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Author Topic: Jay's Plot & Idea threa. Addition of new plots. (03/19/2017)  (Read 1021 times)

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JAY-L's Plots, thoughts, ideas and general thread of nonsense.

Do NOT post here. PM me.

Current Status: Taking on new partners and new stories.

What I'm looking for: I love writing. I love creating new stories and characters. And of course, I love collaborating with a partner.
- Character Development. - I can't stress this enough!
- Strong stories with real characters and plots.
- A grasp of literacy. I'm not expecting Wordsworth from anyone, but I can be picky in this sense.
- M/F pairings only. Personal preference.
- Decent post lengths. Honestly, I hope/expect for at least 2-3 paragraphs per reply.

Posting Frequency: Ahead of anything, I'll be upfront. I can never guarantee immediate/fast replies. I can reply once a day, or once a week. 8-14 day breaks away CAN happen, I will say. But these are rare. It will all depend on my work schedule and my personal life. I do thoroughly enjoy writing and advancing the story however, so expect me to get to things as quick as possible.

(More than willing to discuss new ideas with partners)

- Sci-F plots.
- Modern plots.
- Historical plots.
- Got/ASOIAF plots.
- Sc-Fi/Horror plots.

Sci-Fi Plots.

The Second Chance.
Inspiration: The Terminator series, Children of Men, Mad Max, Logan & Blade Runner.
Tone: Harsh, gritty & realistic.
Expectations: A dystopian future set romance, filled with action.
Setting: The distant future, USA. (2080 something).


Humanity stood on the brink of destruction. World wars, famine, plague and global warming had caused catastrophic damage to both the planet, and the few remaining people who lived upon it.
Entire governments had crumbled, reducing large parts of the world to a shoddy wreck populated by nothing but small communities and tribes. Former great cities had been reduced to rubble, wiped out either by bombs or the harsh bursts of weather.

The technology man had sacrificed himself to create had been our undoing. Machines we birthed to ease the burden of modern life had become sentient, turning rogue on their makers and plunging the world into a near ending global conflict, now referred to as World War Terminus.

Few people survived, and those who did, found themselves impotent. The chemical warfare had killed off any hope of survival. This, seemingly, was the last of us.

Until she came along...

Claiming immaculate conception, a young woman came from the crowds of despair, speaking of carrying a child. The first newborn in years, a fresh hope for all of humanity.

Without realising it, however, she had painted a large target on her back. Every agency left in the country seeked to claim the newborn, take it for themselves for testing and hopeful cloning.

A chance meeting led her to him, a washed up army officer drinking away his life in seedy bars, waiting for the end of it all one whiskey shot at a time.

Promising him a large cash sum once they reached sanctuary, she begged his services. To take her to a safety compound, in the far reaches of the Canadian wilderness. After some deliberation he agreed, perhaps for the money, perhaps because he knew the top agencies left in the States would hunt them, perhaps giving him the valued chance to end the misery.

Setting out, they had little no idea what they were letting themselves in for..

Modern Plots.

Ties that Bind.
Inspiration: Mainly, the film 'Shame' (2011), starring Michael Fassbender.
Tone: Sexual, seedy and foreboding.
Expectations: A tense, drawn out taboo relationship, centred around mutual addiction.
Setting: New York City, New York.


Anthony, A successful, handsome twenty-nine year advertising executive, was set in life. A nice apartment in the City, an active social life and a job with real prospects. On the surface, life seemed rosy. But deep down, he had an addiction that could unravel it all.

A long-term bachelor, Anthony had streamlined his way through women all his life, a charmer and a womanizer. One night stands had littered most of his adult years, from girls he met in bars, to older married colleagues. Monogamy was a joke in the twenty-first century..
But as time went on, the dependence on sex grew deeper, and more severe. Anthony had quickly delved into seedy territory.

Sex with prostitutes became frequent & pornography was never far from his eyes. Like a powerful drug, his addiction had taken over his life.

Elizabeth was Anthony's sister, and in many ways his polar opposite. Beautiful and free-spirited, she lived her life as an open book, wearing her emotions proudly, be they joy or sorrow... So when Elizabeth, or Lizzie, as Anthony called her, came to visit her brother under the guise of a simple catch up, his carefully cultivated life style began to unravel. The secrets and depths of his depravity that he kept from the world would be pulled to the forefront, as his well meaning, but emotionally damaged sister came back into his life..

