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Author Topic: Deepest and Darkest Desires (F seeking Literate Male)  (Read 2214 times)

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Deepest and Darkest Desires (F seeking Literate Male)
« on: August 21, 2016, 04:10:01 PM »
Hello fellow writers SinfulDesires here. After what seems like a very long absence I'm back and ready for action. I’ve been doing this for a very long time. I absolutely love writing. It’s a true passion of mine. I put a lot of effort into what I write. Before I post my plots and ideas...I’d like to post a little bit about myself and some rules.   

About me:

I’ve been writing for some time now...started off writing little short stories when I was old enough to start typing. I’ve always been a creative person. Just who I am.

If any of my requests are strikedthrough, that means they are already taken.

If you like one of my plots, but want to change it around a little or want to add something to it, please do not hesitate to ask. I love discussing plot and adding more to the story.

My O/O's:

* (Craving)
** (Really Craving)
*** (I will love you forever if you do this with me)

Red=Fandom Based, Purple=Modern Day/RL, Orange=Sci-Fi Based, Pink=Romance, Blue=Fantasy Based, Maroon=Force/Hardcore

Plots and Ideas!

It's a mad, mad world***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Harley Quinn. Known as the Queen of Gotham. The Clown Princess...and The Joker's #1 girl. Or that's how it was before she left him. Harley had always struggled with her identity after abandoning her post as a psychiatrist. Switching between Good and Evil. After getting a little taste of what it felt like to do some good again, she decides to leave Mr. J behind and try to do some good in the mad city of Gotham. One day she hears about a Mob Boss who's about to distribute some new drug out on the docks. So she decides to go and crash the party. But who should she meet there among the baddies? Why none other than the Bird Boy himself...of course, he prefers to be called Nightwing now these days. The two of them manage to work together to take down the crooks and flee just before GCPD shows up. Will this be a new and unlikely team? And if so...will something spark between them?

The Clown Prince of Crime's new Toy***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When The Joker hears that Harley had turned sides and is now working with the Bat to help bring peace to Gotham, he finds himself becoming more and more insane than usual. After the loss of Harley, a large black hole has filled his already dark heart. So he decides that he needs a little pay well as a new toy to have some fun with. So...he devises a devious plan to capture Batgirl...the beautiful Barbara Gordon to become his new toy. Planning to torture her and manipulate her until she's transformed into the perfect new sidekick and of course...lover for him to do with as he pleases.

A New Spirit Detective***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Since the barriers between Demon World, Living World, and Spirit World have been brought down, Demon's have been able to wander into Living World and vise versa without to many incidences. Even though there hasn't been much danger, Kuenma, ruler of the Spirit World has enlisted the help of a new Spirit Detective to patrol the borders of the three worlds to make sure peace is kept intact. MC is that new Spirit Detective. A Spirit Detective who just happens to be the daughter of Yusuke and Keiko. One day MC is told there's been some trouble in Demon World, and is sent by Kuenma to investigate. Of course...she never would have thought that when she traveled there she'd end up meeting one of the most powerful Demon's in all of Demon world...and become his prisoner.

Blast from the Past***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They say there's always one person out there that will impact you for the rest of your life from the moment you meet them. For YC and was meeting each other. The two met abroad in (we'll discuss later) as part of a  High school trip. The moment the two laid eyes on each other, they knew there was something special between them. The whole month that they were in (blank) they spent almost every moment together. Learning about one another and growing more and more attached. But when the trip came to an end and they had to depart from one another, thinking that the two would never see each other again...

But fate seemed to have other plans. Almost two years later after both graduated from High School and enrolled in college, the two would bump into one another. Both of them remembering all the time they'd spent together abroad, and the connection the two shared. The question that connection still alive? And if so...what will happen next?

Breaking all the rules***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC has been divorced now for a little over a year. The split between him and his ex hadn't ended well. She basically left him with all the responsibilities, including their 5 yr old daughter. The only person he can find solace in was the sweet and incredibly attractive Nanny that had been working for him and his now ex-wife since their daughter was a baby. After the divorce he found himself becoming more and more attracted to her. He knew that he shouldn't think of her in such a way. She was barely legal as it was, but he couldn't keep himself from thinking about her in a more romantic...and lewd manner. One night he comes home late, exhausted after a long day to find MC still up and watching television. Seeing that YC is exhausted she goes to get him a beer and offers to give him a massage. He knows he needs to resist, but he gives in...but how much will he be able to resist before he takes what he's been craving for so long?

