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July 07, 2022, 12:14:46 pm

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Author Topic: An Oath Broken (Based on Mercedes Lackey's "The Outstreched Shadow") [VAN]  (Read 1014 times)

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Offline DoomsdayTopic starter

I've had this fantasy in the back of my mind for some time, and I figure it's time to gauge E's interest in this. I'm looking for someone to play Idalia the Wildmage from "The Outstreched Shadow", but James Mallory and Mercedes Lackey. I will be playing Kellen Tavadon, Idalia's younger brother. Here is the general plot for the roleplay.

Idalia is a Wildmage, and has lived alone in the Wild Woods for the past 11 years. She had been exiled from Armethalieh, the City of Golden Bells, after her father discovered her practice of the forbidden Wildmagery. Living outside of the Armethalian Bounds, Idalia had made a modest living, trading magical favors for bartered goods.

One day, a youth named Kellen Tavadon was also exiled from Armethalieh, for also practicing Wild Magic. His flight from the city involves swearing an oath to a unicorn to remain chaste for a year and a single day, in exchange for help fleeing his pursuers. Eventually Kellen and the unicorn escape the boundaries, but are in haggard condition, and Kellen collapses in exhaustion. He wakes up days later in an unfamiliar little cabin. He does not know how he arrived here, but he is too weak to really care. A young woman walks in and tells him about how she had healed him, and he is stunned by her beauty. Kellen thinks to himself that keeping his promise of chastity for a year might be  challenging, but eventually Kellen discover that she is his long lost sister, and is relieved, as well as surprised.

An exile himself, Kellen eventually comes to live with Idalia in her woodland home. One day a group of unicorns approach her cabin pleading for help. One of their calf's had broken its' leg, and would surely be doomed to death if the leg could not be mended. Kellen and Idalia healed the calf, but with every use of the magic comes a price. Kellen and Idalia were told by the wild magic to find a small foul pond in the forest and clean it.

The next day, Kellen and Idalia set out to clear the pond, and after dirtying themselves in the nasty mud, Idalia decides it is time for a break, and the pair head off to the river to wash up and swim.

Kellen swims in his underclothing, as does Idalia, but Kellen can't help but ogle at her lovely body.

In the actual books, nothing sinful happens at this point. The two finish swimming and finish cleaning the pond later.

But the beauty of fiction and Elliquiy is that I can change that :D

Sorry for the long introduction, but I don't know how many people might have read this book, so I want you guys to know everything you might, if you're interested but haven't read it.

For some more information...

Kellen's about 17, and is blond character on this book cover

Since I'll be playing Kellen, you will be able to tell more about his personality by my posts.

I don't quite remember Idalia's description. She's 27, short, shapely, with long-ish brown hair. I can't say much to describe her personality, as it's sort of hard to put it to words without writing an essay. Idalia doesn't sugarcoat her words, and usually has a few words to say about something. It'd help if you have read the books, really :)

Anyone interested?