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Author Topic: [Pandemonium] Atlantis, Post Apocalyptic, Guided Sandbox, Open Recruitment  (Read 644 times)

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Online WispyrTopic starter

"The coming years will prove increasingly cynical and cruel
People will deinitely not slip into oblivion while hugging each other
The final stages of humanity will be marked by the most monstrous war of all against all
The amount of suffering will be maximal."
-Pentti Linkola
Can Life Prevail?

Pandemonium was started on September 18, 2015. Nearly one year old and almost Big Game Status, we're celebrating with brand new recruitment thread.

A modern apocalyptic science-fantasy guided-sandbox, Pandemonium takes place in the future year of 2037 - five years after the illustrious ATLAS (Advanced Technology and Life Analysis Synchronization) Corporation discovered the fabled lost city of Atlantis at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; before research on the legendary city could start however, a terrible event was unknowingly triggered and the city - as well as the entire sunken island it occupied - rose from the depths of the sea and eventually into the sky high above it. Before the scientists of ATLAS Corporation could begin to even attempt to comprehend what was happening the ancient city launched a horrifying siege on the entire world. In what seemed like the blink of an eye approximately forty percent of the entire worlds population was eradicated, but the losses did not end there. In the weeks that followed the event now called The Rise the world was rocked by terrifying super storms, tidal phenomenon, and tectonic activity unlike any ever experienced in all of history.

The world was changed forever, and people were thrust into a nightmare scenario. They devolved and fell apart, and with panic, hysteria and limited resources the people of the world fissured and began to tear themselves further apart. World governments were obliterated and for humanity it seemed that there was only one hope: Gabriel Finch and his ATLAS Corporation, along side the Tenzin - their private military force. To secure the future of the world Gabriel rallies the remaining world leaders and creates a single world government, ATLAS Global, and over the next two years the world is rebuilt in the form of super cities. On the ruins of Atlanta, the city called New Haven is built, and it is here that ATLAS Tower is built to serve as the point of leadership, the capitol, of the new world. In addition, nine other super cities are constructed to house humanity: Los Vegas in America, St. Petersburg in Russia,  Sydney in Australia,  Beijing in China, Tokyo in Japan, Munich in Germany, Barcelona in Spain, Cairo in Egypt, and Chicago in America. After two years of tireless work these super cities are largely complete and life for those who have settled within their walls has returned to some semblance of normalcy - people went to work, children went to school, and a functional government was now in place to protect and lead the masses. For the first time in a long time the collective remainder of humanity was able to sigh with relief. Within the safety of their walls the world has taken major technological steps forward, and life is finally once again moving forward.

Life outside of these walls though, beyond the reach of ATLAS Global didn't change. Those who didn't return to civilization who made the choice - or couldn't get into the cities - live a completely different life. The unruled world has come to be called The Wastes, and it covers everything that is not controlled by ATLAS. In the wastes nothing is sacred, nothing is nice, nothing is free. It is a constant struggle for limited resources; knowledge is a prized possession, and skills can save your life. Money is a thing of the past, goods and services are the currency of the land. Brutality and the darkest aspects of humanity are displayed in these desolate war torn landscapes. It's every man, women and child for themselves - and those who lead often do so with uncompromising, merciless fists.

The world teeters on a knife's edge, swaying between civilization as we know it and total annihilation. This is the end of things. This is...


Offline Amarlo

F. A. Q.

  • Game Masters, who are they?
    Wispyr is the mind behind Pandemonium and operates as it's primary GM. Amarlo serves as the games Co-GM.
  • Who is allowed to play in Pandemonium?
    Anyone. Pandemonium is open to any Lord, Lady or Liege who is interested in the setting, provided that they have read and are able to follow the games rules - as well as any and all applicable Elliquiy rules. This game is LGBTQA & Rainbow Writer friendly, and all players are expected to respect that. Further cross-gender writers are permissible, though we do ask that you not use Pandemonium as your play ground to test out this writing style and already be comfortable doing so.
  • How many characters can each player have?
    We currently limit each player to a single character. In the future we may allow secondary characters, but such a time is still distant.
  • This game has been going on for a year, how can I possibly join this late?
    Pandemonium was created with late arrivals in mind. We will work with players and the current scenes at hand to facilitate entry into the game. If information about past game events becomes relevant to your character creation the GM(s) will work with you to facilitate that knowledge so you aren't stuck digging through hundreds of posts.
  • Can I play a bad guy?
    Not in the traditional sense of the word, no. However you're not obligated to play a 'good guy' either.
  • How are adult scenes handled in this game?
    We have a side thread where all side scenes - such as intimate scenes - should be taken.
  • What are the writing expectations of this game?
    All posts - GM posts aside - should be written in the third person, past tense. We do not expect a firm word count in posts, however posts should contain enough content for others involved to work with for their own posts; as a general rule roughly 300 words - three solid paragraphs - should be sufficient for posts; this is an aspect of the game that we monitor very closely. Finally we use a very firm ten day posting cycle in the primary story threads - all players are expected to post no later then that long after their relevant GM post (or previous partners in such cases where a firm posting order is established). All posts in the game use tag headers, no exceptions. This game traces themes that involve time and so date, location and specific time are often required to be monitored and updated in headers.
  • What board does this game take place in?
    Extreme Small Groups. The content of this game can, and has, be extremely graphic. No player will attempt to push you to write story elements that you are comfortable with, however with that said, the world is not a nice place and will contain non-con and potentially other 'hard' kink elements for setting purposes. Interactions with individual players are tailored to their individual limitations. You won't be forced to participate in something that makes you ill, but it may happen elsewhere - you have been warned.
  • I've made a sheet, what do I do from here?
    Simply PM it to both Wispyr & Amarlo with the subject line: Pandemonium CS - (Character Name).


  • No Drama: We're all adults here. There are better ways to handle any given situation than throwing a tantrum and stomping your feet.
  • No Drama: We're very serious about this. It will not be tolerated, and if you are the source of it you will be expelled from the game.
  • Word Count: We no longer enforce a hard word count in main story threads, however we expect that every post have enough content for other players and GM(s) to work with. This usually means no less than 300 words / 3 solid paragraphs. This is closely monitored and posts we do not feel are sufficient will be asked to be added to or removed.
  • Post Frequency: We use a very firm 10 day posting guideline in most situations.
  • OOC Chatter: Should be kept at all times out of the IC threads, and contained to the appropriate Out of Character thread - which you should feel free to play around in!
  • Communicate: Communication is key. It is imperative that you keep the GM(s) informed of what is going on. If you're going to be away for awhile we can often work with that if you let us know - however if you damage the games health by going silent without a heads up you could find yourself expelled from the game. We're very PM friendly, don't hesitate to shoot us a message about anything.
  • Engage Others: At the end of the day we're all here to have fun. We will not sit by and watch someone be excluded from the game. Include everyone who is approved, support those who are interest and be proactive in making efforts to engage other players and characters.