Thrown together after time apart, their mutual horrific past and damaging childhood would push them closer once more, opening their eyes to thoughts and feelings they never thought possible.

- This may seem bleak, and that's because it often will be.
- I imagine Lizzie (change her name as you wish) would be mentally beaten down by years of bad boyfriends and toxic relationships, where as Anthony will of course struggle with his own, more obvious problems.
- I don't know how damaging their past could be, but I imagine it will bond them in ways people can't always understand.
- Obviously, a sexual relationship would develop as time wears on, but I really don't want it to become romantic, or an over-the-top love story, though both would develop complicated and loving feelings towards one another.

The Intern.
Inspiration: Numerous Political films & books.
Tone: Dark, brooding & gritty.
Expectations: A drawn out political drama. Relationships not being what they seem and political intrigue being high on the list.
Setting: modern day,  mainly Chicago but all over the United States.

Background and introductions:

-Stephen Meyers was only twenty-nine years old, but already he had a career the envy of men double his age. Seemingly born with a knack for politics, he was charming, cunning and clever in every sense of the word. Working directly under Michael Zara, Morris' senior campaign manager, he would do anything to get his boss to the top. (Age: 29).
-Jack Morris, The Governor of Illinois was Stephens boss. But more than that, he was his mentor and father figure. Deciding to run as a Democratic presidential candidate, he'd elevated Stephen to junior campaign manager. Something unheard of at his relatively young age. Born with a bustling charisma and an extremely likeable personality, Jack was on the rise. A married man with two beautiful daughters, his path to the White house seemed destined. (Age: 50)
-Penny Pallance (named can be changed) was fresh out of college and looking to hustle her way in the political world. The daughter of Arthur Pallance, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, she had managed to snag an internship in Morris' campaign team. Smart, beautiful and willing to work her socks off, she seemed destined for a life in honest politics. (Age: 22-23)


- Lizzie Bernstein: was an esteemed reporter for the New York Times. Infamous for her scathing stories and exposes on the Political world, everyone wanted her as a friend and despised her as an enemy. A chance encounter with Stephen Meyers, junior campaign manager on Morris' campaign, led to a steamy affair, which gave the press a direct and potentially dangerous line right into Morris' camp. (Age: 37-38)


Things were going so smoothly. Morris was ahead in most opinion polls and his popularity was through the roof. Like a well oiled machine, his team, from the interns to the PR, were smashing every target. The Presidency seemed a foregone conclusion. It was all too perfect, something had to go wrong. And of course, it did...  Along came Penny. Beautiful and vibrant, she was so easy to fall for. And very quickly, like moths to a flame, both Stephen and Jack did so. Problem was, she equally fell for both of them, creating a serious love triangle that could destroy everything around them.


I see myself playing both Stephen and Jack, with my partner of course playing Penny. I see it slow bubbling at the start, with playfully flirting. Penny and Stephen would be closer in age, and have an instant sexual attraction to one another, playing out the basics. Where as Jack, a completely devoted family man, would develop a relationship with her over time. Succumbing to his feelings, with their relationship taking longer to develop

Historical Section.

The Kingdom of Heaven.
Inspiration: Numerous films & books about the Crusades.
Tone: Bloody, contemplative and realistic.
Expectations: A war torn epic, based on faith & love.
Setting: The Kingdom of Jerusalem, the 12th Century. 

The Kingdom of Jerusalem had been the centre of the known world for over a hundred years now. Knights, Lords & even Kings of Europe had made the pilgrimage east, looking to claim the holy land in the name of God & Christ. Seen as the spiritual home of both Christianity & Islam, the right to claim it was worth more than all the Gold in the world.

The success of the First Crusade had planted a European King in the newly formed Crusader state of Jerusalem. But the Muslim factions would not hand over the great city so easily. War had raged near constantly for near enough a century, forcing the creation of holy Military orders, The Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitalier.

Born the youngest son of a French Lord, Antoine de Giuly had made the pilgrimage east at a young age. Forsaking his old titles and claims and swearing away his life to chastity and military service to Christ as a Knight in the Holy army of Jerusalem under King Baldwin.

