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Author Topic: Stories with Salander [F for M & FxF]  (Read 305 times)

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Stories with Salander [F for M & FxF]
« on: August 20, 2016, 06:01:09 PM »

  What am I Seeking? ~

I've recently taken on a number of new games. Until they've progressed, I'll say I'm only selective taking on new roleplays.
That is, I can be persuaded to pick up another if your speech skill is high enough, but there's a chance I'll say I will put you
on hold for a little while until I know I can dedicate time to a new partner. Feel free to message anyway - even when I'm not
looking for roleplays I still love meeting people.

A Brief Introduction || I'll write here anything I have a particular desire to play. This includes plots, characters,
pairings and settings, as well as picture prompts. Everything here is not set in stone and is up for discussion and reworking.
Infact, most of my plots are always needing further detail, to encourage my partners to take part in refining a story.
The best games come from mutual collaboration and I do love the creative process. So if only part of a plot, or a particular
character interests you and you have your own suggestions, please share them with me. I'm super friendly and easy to talk
to so don't hesitate to strike up a conversation.

My request thread won't be as content-heavy as most, you'll find. That is because I rarely have ideas already planned out, and
perhaps part of me is shy about posting them. But really, most of my idea generation comes after speaking to a potential
partner, from looking at their own interests and talking about what would work between us. I just rarely plan an entire story
out myself beforehand unless I get a sudden burst of muse.

If you look at samples of my writing from my current threads, you'll find I tend to write quite a lot. Currently my posts are
averaging anywhere between four and twelve detailed paragraphs.
Now I'm not asking you to write a novel each time, but
someone who doesn't struggle with writing longer posts may perhaps better suit my writing style. Before that puts anyone
off - I can and will match whatever I am given. I also always value detail and depth over the number of words on a page.
I just favour, and find it easier to reply to longer posts.

I only ask that you don't post here, and check out my Ons & Offs thread before sending me a message.


Plots || The beginnings of an idea for a story. An asterisk (*) notes plots I am really interested in at this time. Tags and
pairings can be found inside, with the character I was looking to play bolded. I suck at titles. At the moment, my writing
focuses much more on story, character development and world-building than smut
. I like a friendship to develop before
intimacy,and generally don't like diving into established relationships.

The Government Asset ~         
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Modern - Supernatural - Thieves - Powers - CIA - Action

Supernatural Entity
x Thief

Your character is a thief, for hire - one of the best in the business and responsible for numerous extravagant and successful heists. He is contracted anonymously to target an unmarked black van and steal whatever is inside. He wasn't given much details. He attempts the heist, only to find the van more heavily guarded than he could have imagined, and what was supposed to be a simple job turns into a shootout with several bodies and him barely making it out alive. After seeing what was in the van, he learns he's just targeted a highly secret CIA transportation of one of its assets - a girl with powers unfathomable to a regular, black and white guy. Not able to just hand this mysterious woman off to some dodgy anonymous employer, he takes her into hiding, running from both the CIA wanting to retrieve their asset, and his employers, whilst trying to find out who she is and what the government want with her.

This 'asset' can be any kind of magic/supernatural entity. Set in the modern world and mostly realism, with the concept of anything supernatural being the stuff of movies.

The Things in my Head ~       
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Modern - CIA/FBI - Handlers - Criminals - Psychiatric hospitals - Insanity

Psychiatric Patient
x CIA/FBI Agent

Your character is a CIA/FBI Agent: good at his job, high ranking and possessing a refined skillset. His career was bordering legendary, until he messes up massively on one case, and is now facing 'early retirement'. He is given a choice, either his career ends here or he becomes a handler for a woman in protective custody. A demotion, of sorts. It sounded easy enough, minus the loophole, that is. Turns out, she's a patient in a psychiatric hospital - an asylum for the criminally insane - and a little bit crazy. She's of interest to the government because of the things inside her head - she knows a lot of things that could put a lot of bad people behind bars.  So her care is state funded, whilst they send various agents tasked with trying to get her to share some of these facts - without success.

