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Author Topic: The everlasting search of a RadTech.  (Read 1171 times)

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The everlasting search of a RadTech.
« on: August 14, 2016, 02:21:33 AM »

Welcome to my search thread. Hopefully some piques your interest. If nothing does, then thank you for taking a look. I am not new to roleplaying and have been roleplaying on and off for 13 years now. I had to take an unplanned hiatus due to this little thing called life throwing me curve balls that I was not expecting or prepared for. Life has a way of kicking you while you are down and that is what happened to me. I wouldn’t say that I’m doing great, but I am doing better than where I was the last two months. I would like to start writing again, so if you think you’d be a good fit for me just go ahead and contact me. I do owe two people two very long overdue posts first. I will add that I am VERY lax on posting as I work swing shift. I am getting back into writing and as such do NOT want to feel pressured to write. I will try to post once a week.  I know that many of you have hit the back button, but I don’t care as I don’t want writing to ever feel like a chore.

I won't list any rules that I have here because they are all in my O/O's. I do ask that you check out my O/O's by clicking on the embedded link or using the link in my signature.

Post Length and frequency
Introductions should be longer than regular posts. My regular posts range from two to four paragraphs. I ask that you give me something to work with. I will do the same. I'll post on the weekends, but as I stated before, I am a LAX poster. I do work swing shift and do pick up over-time from time to time. If I happen to go on vacation or some unexpected happens in RL, I will let you know.

Smut vs. Story
I prefer a good story over doing pure smut.

Short term vs. Long term
 I will also prefer long-term stories. Not a fan of one shots.

Please do not post in this thread. If you have questions, please PM me.

Medieval/HistoricalVampire&Lycan ModernPairingsOthers
Medieval FantasyVampire x LycanSlice of LifeBest Friend x Best FriendMercenaries
Arranged Marriage*Lycan x LycanArranged MarriageEx x Ex*Rebels
Medieval England*VampireXHumanSummer LoveCity Girl x Country Boy
Medieval Scotland*Lycan x HumanMilitary AcademyCoach's Daughter x Athlete
High School/CollegeHS Girl x College Guy*
Masquerade Ball*

An asterisk * means I have a plot.
The underlined option of the pairings is the role I will write.
As a reminder I write a female main character.
For any of the stories with Lycans, they will have a human form.
My main characters will never be under the age of 18.

Inspirational Pictures

I would love to create a story based off of any of these pictures.
Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3
No beastiality. The wolf would have a human form.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6
The dragon will have a human form.

Picture 7
The dragon will have a human form.

Picture 8
The dragon will have a human form.

Picture 9
The dragon will have a human form.

Picture 10
The dragon will have a human form.

I have some plots that I will put on this thread. We do NOT need to use them. I personally don't think that some of them are any good, but I'm taking a chance of putting them up here for people to look at.

Scottish Arranged Marriage
There were a few clans that were known for their fierce and powerful status among all of the Scottish Highlands. The Sinclair clan was not one of them as the Laird Sinclair and his wife had been blessed with three daughters. Laird Sinclair wasn't a pushover by any means and was able to protect those that lived within the walls of his keep despite the constant threat of his enemies. Though being able to marry off his two eldest daughters to more powerful Lairds, he was able to secure more protection for his entire clan. His youngest daughter was proving to be much more troublesome than he had expected especially as she had cemented herself into being his favorite as her personality was so much like his unlike his other daughters. His youngest had just turned eighteen and was old enough to wed; yet, Laird Sinclair knew giving her away would be difficult as she was his last child still remaining within the keep. 

One month after his youngest turned of age everything changed. Attacks on the keep became more frequent as a Laird Ramsey wanted the extra land for himself. He had been known among the Highlands as being a monster as rumors that he had killed his two previous wives for not producing more than one heir. Laird Sinclair wouldn't allow such a man to get near his youngest daughter no matter how dangerous things became. My character knows her father would protect her from Laird Ramsey, but takes matters into her own hands. She had been told stories of the most feared clan in the Highlands. The Brody Clan.

