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Author Topic: HP Plot Bunnies [All Genders/Sexualities][Marauders - Cursed Child Eras]  (Read 541 times)

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***Notes***All plots in here contain spoilers and such for all books, including Cursed Child. Not all stories require the reading of Seven Core Books or Cursed Child. Movies will suffice for most. All plots have notes that will state whether reading of the books is necessary. Spoilers are unmarked from this point on. All game notes will state what board the game will go in (Light - EX).

Please PM with interest. Please at least scan my Ons/Offs. Very hesitantly taking on Non-Con stories. You'll have to do a good job convincing me to take on Non-Con.

I will add more plots as I come up with them and such. So this thread is a work in progress. Feel free to PM me if you have your own ideas.

Thank you,

Princeps Potions

The Christmas before Harry was born, Snape was given his dark mark. During the celebration for the newly marked Death Eaters, Lucius plys Snape with enough firewhiskey to help him forget Lily for an evening. A lot happened during the celebration, most of which many don't remember and much of which most don't want to remember. Severus knows he slept with a woman, possibly more than one and a man or two, but names and faces never come to him.

During the Tri-Wizard Tournament, one of the students from Durmstrang confronts Snape. He states that he's Snape's son. That his mother told him that he wasn't allowed to meet him, but he'd bribed Karkaroff into letting him come to the tournament even though he is too young to enter. Snape refuses to believe it, despite the physical evidence in the boy's appearance. He spends most of his free time trying to get Snape's attention and find a way to prove who he is.

With the rerise of the Dark Lord, Snape doesn't hear from the kid again till he becomes Headmaster after killing Dumbledore. He receives a letter from a girl who was in Slytherin with him during his Hogwarts years. He only vaguely remembers her as someone that latched onto Bellatrix for social purposes. No one of real importance. She claims she was one of the people he had slept with the night he was marked and she had been a loyalist to the Dark Lord, though out of fear and not out of any real loyalty. She states she knows her son, Caliban, confronted him about being his father and that he was being honest. That Snape is his father. She hid the pregnancy from him because she thought lowly of him during their school years and the following years. That if it hadn't been for the large amount of whiskey in her system, she would never have considered him. Despite that, she doesn't feel that her disgust of him should be held against their son. She wants safety for him. Safety she knows he can provide.

Severus writes back stating that he will provide safety for their son, but none for her. It's mostly out of spite that he won't help her, for keeping the fact that he had a child from him. Though he is slightly glad he didn't have to deal with the child years of raising a child, he won't admit that. He's pleased to find out that his son inherited his gift for potions after reviewing his marks from Durmstrang and puts him up in a small flat in Knockturn Alley. He has no real interest in finding out what kind of person Caliban is, but checks in on him from time to time. It's only reading about it in the newspaper that Caliban even finds out that Snape was killed during the battle at Hogwarts. There isn't much loss in losing someone that barely existed in his life, but he is a little sad that he never got to know his father the way he'd wanted to.

In 2026 a new apothecary, called Princeps Potions, opens up in Diagon Alley. It's owed by Caliban Octavius Ackerly Jr, a young wizard with London roots, but who attended Durmstrang. His mother and father helped him with the down payment for the shop. Apparently they have a family history of potion making and he enjoys selling the ingredients. He's an average wizard and a generally kind person. Tall, dark hair and eyes, bit of a long nose, and on the average end of good looks. While his mother doesn't approve of the fact that he's gay, his father seems supportive and they both still care about him. He's not an only child, so he assumes it has to do with the fact that they have other kids to get biological grandchildren from.

He meets Albus Severus Potter at the cauldron shop, he's helping his sister pick out a good cauldron for her last year at Hogwarts. Caliban helps them decide on a nice one and introduces himself to Albus. They hit it off and Caliban asks Albus out for coffee. While Albus had never thought of himself as gay, he does want to get to know Caliban and finds himself wanting to say yes. He's a little hesitant given the incident with Delphini, but he accepts.

