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September 23, 2021, 04:32:43 am

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Author Topic: Quill wants these really, really badly! (F for M character)  (Read 728 times)

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Quill wants these really, really badly! (F for M character)
« on: August 24, 2016, 09:28:03 pm »
These three stories here are the ones I really, really badly want to find partners for. Shoot me a PM if interested in of them, you'd be my hero!

What there had been a detail missing from the tale of Snow White... like the queen's son from her previous marriage, just as wicked as his mother... or the fact that Snow White's step brother had lusted after the beautiful princess, which only served to increase the queen's hatred of Snow White that even her own son was not immune to the charms of the princess as fair as snow...

What if if after Snow White's happily ever after, when she grew old and died, she was reborn into our modern time as the daughter of an eccentric billionaire with all of her memories from her previous life intact even from the time that she was a small child... her name now, Liliana Snow.

What if at one of her parents big parties at the family estate... she spots a very familiar face... a face that has her blood run cold... it's him... her step brother, the evil queen's wicked son...

Did he have his memories intact as well? Would he recognize her? What would she do if he did? What would he do?!

Who could she turn to for help? Who would believe her? She'd be thrown into the loony bin for sure if she tried to tell people the truth!

Who will the wicked prince be in this new modern age? Will he the child of a billionaire like Snow White? Is he a young  successful entrepreneur (kinda like Lex Luthor)? It's up to you ;)


I am kind of affectionate towards this story, so I have some reservations... no one liner or one paragraph posts, please have some historical knowledge and be willing to plot out some detail with me. That's really my only reservations, not too much I think.

Liliana O' Bryant and her papa move away from Richmond, Virginia to the open prairies of the old west in order to escape the painful loss of her mama to pneumonia.
Her papa finds wealth managing a string of bountiful farms, but Liliana finds herself lonely and bored with nothing but miles of prairie in sight, no friends and all the single men in town are so arrogant and rude that she finds herself repulsed.
She hears about a Native American village not too far from the farm lands where her papa has found profitable work, though her papa tells her to stay away from the Indians; Liliana cannot help but find herself curious... she never really did believe in judging a book by it's cover... were they the savages everyone said or was there so much more to all of it than anyone cared to admit?

How Liliana meet her handsome Native American love isn't really all too certain right this moment, I imagine my partner and I will discuss that. What Native American tribe you'd like to be from is totally up to you, we can work around whichever one you want.


A good friend of mine put a taste for butler's in my mouth and thus here we are with this storyline that popped into my head, blended with one of my favorite creatures, vampires! Plus my deep love for Asian hotties, yum.
Mind you, you should turn around and head the other way if you have the obnoxious, whiney and over brooding Twilight type of vampires in your head, blech, no thank you.

Anyway, take a read.

This story features Liliana Winters, daughter of the ridiculously wealthy shipping and import giant JackWinters.
Jack Winters moves his family from their England home to Japan, the great thing about being the boss is that you can live anywhere you want and be able to hop right onto a private plane at the drop of a dime if there are any issues back at headquaters... they bring all of their original household staff with them except for their elderly butler whom decides to accept a very generous retirement pension from Jack and live out his remaining years in comfort.

Thus arises the need for a new butler, preferably someone young enough to keep up with a brand new household, getting to know an unfamiliar foreign staff team, plus the foreign family hiring him.
Her father interviews many young men over the course of a week before a decision is finally made and the guy chosen... he's hauntingly beautiful... and the intense way he stares at Liliana is enough to make any red blooded female blush...

There something off about their handsome new butler and as crazy as Liliana knows she sounds, she's certain he's not normal... he convinced her father to hire him without offering a shred of his history, he never leaves the house during the day... she never sees him eat, not a single crumb...

Something is definitely weird about the new butler...

My thoughts were this is not his first time as a butler, in fact he's done it many, many times over the past few hundred years all over the world... feasting upon and killing the family each time before disappearing without a single trace... but this time is different... he feels a really strong attraction to Liliana, he wants her :)