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April 27, 2018, 03:50:43 AM

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Author Topic: Alternate Supernatural Seaon 6 and beyond  (Read 242 times)

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Alternate Supernatural Seaon 6 and beyond
« on: May 13, 2017, 05:56:58 PM »
Okay, anyone who knows me, knows that I used to love supernatural but, not so much later on. So, I've been pondering what I think would have made a better version of supernatural. I'll love to see thoughts

Fallout from Season 5

Hell is in Chaos, the most powerful demons and even their god is gone so it has fallen back into old ways, factions and infighting.
Heaven is in Chaos, with the disappearance of God and the guidance of Micheal gone, Heaven is afraid and has closed the gates again with only a very rare few angels left outside, or able to travel from Heaven to Earth.
The world is in upheaval from the strange and apocalyptic events of...well the apocalypse. Strange occurrences are the matter of the day, there is more evidence of the supernatural and weird.
Dean has thrown himself into life with Lisa and Ben, however, he hasn't completely given up hunting, he simply can't. Occasionally he'll see a news story or something and feel the need to go and hunt. (This was one of my problems, Dean suddenly going cold turkey from something he'd been doing his whole life just seemed...wrong).
Sam is gone. He stays in the cage with Lucifer and Micheal. Nothing and no-one can get him out without fucking up everything. (This was another problem I had, the end of Season 5 pissed all over the sacrifice).
Castiel has been assigned to Dean as a guardian and watchdog, spending most of the time on Earth rather than Heaven
Crowley is not the king of hell, he is the head of the largest faction of demons.

Overview of Season 6
The season begins six months later, and begins quietly, but there is defiantly something happening or building.
In the first episode, Ben is taken (not killed, just taken) and this prompts Dean to bring Lisa in on the "family business" and becomes the new partner, allowing an new dynamic to be built. It begins with a series of strange hunts, the monsters becoming known as "oddities". It turns out that the reason for the increase in activity is because of a war, or extermination between the oddities with the older monsters, with humans in the cross fire. Heaven simply wont help and Hell will only take advantage when they can, but, humanity is on it's own.
About half way through the season it'd become revealed that Ben has been transformed into something new, a new kind of monster and it turns out that an old creature, Echidna, is taking advantage of the chaos and aftermath of the apocaylpse to become a power like she was in the old world (Echidna being the mother of all monsters).
In the second half of the season, the new monsters have begun to outnumber the old by a large number, obviously winning. (Echidna might call it evolution or something). The new monsters are far more aggressive and less afraid of the humans and hunters.
The season would end with Bobby getting a call from an old hunter friend, a man of letters, who was being hunted by a cult who worshipped Echidna turning out to the the Thule society. The last scene of the season would be Dean, Lisa and Bobby walking into the bunker

Season 7
Season 7 would begin with Bobby recruiting new hunters, bringing them into the fold and using the bunker for what it was supposed to be, a safehouse and command centre. Realising they are fighting on two fronts against the new monsters (and the most potent of these being the Leviathans) and the Thule who are worshipping them.
Mainly, this season would be a bridging season, maybe with a running gag about Dean with another hunting partner every time he goes out (like J in men in black 2), or stepping back from hunting and training people.
Essentially, this would be about the Leviathans trying to use science to build a better monster from Echidna's brood (or failures). Maybe old "monsters" start hunting the newer ones to survive.
In the finale of the episode, Dean would be distracted by a sorta shapeshifter/ djinn hybrid pretending to be Sam or his Dad, which delays them long enough for Echidna to gain a new body.

Season 8
Season 8 would be a sort of walking dead style season, a more "monster apocalypse" beginning almost instantly. Humanity would be at war, with the Demons taking full advantage, and Heaven still totally silent on the matter (with maybe a "you wanted this" response to the stopped angelic apocalypse). Units of hunters would go against the new monsters, maybe beginning in small towns, with the mid-season being an attack on a larger town or city. This would make people stand up and take notice.
The Thule had infiltrated many of the power structures, which is why no military response
The end of the season would be someone finally taking down Echidna, or forcing her back (maybe into the deeps, where the old ones sleep).


maybe the last two not so well thought out, but please, let me know what you think!