The Assassin and the Succubus**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is one of the most sought after assassin's in the Kingdom. He comes with a hefty price, but he's not above killing anything from Demon's to another Human. His latest target is a cruel and brutal Lord who has been terrorizing the local villagers and bleeding them dry of their money and resources. How they managed to get the money to hire him, he didn't know, but he would gladly take out the filth. He manged to storm the keep where the bastard was hiding, killing him within seconds. Though to his surprise, the Lord had a hidden treasure. A Succubus. He'd been keeping her chained and locked up to use as a slave. YC know's that she could be of great value to him, so he tells her that he'll set her free on the condition that she become his and that she help him whenever he's on a mission. She reluctantly agree's...but the partnership and spark between them will become unbreakable and undeniable as time goes on.

Resisting Temptation***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC and YC have known each other for as far back as we can remember. Mostly because MC's Brother is YC's Best Friend. YC has always looked at me as the annoying little sister who wants to tag along on your fun adventures. But as years and time go by, YC notices just how grown up MC's becoming. No longer the shy and awkward little girl, but now a beautiful, outgoing, and funny woman. Summer approaches and every year MC's family goes up to the lake and stay in the family cabin. MC's parents are unable to come, so that just leaves MC, MC's Brother and his Girlfriend, and of course YC. YC hasn't been able to stop himself from thinking inappropriate and romantic thoughts about his best friend's little sister. And as the vacation starts...things become even harder to resist temptation. Will YC be able to push his rising feelings for his best friends sister aside, or will he give in?

Pay Back***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He was probably the least popular guy in school. Everyone constantly bullied him for his looks or his intellect. Every day was like a living Hell for him. Especially when it involves MC. She's the Queen Bee of the school. Beautiful, popular, and gets what she wants. She seems to go out of her way to torture him. One day after a humiliating prank in front of almost everyone, he knew that he had to get revenge. So he starts snooping around MC and manages to dig up some dirt on her. Snapping pictures of her changing in the locker room, video-taping her in the shower, and even caught her giving a blowjob to one of the Teachers. After school he finds her alone by her locker and shows her all the dirt he has on her. Telling her that unless she wants the whole school to see what he has on her, she'll do whatever he wants. 

The Bet**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He's known around the school as being the bad boy. The heart breaker. The one that all the girls end up falling in love with, but he never returns the feelings. That is until MC comes along. She's the new blood at the school...and probably the nicest and sweetest girl on the planet. Not only that, but she's absolutely stunning. All of YC's friends bet him that he can't get her to fall in love with him. So, naturally YC takes on the challenge. Only to his surprise none of his moves or charm seem to work on her. No matter how hard he tries to woo her, it ends up backfiring and blowing up in his face. Instead of making her fall for him, she was making him fall for her without even trying. But one day something changes. The two of them are partnered with one another for an assignment and are forced to work together. Will them being forced to work together cause them to get closer? Will a romance spark between this unlikely pair?

You're Mine Now
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
After her Father died, she had no one left. Her Mother had died when she was only a few years old, so it was just her and her Father. But right after her sixteenth Birthday her Father passed away from a terrible sickness. Since she was still underage she had to be appointed a guardian. Someone who could take care of her until she turned eighteen. That person was her Father's Business partner. MC's Father drafted a will that stated that YC would take care of all assets he left behind as well as his daughter until she turns eighteen. YC has MC sign some documents, unknowing that she was signing over everything to him...including herself. So not only did he now on her Father's Business along with all of his assets...but he owned her as well.

His Inspiration**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC has been part of a band for nearly ten years now. Though as of recently he finds himself in a bit of a funk. Unable to find inspiration or muse in anything no matter how hard he tries. During their next concert he looks out into the audience and he see's one of the most beautiful girls he's ever laid eyes on. He doesn't know what it is about her, but he knows that he has to meet her. So after the show he has one of the crew members go out to find her and bring her back to his trailer so the two of them can talk with one another. When the two of them meet, there's an instant connection and chemistry between them and he knows that he's found his inspiration again. He asks her to come on tour with them, to be part of his world. But will she accept his offer? Or is it just too good to be true?

