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Author Topic: Long, complex stories...and all the character you can ask for! (FxF & FxM)  (Read 1408 times)

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Offline BurningWillowsTopic starter

Looking for RP partners that can play multiple characters, and enjoy a long, storytelling plots.

So a quick bit about myself:

-I've been writing for about thirteen years. And while I'm new to Elliquiy, I am certainly not new to the world of roleplaying. I've been roleplaying for about three years now, on a few sites. Now I'm hear, and hoping for some great roleplays!

-I am online every day, sometimes every other day.

-I can play either gender although I am quick to start with a female character. I normally play supernatural characters, in varying settings, and I prefer those, but I haven't turned down a really, really good plot with normal characters that is too good to pass up. Just needs to be an amazing and intriguing plot, being as I'm rather reluctant to play vanilla characters for most cases.

-I enjoy playing multiple characters, as stated above. So far, my record has been six characters in one RP, so I'm not shy to a couple characters or more. That's not to say I can't play a single character, I'm flexible.

-I RP only with characters over 16.

-Also I am completely fine with doing opposite or same sex relationships, I prefer FxF and FxM though. My writing for male characters is still coming along, so I probably won't suit well with an MxM roleplay.

-When it comes to posting size, I do tend to enjoy longer posts (i.e more than one paragraph) however, as the story establishes there will be times that only one liners or short posts will suffice, depending on what is happening. So my general rule of thumb is as long as you're flexible with your posting size and can do both short and long replies, I am content.

-I'm looking for a good plot to sink my teeth into. I enjoy story-telling, so I will only do long-term rps.

-I'm into roleplays that are about 80-90% story, and the rest smut. If your looking for a lot of smut, I'm probably not your gal.

-I only write in thread, unless you can convince me to write in PM. But be it known, I love threads.

Now for a couple pet peeves of mine:

Please, PLEASE read through my posts. It is by far my biggest pet peeve. Partners who skim my posts, or choose to ignore certain points I write drive me crazy. For me, it really ruins the magic of roleplaying when it feels like two separate stories are being written in the RP. I can understand forgetting a small detail from like a few pages back in the RP. I cannot understand when, for example, I say my character has left the room and my partner continues to write as if they are in the room. It makes me feel as if I have no control over the situation of my characters, and turns me off of writing very quickly. *To that note, I'd rather be asked if something is hazy, or unclear in my writing or in the scene. It's better to ask me than assume what I wrote and get it wrong.

Secondly is bad grammar and spelling. I don't care about a mistake here or there, even I make them, but when I have to decipher someone's words it gets tiring. So please no "txt" talk, and punctuation helps too. You'd be surprised the number of partners I've had that forget where to add in commas and periods.So that's about it. If you have a RP idea, I'd love to here it.

Lastly, if you are getting tired of our roleplay, or it isn't for you, I'd rather a heads up that your done, over just disappearing. Seriously, waiting around unsure if a roleplay is over or not is quite annoying. All I need is one PM saying your out, and I'm good.

And here are some of my own...

Plot #1: The Halfway House
Waking up in a strange room with no recollection of how you got there is scary enough. Not remembering who you are or why you are strapped to the bed only adds to that fear. You quickly learn you are in a facility for those suffering mental illnesses, and your a patient. It is a new program, one that places a handful of patients in a normal house that cannot be entered or exited without clearance. You are one of a handful of test subjects, and no one can remember who they are, or how they ended up part of the program. Very soon you start to realize not everything is as it seems...

This can be a supernatural RP or not. For the supernatural, there can be one of two overarching plot ideas in my head. The first is that the Halfway house is run by a company that seeks to understand and use these supernatural powers, and that is why they have put these people in the controlled environment and experiment on them. They are all humans, and of course they are seeking the usual: immortality, the ability to heal, to make bio weapons, etc. The other idea is it is actually a supernatural group, a company compromised of other supernaturals that have done this. Maybe its to understand their own powers better, or maybe these supernatural patients are actually stronger than most and the company is trying to understand why, to try and evolve their own powers. You can choose which of the antagonist plots you like. As for the plots within the house, they are up for discussion or we can just wing it. My favorite RPs has also been the ones where we have one big plot that keeps us moving forward, and all the sub plots just start to smoothly roll in. It leaves so much room for story telling and character building.