Offline Amarlo

History of the World

Just over five years ago the lost city of Atlantis rose from the sea floor and took flight above the Atlantic. In the minutes that followed its ascension millions of basketball sized blue globules were propelled across the world; people, at first, were mesmerized by their speed and beauty but that illusion was quickly shattered when the first of the orbs slammed into the ground. Like flash bang they erupted into huge domes of translucent blue light, swallowing everything for miles around the impact site. When the light faded those had been spared by nothing more than chance were witnesses to the greatest culling of mankind since the black plague; all people touched by the light had the life sucked from their bodies. The areas engulfed were suddenly in ruins as though they had been sitting for decades unattended; glass had been blown out, stone had begun to crumble, metal rusted and deteriorated. In the blink of an eye entire cities were reduced to nothing. This was not the end of the suffering humanity would face however. The casualties and destruction were further pushed forward in the weeks that followed the Atlantis event when the world was rocked by super storms. Winds with the power to topple skyscrapers, lightning that turned street corners into rubble filled craters, rains so heavy that in many parts of the world were turned into lakes. Earthquakes shook the foundation of the world, splitting the earth and swallowing entire chunks of civilization whole; coastal cities perhaps had it the worst, as the tidal phenomenon angrily slammed into the coasts and washed them away for miles inland. The world struggled to hold things together as governments, authority and humanity's very way of life was forcefully dismantled by mother nature. After the nearly three weeks of catastrophic upheaval, it was estimated that in grand total approximately fifty-two percent of the entire population across the globe had perished.

When the dust cleared and the very world itself settled back down into some level of normalcy the people themselves went crazy. No longer living in terror of what might come next they turned to outrage and violence, lashing out in a desperate cling for survival. The damage caused to world governments left most of them unable to handle the disorder of their own surviving people. With no options left they turned their attention to Gabriel Finch and ATLAS to restore order and stability to the world. By using the Tenzin military force, ATLAS worked diligently around the globe to restore control through military law. In order to return the world to a place where humanity was comfortable Gabriel unified the remaining world leaders under the banner of ATLAS Global, a single, unified world government. ATLAS Global with the help of ATLAS Corporation and the support of their Tenzin worked tirelessly for two years to rebuild and help the people of the world. Many were relocated to the new super cities that had been built across the world: Las Vegas in America, St. Petersburg in Russia, Sydney in Australia, Beijing in China, Tokyo in Japan, Munich in Germany, Barcelona in Spain, Cairo in Egypt, Chicago in America and finally over the ruins of Atlanta in America the biggest and brightest of these super cities was constructed, New Haven - which became to seat of power for ATLAS Global, and from their they governed the new world. Two years after the event now called The Rise, people were able to return to a state of peaceful, normal living.

What humanity, at this time, was not aware of was that The Rise had not just unleashed a brazen attack against humanity. It had also rebirthed magic into the world, and souls long trapped by the spell which had sunk the great city in the first place had been released by the event.

Just over one year ago Atlantis acted up again and put the entire world on high alert. An endless ray of light burst into the sky from the cities surface and bathed the entire world in a blood red glow. For three days the world did not know darkness from light; for three days humanity looked over their collective shoulder in horrified anticipation of the next attack, that never came. The Days of Blood, so dubbed by the internet, passed without incident. However since then strange things have been reported around the globe. Rumors of people transforming into other things, concerns of monsters that stalk the night, whispers of people with incredible powers. Six months ago the word in the cities was that ATLAS Corporation had discovered something up on Atlantis and they were now secretly abducting people to experiment on. Of course no one is willing to reject Gabriel Finch publicly, as he is the man credited for piecing the world back together and saving humanity.

Detailed Timeline
May 19, 1996: Gabriel Finch is born to Zachary and Sarah Finch at 03:27 in the morning.

April 2, 2010: Gabriel Finch graduates from the California Institute of Technology at 13 years old, and is recognized globally for his genius.

August 9, 2012: Gabriel Finch founds the ATLAS Corporation.

February 17, 2014: ATLAS Corporation reveals their first genetically engineered human, her name is Eve. The company promises this technology to the people of the world, with plans to make it globally available within the next two years.

December 24, 2015: Gabriel Finch pays off all of Greece's debt and officially purchases the country. ATLAS headquarters are moved to its new location over the next eight months.

January 3, 2016: ATLAS begins accepting reservations for genetic engineering and makes good on its promise to revolutionize human birth.

November 22, 2016: The first genetically engineered babies are born on schedule, healthy and without defects. ATLAS moves forward with its plan to open centers across the globe that will offer this service.

September 1, 2017: ATLAS begins manufacturing weapons and freely selling to governments.

March 9, 2018: Gabriel Finch announces the creation of the Tenzin, a private military force controlled by ATLAS to ensure peace and prosperity across the globe. At the same time, armed with the most advanced ATLAS tech, the Tenzin lock down Greece's borders and isolate the country from all travel.

July 18, 2019: China declares war on the United States and launches missile attacks against the western seaboard. Hawaii is left in ruins, much of California is destroyed. During the attacks, Gabriel Finch's parents are killed.

October 9, 2019: The Tenzin occupy Beijing and brings an end to the Long Summer War, preventing it from becoming World War III. ATLAS, and Gabriel Finch are rejoiced as heroes across the globe.

May 10, 2020: ATLAS begins selling to the public their new line of Bio-Tech Cybertronics. The age of the Cyborgs begins.

July 16, 2022: The European Union is dissolved and the European countries come together as a single nation, Europia under the rule of Queen Victoria Gales.

August 12, 2023: Meredith Swan, a U.S Politician, begins to question how big and powerful ATLAS has grown. She makes her concerns public and calls for Gabriel Finch to speak on the matter. When he refuses ATLAS popularity takes a hit, but the company remains largely un-phased.

November 5, 2024: Meredith Swan is elected President of the United States and swears to lower dependence on ATLAS products and establish and enforce transparency in their business practices.

April 27, 2025: After six years of occupation, the Tenzin leave Beijing and return control of the country to the new president Mao Xiangan.

June 7, 2025: A global activist group, DOWNFALL, is formed to protest against ATLAS. They cry out against the growing population of genetically engineered babies, and the continued use of cybertronic technology; insisting that both are diluting what it means to be human.

December 9, 2025: Paper currency is abolished, and the entire world switches over to a standardized digital currency called Olympians. This money is controlled and regulated by ATLAS in combination with the major world powers in facility aptly named Olympus.

May 19, 2026: In celebration of his 30th birthday, Gabriel Finch announces to the world his creation of an artificial intelligence named ODIN (Oversight of Documentation, Infrastructure, and Networks) and that the entire ATLAS Corporation will be switching to the ODIN network within six months. DOWNFALL slams ATLAS with negative PR, urging people to beware the dangerous path that ATLAS is taking humanity down.

September 5, 2026: ATLAS launches Deep Sea Probe Phorcys, an advanced machine equipped with state of the art sensor technology developed to accurately explore the ocean floor.

January 30, 2027: ATLAS announces that its biotech cybertronics will no longer need to be limited to the medical field and the most wealthy, but instead available for all to benefit from. The Cell-Bite is an augmentation that takes over the communication industry, replacing all needs for phones and previous forms of verbal communication.

August 9, 2028: DOWNFALL organizes a protest of 250,000 people outside of the borders of Greece. The group demands that ATLAS turn over control of Olympus to the world governments, break apart the Tenzin, shut down ODIN, and dismantle the Corporation by turning over all of their research, lands and technology over to a council to be elected by the world governments. Gabriel Finch publicly refuses DOWNFALL's demands and paints them as stragglers from a lost era bent on impeding the advancement and continued development of mankind.

August 27, 2028: After three weeks of protesting a small fight breaks out between members of DOWNFALL and soldiers of the Tenzin. While no harm is done to anyone on either side, ODIN detects the skirmish and classifies it as a hostile act taken against ATLAS. In retaliation, ODIN deploys three squadrons of MK-04 Battle Walkers, fully automated war machines, a full generation of technology more advanced than anything ATLAS has sold to any other government. The MK-04's initiate combat protocols against the DOWNFALL protesters and slaughter them without mercy or hesitation. There are no survivors.