Summoning Gone Wrong? Or Right?
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young man has been having a very hard time at school. None of the girls want to have anything to do with him, and it doesn't help that he's not the best looking guy at the school. One day he's doing some research online and comes across this one site that teaches you how to cast a spell that will give you whatever you want if a sacrifise is maid. So he decides to give it a try since nothing else seems to be working. So he goes into his basement and makes the circle and gives the sacrifice of blood as instructed and begins the chant. Though...he's unaware that the spell he is casting is actually a summoning spell. When the ritual is complete the circle begins to glow and a portal opens. To his shock a sexy and beautiful woman appears in front of him...only she's not exactly a woman, but a Succubus. One that he's summoned and is now bound too. 

A Gift from the Stars***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She was to be the first Female Astronaut to go explore the surface of Mars. Though, when she lands on the planet and begins her exploration...she comes across something rather odd. Something she wasn't expecting to find. An abandoned Alien craft. She had never seen anything like it before. But as she approached the strange looking vessel, it opened and pulled her inside. The next thing she knew she was drugged by a gas that seeped its way through her suit and fell into a deep sleep. Once she was secured in the vessel and asleep, the craft launched back into space and made its way back to the planet from whence it came. Once she lands the inhabitants of the planet find her and take her back to their city where they study her and run tests on her. Giving her body a few adjustments so that she can survive on their planet. Deciding that she is a gift from the God's...they awake her and bring her to their King, presenting her as a gift to him. Will she ever be able to return home, or will she be trapped on this strange planet for the rest of her life?

Let's make a deal**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is a very wealthy business owner. A powerful man who can have anything he wants. He notices a new company is emerging and starting to make a great deal of money. Something that he won't stand for. So he makes an appointment to meet with the CEO...only to find that it's not who he was expecting. Finding it to be a woman instead of a man, and incredibly attractive woman at that. YC is used to getting what he wants so he offers her a deal. A deal that she can't refuse. He will buy her company and make it even better than it already is. That she would become his partner and would share profits 50-50...but in order for this partnership to work...he wants not only her company...but her as well.

More than just a Contract***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When the two of them first met one another, it was at a BDSM club. He was a trained Dominant who had been in the lifestyle for years. She on the other hand had never been part of the lifestyle. She'd been dragged to the club by a friend. She was in a relationship with the typical guy, but he'd been the only guy she'd ever dated and wanted more. When he see's her for the first time, he knows that he needs to have her. Needs to transform her into the perfect submissive. To train her and mold her to love the kinkier and darker side of sex. So the two of them undergo a contract with one another. Agreeing that she would be his submissive in training. Showing her just how addictive BDSM can be. Not expecting to end up falling for her in the process and wanting her to be his full time. Will he be able to let go of her once her training is complete? Or will the roles be reversed and beg her to stay?

Crash Landing*
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An Alien Female has crash landed onto Earth. She had been traveling through space to gather information for her planet when her ship ended up crashing down to Earth. She is found by a young man who takes her into his home. (thinking he’s a farmer) Knowing that if someone else finds her they could hurt her. He decides to keep her and teach her about all the customs. Ending up falling for the exotic creature and doing everything he can to win her over.

A Demon's Bride**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An Incubus has been sent to Earth with a task to corrupt an innocent. He searches and searches until he comes across a convent. There he see’s the most beautiful young woman he’s ever laid eyes on. He watches her from afar for several days, knowing that she’s the perfect human to corrupt. So he disguises himself as a wary traveler and asks for help. The Nun takes him in, unaware that he plans on taking her back to his realm and chipping away at her innocence...and eventually making her into his bride.

In Debt**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For this pairing MC is a college student who’s in a huge amount of debt. She’s struggling to pay for college as well as rent. So...she ends up going to borrow some money from a Loan Shark. She’s able to pay off all of her bills, but when it’s time to pay back the money...she has nothing to give them. Well...except for one thing. Her Body. The Boss uses her body whenever he wants, and sells her out to his clients to help pay off her debt to him. Turning her into a little whore. (This particular RP will have multiple partners for MC. If you can handle that)

Hitch-hiking gone wrong**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC is a runaway from an abusive family. She’s been traveling for a long time, trying to find somewhere to go. A seemingly nice looking young man sees her walking along the side of the road and asks if she needs a ride. Not knowing that he’s actually a criminal. The moment she gets into his car, he drugs her and takes her back to his home. Keeping her as his prisoner to do with as he pleases.