Distinction and unreserved loyalty had seen him become a favourite of the King, seeing him granted lands and newly formed titles in the Kingdom of Heaven, as it had been named. Moving his entourage and retinue of Knights to the royal court, the political intrigue that awaited him was something he could never of imagined.

Thoughts & Ideas:
I have a few strands of thought moving forward, but no set idea. I'd rather avoid the over-played Christian man/Muslim woman card. Unless a new spin can be put on it to keep it interesting. Lord's from all over Europe were present in the Crusader states, and political alliances secured through marriage and battle were common. I feel it's an avenue we could go down. Perhaps even tying my character to Sister/Daughter of the King, who could also be married herself to a powerful European Lord/King.

The Heart of Darkness

The Revenant, Jane Got a Gun, Westworld and numerous other Western films & books.
Tone: Dark & gritty. With a realistic and harsh approach.
Expectations: A Western set revenge story. With blood feuds, betrayal and heart ache.
Setting: The Rocky Mountains, 1800's.

Mary Ford (name can be changed as you like) had settled into an easy life. Running a small but profitable piece of land with her well meaning but often cumbersome husband in the wilds on the slopes of the mountain range. Their daughter, Alison, was born a few years back, and the three had since settled into an uneventful but ultimately honest existence.   

That all came undone in one swift night of brutality. Renegades from the Mountain, unchallenged by law enforcement due to their brutality, happened upon the house. Killing Mary's husband, they destroyed everything in sight, performing unspeakable acts before disappearing once again in to the night, the sound of laughter echoing through out the hills and woods. Disappearing as quick as they had appeared.

Broken down both mentally and physically, Mary had nowhere to turn. In the blink of an eye, her life had come unravelled. And for what? An few hours of fun for a couple of mountain dwelling hicks. Law enforcement would sooner ride into Apache territory than disturb the mountain clans, their ruthless aggression and depravity feared beyond belief. Mary had seemingly run out of options.
Until he offered his services. John Domergue, a former Confederate guerilla with a reputation as an outlaw and pariah.

"I'll get your revenge. I swear to the good Lord above" he promised, a wry smile forming. With little other option, she acquiesced, accepting the services of John and his posse of outcasts and gunslingers. On one condition.. She was to join him. Through any and every danger. She wanted to stare into the face of the men who had taken her happiness from life, then she wanted to see them dead.

With little protestation, John and his men agreed. It was settled. Once Mary had found suitable accommodation for her daughter they would set off up the mountains, into high danger and the heart of darkness...

I see this being quite bleak, as obvious as that sounds. I really don't want to hold back here, the time was harsh and brutal, and nowhere near as civilized as today. So I'd really like to capture that feeling and harshness.
John and Mary (once again, feel free to change your characters name) would come to a form of mutual understanding, both not the simple one dimensional characters the other expected. An awkward and guilt ridden romance forming between the two, naturally.

Plenty of other ideas to discuss and work on, so just hit me with a PM and we can further expand or discuss any ideas.

Ezekiel Moss
Inspiration: Numerous supernatural films, television shows and books.
Tone: Brooding, contemplative and harrowing.
Expectations: An eery often downright odd romance mixed with a supernatural ghost story.
Setting: The United States during the Depression. 

The heart of the Depression.  In a small town, too small for anyone to care about the name even, lives 10 year old Joel, who has a giant imagination and zero friends.  He lives with his widowed mother, Iris, an emotionally fragile woman, in the tiny Inn she runs.  Iris finds occasional moments of happiness sleeping with the salesman who stop by her Inn every week.  She hates herself for it, but if not for that, she’d be too lonely for words.

The thing with Iris’ job is that it’s predictable to the point of boredom.  The faces may change, but it’s the same travelling salesmen, the same practiced smiles, the same broken promises.  That is until the darkly intense Ezekiel Moss shows up with his witch-like partner, Hepzibah Webb. 

Joel finds the odd but vulnerable Ezekiel fascinating, which of course worries his mother to no end. After a week at the Inn, the truth about the shady two becomes evident. They themselves, are salespeople, but of a different kind than they are used to.  Ezekiel claims a unique talent,  he can embody the dead. Channel them from the other side. 

After seeing one of these possessions himself, Joel is a amazed, and he runs to his mother to tell her what’s going on.  But because Joel’s imagination has always been so outrageous, Iris doesn’t believe him.  Nor does she want to believe him, as she’s begun to fall for Ezekiel. 