August 28, 2028: President Swan globally calls on Gabriel Finch to answer for the actions of the Tenzin. He attempts to explain the situation and deflect blame to the protesters for attacking the Tenzin. The world is outraged and will not hear his excuses.

September 9, 2028: After several meetings, President Meredith Swan, eager to take advantage of ATLAS' atrocity, founds the CORPS (United Coalition for World Peace and Stability). She is joined with the full support and backing of President Mao Xiangan and the Chinese people, still bitter about the Tenzin and ATLAS' occupation of their country. Finally, the CORPS is also supported by Queen Victoria Gales of Europia, who is all too eager to get ATLAS and more importantly the military force of the Tenzin away from her front door.

October 4, 2028: CORPS has locked Greece down. The unified powers have come to terms with the fact that ATLAS is too ingrained in the world to simply dismantle out right. Instead, CORPS issues the mandate that ATLAS disassemble the Tenzin and turn over their military equipment. Gabriel Finch refuses and issues the counter proclamation that if even a single drop of Tenzin blood is spilled that he will unleash the full military force of ATLAS. This brings pause to the CORPS and the two forces engage in a standstill.

October 13, 2028: The United States begins to move a satellite into position to gather information from inside the borders of Greece. It is promptly blown out of orbit by a missile fired from a Tenzin watercraft off the coast of Morocco. Gabriel Finch reaches out to the leaders of CORPS and states that any attempt made to spy on Greece, ATLAS or the Tenzin will be met with unrestrained preventative force.

January 13, 2029: The standstill continues. ATLAS popularity ratings are at record lows and most projects and facilities outside of Greece have been suspended due to CORPS interference. ODIN calculates that Greece has only enough stores to last another two months.[/b]

January 15, 2029: Gabriel Finch begins secret negotiations with President Mikhail Kudrin of Russia to supply Greece with food and needed resources in return for arms and technology.

February 12, 2029: The first supply planes depart Moscow en route for Greece. This is the first time since ATLAS locked the borders 2018 that an outsider has been allowed into the country. CORPS takes note but does not interfere with the exchange.

February 13, 2029: President Swan reaches out to President Kudrin and inquires why he has aligned himself with a global threat like ATLAS and pleads for him to share information that he could gather on ATLAS via these supply runs with the CORPS. Mikhail responds quickly and refuses to have anything to do with CORPS or their blockade.

May 2, 2029: ODIN reports that DSP Phorcys has detected an unknown mass at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean that appears to be a city of some sort.

May 14, 2029: After further investigation, Gabriel Finch creates Project Poseidon and reallocates his top minds plus his own into designing and fabricating a submersible vessel capable of reaching the ocean floor.

July 4, 2029: CORPS redoubles their efforts and issues an ultimatum to ATLAS, if the Tenzin is not dismantled and their military equipment turned over by the 1st of September they will take any military action needed to dismantle the private military by force. Gabriel Finch does not reply to the demand.

August 22, 2029: ODIN reports increased CORPS movement and strategic battle placements. After running calculation, ODIN predicts that the Tenzin can not be victorious over the CORPS in an all-out military campaign, despite being able to cause massive damage. Gabriel Finch, wanting to buy time, reaches out to the leaders of the CORPS and calls for a summit to discuss options but insists that President Mikhail be allowed to attend and be part of the negotiations. The CORPS agrees and begins setting up a date and location.

November 13, 2029: The first summit takes place. CORPS leadership pushes for the full dismantling of the Tenzin. Gabriel pushes back saying that it isn't an option. However, he would be open to something less drastic.

January 9, 2030: The second summit takes place, and the Swan Peace Accord is approved. This deal states that control of the Tenzin will be turned over to the Russian government, and the borders of Greece will be maintained by the Russian military. Furthermore Russian officials will be allowed within the ATLAS Corporation to keep tabs on what is going on, and they will make detailed monthly reports to the CORPS to ensure that ATLAS does not attempt to regain control of the Tenzin or take any military action of its own.

March 6, 2030: CORPS forces pull back from their blockade around Greece, easing tension in the region. Things around the world begin to return to a state of normality. ATLAS facilities reopen around the globe, and their products begin to pick up again.

June 17, 2030: ATLAS finishes construction of the Poseidon and launched with the mission to travel to the underwater city discovered by DSP Phorcys.

June 21, 2030: The Poseidon begins its dive at the coordinates of the city. After thirty minutes, contact with the ship is lost. ODIN reports that scans from the Phorcys confirm the ships destruction. Gabriel Finch orders the project to be continued.

August 11, 2030: Tenzin forces and split up into small cells and stationed across Russia. Most of their military equipment is deactivated and stored in underground bunkers. CORPS officials begin debriefing Tenzin officers.

December 4, 2030: ATLAS satellite ASP-01, otherwise known as Heimdall, detects a massive object buried deep beneath the Australian Outback. ODIN reports that the density of chemical make up of the object can not be identified. Readings place its circumference at approximately forty-seven miles, and approximately twenty-three miles below the surface.

December 14, 2030: Gabriel Finch gets permission from the Australian government to begin excavating the object.

January 18, 2031: Digging of the largest hole in human history begins, the hole is named the Titan Shaft.

May 30, 2031: Construction of the second ship of the Poseidon Project, The Neptune, is finished.

June 2, 2031: The Neptune is deployed.

June 6, 2031: The Neptune dives, reaching a depth almost three times that of the Poseidon, however its structural integrity begins to fail and the mission is called off. Due to damage sustained at its deepest point the ship is crushed before it can resurface.

June 18, 2031: Gabriel Finch calls in professor Morio Igawata from the ATLAS facility in Japan to head the third push of Project Poseidon. This sudden roster change prompts a great deal of questions from CORPS because the Poseidon Project has never before been reported.

July 1, 2031: Gabriel Finch explains the project to President Swan and reveals the discovery that DSP Phorcys made. In the interest of discovery, Meredith allows the project to continue.

November 21, 2031: At the Titan Shaft a worker goes insane and begins killing his coworkers. He is shot dead at the scene. Doctors suggest the incident was due to a mental breakdown from heat and over working. Rumors that the dig is cursed begin to surface.

March 9, 2032: The Poseidon Project's third ship, the Suijin is completed and prepared to launch. Despite protests from Gabriel Finch, Eve forces her way into to command the ship on its voyage.

March 13, 2032: The Suijin reaches its destination and begins to dive. At 7:32 pm Eve reports into ODIN that they have reached the Atlantic floor and that there is indeed a massive city down there.

March 14, 2032: Eve and the crew of Suijin continue exploring the ruins of this ancient, lost city. When they discover what appears to be a large temple they take note of what appears to be a giant bell inside the highest tower. As the Suijin begins to move on from the tower, large turquoise colored lights begin to flare as far as the eye can see in every direction, illuminating the city. Suijin sensory equipment begins to detect large tectonic instability and movement. Over the next six hours, the city at the bottom of the ocean begins to rise from the depths until the small island state, roughly the size of Madagascar, surfaces. In the hour the follows the Suijin reports that the discovered city has not just surfaced but has actually begun to float into the air; satellite photos confirm and governments around the world begin to take notice. A teleconference is started between Gabriel Finch and the world leaders, all asking the same questions: what is going on, and what is this floating island? ODIN, after analyzing images taken by the Suijin suggests that this magical flying island is none other than the lost city of Atlantis. Before any further conversation can take place an unknown energy surge interrupts communications worldwide. From Atlantis, millions of deep blue globules are shot around the world and change it forever. As these globules make contact they display their terrifying force, killing all life within five miles of impact and destroying everything within roughly a mile of the landing zone. Approximately 40% of the earth's population is killed in minutes. Governments across the world are crippled. Large chunks of cities are left in ruins.