Turns out, the things she knows aren't just important to the government. She narrowly escapes an assassination attempt at the hospital, which is when the government decide protective custody is the answer. Which is also where your character comes in. Unwillingly burdened with an unpredictable woman - he's tasked with keeping her safe, keeping himself safe, and trying to find out what she knows that nobody has yet managed to discover.

    Test Subject ~                         
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Modern - Supernatural - Mutants - Scientists - Experiments

Mutant x Handler

This scenario I did before on another site. I enjoyed it but it never really took off.

In some underground facility in a place far off the radar, the government get up to far more than the mind can fathom. In the attempt to develop new weapons, wierd and fantastical creatures and mutants are locked away here in an attempt to recreate their genes. Or, as that has always failed, 'convince' them to fight under command of the government - but no entity possessing more power than a mere mortal would ever submit to slavery under them.

The personal handler assigned to oversee the welfare of a particular specimen has a sudden change of morals, and helps break their patient out of the facility. The handler is wounded during the shootout following the escape attempt, and the mutant, though reluctant to burden themselves with a human responsible for keeping them there, feels there is a slight debt to be paid, and escapes into hiding with them, whilst trying to evade the people that will undoubtedly come looking for them.

The mutant escapee could be anything - a witch, sorceress, vampire, fae - you name it.

    Ghost Crimes ~                     
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Modern - Paranormal - Ghosts - Cops - Crime
Ghost/Spirit x Cop

As a veteran cop, your guy has seen it all. The city was infamous for it's high rate of violent crimes, and he's seen just about every slice of depravity humankind is capable of. He loves his job, but years of seeing the worst in people have lead to a crisis in his life. Having been through multiple failed marriages and a growing dependency on alchohol, he can't seem to get his life back on track. When he starts to see a mysterious women at his crime scenes he knows nobody else can see, he's convinced he's finally lost it. So are his colleagues. Ghosts aren't real, and if they were he's never been at all psychic. But when the woman makes herself more than known to him, he realises she's dead, and he can in fact see her. They form an odd friendship, during which she helps him not only with his cases, but the recovery of his personal life, whilst trying to work out why she's cursed to forever walk the streets, and why he's the only one that can see her.

I doubt this would contain sexual content, because she's kind of a bit dead. Maybe she could possess someone idk to take a human form - so it would be more conventional for them to be seen together, but only he knows. Or perhaps more just story focused, character building and the development of friendship. Unless I also played other characters in his life, such as potential partners, colleagues, or criminals he engages with.

    Heart of the Beast ~               
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Medieval - Curses - Hunters - Transformation - Romance
Women/Panther x Hunter

Your character is a hunter, achieving fame after being hired by the the high king himself. He's turned down riches and luxury to continue travelling the lands, feeling more at home in the wilderness than he ever could within the walls of the kingdom.

A rare black panther - the only one of it's kind in this part of the world - has been spotted in the wilderness surrounding [Placename.] Captivated by the beast, the king hires the hunter to capture the panther for himself. The hunter manages to track down the beast, and wounds it enough to capture, but not all is as it seems as he makes his way back towards the castle. Once it becomes too dark to continue travelling, the hunter builds himself a camp to rest up for the night. In the morning, however, where the wounded panther lie caged now lies a naked women.

Turns out she has been cursed, to forever inhabit the form of the panther at night, and remain human by day. He cannot hand her to the king, not knowing what will become of her fate, and feels an overwhelming urge to protect her.

Characters || Can be inserted into a plot or form the basis of one.

  Basic Character Prompts ~       
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The kind of characters I like to play include: thieves, criminals, conmen, hackers, vigilantes, assassins, spies, vampires, elves, magic users, witches, mages, shape-shifters, bounty hunters, cops, detectives, rogues. Stick a couple of these together and you have potential pairings.

  Images (Real) ~                       
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Images of characters I'd like to use someday. Let me know if any of these inspire you!

  Images (Drawn) ~                   
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Picture Prompts || Pictures are great for plotting.

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