The stories were those that were told to scare children as Laird Brody was said to be merciless and cruel to his enemies. His temper was said to strike fear into the hearts of those that wronged him or his clan. The one truth about Laird Brody was that he despised anyone that would harm women or children. Rumors had spread that not only was the Laird, but also his clansmen, were undefeated in battle. With Laird Ramsey and his allies relentlessly attacking her home, my character sneaks out in the middle of the night to go strike up a deal with the legendary Laird. Her father's keep was a four days of hard riding away from where the Brody's clan.

I am looking from someone to play Laird Brody. (We can totally change the Laird's last name.) I thought this roleplay could start with my character showing up at your character's keep to ask for aid.

Medieval England (I have a version of this for a Medieval Scotland story.)
In England, there was a very long period peace among the powerful Lords considered the strongest because no one wanted to start a war with them.  One such Lord was Lord Buchanan.  Lord Buchanan was feared, but respected and loved by the people ruled by him.  He was a man that protected not just his family, but everyone in his rule and often held celebrations to keep those in his manor happy and on good terms.

Lord Buchanan had a wonderful wife, who was loved by those in the manor as well and three children; two sons and a daughter.  His daughter, Alice, was the eldest and was merely fourteen years old. Daniel was the eldest son being just eleven years old and then there was (insert name), who had just turned nine year old.  The children were well-loved by those under Lord Buchanan’s rule, but tragedy would strike when no one was expecting it.

During the time of peace lesser nobles were plotting to betray their lord and the other members of Lord Buchanan's manor. It was members of the manor that had been loyal to the lord for over 20 years and were just buying their time.  The night of Daniel’s twelfth birthday was when the traitors made their move. Most of the manor had been in attendance of the celebration in the great hall and most of the men let their guards down.  The traitors killed their own comrades that were standing watch before they could sound the alert and then when the signal was made a slaughter occurred.  Lord Buchanan was furious and those that remained loyal to him. They fought the traitors and tried to protect the children, but the traitors had anticipated it. Their main targets were the lord’s family and those higher up on the Lord’s list.

Women and children ran and tried to escape, but one little girl stayed and pulled the youngest of the Lord’s children and did her best to get him out. The young girl was merely six years old, but knew most of the secrets because her mother was a servant in the castle and the young girl had looked up to the youngest of the lord’s children.  He had never picked on her for trying to read nor had he ever called her a twig. There were times he even protected her from the big kids that picked on her. As they tried to make their escape, Ashling was tripped up and pushed down four stairs in the dark passageway they took. Just before she got pushed, she had left go of (insert name)’s hand because the stairs were steep and dangerous. He waited at the bottom for her, but as she got pushed, she screamed and then was silenced.  She was stunned and hurt badly and the last thing she had yelled to her friend was to escape before she blacked out.

When she awoke, she was no longer in the dark passage or even in the Buchanan castle. Ashling was taken to the Lord Brodie, who was Lord Buchanan’s closest ally. There she was taken care of and taken in by Lord Brodie and his wife. The only problem was that since she was so young and hit her head, she couldn't recall who she was, so her name was changed to Kenna. Kenna could not remember what her name used to be, but she had dreams about a kid she knew, but could not place a name to. Her mind had locked away the trauma to protect her and since she had never been pushed to remember what had happened the memories remained locked away.

The surviving members of Lord Buchanan’s kingdom became loyal to Lord Brodie. No one knew what became of the youngest of Lord Buchanan’s children, the only one who survived. 

Fast forward 11 to 12 years and the role play would go from there. The Lord son’s return…

Option 1)
Well, the Lord's son returns and depending on what happened to him in the time he was missing, the role play could go anyway.
He returns to the Buchanan Manor to find that it was abandoned since the night of the slaughter. The Lord's son finds members of the abandoned manor that are around his age or older that recognize him. The Lord had changed greatly from who he had been as a child and his want of revenge against those that killed his family had been his driving force to survive. Throughout the years he was gone; his mind wandered on what happened to the young child that saved his life.

The young girl wasn’t so young any longer. Growing up in Lord Brodie’s castle, Kenna was granted freedoms and one of those was to go riding to the abandoned Buchanan manor. She just loved riding and always went back to the site of tragedy despite not knowing why.  On one such ride, they meet only she doesn’t remember him. Upon meeting her, he’s almost furious and curious as to why she doesn’t remember who she  was or even him. He recognized her right away and yet she doesn’t know him, so he forces her to stay in his castle. The Lord’s son doesn’t tell Kenna who he is and he doesn’t show her his face.

