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Started by AmberStarfire, August 21, 2016, 10:04:38 AM

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I've thought of it before but I just figured I'd mention it now while I'm thinking of it.

I've noticed some people have put them in different sub-forums but it would be good to have a place to house blogs that are only visible to members of the site.


I'll keep that in mind when I redo the blog system.



If someone makes a blog request that we feel might be better suited to 'members only', we do tend to direct them to an appropriate part of the forum. 
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Well, the original idea, way back, was to have separate blog and journal sections, where journals were semi-private.

My plan is to integrate this into Elkarte, and redo our blog system into something more properly blog-like. Right now people are using blogs as just a different type of thread, and not making new threads for new blog entries. So need to address that in a better fashion >_>