Sweet Revenge**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is (can be anything from Human to Elf to Orc to Furry) whose people were driven out by MC’s Father. Years pass and the world seems to be at peace. Or so it would seem. YC has been plotting revenge against MC’s Father for some time. Wanting to reclaim what was once his. He has created an army that can destroy anything in its path. YC and his men storm the castle...killing almost everyone on sight. Including the King. Once the battle is done...YC tells his men to ransack the castle...and end up finding MC. Bringing her to YC as a gift. Taking the princess has his concubine to do with as he pleases.

Don’t touch my Daughter**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is a hardworking man that travels from place to place looking for a job. He ends up out in the country and sees a Help Wanted sign for a Farm Hand position. So he applies for the position and is hired almost immediately. The Owner of the Farm even gives him a place to stay while he works for him. There’s only a few rules that he has to follow, but the most important one is that he’s not allowed to go anywhere near his daughter. But the moment that YC lays eyes on her, he knows that he has to have her. So whenever he gets the chance when the farmers not around he goes to talk to her. Flirting and teasing one another behind her father’s back. The two of them starting a secret little affair with one another, praying that they don’t get caught. (Can be more romantic or more sex driven, or a good mix of both)

Investigation gone wrong**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC is a young investigative reporter. She's been working on a story about a series of kidnappings in her area. Several young woman have gone missing and no one knows where...until she gets a lead one night. Someone said they saw the place where one of the girls was kidnapped, and believes that's where all of the girls have disappeared. So, MC goes looking...only to get ambushed and kidnapped. YC is going to be the one kidnapping and selling off the girls. Though, he takes a peculiar interest in MC. (I imagine there will be multiple smaller roles for females as well as males in this particular RP. So if you can handle playing multiples then this should be a lot of fun)

Business and Pleasure**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is a wealthy businessman who owns a very successful company, but is competing against an equally powerful company who's about to make a breakthrough discovery in the pharmaceutical industry and knows they need to be stopped. So YC hires someone to off the CEO of the other company, leaving them vulnerable. The successor to company is MC, the previous CEO's Daughter. After her father dies YC proposes that the two of them make a partnership with one another in order to make millions. MC agrees...unaware that he plans on using MC for more than just money. But plans to use her body as well.



Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Daddy/Daughter ***


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Demon Hunter/Demon***

Realistic Pairings

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Babysitter/Single Father***
Best Friends Turned Lovers**
Best Friends Mother***
Best Friends Sister**
Best Friends Daughter***
Popular Girl/Geek**
Good Girl/Bad Boy***
City Boy/Farm Girl**
Musician/Fan Girl**


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Harley Quinn/Deadpool***
Harley Quinn/Robin or Nightwing***
Harley Quinn/Batman *
Poison Ivy/Robin**
Jinx/Snake eyes***
Black Cat/Spiderman*
Scarlet Witch/Vision*
Black Panther/Black Widow***
Black Panther/Storm**

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Re: Deepest and Darkest Desires (F seeking Literate Male)
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2016, 04:10:17 PM »
So I have absolutely been CRAVING some Furry/Anthro roleplays as of late. I've always really enjoyed Furries and Anthro's and really want to write some stories involving them. So here are some pictures as well as some plot idea's and pairings that I had in mind. Also check out my O/O's in my profile to see if we'd get along.


The Males

The Girls

Now on to some plots and pairings!

Dragon Rider
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Humans and Dragon's have long been at war with one another. That is until they have to come together to battle against a common enemy. When the war is final won the Dragons and Humans have decided to declare peace amongst each other and become allies and friends. Hundreds of years pass and Dragons and Humans are closer then ever. Warriors and Dragon's are partnered with one another to protect the large Kingdom. Though one of these warriors is the Princess of the Realm. She and her Dragon companion have been through many battles with one another. He has protected and watched over her...but when the two are alone together, they are far more than just partners on the battlefield. Will they be able to keep this forbidden romance a secret? Or will they be found out?

