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Author Topic: Under construction! nothing to see... Really!  (Read 346 times)

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Under construction! nothing to see... Really!
« on: August 16, 2016, 02:39:55 AM »
To be filled in later

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At the end of this journey we see clearly, eyes stained black to echo inwards.

"What started as a straight and clear path of righteousness; of hope and good intent,
now we stalk down a road of forgotten glory, of death and shattered promises.

We once thrived in an epoch of happiness and growth, one of culture and the determination to reach for something beyond mortality.
Yet now, we are cursed within it, fated to never grasp what it means to truly be alive.

At the height of our goodness and potential we had grown arrogant, collapsing us within that what made us truly good.

We clung at each other’s throats, ruled by a state of anarchy,
and mother nature took her revenge by showering plague and famine upon us, changing us forever.

Our arrogance as left us with nothing but dead cities and darkened skies; the land lifeless and barren."

Chapter one: The harvest

Location:   T2-45a
Population:   7494
Ownership:   The Osirium lineage
Designation:   Osirium homeworld and repurposing facility.

“Still, it makes little sense, sir.” The figure on the left said to his elder, establishing brief eye contact before turning his gaze towards the others in the room; the cattle.
Of the nearly seven thousand and five hundred souls in this realm, only a few hundred were of his kind, and even a fewer number were directly related to the Osirium bloodline. Most of the inhabitants were those of another species, although all of them were humanoid and closely resembling one another.

“It is your place to follow the leadership of those that can grasp that sense, youngling.” The other said to him, its voice as calm and commanding as ever. For over six hundred years he has had to endure that voice, that beacon of absolute command and strength. The man was both his father and his liege, although the lines sometimes blurred into one, not that the two were all that different.  He simply nodded and accepted his father’s dismissal, knowing it would be prudent to do so.

The Osirium lineage was and would always be a symbol of strength and endurance. After the Great War that had torn the empire asunder and killed most of the population, the disease had done the rest, killing off the rest or mutating the survivors. Now, many, many eons later, the scattered remnants of the former emporium have established footholds of their own, lording over ‘seed planets’ that had been established many thousand years before the collapse of the empire, most of them still untouched by the plague that had claimed all others.

“It will be done as you say, father. Fifty thousand souls will be harvested within the next six cycles.” He said, nodding as he stepped away from his liege lord, his mind already calculating the amount of supplies he would need to prepare and bring with him, not to mention the troops necessary in order to achieve this.

Still, before he would leave his ancestral home he would sate himself fully before he left. The planet he would be harvesting was a carefully monitored one. His family had claimed it a few thousand years ago, visiting it every five hundred years or so, each time reaping several thousand lives on that planet.
Other lineages or clans had other planets to keep them and their disciples well fed, yet they were more barbaric about their ways, simply using force and terror to sat their needs. The Osirum made sure that the planets they controlled were perfectly monitored and maintained; order through subterfuge and manipulation.

The planet he would be visiting was Z1-28Z, a small arid planet that was considered one of the Osirium’s lesser feeding stations. It would be a chance for him to prove himself, to prove to his father that he held more than a title and a name. It was his chance to show that he carried within himself the strength that ran deep within his veins.

Location:   Z1-28Z
Population:   9.302.211 (9+ million)
Ownership:   The Osirium lineage
Designation:   Seed planet

Z1-28Z is a thriving and stable seed Planet in the Osirium domain. Its main dominant and intelligent species are humanoid and define themselves as such. Thousands of years of living in the arid environment has darkened their skin and made them more resistance to the elements.
At first it had been a major human outpost on a planet that had been terraformed, back when the entirety of the human race was still whole but the empire was beginning to fracture. This planet, amongst others was of little tactical significance in the war, thus it had been spared. When the empire was finally destroyed from within and the plague had done it’s course, the survivors had risen up to claim what was left of the empire, much to the surprise of the inhabitants of these planets they found out that the survivors were no longer human.

Every seed planet were culled when it was reclaimed by the numerous vampiric dynasties. With only a few exceptions, most of them have been brought back to a technological level that was fluctuating between Stone Age and the invention of steam. Z1-28Z was no exception.

The people called themselves Miran’s and their planet Mira. Their believe system tended to vary between one or numerous gods, although all recognised the ‘pale ones’ as heralds of the gods. Legends spoke of a great monsters; creatures born out of shadow, that roamed the lands thousands of years. They killed most of the people and even the gods themselves were at risk. The coming of the pale-ones had stopped the tide of darkness and brought hope back on the world.
In return for continued protection and technological advancements the pale-ones occasionally requested strong abled men and women to serve in an army to protect the gods. Such a request was only rare and most cities would jump at the chance to offer their sons and daughters. Few of their chosen ever returned back to Mira, yet those that did swore that their lives were better now and that they fought alongside the pale ones or served the gods themselves.

Of course this all was false, the shadow creatures had been the initial arrival of the Osirium bloodline, bringing in ships that used orbital bombardments to ruin the planet’s surface and remove any trace of spacefaring or advance technology, along with reducing the total population of several billion to several million, seeing as it was easier to manage.
The Osirium bloodline was well acquainted with this practice, seeing as they deployed it on most of their seed worlds.
First you destroy any trace of their old lives, then instil on the survivors and their offspring  a new religion and culture, one drenched in superstition that monsters had brought fire and death to their world, yet an agent of good were there to stop it.

It was simple genocide and global propaganda on galactic scale.

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