March 15 - April 18, 2032: The world is slammed by storms and natural disasters. People struggle to survive. Atlantis forms a large storm cloud around itself entirely obscuring it from outside view.

April 25, 2032: World leaders turn to ATLAS to restore stability in their countries. Because the Tenzin were so spread out during the attack, most of the private military force managed to survive. ATLAS resumes control over Tenzin and begins deploying worldwide to impose military law on restless citizens.

August 16, 2032: Gabriel Finch purposes a unification of people in the face of this crisis. He says only together can humanity hope to regain what it has lost. ATLAS Global, the new world government is formed. Over the following two years, the world is rebuilt and people are brought together under the flag of their benevolent new rulers. ATLAS Corporation remains a separate entity from ATLAS Global, despite Gabriel Finch serving in both.

June 18, 2033: Construction of the new super city, New Haven, is completed over the ruins of the Atlanta. ATLAS tower is built at the heart of the city and it is declared the capital of the new world. Nine cities around the world are selected to get this same treatment and be turned into giant metropolises.

December 17, 2034: The last of the super cities is completed. The world has returned to a state of near-normality.

October 23, 2036: Atlantis projects a red pillar of light into the sky. The Days of Blood begin.

October 26, 2036: After three days without night or day, the red light fades and The Days of Blood are considered over. Gabriel Finch goes into seclusion and all but vanishes from the public eye.

July 14, 2037: Rumors about monsters, super humans, and ATLAS abductions begin to circulate.

History of Atlantis

Atlantis ruled the skies of Earth since its creation. Naitive to the world, Atlanteans were a proud and powerful people; they thrived on conquest and battle, they were masters of both magic and technology. It is said that before a Human discovered fire that the Atlanteans had discovered flight. Ages more advanced than the humans who occupied their world, the great kings of Atlantis never saw fit to eradicate them; for they were a weak people but within them was a great potential that if allowed to grow may have one day proven to be a worthy challenge for the Atlantean warriors. The citizens of Atlantis were as varied as any modern human city, with skills just as plentiful. Tradesmen, nobles and commoners, civilians and military, scientists and mages, teachers and students. The great city flourished under the watchful eye of its power structure - a three pointed trinity, as the trident that adorned the great cities crest.

The left side of the trident was all things magical. Ruled over by the Lord Sorcerer of Atlantis - most recently, the great sorceress Graea. This individual reported to the king on the kingdoms discoveries and its magical finds, as well as worked to further magical development within the city. The Lord Sorcerer also commanded the magical forces of the Atlantean military, and indirectly over saw their training by means of selecting the appropriate magics to be practiced by the magus core.

The right side of the trident was all things technology and military. Ruled over by the High Commander of Atlantis - most recently the champion Petrus. The High Commander reported to the king on the civilizations advancements and their conquests; as well as directly leading the full force of the Atlantean military. The High Commander was responsible for setting the standard at which the military was to preform and ensuring that the civilization was always ready for its next campaign.

At the center of the trident was the great royalty. Ruled over by a king, most recently Trillian, the king's job was to guide the people and the nation to greatness. To consider all things and make the choices that would direct Atlantis' future into more prosperous and golden ages.

For ages Atlantis knew greatness, but after their eventual defeat of the Yahri - the third, and final, native species of Earth - they grew bored and stagnant. Seeking to rekindle his people and their natures, Trillian commanded Graea to find them new foes to fight; to test the limits of magic and spawn for them enemies that they could conquer. Graea voiced concerns about such an action but was ultimately unable to sway the king's mind, and began researching ways to accomplish her newly tasked goal. After many trials and failures, years after the order had been given Graea was able to open a rift to another world. They created a massive structure called The Gate, and it contained the volatile, and never before spun magics that rippled between the planes, connecting Earth to another reality. The people of Atlantis cheered for Graea and the greatest feat of magic that had ever before been preformed; they cheered for Trillian whose determination and guidance had not found them just a new enemy but an entire new world to conquer. The great Pandemonium Gate rested within the Aetherwalk - the section of Atlantis dedicated to the magical development of Atlantis - and from it came a great evil. It would be three brutally long years before the Atlanteans would fully comprehend what they had done. In their thirst for greater battles they had opened a hole into hell itself, and their battles - while epic - quickly began to prove to be too much even for them.

The war against Pandemonium was bad, but it was the actions of Issail - a long favored representative of the people of Atlantis - that made it that much worse. He was seen striking a deal with the creatures of Pandemonium, and helping them cross into this world. This incident branded him as a traitor, but more importantly it allowed even more Pandemonium Forces, and far more powerful ones, to enter this world. After a particularly brutal battle that took place on Atlantis itself, resulting in the death of many Atlanteans and the loss of control of both the Pandemonium Gate itself and the Aetherwalk, Trillian commanded that the portal be sealed. A terrible blow to Atlantean pride, they had finally found an enemy that they could not over come, and worse yet that was actively defeating them. Graea began to weave her spell to close the gate, but quickly realized that whatever Issail had done had given the Pandemonium Gate new power that she could not control. Somehow it had become its own entity and nothing she did could close it. In a last ditch effort to seal the rift between the worlds Menaria, the prodigy of Atlantis and Graea's personal apprentice, threw herself into the portal and absorbed the violent energies into herself. This unfounded tactic was successful at sealing the breach, but the cost to Menaria was unknown. Before they could discover the repercussions of Menaria's rash actions, Trillian decreed that Atlantis was no longer safe and that the world must never again know the terror of the Pandemonium Gate.

To facilitate that he ordered Lord Sorcerer Graea to sink Atlantis to the bottom of the sea, burying their once prized accomplishment and hiding it from the world forever. In agreement Graea weaved a spell that plunged the great nation beneath the tides and sealed the souls of the Atlantean people within the confines of the city, using their ambient energy to ensure that the spell would never fade naturally.

Atlantean Society Information
Atlanteans are, as described above, a brutal and proud warrior race that thrive on conquest and battle. Even women thrived on the hunt. Think a nice mixture of the Hirogen and Klingons for you Star trek fans out there – but for those of you unfamiliar with that setting  (FOR SHAME!) let me paint you a better picture.

What kept Atlantis going wasn’t just its technology, resources and hierarchy, but a clear thirst for a greater challenge – it’s literally bred into their DNA. This civilization was at the peak of their prosperity and that left little to challenge them further. The fae were an interesting foe in the past but they stood little chance against them and hid more often than not. Meanwhile the humans were just a child race that they saw as little more than crap throwing monkeys – there was potential there, yes, but they were so insignificant at the time that they barely considered them worthy enough to kill.

Pretty much everything in Atlantean culture was settled by a fight or duel. If you’re familiar with Trial by Combat you can certainly expect that to apply here. Everything was pretty much stacked on who was the best combatant, even the King. As a matter of fact if the King was not a fine warrior openly respected and feared you can bet your sweet cheeks he would have been overthrown. As a matter of fact, even if the King was respect and feared there still would have been several to show gal enough to challenge him for his position – and this was the natural way of things.