A Dragon's Treasure
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Everyone knows that a Dragon loves his treasure. He enjoys being surrounded by gold, jewels, and as well as other valuable objects. But what happens when a Dragon wants more? What happens when he wants companionship? The Dragon of the realm has kept the Kingdom safe from enemies for hundreds of years. But now he wants something in return. An offering in the form of a beautiful maiden. So the Kingdom would offer up one such beauty in order to appease the mighty Dragon in order to keep the peace and to have him continue to protect their lands.

Last of his kind
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dragons have long since been extinct. Wiped out by humans and other creatures. Save for one. He lives deep within the mountains all alone. Though when mating season hits he finds himself coming down from the mountains and exploring the wilderness he used to frequent. Deciding to make his way to the waterfall to quench his thirst. Only to find a woman bathing in the waters. Her beauty unlike anything he's ever seen before. He knows that he has to have her. To make her his. And he won't be denied.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young woman his hiking through the mountains. Ending up going off the trail and getting lost. She decides to stop for the night and make camp. Unaware that she's just wandered into the territory of wolves. Though...they aren't just normal wolves. And it just happens to be mating season. A wolf has been watching her for some time and makes his move to attack her. Before he can however, another wolf manages to attack and defeat him. Leaving the young woman frightened and running for help. Only to be caught by the wolf who had 'saved' her. He takes her back to his den, telling her that since he saved her and since she was in his territory she now belongs to him. Will she be able to escape from him? Or will she remain his?

The Big Bad Wolf
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So this is sort of going to be a more modern take on Little Red Riding Hood. A young woman runs away from an abusive home, deciding that she's going to go live with her Grandmother. It's a long journey so she tries hitch-hiking to get a ride there. A very handsome and mischievous wolf pulls up and offers her a ride. The young woman doesn't see any harm in it and takes him up on his offer. Though she has no idea that the Wolf has no intention of taking her to her Grandmother's house, but instead plans on using her to release the animalistic desires within him.

Ride of her Life
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young woman has run away from home, unable to take the abuse from her Father any longer. She doesn't know where she'll go, but she knows that anywhere is better than there. So she starts traveling through the country. Trying to Hitch-Hike and find somewhere to go. As luck would have it, a Horse ends up stopping for her and offers her a ride. When he asks her where she's going, and she tells him about her troubles and that she's looking for work, he offers her a job out on his Ranch. Telling her that he could use the extra help, and he'd even give her a place to stay for as long as she needs. As the two of them spend more time with one another, the chemistry and sexual tension between them builds until neither one of them can take it anymore.

Help Wanted
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A Young Stud has been traveling from job to job, trying to save up money so that he can buy land of his own. He see's a Help Wanted sign outside of a Farm and decides to go and offer his assistance to the Land Owner. He's hired almost right on the spot and is even given a place to stay until he's ready to leave. The Farmer then introduces him to his young daughter. A beautiful young thing that catches the Stud's eye immediately. The two of them working closely with one another throughout the season and the two of them end up starting a secret relationship with one another. The two of them knowing that their affair will become public, or they can run away together and start a new life with each other.

Crash Landing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A Young Female Pilot is flying over the ocean to deliver supplies to another country; when her Plane malfunctions and she ends up crashing onto an uncharted island. She somehow survives the crash and manages to climb from the wreckage to wander the island. Only to pass out somewhere along the beach. Before she does however, she notices figures approaching her, though she can't see them clearly. When she awakens however she finds herself in what appears to be a hut and is greeted by a small group of strange creatures that look like animal hybrids. They managed to heal her, but tell her that her strange metal bird is completely broken. Now she finds herself trapped on this uncharted island with these strange creatures. Will she ever leave? Or must she be prepared for her new future? (This story will have multiple characters as well as partners for MC and YC)

Such a Good Girl
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC has been very lonely for quite some time. Viewed as an outcast and unpopular by most. Even though he is wealthy, he just can't seem to make friends who want more from him than his money. So he starts searching the internet for some kind of companion. Coming a cross an interesting site that sells these different types of 'pets.' They aren't like anything he's ever seen before and after doing some searching he finds the perfect 'pet' just for him and orders one. A few weeks later there is a knock on his door and when he goes to answer he finds a large covered crate outside his front door, and when he opens it, he finds his new pet. She's beautiful, playful, and he's already completely in love with her. Knowing that she'll be the perfect companion for him. But it doesn't take long before he develops an almost primal need for her, and since she belongs to him, he can do whatever he wants to his beautiful pet.

