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Author Topic: A couple of ideas I'm looking to play m/f or f/f  (Read 1042 times)

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A couple of ideas I'm looking to play m/f or f/f
« on: August 24, 2016, 10:01:44 AM »
Hi :) I am looking to play one of these ideas if anyone is interested let me know and we can work out details as these are just a base outline I am opening to changes.

(These are based off of fandoms I like, but are also alternate versions of said fandoms so can be changed however we want to develop the story. All of these scenes can be male/female or female/female, can involve romance, dark romance, and even some non-con situations if needed to progress elements of the story. )

First is a Skyrim scenario.

My idea for this was that I would play a young female spy for the Stormcloak rebellion. She's a half Nord, half high elf. Her mother had been captured and raped by a Thalmor agent or agents but before they could kill her she was rescued by Stormcloak warriors. The woman in question happened to be the younger sister of Jarl Ulfric. She decided to carry the child to term but faced complications during child birth. Isolde was born but her mother died. Ulfric made a promise to keep the child safe and raise her and protect her. Despite his hatred of the elves for what they did, and what they forced upon the Empire, he always loved the girl and raised her as his own. Now she's grown and has trained to use bow, dagger, sword and other weapons. She's been trained to hunt, and live in the wild lands of Skyrim and has become one of her Uncle's best agents in his rebellion against the Empire and the Thalmor. As she has the pointed ears delicate feathers and fair skin and light blonde hair she can easily pass as a Thalmor agent to slip into Imperial controlled camps and cities to gather information. It was how she discovered the ambush set for her Uncle and knew to go to Helgen to try and save him. Basically the story would start at the beginning of Skyrim but she would be in Helgen during the dragon attack. From there we can decide if your character will be the Dragonborn or someone else and how it goes from there.

A dragon age story.

This idea revolves around a young mage named Alyssa who was a part of a Circle that failed in an attempt at escape from the Templar's. Her only crime was that she was a mage in that circle, she had no part in the attempted rise up but as she was one of the few survivors the Templar's would brand her with the same brush as the mages who tried to rise up and escape. She is then sent to the Circle in Kirkwall. This idea can start at any point during Dragon Age 2 really, and can involve either her meeting with and having dealings with the Champion of Kirkwall, or any of the characters there in, or could be that she catches the eye of the young Templar Cullen who still has his own demons to work through from the events of the fallen tower in Ferelden. Or could be with complete custom characters. If interested in something like this we can work out the details of the characters involved and time frame.

A Mass Effect Story.

This story would be set during the Reaper War and not be involved with the main characters of the trilogy. For this I was thinking my character would be a young reporter attached to an N7 Unit that is sent into various dangerous battles and situations across the galaxy trying to help cover the fight as the galaxy fights for its very survival. Though the unit could also be an elite multi race unit with humans, Krogan, asarii, and turians and she could be attached to cover this elite unit and it's deeds to help build moral. This story can go several different ways be set on many different planets and such as we work out the flow and details. Just seams to me that though Shepard is a total bad ass, he/she can't fight the war on all fronts so we need other heroes as well.

A Star Wars story.

This could be in the STOR time frame, or could be EU post empire during the Vong Wars. Would be during the height of the Jedi Order's. I'd like to play a young Jedi or even Padawan and depending on the time frame we play in could be opposite a Sith bent on capturing and corrupting her, or with her Jedi Master during the war, or if in the Vong time frame could be again with a Jedi Master during the war, or if she's a full Jedi Knight sent on dangerous missions possibly with a non-jedi partner either a Smuggler contact or an elite commando from the military. Again we can work out the details if interested.

A super hero story!

Basically what I am most interested in here is a romance type scenario involving Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and either Batman, or Nightwing. Or I have an alternate world scenario in mind. During his years of traveling the world to train Batman when he was young, maybe sixteen fell under the notice of Ra's al Ghul, and brought to train with the League of Assassins. During this time of training he formed a romance a short lived romance with Ra's daughter Talia. But when Bruce refused to kill and fled the League he didn't realize that Talia had become pregnant. Now it's about sixteen years later and suddenly Bruce gets a contact from Talia. When he meets her she tells him that she'd kept a secret from him for sixteen years. That from their union they had a daughter. Alyssa la Ghul granddaughter of Ra's al Ghul had been trained well by the League, but she had also been told much by her mother of her father and his crusade. She was to much like her father and when her final trial came she couldn't bring herself to take a life. She was just to gentle of nature. Enraged by this failure Ra's ordered that she be executed. Desperate to protect her only child Talia faked her death and then put her through a series of brainwashing that erased all her memories of the League and her life leaving her in a state of amnesia. She went a step further by using special technology she changed Alyssa's looks so that her hair became light blonde instead of raven black, and her eyes went from vivid green to sky blue. She had the delicate features of Bruce Wayne's mother and even Ra's agents would have a hard time telling she was once Alyssa al Ghul and not now just Alice Wayne. Alice would wake up in Gotham Memorial Hospital and be told that she was the only survivor of a horrendous car wreck. She'd be told her mother and step father had died but that her biological father had been contacted and this would be where the story starts. Bruce would have to go along with the story to keep her safe, and take her in as his daughter he never knew about.

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Re: A couple of ideas I'm looking to play m/f or f/f
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2016, 02:13:12 PM »
Am also open to other ideas and fandoms so if interested send a message to work something out. Am fine with consent, non-con, one on ones, gangbangs, romance or not so much romance just kinky fun. Am good with long and short term story driven RP's too. :)