Basically, in their time it wasn’t uncommon to be against ”blind conquest” but to not be conquest minded at all? That was a likely way to get yourself killed and fast. They liked to quickly weed out their weak. Even the lowliest of whores knew how to defend themselves.

What does this mean for you and your Atlanteans today?

Shock – Thanks to that pesky factor where they can pretty much sift through the memories in your head like a filing cabinet full of their own special films, these may very well know more about you than you even know about yourself. With that in mind they will have a fairly interesting picture painted for them about humanity. On one side their technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. On the other, however, there have been practically no signs of magical practice let alone potential. That just might be a little strange to them, and perhaps a bit disappointing.

Bigotry – All of you are puny humans one way or another, it matters little that your blood may have subtle ties to more ancient formidable races. Not that they would really know that either, it’s not like they have a genetic scanner packed away in that soul of theirs.  While they will likely try to cooperate with your character don’t be surprised if they still look down upon you and openly question you capabilities for .. just about anything. Have fun with that!

KILL IT WITH FIRE – A worthy challenge is a worthy challenge is a worthy challenge. They may want you to fight things you may otherwise logically decide against.

OMG, NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN – It’s safe to assume, thanks to the wurm, that the Pandemonium gate or something like it is open again and the Pandemonium forces are invading the world again. Things like panic, rage and outright accusations could come from this assumption. After all, who would have expected you crap throwing monkeys to figure out how to fuck up a perfectly legitimate seal?

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The Story So Far

Anton (Wispyr), Syx (Amarlo), Kalani (Juggtacular), Ashelotte (MiraMirror), Vivianne (Elysian Radiance), Marianna (Xanatos), Kenzie (Flower), Alyxander (Arcannyx), Julian (Orange Marmalade), Virgil (VonDoom), Rain (Erich Norden), Jonothan (LunarSage), Stevie (Emmykins), and Russell (Rish) were abducted from their lives by the Tenzin and taken away to a secret facility called Whiteout. Meeting them at the facility were four other prisoners: Amy, Bubba-Rufus, Tanya and Charles. At this facility, various times ranging from weeks to days, they were subjected to testing of all sorts by the staff. In particular one doctor, Askov, subjected the characters to brutal sessions of things only just shy of torture - all in the name of scientific research. Or so they said.

On the morning of December 21, 2037 the facilities Yellow Alert sounded, ordering all prisoners to the Nest - essentially their group bunk chamber. The characters were descended on by Major Jack Kelvit who promptly beat Jonothan to a bloody pulp, and would have shot him in the head if he had not been interrupted by his superior officer, Lt. Colonel Ebony Suesquwa. Ebony ordered Jack to stand down and then hinted at the real role that Charles had played in everything. As they left the room, leaving a broken Jonothan on the floor, Ebony turned around and withdrew her powerful hand gun and assassinated Charles right in front of everyone; promptly they were locked in the nest to think about what had just happened and tend to their wounded. The day was not done being crazy however, as soon the ground shook and a giant wurm-like creature erupted from the earth. Still locked in the nest the characters were forced to watch as an all out war was fought around them and the wurm laid siege to the facility. During this time a bolt of red lightning descended from the sky and slammed into Amy's chest, who instead of dying from it, seemed to become possessed by it. Now calling the characters by different names she started vaporizing them, one by one. Each character experienced a living dream of sorts and then blackness.

The characters awoke from their supposed deaths in a place that was not Whiteout, instead some sort of frozen hell. Separated from one another they found themselves in small groups: Ashe and Kalani; Julian, Rain and Syx; Marianna and Virgil; and Stevie found herself with two new companions, Cameron (Aiyanna) and Ksenia (Josietta). The characters have not seen Jonothan, Alyxander, Kenzie or Russel since the final moments at Whiteout; they did witness Bubba-Rufus and Tanya get crushed by a ceiling cave in, and Amy has not been seen since she vaporized the last of the characters. Anton was completely missing.

Ashe and Kalani traveled towards the town they could see in the distance and came across a small hut where they found a man who claimed to be an Atlantean and revealed to Kalani that the soul inside of Ashe was none other then the great traitor Issail. Meanwhile Ashe's perception of the situation was quite a bit different, and soon the two were split up. Kalani was rescued by Cal and taken to the airport where he was reunited with Julian and Rain. Ashe on the other hand wandered into the wilds of the frozen land and nearly died, if she had not been rescued by Kain who took her to find shelter.

Julian, Rain and Syx met Clint and his men, who offered them shelter with their leader. However on the way back to their base the group was intercepted by Rissa who entered a stare down with Clint and his men - offering that they worked for different sides. Rissa claimed to have some of their friends, and with some dropped information Syx broke away from Rain and Julian and joined Rissa. When returning with Rissa she was reunited with Stevie, ultimately Marianna and Virgil as well as meeting Cameron and Ksenia briefly. Rain and Julian were taken back to the airport where they were sealed away to be joined not long after by Kalani.

Virgil and Marianna had an adventure that spawned a creature of Pandemonium who forced himself, briefly, onto Marianna and was chased off by Virgil. Not before, however, the so called Antler Man electrocuted Marianna and knocked Virgil out. They were rescued by Vance and his men, who work for Rissa and both were returned to the base. It is here that they would find Syx, Stevie, Cameron and Ksenia.

Earlier in the day, as each group woke up at a different point, Stevie with Cameron and Ksenia were also rescued by Vance and taken back to the base. It is here that after some conversation with Rissa, Stevie offered some details on her missing companions and the long hunt for them began.

At Rissa base Ksenia left the group to work with Rissa's people. Meanwhile Stevie, Syx, Cameron, Virgil and Marianna met Yura (Aya) and began to figure out what was going on, which is when they were informed they were now in Adak, Alaska and it was no longer monday the 27th, but Tuesday, December 22, 2037. They began to unveil the truth about the voices now, suddenly, in their heads but were interrupted when one of Rissa's men informed them of a large pillar of light in the center of Adak. Their meeting was concluded and they went to investigate.

Meanwhile Rain, Julian and Kalani were joined by Axel (Intimate Ink), who randomly portaled into their holding room. During this time Kalani revealed his soul, which prompted Rain to do the same. Before things could get too far along however they were gathered up by Kariaska (Wispyr), who with her charming demeanor lead the characters to meet Micah - the counterpart to Rissa from the second faction. This meeting was brief and not good, as he soon revealed that he had Anton and had been torturing the man, at which point he prompty promised to do the same to Julian, Rain, Kalani and Axel if they didn't comply. A fight broke out and with Kariaska's help they managed to get away, only to moments later find out the nature of Micah's control as he dominated the minds of the people in the airport, Kariaska included. With the help of her Atlantean soul, Kariaska was able to break free Micah's control and help the group secure a vehicle to escape the airport in.

At the center of Adak, Ashe and Kain were within the golden light and met by Rissa, Stevie, Cameron, Yura, Virgil, Syx, and Marianna. After some taunting by Ashe, Stevie hijacked a jeep and crashed it into Kain's golden barrier, destroying it. At which point Julian, Rain, Axel, Kalani and Kariaska arrived from leaving the airport. It was then that they were set upon by Micah who in good fashion began to make demands of all of them. During this event, however, Kain - like Amy before him - was zapped and made one with the red gem lightning. Syx and Julian both managed to land shots on Micah to chase him away, but he soon reappeared and murdered Marianna.