At first Iris remains skeptical,  but longing to communicate with her deceased soul mate and husband, she acquiesces to Ezekiel and Hepzibah. Indulging them in hopes for closure.

The town's priest grows to fear them for their black magic and 'sorcery', so does his best to look into their back story, which leads him down a shadowy path. Accusations fly in from other towns, where the two are wanted individuals. Words is, that they're nothing but con-artists. Scamming people out of their money and livelyhood.

Is Ezekiel the real deal? or a con-man?

Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Section.

The Fallen Crown
Inspiration: Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', though somewhat original.
Tone: Tense, gritty and blood soaked.
Expectations: An unholy alliance focused on claiming power through scheming and murder.
Setting: The dark age. An unspecific location in an alternate reality.
Notes:  A story centred on Regicide.. taking down the King and his family to reach the top of the chain.
House Greyjoy had ruled over the Iron Island from Pyke for several generations, though their power was always contestable. Declaring their King via the age old 'Kingmoot' meant nothing was guaranteed on the Iron Islands, and just as quick as power was given, it could be stripped away...

House Morrow had once been a great house. Rivalling the Greyjoys, Greyirons and Hoares military might and prestige easily. Producing some of the greatest pirates and raiders the Islands had ever known. Though that was a long time ago... These days, their name had fallen well down the pecking order into total disrepute. Shacked up in their dilapidated castle on Old Wyk, they fell into near obscurity.

Until now...

The eldest son of the current Lord grew tired of their lot in life. Since when did true Ironborn obey the pecking order? At what point did they stop paying the Iron price? Yet, his father and uncles seemed more than happy to accept the Greyjoy rule. To bend their knee in complete submission to their overlords and 'masters'.
Not any longer...

Taking his father's seat would be relatively easy, though ruthless. From then on, the path to the top was less clear and certainly more dangerous. The Greyjoy's had amassed great wealth and influence. Their personal fleet alone struck fear into their liege Lords, and their web of control was entrenched deeply into the Islands way of life and culture.

One thing was for certain, the young Lord Morrow would need allies.....

And that's where she came in... A daughter of a smaller House herself, she too grew tired of her family abandoning the 'Iron price' for servitude. Betrothed to a weak man, she knew she'd be consigned to a life of obscurity, simply birthing children in a rotted old fortress as her husband fought and likely died at sea.

Together, they could form a deadly partnership. Each as ruthless and cunning as the other. Scheming and plotting their way to the top, they could unite their once great houses and assault the Iron crown, through insidious and military means alike....

A fairly direct 'Macbeth' variant, with more political intrigue included. I imagine there would be plenty of NPC's and supporting characters, with allies and enemies being needed to flesh out the story.
- Your characters house and name are open for you to play around with.

The Wolves of Winter
"When Winter Comes, Not even the dragons breath will warm you in your halls. Only wolves howl in the night... House Stark will rise again".

Inspiration: Jon & Sansa's storyline from S6.
Tone: Dark & Gritty.
Expectations: An alliance, war and a developing sexual attraction based around mutual interest.
Setting: The North.
Notes: An alternative telling of the Stark story. Though, on this rare occasion, I may be convinced to play as Jon and Sansa.

The Stark's had ruled over the North for thousands of years. Hardy, honourable and stern, they were loved by their liege Lords and the common folk alike. Barely adept at playing the Game of Thrones, they left the court and its political dramas to those in the South. Seeing their feasts and fine wines as little more than distractions against the real harshness of the world.

But when the head of House Stark is murdered, the North is stirred into War.

Calling all banners, the Lord's eldest son rallied his family and the houses loyal to him and marched south, twenty-five thousand North-men at his back...

Months would pass, and the body count would rack up into the tens of thousands. Blood would flow like a river through the Riverlands and the North. And at the end of it all, as the smoke cleared and the winners we're announced, House Stark stood near completely decimated.. A knifes edge away from the the point of total extinction.

Save for one. A daughter, barely out of her teen years. Bartered around like a bargaining chip by the enemies of House Stark & forced to live and survive around the most barbaric minds that Westeros had to offer, she had matured into a competent woman and knowledgable leader in her own right.  Determined to take back her families birthright and instil herself back at the top of the food chain in the North.

