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Author Topic: Cat burglar is a trap (feminine male x any)  (Read 743 times)

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Cat burglar is a trap (feminine male x any)
« on: July 24, 2016, 06:50:26 AM »
Stop right there! First please at least skim over my O/o and role playing preferences and if you become interested in my idea then please read them through fully. For this particular story I do not mind focus being on just two and more being introduced into the main spotlight if the story demands it. Just to clarify I am looking for an enthusiastic co-writer who enjoys coming up with scenes and plot twists proactively.

The story seed

Admittedly the core idea was just to play a sexy trap cat-eared cat burglar. I however have some more ideas for how to make a setting where he and your character could be the center of an interesting story.

My character would be quick and nimble thief / burglar, the type that is written in newspapers as a mystery burglar that police is unable to catch, but the hometown master detective has vowed to catch. He would plot elaborate heists and execute them with minute precision, steal ancient artifacts from museums and state secrets from politicians' private lockers. He would do it all for wealth and the sheer thrill of it. He might be a character of somewhat loose morals (being a thief and all), but not evil. I’m thinking of playing him either sub or switch. My character will be absolutely full of himself, a big tease and constantly flirting. He could be rather loose with his relationships and experienced or be pretty much a blushing virgin, or I could go with a mix (haven’t decided yet). I’ll probably have him be rather inexperienced with actual love despite being a natural romantic.

MC picture links (NSFW)

As for the setting I’m feeling something it could be nifty to use Victorian era (with a bit sexier clothing in the mix) as a base for the technology and culture. It could use a fantasy twist or even be a bit more modern] early 1900 style with more magic mixed in with the technology, as long as trains, blimps and carriages are the main form of travel and newspapers are the way to get news. Fluffy ears and tails would probably be a big part of the population along with regular humans. We could add in more races if you like. I would really like some magic in there in one form or another, but it would not necessarily have to be the obvious kind. It could be hidden, reserved only to a select few. Maybe magic is kept separate and secret or perhaps there are just strict laws regarding its use?

Inspirational images (SFW)

The focus could be on a single city with the characters occasionally making visits elsewhere. Depending on who your character will be we could focus on different parts of the city and its people, but in one form or another I would like the main plot to lead to something big. Something that lies behind veils of conspiracies and lies. Maybe there are some big secrets looking to unearth themselves and assert power a la Cthulhu and Lovecraft or the rulers behind the thrones of politicians (or kings or whatever government we go with) have some dark secrets. It could be some alternate Earth or a whole new world, we don’t need to hammer out details of the whole world yet.

What I want out of this story

Romance. We can go with attraction from the first moment or with any number of slower routes, but I want romance between my cat burglar and your character to be one of the focuses of the story.

Smut. I want my trap cat and why not some side characters end up in lots of hot smut as part of the plots. Bondage fans welcome.

World building. I think the seed I laid out above has plenty of potential to twist into several interesting and unique settings. I am quite enthusiastic about building it up into something cool with anyone willing to share their ideas and pour passion into the setting.

A long term story and plot. A well built world of course feeds this on its own, but I would like to put this here just as a reminder that this is not a search for one shot story.


Send me PM.

What kinda character would you want to play against my cat trap? They could be anything - a newspaper seller, a politician, a detective, a reporter, a businessman, a poet, a magician.

Are there any specific setting elements or ideas that you would like to see? Any ideas or preferences for how much fantasy we should put in there? Do you already have ideas for factions or characters?
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Re: Cat burglar is a trap (feminine male x any)
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2016, 09:46:46 AM »
First try flopped due to unforeseen circumstances. I'll reopen this idea for now.