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May 22, 2018, 06:48:22 AM

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Author Topic: Wanna play with the Cheshire demon? (M character for F character)  (Read 361 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Looking to play this fun fellow with someone, PM me if interested ;)

Felix the Cheshire demon
Name: Felix the Cheshire demon
Age: 562... at least as far as he can remember.
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Cheshire cat demon
Sexuality: Heterosexual

  • First Skill Name: Invisibility- Much like the cat in the story of Alice, Felix can turn himself invisible and if he wants, he can leave his haunting cat-like grin visible for a short time before that too fades
  • Second Skill Name:Scales of Fortune- Felix can lock eyes with an individual and depending on which way their karma flows... the person can receive six hours of either incredibly good or horrendously bad luck. Don't blame the kitty... blame yourself...
  • Third Skill Name:Illusions- As a Cheshire cat demon, Boris is a master of illusions, making people vividly see things that are not really there. The illusions fade after an hour and strong minded supernaturals can potentially see through them for what they really are: Nothing.
Appearance: Felix stands at five feet and six inches and weighs approximately one hundred and forty pounds. Slender and lean in frame, Felix can be described as willowy and beautiful like a work of art, his jaw length hair is a red violet hue and his eyes are an almost hypnotic golden yellow. Felix has the ability to turn his ears and tail invisible and visible again at will.

When Felix becomes angry or goes full demon, his golden yellow eyes turn blood red.

Personality: Felix is a unique individual, he's not exactly crazy, but he is most certainly what no one would label as sane either. One with a deep adoration for females, Felix has more than once or twice been called a colossal pervert... though in all honesty, he's pretty harmless in that regard as he wouldn't force himself upon anyone that wasn't consensual, that steals away all the beauty of intimacy in his opinion.

On a normal day, Felix has a very cheerful and happy go lucky personality, he loves a good laugh, be it a silly harmless prank or a good raunchy joke. He adores well when females will pet his tail or scratch behind his ear for him, he'll adore you forever. Males would probably be severally scratched to the point of being mauled if they tried to do this.
When threatened however, watch out... Felix will then shown his true demonic colors as a lethal killing machine... beware the ruby red gaze...

Backstory: Felix really has no idea about his past, he just remembers waking up in a thick forest in Japan little over five hundred years ago... it's very possible he hit his head or some such thing, he doesn't know and honestly, he doesn't care. New chance to make new memories in his opinion.
Felix has spent his life just having fun wandering the world, learning magic and the art of illusions. He hates the book Alice and Wonderland, he claims he met Lewis Carol once and the writer's cat in the book is just a cheap rip off of himself.