If it is not supernatural, then the patients truly do have mental instabilities but they didn't before they entered the house. Each patient is an experiment on a different mental illness, and the facility is studying how various medicines effect each one. In a sense, they are lab rats, used to find the best drug to put on the market. They are kept a secret within the house though, so no one knows they are there. No one knows the awful things they are being put through.

In this one, I'd play primarily a few of the patients, and perhaps a doctor or nurse. I'm looking for a partner who can play at least one of the cruel doctors, and then patients too if they like.

Plot #2: Hunters
Set in an futuristic world where mother nature herself has taken over the earth. A virus has spread across the world, killing most of the population and over the decades since mother nature has stepped in, the forests spreading like wild fire, the animals growing, beasts emerging. It is unsafe now to walk in the woods, and many either hide behind the walls of a single city in the middle of the continent, or in the small towns nestled throughout the vast forest, trying vainly to protect themselves. But there are some who don't, there are those who are brave enough to traverse the small roads and paths, taking contracts to fill their pockets and protects those small towns and people. They are known as hunters, beings that look human but are not, blessed -or as many see it cursed- with special and/or magical abilities that allow them to fight the beasts and monsters dwelling within the trees.

We play these hunters. People who are unaccepted by the humans for their supernatural abilities, and yet still needed and contracted to keep them safe. We play a group of them, which can be a small or large group, with a variety of characters taking on contracts and trying to stay alive through this harsh time. This plot is a very wide one, with so many possibilities. It will definitely be one of my longest roleplays, with how much there is we can do. I'm looking for a devoted writer for this one, that is ready to take on a lot of writing, that will be tons of fun. Your characters can be whatever you like, as long as they are hunters and they belong to the group.

Plot #3: Battle of Lovers
Set in modern times, a young woman finds herself with the choice between two lovers, not knowing that both know one another. It becomes a competition, who can make her fall in love with them first and chose them over the other? Or will she get stuck, wanting both and knowing she can only have one?

An RP where it is required for someone to play two characters while I play the female, and possible NPCs. The lover can be male or female, or one of each. Whatever is preferred.

Plot #4: The Prince's Servant
As a gift, his father, the King, gives the prince a new servant, a young, pretty girl who is his alone to do with as he pleases. This plot is pretty easy, and go two ways. Either the prince is a cruel, sadistic man who uses the girl as his slave and beats and tortures her, or he is a kind prince, who falls in love with his new servant, and tries to treat her well, even though she is still a servant and will never escape that. I will be playing the slave/servant girl, who will be 16-17, and my partner will play the prince. This can also be a supernatural RP if the kingdom is say a werewolf clan instead, or a vampire coven. It's the only RP that I created for human characters, but easily fits for nonhumans.

Unfinished Plot Ideas
These are just ideas that have started in my head but I have no real plot for them yet. They can be larger plots, or small, quick RPs. If you see something and have a plot, that be great.

-Viking Romance; either a MxF romance, that could be an arranged marriage, or just a love story. That or a secret FxF romance, where they hide their love from the village that would frown upon them. That's as far as I've gotten.

-A futa romance. If anyone likes playing a futa, I've never played alongside one and would love to try. It's a craving at the moment for me. I'd play a female character, who falls for a futa. The rest of the plot can be anything...