Run little Rabbit, Run
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A small village is ransacked by bandits. A young Rabbit manages to escape and runs into the woods. Unaware that she is being tracked by (Can either be Wolves or Foxes) as she tries to escape. Though she doesn't manage to get very far before she is captured by the bandits who burned down her village. Deciding to keep her as a little prize. Taking her back to their camp after having a little fun with her and offering her up to their Captain as a slave to do whatever he wants with.
Now some pairings

Wolf Anthro/Human Girl
Horse Anthro/Human Girl
Rabbit Girl/Fox Boy
Fox Girl/Rabbit Boy
Wolf Boy/Rabbit Girl
Dragon Anthro/Human or Elf Girl
Dog Girl/Human Boy
Cat Girl/Human Boy
Bunny Girl/Human Boy

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Re: Deepest and Darkest Desires (F seeking Literate Male)
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2016, 05:01:25 PM »
Deadly, Dangerous, and Addictive...***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC likes to think of himself as an average Joe. Has a white collar job, has always kept his nose clean, and has never done anything remotely dangerous his entire life. Well...all of that was about to change. One Friday night after a very long week, his friend convinced him to come to this new club that had just opened up. YC's never really been into the club scene but he gives in and goes. There he meets MC. She had to be one of the most stunning creatures he'd ever laid eyes on, and to his surprise she seemed to take a liking to him. The two danced, drank, flirted, and eventually lead to going back to his place for an evening he wouldn't ever forget...

The next morning when he awoke however he found that she was gone with a note beside his nightstand. Telling him that if he could find her again then they could have some more fun. So naturally YC searches and searches until he finds her...only to be taken by complete surprise to find out that she is the daughter of one of the most notorious Mob Bosses in the city. So the question is, will he run before he gets tangled into this dangerous web, or will he give in to his new addiction?

The Queen Bee's Challenge**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC is what High Schools would consider to be the Queen Bee. Popular, Beautiful, Wealthy family, the Head Cheerleader. Basically everything the stereotype would suggest her to be. YC is what most would call the classic Geek/Nerd. 4.5 GPA, Straight A's in all of his classes, basically anything you can picture a Nerd/Geek doing...he does it. He also just so happens to be the main focus of MC's cruel Pranks and Jokes. That all changes one day however. She see's YC going into the Men's locker room after waiting for everyone else to leave after Gym to take a shower. MC sneaks in with a plan to steal his clothes, only to stop in absolute shock and delight at what she sees. YC has always hid underneath baggy clothes but now that he's revealed underneath the shower she see's that he has one of the best looking bodies she's ever seen...not to mention is hung like a horse.

She stays and stares a little bit longer before she decides to make her move...the question is will he make it easy on her, or make it a challenge?

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Re: Deepest and Darkest Desires (F seeking Literate Male)
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2016, 04:33:22 PM »
A Spell Gone Wrong? Or Right?**
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC has always been an outcast...a loner...a freak. Someone who has lived most of his life in the shadows. At home he's ignored by his parents and at school he's bullied and tormented. After so many years, he's had enough. He knows that he needs to find a way to make it all go away, but he isn't sure how. One day while in the school library he comes across a section of books in the very back of the library that he's never seen before. Old leather bound books in strange languages. He comes across one that's written in old English. Inside are lists of spells and instructions on how to do them.

Curious, YC sneaks the book out of the Library; taking it home with him and reading through it. There he finds a spell that causes Enchantment. Whomever casts the spell will glamour those around them. Making them irresistible or admirable to all around them. YC decides to give it a try. Following the instructions for the spell in the book and reading the incantation aloud. When the spell is completed he doesn't find himself to look or feel any different. Thinking that it was just some bogus prop book, he goes to bed thinking nothing of it. However...the next day when he goes to school...he notices that everyone's looking at him differently. People are acknowledging him, being friendly to him...but the most noticeable difference were the girls.

They were all hitting on him...flirting with him...and wanting him. The only problem is...will this spell he cast to turn his life around be a blessing...or a curse? 

Romance and the Apocalypse? ***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I haven't really thought of a plot for this one just yet. Something like the Walking Dead setting. If anyone's interested in this than we can discuss it more in detail over PM.

