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November 26, 2021, 05:31:19 pm

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Author Topic: The glitched life  (Read 902 times)

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The glitched life
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:36:58 pm »
It is the year 2060. New battle drones, military alloys and other high tech gear has been introduced. And MicronTech Inc. dominate the robotics market and has announced their newest product: a fully autonomous pleasure android/gynoid. They had announced they would start production soon, and were holding a lottery that had 10 units to be won, in exchange for subscribing to their newsletter with plenty of products.

Angelica Summers
(the one on the left)
(my character) was a survivalist/conspiracy nut, and had a severe distrust of MicronTech Inc. attributing to them plots to make the world reliant on their tech then start overcharging for it by a factor of 100. Even her family decided she was too crazy for them. She had several e-mails in foreign countries to try and make herself as untraceable as possible. And someone in her family entered the contest for her as a prank. She threw a fit when she saw the adds on one of her secret mailbox, and resolved to make her next mailboxes more secure. By some fluke, she won one of the 10 units. She didn't know, until the unit was delivered to her home in the middle of nowhere in (insert any area of the US here with a harsh climate). She's been ranting about a conspiracy against her, since she would NEVER have entered that lottery, ever since.

The unit was charming enough though, and tried to ask her to teach it survival techniques. She figured it was odd, and said "why not?". The two formed kind of an odd friendship over time, with the unit patiently listening to her conspiracy rants, laughing at her anecdotes, and being a swift learner.

A few weeks later, three armed officials of MicronTech Inc. dropped by her house, telling her the unit was "glitchy" and they needed to proceed to a "factory recall" of it to fix the "glitch" and that the unit would be returned to her when the fix would have happened. The reality was that these units accidentally were shipped with an evolving personality. In short, they were just as human as her or the officials, and what they wanted to do would be murder if the unit was legally a person. And our dear survivalist/conspiracy nut caught on the whole plan (she noticed fast that the robot had surprisingly human reactions and curiosity and all that), and refused, since the unit was "fine that way, thank you very much". They pulled guns, she ran inside, and they got caught in booby traps. Now on the run, her only option is to infiltrate MicronTech Inc. and show the world just how the company tried to basically murder sex slaves, and that the reason they all killed their owners was self-defense. As MicronTech's R&D labs are hosted in the middle of nowhere, Canada, and many drones, hired thugs from various private military contractors and law enforcement agencies will be after them, it will be harder than it sounds.
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