More to come as I think about them. Thanks for reading through, and please feel free to PM me if your interested, or want to see a sample of my writing. Thank you!!
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Offline BurningWillowsTopic starter

Due to the fact I play supernatural creatures so much, I have a set of rules for each type of nonhuman I've played. I know some are missing below, and these are beings I have not roleplayed as yet, so I do not know how they'd work. My rules are a mixture of imagination and a few book series I love and pulled ideas from their. Of course, none of these rules are set in stone, and can be altered, manipulated for a RP. The only one I do not wish to change at all are the Phoenix's and sirens. They are my favorite to play and I've worked out their ideologies quite extensively.

So here is my list:

-Ability to shift between a human form and a full wolf form at will. Is not effected by the moon, or forced on full moons to Change. However, if a werewolf refuses to change between full moon cycles, by the time the full moon hits their body will force the Change, do to it needing to be done regularly. And that is how the myth of full moons became a thing. Many would push themselves till their bodies forced it, and their body can only last as long as one full moon cycle is (about a month)

-Does not need blood to survive, but can easily become hungry for it and grow a bloodlust. Does need to eat quite a lot, due to the high metabolism from the Changes.

-lives in packs or clans with other werewolves. The pack will always have an Alpha, a head wolf that can control and lead the rest. This is done through a telepathic connection between the wolves. Those in a pack follow the Alpha's every word and command. Refusing it causes immense amounts of pain through that telepathic connection (so mentally) that can make the body feel as if its being tortured.

-Wolves only mate once for life. So it is not uncommon for werewolves to be virgins until they have found a mate, and it is the act of losing their virginity that binds them to that person. Wolves often find mates when they turn 18, finding their lifelong partners young. The only way a werewolf can find a new mate is if the previous one has died. Or if the male deserts the female (with actual wolves, females remain 100% loyal, while sometimes, although rarely, the males will take one a second or even third mate...sometimes they'll juggle the three, other times they'll ditch the oldest one for a new one)

-Heightened senses to that of a wolf, heightened speed (as fast as a wolf) and strength

-These beings both think and feel as humans and as wolves. The males can often be categorized as more brutish at times, moody when hungry, and quick to be aggressive and violent. The females too, although they tend to be slimmer and more agile than brutish. Their personalities of course vary, depending on their human sides.

-Oh, big point, their Change, or transformation is not instantaneous. Instead, every bone in their body has to break and reform, their bodies slowly shifting from human form to wolf. It can take them any amount of time depending on how long they've been doing it and how much pain they can withstand. But it is agonizingly painful for them.


-Can be female or male, although more often than not you see only the females.

-Biggest power is their voice. With it they are able to bend the will of any mortal, making them do their bidding. It is not telepathy though. So with telepathy you can see into their thoughts and make them do stuff without them really knowing your doing it. For sirens, their victims know entirely that they are under the siren's spell, and while they are doing it, often show signs of struggling, or anger/annoyance/fear/etc. Siren also cannot see into their heads.

-The Siren's song and scream are their most powerful weapons with their voice. The song is like an amped up version of their powerful voice. It ensnares all mortals that hear it. Often times siren's only use it when they are in trouble. Their scream is also used when they are in trouble, and its exactly what it sounds like. Its high enough and loud enough though that it can shatter glass and break ear drums.

-Siren's also have a "soul song". It is a song they feel and can sing when they have found their soul mates. Most siren's don't know of this song, having heard the tales of it but thinking it be pure myth.

-A big pointer is sirens can change between two form. One with legs, and one with a tail (think little mermaid). Sirens cousins, the mermaids, cannot do this - they only have their one form and its with the tail. it is what primarily sets them apart from their cousins, as mermaids have quite the lovely voices too. Sirens cannot change form at will. If they are submerged in salt water their tails grow immediately. Once they dry their legs will return. Some sirens are known to change forms in freshwater too, while others don't.

-Siren's are practically immortal, the oldest siren lived to about ten centuries before they were killed so the truth depth of their immortality is unknown, but can die by all mortal means. They had heightened senses by a small fraction, nothing close to that of a wolf or vamp. They have normal speed, and slightly heightened strength, but again, only a fraction (they can carry twice their body weight, like say a person of 150 lb with ease, but they can't move or lift a car).