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Re: Deepest and Darkest Desires (F seeking Literate Male)
« Reply #4 on: August 28, 2016, 08:55:23 PM »
Enemy or Lover?***
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YC and MC first meet while training at the Police Academy. The two of them immediately hit it off with one another. Training together, studying together, and eventually...falling in love. It wasn't long before the both of them graduated top of their class and got jobs together at the NYPD. The two of them working as partners. The two of them get a case one day to take down some thugs who have been selling some drugs to kids on the streets. They go to investigate but are ambushed and separated from one another. Before MC can go after YC...there's an explosion where he's taken off to, and she presumes that he's dead.

A Year passes by since the incident and a new case opens up about a new Crime Lord causing some trouble in the lower parts of New York. They appoint MC to look into it, but what she doesn't expect is to find out that the person behind all of this crime is none other than YC. He had pretended to want to be a police officer and infiltrate the NYPD to get information, and disappear when the time was right. Now...he has her kidnapped, and the question is...will she be able to take him down after learning the truth. Or will old feelings stir up between the two of them once more?

The Love Triangle***
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MC and YC have been dating since they were Freshmen in High School. They knew each other growing up and when they were old enough to start dating, they were hardly ever apart from each other. They had the type of romance most people were envious of. Always viewed as being the perfect couple. Now the two of them were going into college with one another, and were on the fast track to becoming engaged. That was until MC meets someone she never expected to fall for. He's the complete opposite of her boyfriend. He's rugged, dangerous, mysterious, passionate, and filled hunger. She first meets him at a bar where his band is playing, and the two of them instantly hit it off with each other. She's never felt a connection like this before...has never felt this much chemistry. She still loves her boyfriend, and still wants to be with him, but she also wants to try something different and make sure he's the one. Will she be able to keep this crazy love triangle in tact? Will she be able to keep and love both of them? Or will everything come crashing down?

An Affair to Remember**
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YC goes Over Sea's for a business trip for the company he works for. There he ends up meeting MC. The two of them ending up hitting it off instantly. She's exotic, sexy, and there's obvious chemistry between the two of them. The two end up having a whirlwind romance with one another while he's there until his trip comes to an end. He goes back to the States to reconnect with his wife and go back to work. A few months later they announce they're getting someone new to their company...and he's shocked to find out that it's MC. When he see's her, he still feels that chemistry and connection he had when he first met her. Now the question is...will the two of them continue where they left off, or will he resist temptation?

Love in the Country?***
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YC has always been a 'trouble maker'. Always getting into trouble with the law, getting Suspended or Expelled from school. One day he's brought home by the police after getting caught stealing from a drugstore. He's brought before a judge who gives him two choices. He can either spend some major time in jail...or he could do community service. YC ops out to do community service, thinking that he'll just be picking up trash along the highway. Instead the judge decides to send him out into the country to work on a Farm. YC's not happy about having to leave the city for the country, but he has no choice. When he arrives on the farm, that's where he meets MC. At first there's some tension between the two of them, but there's also chemistry. The two work closely with one another for a few months, and the chemistry and tension between them continues to build. The only problem is, will they ever act on their feelings for one another? Or will it end in disaster?

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Just One Night?***
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YC is a very successful businessman. He's worked hard to get to where he's at in his life. Clawing his way up to the top to be the wealthy man that he is today. He's holding a Charity Gala for his company and the theme is a Masquerade Ball. Throughout the party YC talks to a lot of different people, making pleasantries and making sure everyone has a good time. Then MC shows up. YC and MC's eyes meet from across the room and there's a spark that is instant between them. The two walk across the crowded room without breaking eye contact and meet in the middle of the dance floor. The two of them dancing and talking with one another as if no one else is there. The two seem to have a lot in common with each other and the chemistry is electric. As the party continues on, YC steals MC away into his room and shows her a night to remember, neither one taking off their masks to reveal themselves, only adding to the intensity of the moment.

The next morning YC wakes up to find that MC's gone, but there's a note on his pillow and a check with her name on it. Telling him that she had an amazing night and she was so grateful to have met him. Now YC has to make a choice...will he try to find MC and pursue a relationship with her? Or will he just let the memory of last night be just that? A memory?