- M/M
- Light - Bon (no EX or NC)
- Cursed Child Era
- Albus and Caliban are both about 18-19 years old.
- I am willing to play either role.
- Having read Cursed Child is not a requirement.

Reluctant Love

A girl has had a long time crush on Severus Snape and finally admits her feelings to him. While reluctant at first, Snape agrees to date her (thinking that if Lily sees him being happy and nice with another girl, she'll think he's a good guy again) and they start a slow building relationship over the course of their final year at Hogwarts. While they do become rather intimate at times, Snape usually backs off when the subject of sex arises because of his feelings for Lily and him still wanting to hold onto the fact that he thinks she'll come back to him one day.

Eventually, Snape will succumb to his body's urges and wants, though soon after the two of them have a falling out and the girl goes back to her former boyfriend, Evan Rosier. Despite that, she is there when both Evan and Severus receive their Dark Marks from Voldemort just after graduation and she confesses to him that she still loves him and doesn't want to be with Evan. Even after a rather intimate moment, Snape leaves her again. Telling her that he is sorry for leading her on, but he can't love her the way she wants him to.

Over the few years after he graduates, Snape goes through the process of hearing part of the prophecy and Lily's death and his eventual post as Potions Master at Hogwarts.

Just a year before Lily's death, he's still on good terms with Lucius Malfoy and finds himself attending one of the Malfoy Christmas parties. At the party he sees his ex-girlfriend, now the wife of Evan Rosier. She is obviously unhappy with the marriage, but is doing as many pure-blood women before her have done: Settle for a proper, rich, pure-blood man. During the party the two spend anytime near each other taking shots at the other verbally.

The argument boils over when she brings up their break up and they end up shouting at each other in the Malfoy drawing room. Surprisingly, to Snape, she kisses him in the middle of the shouting match. They have another intimate moment that will boil over into an on-off affair. Later that year, he attends the funeral of her husband after he dies at the hands of Mad-Eye Moody.

She is left with no money and no family to turn to. Severus attempts to offer to take her in, but she refuses, saying it would be too hard to stay with him knowing he doesn't love her. Severus doesn't see her again for many years.

- M/F (though we could adapt it to M/M)
- Light
- Marauders Era to Potter Years
- Can start in their sixth year or seventh year.
- I am willing to play either role.
- Movie only knowledge is fine.

Fuck the Boy Who Lived!

The Dark Lord has won. No one is quite sure what happened in the Shrieking Shack, but both Voldemort and Severus Snape came out alive. Sadly, Ron and Hermione did not. Snape made a hard decision when he chose to tell the Dark Lord that Draco Malfoy was the true owner of the Elder Wand and that Harry was a Horcrux. He betrayed everyone and became the traitor they all believed him to be.

Lucius Malfoy was given the task of making sure Harry Potter was never killed, in return, Draco's life would be spared. With his life in shambles and his fortune nearly gone, Lucius keeps Harry alive, but hardly safe.

Walking down Knockturn Alley was not an uncommon thing for Severus to do, but seeing Lucius dragging someone behind a building was. The last thing Snape expected to see was Harry Potter laying on the ground in nothing but shackles and a ball gag. Lucius was taking a handful of Galleons from some wizard who proceeded to drag Harry off by the hair.

After a short, and rather uncomfortable, conversation with Lucius Malfoy...Snape finds out that the blond wizard has been selling Harry for sex and only for a measly 5 Galleons a session.

Severus Snape may have no love for Potter, but he did care deeply for the boy's mother. Having lived in guilt since confessing everything to the Dark Lord, he buys Harry's burden from Lucius. However, his intentions are hardly pure.

- M/M or M/F (if Snape sells him out to women)
- Non-Con (I won't be playing this with just anyone)
- Alternate AU
- I play Snape. I can't play Harry.
- Movie only knowledge is fine.
- NSFW Picture Inspiration