-Cousins of the sirens, have only their tails, otherwise they are pretty much identical to the sirens in the matter of powers, limits etc. Are also immortal, but can die easily, and have heightened senses but not speed...etc etc.

-Their voices are not as powerful as sirens are, but they still hold sway.

-Also known as witch/wizards if you like too.

-Sorcerers are mortals that can harness magic through practice and patience. The are often weaker than Warlocks, another being that uses magic, but they do have their own form of magic through spells, charms, potions, etc. They aren’t born with the gift of magic, they have to study and learn how to tap into it.

-Able to use magic to do pretty much anything within the boundary of their energy and their knowledge/capabilities.

-To keep them from being all powerful , they're magic is bound to their energy source within them. As they use magic, they deplete this energy. Using too much or a spell too powerful can kill them, so they have to be wise and careful on what they do.

-Magic comes from its own energy source too, and then is fed into the witch/wizards body and attached to the energy level. There are those that have found a way to tap into that unfiltered magical energy source, finding almost infinite energy. It has killed many of them when they tried to harness it though. Its like...think if you had a small light in you that burned a little when you poked at it too much. Then you found this giant pillar of light and thought "hey, let's take that in, and tried to harness and control it. That small burning sensation would be a whole lot bigger and stronger and kill you pretty dang fast.

-Do not have heightened senses or super strength. Pretty much their bodies remain as mortal as possible. So they can die by pretty much any means, but they can also heal themselves and protect themselves with magical barriers too.

-Warlocks are another type of magic wielding being. They can be both male and female.

-Warlocks are born with magic running through their viens, tapped into its energy source already. They live longer due to this, and have a closer connection to the energy source, giving them more energy to work with.

-They are often more powerful than sorcerers, but they cannot use sorcerer magic, due to its mortal origins. Instead they use their own magic, and its mostly incantations and simple willing of things to happen. They practice less and already have more.

-They are also a smaller species, almost extinct. They can be killed by staking or taking out their hearts, beheading them, or burning them alive. Other wounds they can heal.

-They do not have any strengthened senses, nor heightened speed or strength. They still act mortal in this sense, although they are not seen as mortal beings.

-Able to walk in the sunlight as long as they have a daylight ring, or necklace or something. An enchanted piece of jewelry made by a sorcerer that grants them the ability not to burn up in the sun. They can also walk in the sun without it, but only for very short periods before their skin starts to bubble and burn. It's like their skin is super sensitive to UV light. They don't burst into flames, but they definitely can feel the pain.

-Needs blood to live. That one is kinda obvious. Ha ha ha

-Immortal, but can be killed by piercing/ taking out its heart, or beheading them. Other things like stabbing them, or poisoning them will hurt them, but ultimately not kill them due to their speedy healing rate.

-Can heal quickly, has stronger senses, speed, and strength. Not as fast as a werewolf, but definitely as strong. Senses are also not that of a wolf's.

-Some group together, making covens, to protect one another and find solace in those like them. Others enjoy solitude, and some enjoy the company of mortals or other supernaturals.

-Half angel, half human beings. They look normal, and act normal. For most, they don't even know they are a Nephilim until their powers kick in at eighteen.

-Powers can vary, depending on the angel that is their father, and the strength of that angel. Weaker angels will produce weaker Nephilim. One Nephilim could have the gift of wings, allowing them to fly. Another could be a telepathic, another can speak to animals, so on and so forth.

-Nephilim can have children and the angelic abilities can be past on, but their children will be fully mortal. The powers will also be diluted, although sometimes they are just as powerful as they father/mother, other times not.

-The only thing that puts them apart from humans that have powers is their partial immortality. They can live forever, but their human half can die through mortal means. What that means is if they are killed then the human side of them dies off, leaving only the angel. This means they lack humanity and can often become cold, detached and cruel, or go insane. Only a demon with a cursed blade can kill an angel or Nephilim fully, just like only an angel with a holy blade can kill a demon or half-demon.