The Active Cast

Anton Duval
Player: Wispyr
Race: Imori
Gender:  Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: As a worldwide acclaimed cybernetic engineer, Anton had it all – the lab, the grants, the women – but when the Rise happened he lost everything. That never stopped him though. Anton has a vision and almost everything he does is in hopes of seeing that vision come to fruition. As a perfectionist, he wants to see humanity reach the peak of its potential and he believes that the Nephilim are the right route to doing this. However, while it seems like he’s willing to sacrifice just about anything to get there, he’s made some surprising decisions along the road that have even shocked him. Perhaps the tin-man has a heart after all?

Ashelotte Conusolo
Player: MiraMirror
Race: Atlantean
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality:  Ashelotte, or Ashe as we call her, started out as a blubbering, dependent, quivery kneed little introvert. Now she’s growing into her own person with her own thoughts and strengths - She may make a few mistakes along the road, but it’s all a part of the learning process. Even still, she’s an incredibly empathetic individual and will put her own life on the line in a heartbeat if she thinks it will save someone she cares about.

Axel Loewe
Player: Intimate Ink
Race: Imori
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: Axel is one of our newest additions but so far he has proven to be quite the humanitarian. He’s a bit skittish and is prone to running from his problems, but when someone else is hurting he is probably one of the few people in the world you can count on to have your back without knowing a single thing about you.

Player: Dominique
Race: Ananaki
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: While she hasn’t quite made it to the club yet, Iris is a level headed individual who has been tasked by fate with an impossible burden. Though she may not always understand why she needs to do the things that she is asked, she goes on faith that this is where she's supposed to be. Having spent years caring for others, and raising the Ananaki village as her own, along side her near-brother, she has a strong sense of duty and self.

Julian Whitford
Player: Orange Marmalade
Race: Nephilim
Gender: Male
Sexuality:  Homosexual
Personality: Julian has proven to be a level headed individual in most situations he’s been placed in. While he doesn’t always know what to do or what the hell is going on, he tries to make the best of every given situation. As someone with a questionable background, he has displayed a very firm moral compass and while others freeze when tough decisions are presented to them, Julian quickly works with what he has.

Kalani Kamealoha Jr.
Player: Juggtacular
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality:Kalani came from a world where personal freedoms were often celebrated as much as tradition, and this has molded him into a self-assured and cooperative individual. He knows when to kick back and relax just as well as he knows when it’s time to get down to business. Protective and very team oriented, this is a Hawaiian just about anyone would want on their team – and he’s not half bad to look at either!

Kariaska Nizamutdinov
Player: Wispyr
Race: Fae
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality:Kari is another new addition who was first introduced to the crew from the wrong side of the battlefield. Little is known about her but so far she has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the group. As a risker taker it’s only fitting that she took a huge risk on those caught in Micah’s grasp when she turned on the man to save them from his black clutches, but what does this mean for Kari?

Rain Fischer
Player: Erich Norden
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality:As former Tenzin, Rain is a very disciplined young woman with an insight to the world that very few have been entrusted with. Her down to earth nature is reflected in just about everything she does, but past that she is very generous – going so far as to share the only coat she has in a frozen wilderness with an absolute stranger. While Rain is quiet, she’s a thinker and observer, and liable to notice things few others would key in on.

Stevie Noel
Player: EmmyKins
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality:As a doctor, not only does Stevie have an amazing force of willpower but compassion as well. In caring for others she has shown she will do just about anything, even present them with clothes right off her own back. However, beneath the surface she hides more than a few demons and has displayed a debatably unhealthy taste for vengeance and destruction. Let’s just say, while it’s rare, you don’t want to be on her bad side!

Player: Amarlo
Race: Nephilim
Gender: Female
Sexuality” Heterosexual
Personality: The truth about what Syx’s past spawned is beyond even her understanding, but it has shaped her so completely that to this day she still fights against the conditioning stamped on her since birth. Syx is a survivor first with no time for bullshit and games. She's quick to act based on the information that she has on hand. In recent years she has shown a softer, more human side buried beneath all of that hard and refined exterior - proving that she can not only be counted on in tough situations but that once earned her loyalty has nearly no limits.

Vivianne Britannien
Player: Elysian Radiance
Race: Fae
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality:One of the oldest and newest additions to the group all at the same time; Vivianne was thought to be lost but recent events have brought her back into their collective. Not much has been gleaned of Vivianne yet, but from what can be observed it’s easy to tell that she has a very big, understanding heart that allows her to relate and befriend even the most fragile and demoralized of souls and give them something to look forward to. So while everyone is in such a tough spot, fighting for their lives in a mass of chaos and confusion, who doesn’t need someone like that around?

Player: aya
Race: Imori
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality:She was first introduced to them as one among Rissa’s ranks and while they all had a pretty rocky start, Yura is finally starting to come out of her shell. Quiet and reclusive, it didn’t seem like Yura would be trying to make any friends any time soon but as the going got tough, Yura got tougher. In a situation she could have just walked away from, the young woman instead chose to stay and try to appeal to another young woman caught up in something bigger than she was aware of. When her people were threatened and in danger, Yura showed true courage in the face of adversity. At least this much can be said, Yura has a lot of potential.

Offline Amarlo

Character Creation

Character creation in Pandemonium is pretty simply. There are only a few steps that you need to follow, and the information is presented in this post.

Step 1: Select a Denizen Race - Human, Imori, Fae, Atlantean, Nephilim or Ananaki (not currently available for play).
Step 2: Design the Atlantean Soul that will go along with your character (not applicable for Ananaki characters, please see their description).
Step 3: Begin to design your characters spells and powers according to the guidelines below.
Step 4: Fill in the rest of the sheet.

Denizen Races

Humanity has been here since the start. Earth was meant to be their world. However in ancient times as a people they were sorely outclassed by their cousins, the Atlanteans. Humans had numbers, but not the strength or intelligence to go with it. All is not lost for the humans, they are a race with unfathomable potential that is often theorized to be limitless. While other races have their power up front it is usually capped and shows limited opportunity for growth. Humans, on the other hand, are natural survivors, highly adaptable to their environments. Their abilities and knowledge's may be less refined than the other races, their latent magical energies are second to none. Humans run the gambit of physical appearance and attitude. They are as diverse as they are plentiful.

  • The Human Spirit: The human spirit is an undeniable force. It's allowed them to summon momentary bursts of strength in the face of adversity. Mothers flipping burning cars to save their children, warriors of old standing even past the moment when they should have faded from life. Humans are able to push themselves further than any other race, calling on this inner potential to fuel them one or two steps longer than anyone else. They can use more magic, stubbornly endure more hardship, and brazenly go against the grain to prove they are more than just the low man on the totem pole.
  • Transference: Human energy is universally compatible. As such a Human can gift another creature with as much or as little of their power as they want, transferring their stamina and energy to replenish or empower another. In doing so, the receiving creature gains a power boost and is allowed brief access to the magic known by the donor.
  • Magic Resistance: Humans have a natural resistance to magic, their bodies adapt quickly to it. Effects that have duration's are shorted on them. Additionally magical attacks are slightly less effective against them, allowing them to endure slightly more than others.
  • Power Rating: 9-2

When the Pandemonium gate was first opened, thousands of creatures from the realm appeared on earth. While most of these creatures sought to destroy the world through force, others had more subtle, invasive methods and seduced and mated with the humans. The offspring of these pairings were called Imori, humans infused with the essence of Pandemonium. Despite the closing of the Pandemonium Gate and the victory of the forces of the realm, these Imori remained hidden from the world. In the modern era, the Imori are even more rare, but not unheard of. They are humans born with oddly colored eyes, usually red or violet. This earns them no small amount of fame, but it is almost universally accepted as a rare genetic condition. Imori tend to be smaller, lither creatures rarely growing more than five and a half feet tall. Imori often have dark senses of humor and are almost always plagued by terrible nightmares. They are a people that hate the cold and thrive in heat.