Despite Kenna being at the castle and knowing the child who saved his life was alive and well, he was angry she had no memory of him or who she was. He never showed her his face in secret hopes that she’d remember who he was. While keeping her in the castle, he is so focused on vengeances and rebuilding the manor to the glory it once was, he doesn’t see that some of the traitors are too close for comfort. He’s blind to the fact that while he has softened somewhat towards Kenna that the traitors picked her as their next target to get to the one they hadn’t killed so many years before.

During the times he spends in Kenna’s company, they each help each other with things. For the lord, he learns to care and show a soft side and not always think about that terrible night. And for Kenna, she eventually remembers who she was, who he is, and remembers what happened that night she saved his life.

OPTION 2) (She remembers everything, but still changes her name.) Think Beauty and the Beastesque!
After the slaughter...he gets captured by some group one of his father’s enemies and tortured and/or imprisoned which attributes more so to his cold and calculating demeanor and could make him quite unforgiving to his own enemies which would horrify Kenna. Because of his harsh treatment...he doesn't know what a soft touch feels like. He's a bit wild but Kenna slowly helps him through that.

When he's alone with her, he shies away from her touch out of sheer habit. Around others he's overly brutish and tries to show no emotion or feeling so they don't think he's weak.

If she can just get him alone she can help him but he feels a bit of weakness and a bit of warming of his heart around her but doesn't know what it is and thinks it's weakness around others. He doesn't know his own strength or in a fury he does something he regrets. It's not until something happens to her that he feels a twinge of something awakening within him. Something that could quite possibly be caring and maybe even the ability to love again.

Ex x Ex
Two people that grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone. They started dating in their freshmen year of high school. They had had big plans about their futures. The two were polar opposites. One coming from a great family and needed for nothing. The other was from what was considered the wrong side of town. The parents weren't thrilled that their son or daughter was dating someone unsuitable. The two ignored them and seemed like they had a great future together. Shortly after graduation, something happens and one of them skips town without a word...Fast forward so many years and the one that left returns. Why did they leave in the first place? Did they bring someone with them? What will happen when they run into the one they left behind?

High School Girl x College Boy
There is a high school girl in her senior year and had just turned 18. Her home life isn't that great. She hasn't been abused, but between her parents constantly fighting and drinking, she is more or less a victim of collateral damage as her parents have violent tempers towards each other and she is just in the way most days. Because she is a swimmer and has been swimming most of her life, she gets the chance to swim with the college team at the university  that is only about a forty-five minute drive from where she lives. During her visit to the university, she meets a college student, who just assumes that she is a college student as well. The girl doesn't correct him and they hit it off.  Perhaps there is a pregnancy and when she goes to tell the guy, someone finds out she's still in high school and tells the university coach. Before the guy gets into trouble she breaks up with him and disappears knowing that without her there and without any proof, there is no way that the guy can get punished...Fast forward a number of years and they meet again. How will it go? Will he remember her? Did she keep the baby?

Masquerade Ball
Think Modern day.
The masquerade ball is always the biggest and most talked about event of the year. Who's who of the city are always in attendance. Invites to the ball are always hard from those not in the top two percent of the population to get their hands on. Somehow my character gets an invite from the family that had taken her in when she had nowhere else to go back when she was in high school. Now freshly out of college, she's been trying to get back on her own two feet and make it on her own. Though the family had never asked her to repay them from their kindness, my character has made it her mission to pay them back. As a result she lived modestly and was starting a career she loved. Perhaps your character is in the top two percent of society. YC could have been raised with a silver spoon or he's the one hosting the ball. Possibilities are endless.

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Re: The everlasting search of a RadTech.
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2016, 04:31:38 PM »
I updated the section about post length and frequency.

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Re: The everlasting search of a RadTech.
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2017, 05:15:56 AM »
I live and have updated my little intro section. :)

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Re: The everlasting search of a RadTech.
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2017, 05:33:28 AM »
I've updated my intro section. This is my four month bump as I am looking for more stories if fate decides to be kind. :)