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May 23, 2018, 09:32:51 PM

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Author Topic: Overwatch Shorts?  (Read 797 times)

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Overwatch Shorts?
« on: August 21, 2016, 03:57:28 AM »
Genji x Mercy
"I'm taking care of you."

It was a case like no one had ever seen before- six arrows, all apparently part of a set belonging to one projectile. They entered his body from all angles, perforating many of his organs. Miraculously, his heart and spine were both spared by the narrowest of margins, multiple times. The doctors in Japan were at a loss for what to do. Removing one of the scatter arrows might dislodge another one, doing more harm than good... Biotic tech alone wouldn't be enough to save the young man's life, but if there was one person in the world who could solve this problem, it would be Dr. Angela Ziegler.

While still in a coma, Shimada Genji was moved to an Overwatch laboratory where Dr. Ziegler had exclusive access to the world's most advanced medicinal technology. He at last awoke hooked up to a myriad of machines designed to keep him alive, barely able to move his muscles. Greeting him were the words, "Heroes never die."

Jack Morrison x Ana Amari
"You're looking pretty good, Jack."
"Well, all that stuff they pumped into me has to be good for something."

The Omnics put up a tough fight and Overwatch was on the frontlin as always. It was a fierce battle, but the bots were in full retreat. Jack Morrison visited Ana in her sniper's perch to give her the order to pull out personally. Always the consummate professional and personable leader, he wanted to break the good news to the men and women of Overwatch in person. Ana had saved his life that day, and he had saved her own but they stopped counting long ago. Ana pulled him into a kiss... but junior members of Overwatch often said the man was married to his job. "Maybe when all this is over." He said.

The Omnic Crisis is over. At last the world and Overwatch could rest easy... it is a time for celebration and at last its members could take just a little bit of time to think about their own lives. Perhaps even start a family.

Or more likely, riding high the utter jubilation of victory over the Omnics, even the implacable Jack Morrison can be persuaded to indulge himself just a little bit.

Gérard x Amélie Lacroix
"A la vie, a la mort."

After nearly a month gone missing, Overwatch at last recovered Amélie from an underground Talon facility, reuniting Agent Gérard with his loving wife. She was debriefed and medically cleared- no sign of trauma, physical or mental. To celebrate his hard work and to allow the two lovers some time to recuperate and settle down, Overwatch gave Gérard two weeks of paid vacation.

They decided to go on a second honeymoon, at Amélie's urging. A place away from his job, away from all the pressures of Overwatch and from the prying eyes of an increasingly hostile world.

Hana Song x Thespion 4.0
"This is my kind of city! Lights, camera, action!"

On the set of 'Hero of my Storm', the experienced and charismatic omnic actor has taken the young starlet D.Va under his wing. Putting on a stream performance is one thing, acting in a feature length film is entirely another. Plenty of people have warned Hana about getting too close to the Omnic, given all the tales actresses have told over the years about Thespion's incorrigible charm. Surely there are things the two could teach eachother...

Jesse McCree x Lena Oxton
"Check me out!"
"Whoa there."

Though Winston has put out a recall of all Overwatch agents, Talon remains its deadliest foe, judging by the assassination in London and the attempted theft of Doomfist's gauntlet in Numbani. One member has yet to respond, yet he would be an invaluable ally... especially given the rumor that this 'Reaper' figure is in fact Gabrielle Reyes, Jesse's old boss. Rumor has it the vigilante's somewhere in the Eastern United States- strange place to find a cowboy.

Tracer volunteered to find him and see if she could persuade their old comrade to answer the call of action... yet it's been years since the two have seen each other. Who knows what trouble McCree's gotten himself into, or what he's been up to all this time.

Reinhardt Wilhelm x Brigitte
"When all you have is a hammer, everyone else is a nail."

Once again out of fuel, Reinhardt and Brigette are stuck by the side of the road. The old knight always thought himself too old for such a pretty girl, never once imagining she'd actually be interested in him like that. But he was a true hero, selflessly risking his life for a worthy cause, wherever he could find it.

Alone for hours in their truck, Reinhardt and Brigitte have nothing to do to occupy their time but talk. Maybe the old crusader will finally be able to take a hint...

Fareeha Amari x Egyptian Army
"Play nice, play Pharah."

A month ago, Lieutenant Fareeha announced her 'retirement' from the Egyptian Army and the job offered to her by Helix Security International. Her unit was crushed, but at the same time thrilled that their XO was going to pursue such a lucrative offer and follow her heart. They decided to throw her a surprise part to celebrate and wish her well...

After a long night out on the town, the group dwindled to just a handful. Notably, her subordinates that were quite obviously admirers of hers. They escorted her back to her room where, rather shockingly, she invited them in. After all... soon she wasn't going to be their superior anymore, soon she wasn't even going to be in the Army.

Satya Vaswani x Manservants

After her successful mission securing Vishkar's contract with Rio De Jeneiro, Vishkar Corportation gave the hard light architech a promotion, a new pristine office in Utopaea, and rather peculiarly a whole host of assistants. They were young, fair to look upon, immaculate, and utterly loyal. They are almost robotic, absolutely dedicated to the prodigal architect, but not at all like the Omnics.

To the sometimes cold woman, they were more objects of fascination than they were of lust. Why did they admire her so? What had she done to deserve such worshipful service? How far would they go to serve her? This was a curiosity that Symmetra felt utterly compelled to explore... Indeed, their bodies were a curiosity to her- their desires and their lusts.

Perhaps she could indulge in her own curiosity as well as their worshipful appetites...