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August 18, 2022, 09:27:09 pm

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Author Topic: A Hidden Gem (Mxf, possibly NC)  (Read 788 times)

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A Hidden Gem (Mxf, possibly NC)
« on: August 20, 2016, 04:54:01 pm »
So it has been said to me that my story idea are difficult to find within my main thread, and that I should post my ideas separately. So here is my current craving, hopefully someone out there like it. You can get plenty more information on me, my writing style, and my O/Os here.

A Hidden Gem (Mxf, possibly NC) NEW!

The Sultan’s harems were well known across all of his realms. Hundreds of the most beautiful, fertile and untouchable women from across his empire, and gifted to him from even outside that. Amongst this opulent mass of flesh and breast one went unnoticed, just another prize in the Sultan’s cabinet.

She was not unnoticed by everyone however. Daveth, Jarl of the small Northern realm of Kisengarth, had heard many stories of this one special woman. Only stories people of his kind would know too write. They spoke of her as if she was a long forgotten myth coming alive before their eyes. Countless sailors, traders and spies had been summoned before Daveth, all swearing the same truth.

She was one of Dragonblood.

Most the tapestries in Kisengarth were devoted to the Dragonblood. Beer hall songs of fierce warriors who could engulf a man in flame were sang most nights across the isle’s many taverns. The knowledge of exactly where the Dragonblood came from has long been lost, All Daveth knows is that she could bring it back

The Sultan was a notorious hoarder, never relinquishing any of his wealth even to some of his own starving citizens. If Daveth wanted her, he would have to mind a way to take her. If he was caught, the Sultan would take it as provocation to finally finish off his extermination of the island peoples. If he could pull it off, there could be one last mighty roar to come from Kisengarth.

Development Notes
Kisengarth is one of a few remaining island nations, far removed from the seat of the Sultan’s power and protected by merciless rocks, unnavigable currents and storms so fierce they could scupper a fleet with a single thunderous clap.

Daveth is serving as Jarl, which is a military elected leader, as the last of the Elders were slain by the Sultan’s forces during the wars against his expansion. Daveth had fought in these wars, and has something of a distasteful bias towards ‘southern scum’.

There are plenty more ideas floating around but most is open to interpretation. I’d love too here someone else’s ideas and bat some ideas back and fourth.

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