Toasty's rp ideas! (all are welcome)

Started by Nintentoast, August 20, 2016, 10:55:06 AM

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Hello Lords, Ladies, Lieges, and everything in between! I am Toasty! I come to you preparing to share plot ideas with all of you! if you like one, feel free to PM me, or comment on this post! I like to discuss plots before hand quite often!

first off, this plot was based on a picture I found and liked. I should say this, this plot Idea works best if you are willing to play multiple characters (they could be Boys, Girls or Futas, but I think it would work best with boys) thank you!
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So, my idea for this was this. My character, (the one pictured in the photograph) goes to some sort of music festival or concert and ends up getting a backstage pass to meet the band, or something along the lines of that. of course, my character, would be extremely excited, and her and the band would hit it off almost immediately. If we wanted to extend it, I had the idea that maybe after the band had taken her, they could essentially enslave her. either with her consent or not. (we can discuss that too) After they enslave her, they essentially use her as free labor and a pincushion. looots of this still needs to be discussed however! (such as ages and stuff)

that is actually my only idea at the moment. however, I will be updating this when more ideas and plots come into my brain!
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