  • Dark Soul: The Imori maintain the essence of Pandemonium in their very souls. This chaotic essence makes the Imori impossible to control through magical means, granting them immunity to mind control and possession.
  • Danger Sense: It is an exact science but the Imori have something of a spidey-sense. They can feel negative intent aimed towards them. This ensures that Imori are rarely caught off guard, and they make exceptional judges of character; often times being able to pull the fact from fib and analyze the true intent behind someone's words.
  • Astral Projection: An Imori can enter a trance-like state and project themselves into the ethereal realm. While projected their body becomes unaware and unresponsive, helpless to defend itself. The projected Imori can walk freely through the world, but can not interact with it. They can see and hear anything going on around them and are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Power Rating: 7-3

Pandemonium invaded Earth, and the very world awakened the Yahri in response. These nature spirits worked to aid humanity and the Atlanteans against the invasion. When they Yahri took note of the Imori they feared for a future threat and likewise bred with humanity in hopes to give them guidance in a later time when they might be needed. The offspring of these unions were called Fae. The Fae are gentle in nature, usually with very caring personalities. They tend to be free spirits who hate being shackled to one place and prefer the outdoors to inside in all cases. The only distinguishing trait of the Fae is, like the Imori, their eye color; all Fae are born with gold, silver or pink eyes.

  • Project Consciousness: Irrevocably connected to nature, the Fae are able to project their consciousness into any living animal and take control of its faculties. The Fae must be able to see the animal and it takes almost a full concentrated minute to project themselves. The larger the creature the harder it is to establish and maintain control. Once projected the Fae's normal body drops helplessly to the ground; vital functions continue, but they are otherwise helpless. It takes over a minute to regain consciousness once a Fae returns to their own body.
  • World Sense: Fae are connected to the turn of the world. They always know what direction they are facing, the precise time, and where in the world they are.
  • Wind Whisper: When acting as guardians to mankind the Fae developed a way to speak on the wind. They don't need to be able to make sound, they can silently mouth the words and they will mystically be carried to their intended targets.
  • Power Rating: 8-3

While it was rare it was not unheard of for Atlanteans to mate with humans during their time. When Atlantis was plunged into the ocean all pure blood Atlanteans were killed, and these Atlantean blooded people were all that remained of the once-proud civilization. In this day and age, the blood of Atlantis is completely forgotten but still flows in select individuals. Those with Atlantean blood tend to grow a little bigger than their pure-blooded human counterparts; women tend to be closer to six feet tall, and men closer to six and a half. It isn't uncommon for Atlanteans to have short tempers, and being a degree of competitive ranging from mild to extreme. Most of them are thrill seekers who dislike staying still, their ancient need for conquest makes them stir crazy.

  • Endless Breath: Atlanteans possess the ability to gather oxygen from water, it is absorbed through their skin. This ability matures over an Atlanteans life, in early childhood they would find they could their breath for incredible amounts of time but as they grow older they discover that the need to resurface once submerged is simply not there.
  • Water Is Life: An Atlantean can survive on water alone indefinitely. For them, a single cup of water is all that is needed to sustain their body for an entire day. In ancient times, they loved to feast, enjoying the spoils of their hunts and wars but the fact they did not need to made them exceptional warriors. Every soldier could carry a single canteen and have easily replenishable sustenance for days.
  • War Mind: As a warrior race the Atlanteans developed a strong tactical mind, that can not be altered. To complex to understand, and too sturdy to shape, Atlanteans are immune to all Mind Altering magics.
  • Power Rating: 6-4

Nephilim is the name given to the genetically engineered humans created by ATLAS. They're a fairly new addition to the world, the oldest of them only being 21 years old. At a glance, the Nephilim are indistinguishable from Humans, but prolonged observations reveal the truth. The Nephilim are are perfect, too perfect to be Human. Their skin is flawless, it has never known too much or too little oil, it has never dealt with acne or dryness. Their features are perfectly proportioned. Their hair is unblemished. Their bodies are far more efficient than a Humans, they require less sleep, less food, less oxygen. They are stronger, faster and more durable than the typical human; their bodies are in a state of constant prime. Most Nephilim are born with separately colored eyes. While their bodies achieve their pinnacle faster and maintain it longer, it is known that they break down faster as well. Unlike humans who slowly grow old, deteriorating over decades, it is theorized that around the age of 40 the Nephilim will begin to rapidly break down and are unexpected to last past 45. Like humans, they run the full spectrum of appearances and attitudes. Because they are different, though, perfect, they often develop social oddities from being singled out from normal unaltered children.

  • Perfect Immunization: One of the many modifications made to the Nephilim is ingraining their genetic code with that of all known diseases. Nephilim are immune to viruses and disease, are resistant to poison and gas, and do not get sick. They are the picture of perfect health.
  • Enhanced Attributes: Part of their genetic modification is the increase of physical attributes. A single Nephilim is as strong as three regular people of comparable size. An untrained Nephilim can run as fast as people who have spent years honing their bodies, and if they are in the habit of pushing themselves physically they can easily set records. Though nothing about them is paranormal they are assuredly supernatural.
  • Eidetic Memory: Nephilim do not forget. Their brain processes information, sights, sounds, smells, feels, and tastes much more efficiently than a human's. A single exposure to something will be ingrained permanently into a Nephilim's memory. This is why Nephilim are commonly believed to be engineered to be smarter in addition to their other traits when in reality it's only that they have very small learning curves.
  • Power Rating: 7-2

Coming soon...


Pandemonium has a very simple power system. Functionally most powers are a lot like spells in Dungeons & Dragons, meant to have very specific effects rather then broad strokes of influence. Each power is rated on a scale of one (1) to five (5) and broken into one of five schools. Character's also have a very rough idea of 'magical stamina' which is determined by their race, as well as other factors as the game moves forward. Characters are able to learn not only new, but more powerful spells and abilities as the game goes on, while additionally ramping up their energy reserves.

Under each denizen race you will see a power rating which has two numbers. The first number of the power rating tells you how many spell levels in total your character can have. The second number of the power rating tells you the highest level of spell your character can know. The two numbers combined tell you the total power pool, or 'magical stamina' that a character has. Let's take the power rating of the Imori as an example (7-3); this tells us that the character can have a total number of 7 levels worth of powers, and no individual power may be higher than level 3 - it also tells us that their power pool is a total of 10. The power pool is a loose guideline that determines how many spells your character can use, where the total pool is their upper limit and each spell costs points equal to its level. So a level 3 spell would drain 3 power points from your power pool (in the case of the Imori above) of 10, resulting in 7 points left. It's important to note that this isn't a hard limitation, but shouldn't be abused. Characters can push themselves into negative points, but that will always have consequences.

