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November 25, 2020, 10:24:51 PM

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Author Topic: ☢ In-Depth Plotting and Gameplay ☢ [-M looking for F-]  (Read 1102 times)

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Offline HaruchaiTopic starter

☢ In-Depth Plotting and Gameplay ☢ [-M looking for F-]
« on: August 20, 2016, 08:20:50 PM »
It's been a long time since I've made a request thread, so please bear with me...

A little about me: I’ve been involved in roleplaying for over a quarter of a century now. Like so many others I cut my teeth on fantasy roeplaying, namely Dungeons and Dragons, graduating through several iteration of the game. I started roleplaying online in various chatrooms way back when AOL was king, and I’ve been writing pretty much ever since. I’ve moved on from D&D but fantasy is still my first love.

Though I do like smut and sexy scenes as much as the next red-blooded male, I have to have plot with my stories. I hesitate to use ratios to describe what I want, and I desire for all my relationships in my games to develop organically. Even if we decide to play something with pre-established relationships, there still has to be exploration of things and character growth.

I also shy from making demands on post length, but on average I write between 3-7 paragraphs. This does change depending on what I am given to work with, and the more quality I have over quantity, the better - though both can be important. Sometimes the story ebbs and flows, along with how we’re spoken to by our respective muses, and I don’t usually push for any particular post size. I also do not push for a certain number of posts in a given space of time. I find that the more excited we are to write, and the more into the play we are, they come of their own accord. I’d like to see at least a post a week, and I myself can post a couple of times a day, though I realize everyone has different types of schedules.

As we talk about the play we should both get a decent idea of how the other person “works” and how well we interact. Which brings me to…

I need a partner who is willing to talk to me through PM’s and develop a friendship OOC. This is something I have found to be very important to me. If I do not get along with someone as a person, then the roleplay falls flat for me. It feels like a writing assignment rather than a fun hobby that is being enjoyed by two people who get along. Does that mean we need to be besties or anything? No, not at all, but a healthy OOC is a necessity.

So that brings us to what I do and do not like. I suppose it is easier to answer what I will NOT do, as opposed to what I WILL do.

NO, but thank you:
-Violence: I don’t mind such things in combat scenes, but if I am breaking bones and beating the hell out of my partner’s character then I’m not really cool with that.
-Hardcore rape: I can do a scene or two of this if the play calls for it. It can be, at times, ok. But I cannot do a play where this is a central theme all the time. And by hardcore I mean traumatizing brutality… not dubcon or pseudo rape.
-Vore: Like rape, I can do a scene or two of this if the play calls for it. Zombies, flesh-eating ogres or beasties of all stripes. Ok, sure. But again, this cannot be a central theme.

YES, please:
-Female writing partner: I much prefer to write with a female, and though we may even write the opposite gender at times with side characters, I am looking for M/F pairings as my main couples. As such, I want my partner to be female.
-Intelligent women: I want a partner who is smart, not some insipid and gormless collection of holes to interact with in various ways. Even if she is submissive in the bedroom, outside of it she should be my character’s equal.
-Drama and Action: I want the things our characters do to matter. A little lower, as I describe the type of world I wish to play in, you’ll see how this will fit. I want to play champions, opposed by vile evil (who we can also play if you wish!). There should be a variety of drama and that can come about in all kinds of ways - through the plot itself, or character interaction/relationships… you name it. Someone who can write decent combat scenes would be appreciated, as I usually get stuck with it, and can do it, but an equal partner in ALL things would be fabulous.

To help in getting a feel for my O/O’s, I’ll link my F-list here, as I am still working on trying to get all my similar stuff filled out here at E.

Other than that, if there’s a question, feel free to ask! I’m usually ok with doing a scene or two of just about anything, but it truly does depend on the play, and the types of plays I am looking for is…. next!


I’m really not into modern day slice of life plays of any sort. I am a regular guy every day, day in and day out, and thus I want to play something different. Fantastical. Even if I happen to play a human, the world itself should be home to a plethora of races, and monsters, and various technologies and magics. One of my most favorite types of worlds are the worlds of Final Fantasy, as well as various Dungeons and Dragons type worlds.

Currently I really want to play something Final Fantasy based, and knowledge of that game series would be a must. Particularly the themes and styles surrounding games VII, X and XII. I would be more than happy to talk with someone about building a world, or using one of the worlds from those games.

However, I realize that Final Fantasy is not everyone’s cup of tea, nor is everyone familiar. That’s why I also mention Dungeons and Dragons type of world or setting. A fantasy setting that we can devise on our own, though I would still like magic and various sorts of technology to exist side by side.

I am NOT, however, looking to play a game with a rules system. I find it too confining in my writing, despite the fact it allows one to quantify their abilities. The abilities of characters can be talked about and explored in PM, during OOC talk. Which brings me to my final point:

I only play in threads. I find IM play too haphazard and rushed, and PM play too cluttered. A thread keeps the story nice and neat, able to be read like a book almost.

In summary: I’m looking for an intelligent and well spoken and written female partner who has a love for fantasy worlds and who can contribute to plot and world-building, tantalizing me with creativity in all aspects of the play, and who doesn’t mind cultivating a nice OOC rapport. 

If this sounds like something that would interest you, please PM me. I'll only be taking a couple of plays, and this is not first-come first-served. Thank you!
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Offline HaruchaiTopic starter

Cease Fire! Cease Fire!


I'm going to have to close this thread for now, as I have received several responses and am talking with some of the wonderful people here about writing. The last thing I want to do is overwhelm myself and then subsequently get burned out. That's not fair to me nor to my writing partners.

I thank everyone for their interest and the warmth I have been met with here. I promise I will re-open this thread at a later time, but for now I need to beg off any more takers.


Offline HaruchaiTopic starter

I am going to open this back up for roleplays since most of those I had have now died. I am still open to a variety of couples and pairings though I would really like someone who is willing to play in my own world, Harrow. The world is mostly fantasy-based but does have a decent mix of technology. A mix of Final Fantasy worlds and Legend of Heroes.

This is not a first-come first-serve sort of request, and when possible I will be checking out post histories to see if we might be compatible. A healthy OOC is mandatory, and if communication is not kept open, then I guarantee that the roleplay will not work.