, which being a half-elf means she is not an adult yet. I will NOT play any sexual interactions with her. If you ask for it, I'll point you to this disclaimer once. There will be no second warning sorry to say so. Eirian will become an adult once she reacher 20 years old ingame. Only once this has happend, she might, or might not, engage in sexual activities.
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