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October 07, 2022, 08:39:14 am

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Author Topic: Group Appeal [M lf FF, Varies]  (Read 796 times)

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Group Appeal [M lf FF, Varies]
« on: August 21, 2016, 09:56:33 am »
Basically I had some RP ideas and one thing they all have in common is that to really work they all need at least two female partners to RP with. So I thought I'd put them all up in one place, and we can see what happens.

Baby Crazy

Kelly Casey has a secret, known only to her and her best friend Carrie Bryant. Kelly on the outside looks like a professional career-oriented woman and in many ways she is, but her biological clock went off. Her secret is that she actually wants to have a baby very badly and has for almost a year. As her and Carrie have joked, she's gone "baby crazy". Can't help but window shop online for baby clothes, comments on the cuteness of maternity wear, looks into fertility clinics, etc. At least she hasn't done anything stupid and for now it seems like its all good fun between her and Carrie.

She has another secret though that she even keeps from Carrie. She doesn't want to adopt, she wants to feel the life growing in her. She doesn't want artificial insemination, too cold and impersonal. She wants to find a donor on her own. Unfortunately as she's bemoaned to Carrie she just can't quite find a man who she's comfortable with having a baby from, there's always some problem.

Which isn't entirely true, she does know a guy who she considers the ideal sperm source for the baby she wants so badly where there's only one real problem with the idea of having his baby. She'd love to have a baby from Mark Bryant, but the last name isn't a coincidence - Mark is her best friend's husband...

Quote from: Info
Light to Bon, Possible Light Infidelity

Basic Idea - A woman wanting a child asks for help getting her baby from her married best friend and her husband. I'd play the husband, females would play the wife and the hopeful mother-to-be.

Queen of the Castle

Yvette Bailey has a dirty little secret. By all outward appearences she's a devoted wife with a good job and a great home, there's just...something missing. Only recently did she find out what it is too, when she saw her husband have an entirely innocent conversation with another woman and her mind couldn't help going in all sorts of different places.

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Light-to-Bon, Cuckqueaning, Pseudo-Infidelity

Basic Idea - A married woman discovers that she may have a cuckqueaning fetish and frequently fantasizes about her husband having sex with other women. RP can go multiple different directions; the fantasies can stay fantasies and the smut scenes involving other women are all in her head, the married couple could conspire to physically give her what she needs, or there could be a more serious and romantic attempt at bringing a woman they know and trust into their bedroom with them.

Private Teachers

Diane and Marsha have been friends for a very long time, and at one time they had a reputation for doing everything together until Diane moved away. She recently has moved back however and the two friends are starting to reconnect.

Which they may do so more then they imagined when they come home from a night out to find the housesitting Jimmy not only asleep on Diane's couch but his penis has become erect in his sleep and fallen out of his boxers. At first the two older women are just trying to find a way to get the organ back in his boxers without waking him up. Things start to spiral out of control from there...

Quote from: Info
Light, Some Age-Play, Possible Incest

Marsha and Diane are both significantly older then Jimmy. Jimmy is 19 while both Marsha and Diane are at least 35 and they both qualify as cougars.

Based on an old porn movie from the late 70's, in the movie the Jimmy and Diane are also related (Nephew and Aunt). This element can be removed for the RP if desired as it's not a dealbreaker for me.

Something in the Woods

Myths and Legends never really leave us. They change shape, they change meanings, they change approaches, they change in values- but Myths and Legends never really leave. One such old legend is the Satyr, a goat-man thing that roamed the woods. A wild and lecherous beast who perused wine, women, and song with a fixation to rival those of religious fanatics. Sometimes pleasant male companions of a couple of the wilder gods, sometimes not so much- they say that the music of a Satyr is hypnotic in power while it's lusts are unquenchable.

That's the Legend anyway. Nobody really believes it. Legends have a nasty habit of never being the whole truth even when they do have a kernel of facts at their core. Was there even a kernel of truth here? Was this all the dreams of a horny madman? Or is there Something in the Woods?

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Light-to-Med NC, Supernatural

Basic Idea - A group of female campers accidently gets the attention of a monster obsessed with spreading it's own seed. Many details are discussable.