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May 24, 2018, 02:52:46 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Older Male Character for Prostitute / Client Story (Age Gap)  (Read 385 times)

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I'm back again...  Looking for a character for a story that I couldn't resist starting already...

Inspirations:  Random Thoughts.  An old idea being rekindling around the same time of "The Girlfriend Experience" binge watching.
Rating:  Light Human, Bondage Human, or Extreme Solo (Depending on Kinks)
Pairing:  Male X Female (Sex Worker X Client)
Looking For:  Seeking Male or Female Characters for Either Role.
Themes:  Modern.  Age Differences.  Sex Work.  Blackmail (Possible).  Sex Addiction.  Questions of Morality.


This story is based off of a previous story I attempted with someone some time ago, with it ending very early in the story.  Still, after all this time, it's been on my mind and has been something I've been wanting to do again, but different with a certain amount of changes I'd like to add to it to make it different from the original.

When she had begun her questionable line of work, it had been only for money.  Bills to be paid.  Rent to be made.  Mounting tuition and student loans which demanded attention.  Money had been the sole reason for such a line of work.  Never did she expect that she would learn to enjoy it, learn to love it.

She was in demand.  Desired and sought after.  Men (and women) paid for her company, offering thousands of dollars just for a few hours of her time.  It was a high which she had never encountered before in her life, a feeling that was incomparable to anything else.  She was empowered.

What I had in mind for this was an encounter with a male client.  They hit it off, do business together a few times, etc.  One night, she gets caught up in a sting, arrested and taken to the police station.  With her one phone call, unable, unwilling, to tell her family, her friends, her world, the truth, she calls the one client who can help out.  An arrangement is made, where he keeps her in his apartment in the city, pays for her rent, tuition, etc., offers her a job, all in exchange for an agreement between the two of them:  she is his, and only his.

But can she give up that rush so easily?

This could go a number of ways.  Originally, I thought of a bit of a blackmail relationship developing when her benefactor sees her out with another man.  Could be a guy she likes, could be a secret client.  He takes away everything, forces her to depend upon him all the more, slowly tortures her through mental and emotional means.  I could also see this going as a more romantic relationship.

I saw him as being a bit older.  Married.  A father.  Successful business man, or even maybe a politician or lawyer or judge.  So many ways this could go.

~ ~ ~

I've been craving this story for some time, and have been really wanting to write something with a considerable age gap between the two characters.  For her, I thought she would be in her mid twenties.  For him, I was hoping in his fifties.  I may have a few character ideas and face claim ideas for those interested, but will hold off from listing them here.

More than willing to change anything in the opening post above.  Just couldn't resist it when it's been something I've been craving for some time.