But how could she do it? Where would she raise the army to accomplish such a feat? She had no men, no money and no military experience.

In her moment of desperation she turned to the one man she could: Her cousin. A survivor of the War who had a fearsome reputation across the North as a great fighter and leader.
Together the cousins and reluctant allies would form a partnership, rallying forces behind them and taking on their families betrayers, all the while fighting the growing sexual and romantic attraction between them....

Forget House Stark as you know it. No Ned, no Robb or Arya. This would be our own incarnation of House Stark, set in our own alternative Westeros.
- Jon and Sansa being the clear influence with some subtle differences. My character being elder than yours, but the son of your fathers younger brother.
- As an alternative, my character can be changed to half-brother. Echoing the supposed relationship between Jon & Sansa in the show. Though, that would depend on my partners feelings on a more hardcore form of incest, with Cousins being somewhat watered down.

Beyond the Wall & Beyond Hope
Samwell Tarly: "The White Walkers sleep beneath the ice for thousands of years. And when they wake up..."
Pypar: "And when they wake up... what?"
Samwell Tarly: "I hope the Wall is high enough."

Inspiration: Sam & Gilly's storyline from S3 & Jon & Ygritte's from S2, though barely.
Tone: Bleak & minimalistic.
Expectations: A foreboding story, with horror and thriller elements.
Setting: The North & Beyond the Wall.
Notes: A survival horror story, based around two characters forced to work together to survive.

The days beyond the wall were cold and unforgiving, though they were nothing compared to the nights. The screams would echo around the forests, and the rivers surface would tremble from the giants footsteps. An all together terrifying place, desolate and bereft of life.

On a routine scouting mission, one brother of the nights watch would become stranded hundreds of miles from the Wall. Presumed dead, the chances of rescue were zero. He was on his own. Armed only with a sword and clothes on his back....

Scattered and aware of the coming threat, the Wildlings had answered Mance Rayders call to arms, declaring him King Beyond the Wall and uniting under one single banner, determined to overthrow their hated enemies, the Nights Watch, once and for all.

She had travelled half way across the land with her father and brothers, a shield-maiden and proud Wildling woman. She'd seen the White Walkers herself, and knew there was no stopping them. The wall was their only hope. It's ancient mystical powers had kept the knee-benders protected for years. Feasting in their warm halls whilst her people scraped a living off rocks and watched the growing threat helplessly.

Hundreds of miles into their journey across the barren wasteland, a vicious snowstorm would strike, wiping out her entire tribe, family an all...

Fate would have it, their paths would cross. Both alone and stranded, they would be forced to put their hatred and prejudice aside to stand a hope of getting back to their respective people. The wolves hunted them in the wood and the giants in the mountains. The weather was harsh and unforgiving and the food was scarce. Bleak were there chances..

Heading south seemed their only option, though more than monsters and ghouls stalked them in the White woods...

I presumed this would be more than a simple story. I wish to bring the true aspects of survival into this, with food and warmth truly hard to come by. In time, they would clearly fall for one another, though I'd hope to do it as far away from the cliche route as possible.
- I'd love to really focus on the horror aspect, with creatures and wights being truly terrifying.

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Re: Jay's dome of ideas and wonders. - NEW PLOTS - Update 18/12/2016
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2016, 09:04:18 AM »
2 plots added. 'The Intern' and 'Ezekiel Moss'.

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  • The Prince that was Promsied, The Boy who Lived, The Chosen One.. All the cool ones pretty much.
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Re: Jay's dome of ideas and wonders. - NEW PLOTS - Update 28/01/2016
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2017, 03:39:21 AM »
New plots added. The 'Fallen Crown' and 'Hearts of Darkness'.

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  • The Prince that was Promsied, The Boy who Lived, The Chosen One.. All the cool ones pretty much.
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Re: Jay's Plot & Idea threa. MAJOR OVERHAUL AND ADDITION OF PLOTS 01/02/17
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2017, 03:06:47 PM »
Overhauled and adjusted the thread. Added several new plots.

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  • The Prince that was Promsied, The Boy who Lived, The Chosen One.. All the cool ones pretty much.
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Re: Jay's Plot & Idea threa. Addition of new plots. (03/19/2017)
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2017, 05:26:03 AM »
New plots added.