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August 03, 2021, 01:26:06 pm

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Author Topic: My Current Cravings (F looking for M) Dystopian or Fantasy Kingdom  (Read 681 times)

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I normally like a good historical plot, but lately I have really been craving a story that is based on fantasy than what has happened in the past.  I am always a fan of a good story that builds on how the world survives after the fall of a government or a large natural disaster.  Are we members of a resistance group, or just citizens struggling to go on?

My second craving, while fantasy, doesn't include dragons, orcs or other fantastical characters.  I see it as a land that is not known, but remains in some kind of feudal society.  Am I the daughter of some Lord traded away to make peace with another land?  Or the servant girl brought to serve all the needs of her master? 

I am looking for someone who likes a good plot, that adds the smut when it fits and is also interested in a long term RP.  Some of my other story ideas are posted below, so if neither of these interest you just take a peek.

Story Ideas

I thought I would add a list of rough story ideas here.  This list is not all inclusive so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please PM, I would love to hear them! Also, if a story idea is already taken and it really interests you, I am sure we can come up with a unique twist on the story and I would be happy to write it again.

Historical:  History is my favorite of all topics and I focused my academic life on it. As such, I will write about almost any period in time.

Mail Order Bride-This is a new story idea that I have been milling around in my head for a bit.  I would love to write a story about a young woman who's life back East has taken a bad turn and must take the drastic step to go out West as a mail order bride.[  I would be ok with a bit of NonCon in this one if that is what we both want, but I do want it to be a pleasant story in the end. /size]

American Civil War-The basic idea I have is of a young woman (either side) who cares for an injured soldier of the other side.  They must hide their romance and I would love to develop the story with one of the major battles in the background.

World War II-There are so many places we could go with this.  Pick a power and  pick a battle zone.  If we wanted to take it into a D/s area, we could be on opposite sides with lots of lovely interrogation scenes.  Only our minds limit us on this one.

American Revolution-My ideas here would be as a colonial woman who hid as a soldier during the war.  You are either a fellow soldier who finds out, her commanding officer or a British soldier.  Again, it opens up to so many yummy possibilities

A Train Robbery!-I know that I have a train story in my modern list, but for the last few days I have been building a basic plot for a great train robbery in my mind.  You can be either the rescuer or the villain,  my character will either be very grateful for your help...or....not :)

Edwardian-The impending new century will see much change to society. Stuck at the cusp of that change are we two society members not ready to give up on the old ways?  Are either you or I a member of the new working class and we enter into a romance that will be frowned upon?  Or are we both imigrants in a new land.. Once again, lots of options. I am also open to Victorian based stories as well.  Just ask!

Modern: I allways love a good story and there are so many wonderful modern story ideas.  Here are a few of mine.

Co-Workers-This is an old favorite of mine and I always love bringing the story back to life.  We can either be friends who fall for each other, or just two workers who might not even nod goodmorning to each other every day and get stuck in the elevator one morning and have tons of fun!

Next Door Neighbors- This was a story idea I had here that fell apart before it got started.  As long as it is two consenting adults, we can go anywhere with this one.

Chef and his apprentice- Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, so I would love to use it as a background for a story of a strong Chef and the student who has much to learn.

Train- I love trains and this is one of my favorite ideas to write in a game.  It can be historical or it can be modern.  Two strangers or long term partners, I am open to almost any option here.  The most important thing is the special sensations that only a train can provide.

Alternate History: To me, an alternative historical story is dystopian in nature. It can be either apocalyptical, Utopian, or we could take an accurate historical event and change the course of history!

Freedom Fighters- A conservative organization has taken over the major political states around the world.  Only a few rogue nations remain, mostly in locations where the group found no financial gain in taking control.  As the title suggests, we are freedom fighters that have come together in one of these rogue states and while working together something more develops.  Another story idea with lots of possibilities.  Do these two even like each other in the beginning?  Is there a rush for power?

Choose a war..change the result- What would have happened if the British won the War of 1812? Or the Spanish, the Spanish-American War, or one of the other sides in the Great Wars?  I don't have a specific idea here, but there are certainly a lot of options that we could flesh out a great story.

And Then There Is:  These are story ideas that either fit more than one category above or none at all.

Lost in the Myst My character, a raven haired young lady, awakens in the middle of a wood at dusk.  She is dressed in a beautiful long gown, but it doesn't mean that she is a lady of the manor, in fact she may not be from that time period at all.  She does not know her name, where she is or even why she finds herself in the middle of the woods.  We could take this story anywhere.  A bit of mystery and intrigue along with a lot of sexiness can be fun.  This story can be  Lite, BON or NC depending on where we want to go with it.