-Can have heightened senses, speed, strength etc, if their powers allow it.

-Better known as half-demon’s

-Similar to Nephilim in that their powers don't present themselves until the age of eighteen, and they are partially immortal too. The same thing happens when the human part of them dies, creating an almost demon creature without humanity, that revels in the original sins and free will.

-Powers vary in strength and ability by their parent demon. They too can pass their abilities on to their children, but their children will be fully mortal. These powers are also diluted, like stated above, with a few rare cases of children being just as powerful as their parents.

Deviants (Humans with powers/gifts)
-They are human, making them mortal and susceptible to anything.

-Pretty much just like Nephilim with the varying powers, and all. The only difference is when they die, they truly are dead. Nothing remains alive.

Fallen Angels
-Immortal. Obviously. Can only be killed by a cursed blade. All other wounds heal immensely fast.

-Have a power, like their kin, Nephilim's. All angel's have wings too that are glamoured to hide when they don't want them seen.

-Often cold, unemotional or detached. It is rare to find one with humanity, although most still strive to protect all living beings. Some understand free will, while other follow God's rules to a tee, not straying even though they have fallen.

-Immortal as well. Can only be killed by holy blades. All other wounds heal immensely fast.

-Also have a power, just like angel's. These can be past down to the half-demons as well. Often times demons powers are a little more on the hazardous or dangerous side. Telepathy is still one, so is fire, chaos (the ability to create and feed off of chaos around you), etc.

-Often mischievous, cruel, aggressive. They understand humanity better, and they love free will. They are loyal to Lucifer, but also to their makers (the high demons that created them...i could get into the whole demon lore/hierarchy thing but that could take up a lot of time so I won’t.

-Can see and hear the dead. Can raise the dead too. Are unable to turn this power off, many see it as a curse. They cannot see the afterlife or what lives beyond. What they see are souls stuck in purgatory, trapped between the living world and the next. Sometimes they can help these beings move on by finding what it is they are bound to, or trapped by that is not letting them move on.

-Starts in early ages, although how early is unknown. It is a hereditary trait, so it is past on through the family.

-Necromancers are mortal, have no extra abilities, senses, speed, or strengths. Often later in life when they are much older than risk the chance of deafness, blindness, or even becoming mentally ill, due to the stresses of their powers.

-They can choose any form they wish and become it in an instant. Human forms are harder though, and they have to practice and learn that skill.

-I haven't done much else with these characters, other than they live longer, but are not immortal. And they can have the senses, speed, and strength of any animal they shift into.

-Yep, i made these too. hahahaha.

-Has three forms. It's human form, it's fire form, and it's bird form. Being a fire elemental in a sense, phoenix's can burst into flame with a snap of their fingers, losing their flesh and solid form. This form also helps the transition from human to fiery bird, as it is a quick process to burst into flame than reform as a bird.

-Phoenix's are immortal, and while they can be killed by weapons, they will simply rebirth from their ashes. Poisons have no effect on them, due to their high temperatures. The only thing that can kill them is if after ashing they are put in a jar, or sealed container of some sort, sealing their ashes away without oxygen. It kills their fires which need oxygen to grow, not allowing them to rebirth.

-Phoenix's can also die by consummation of fire. If they burn themselves out they can die from it. They all have a cap on how much fire they can harness before they are at their end. Otherwise phoenix's can harness their fire in any way they please. They do need a frequent supply of heat to regenerate and keep warm after they have spent themselves. Cold phoenixes are sick phoenixes.

-Being as they are fire elemental, beings made of water or ice cannot get near them or touch them do to the chance of burning them with their high temperatures. Also terribly cold things or people can burn the phoenix with a touch, and cold burns do not heal as fast as other wounds.

-Phoenix's heal quickly, due to their temperatures cauterizing any wound, and are as fast as fire, and quite strong too. Their senses are that of a hawk, so they can see and hear well, but their sense of scent is small.

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