As mentioned spells are broken into five schools, or categories:

Enhancement (ENH): Abilities in this school empower the character in some way. This could be a passive or activated effects that make them stronger, faster or more durable for instance. Things that increase their natural abilities or otherwise boost them fall into this school.
Mind Altering (MDA): These power afflict the targets mind. This could be as simple as changing their mind, to reading their thoughts or putting them to sleep.
Evocation (EVO): Most magics that attack a target go here. These abilities give the cast the power to introduce harm to the world. This could be in the form of hurling a fireball or lightning bolt.
Utility (UTL): These abilities are utilitarian in nature. They give a benefit to the cast or their allies. This is where magics such as counter spelling go. Powers that have multiple uses such as light manipulation or invisibility go here.
Support (SPT): Support powers aid the character in attaining their goals some how. This can come in the form of distracting illusions, healing magic and most defensive magic.

Powers also have the ability in some cases to be Passive. A passive power is simply a power that is always active. When it comes to a characters power pool, the sum of all passive powers a character has is simply subtracted from their total power pool, and the remaining amount becomes the pool from which they have to cast active abilities from.

Sample Powers
Control Flames - (1) - (EVO): The ability to control fire that already exists. You can intensify, diminish and extinguish at will. You can weave and move the fire without fuel once it has been started for you, turning it into fireballs or other such blasts.

Pyromancy - (2) - (EVO): You have the ability to create flames with a snap of your fingers. You can freely hurl fireballs or shoot sustained torrents of flame.

Blaze Absorption - Passive - (3) - (ENH): You're immune to fire, and, in fact, it empowers you. Flames are absorbed into your skin like water and replenish your energy and restore your body. You can take a stroll through a raging inferno and the only thing you have to worry about is what you're going to cover yourself with on the other side.

Flamebody - (4) - (EVO): You engulf yourself in living fire and become one with it. Projectiles pass through you, you gain the ability to fly, anything flammable even remotely near you bursts into flame. Oh, and you look like a total badass.

Dragonfire (5) - (EVO): Your breath is a weapon so hot it can burn through almost anything. You can spout a cone of fire that turns titanium to ash, quickly evaporates large bodies of water, or melt through nearly anything in your way.

Strength of an Ox - Passive - (2) - (ENH): Your strength is that of five fully grown men. You can easily lift 500lbs, bench almost 800.

Burst of Power - (1) - (ENH): You have the ability to briefly supercharge your strength to that of five men. You could lift 500lbs and bench almost 800.

Heal - (3) - (SPT): You seal the wounds and restore the body of your target. The worse condition they're in, the longer this must be used.

Regenerate - (4) - (SPT): You can regrow your own limbs or those of your allies, cure blindness, and any number of other smaller miracles. However doing this requires hours and hours of uninterrupted concentration.

Ressurection - (5) - (SPT): You can bring people back from the dead! To do so however puts an enormous strain on your body, causing you to instantly age 5 years and permanently draining your energy pool by 5.

Counter Spell - (5) - (UTL): You can unravel the threads of magic to dismiss any spell. At this stage you can negate an actively cast magic from any school.

Mimicry - (1) - (UTL): You can mimic the effects of a level 1 <Insert Single School Here> power that has been used near you and you have seen (or detected) being cast. You must remain within proximity (roughly a football field) of the original caster to recreate this effect.

Duplicate Energy - (3) - (UTL): You can mimic the effects of any power of level 1 or below, or any level 2 or 3 <Insert Single School Here>, that has been used near you and you have seen (or detected) being cast. You must remain within proximity (roughly a football field) of the original caster to recreate this effect.

Reweave Power - (5) - (UTL): You can mimic the effects of any power of level 3 or below, or any level 4 or 5 <Insert Single School Here>, that has been used near you and you have seen (or detected) being cast. You must remain within proximity (roughly a football field) of the original caster to recreate this effect.

Power Replication - (3) - (UTL): By touching a target you can siphon knowledge of a level 1 or 2 power from them, and gain the ability to use that power for the next 24 hours. Any time the ability is activated it uses the cost of Power Replication rather than the original cost of the gained power.

Character Sheet

Code: (Character Sheet) [Select]
[floatright][center][img height=400 width=400][/img]
[img height=100 width=100][/img][img height=100 width=100][/img][img height=100 width=100][/img][img height=100 width=100][/img][/center][/floatright][font=courier][size=14pt][b]Pandemonium Character Sheet[/size][/font]
[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]Wealth Level:[/b]
[b]Languages Known:[/b]

[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Face Claim:[/b]

[b]Physical Description:[/b]



[b]On's & Off's:[/b]
[b]Real World Skills:[/b]


[b][u]Powers & Abilities[/u][/b]
[li][b]NAME OF POWER - (LEVEL) - (SCHOOL):[/b] [/li]
[li][b]NAME OF POWER - (LEVEL) - (SCHOOL):[/b] [/li]
[li][b]NAME OF POWER - (LEVEL) - (SCHOOL):[/b] [/li]

Code: (Atlantean Soul Sheet) [Select]
[floatright][center][img height=400 width=400][/img]
[/floatright][font=courier][size=14pt][b]Atlantean Soul Character Sheet[/size][/font]
[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]Title / Occupation:[/b]

[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]

[b]Physical Description:[/b]



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Game Master Notes

As needed...

Game Threads
Original Recruitment Thread - Where it all begin.
Out of Character - Watercooler chat for approved members.
World Guide - The official world building guide for the Pandemonium Universe.
World Guide: Feedback - Player world building participation.
Announcements - Where tracking important GM news happens.

Tenzin Facility: Whiteout - Main story thread dedicated to the Whiteout chapter of the game.
Adak - Main story thread dedicated to the Adak chapter of the game.
Snippets In Time - Side story thread for player use.
Untold Stories - Solo writing story thread, for personal writing projects.
Otherlife - Side story thread for the Atlantean Souls.

Offline Amarlo

-Sets down the sign up sheet and gets cozy.- And we are now open for business.  O:)

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-Sets down the sign up sheet and gets cozy.- And we are now open for business.  O:)
Again. Come. Join us friends.

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Hello, where can I sign up

Offline Amarlo

Offline Arcannyx

I'm not sure how well I'd deal with THREE Wispyr-brand games at once, but maybe it's worth trying a whirl again.

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Up with the things. We've got an awesome intro planned for the at least the first wave of new players (right now 2 confirmed)... So this is a great time to jump in and establish in the game.

Offline Arcannyx

Up with the things. We've got an awesome intro planned for the at least the first wave of new players (right now 2 confirmed)... So this is a great time to jump in and establish in the game.

I've PM'd you.  Well make you regret those words.

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We've got 4 new characters in the work, and would love to bring a couple along with them. This first batch of new recruits as we open up this brand new recruitment is going to get a fun side adventure away from the current ongoing story to allow them time to bond and grow, and ultimately come together with the original group down the line a bit. Don't miss out!

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We've got a new group of four to start out a brand new adventure that will eventually thread them in with the original cast! Don't miss this special chance to start out in a group that will have their own unique trials! Last call! All aboard for the Pandemonium Express! :P
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Hey. Hey, you. You, the person reading this post after stumbling into this thread somehow.  Yeah, that's right.  You should do the thing.  No, not that thing, the other thing.  Yeah, that's the right thing.  Do the Pandemonium thing.  I am a tiny Mira and I believe in you.

When do I get paid for my absolutely stirring advertisement?

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The Dragon Queen commands you to join the ranks of Pandemonium.

There's lots of death and violence and small penis jokes at the expense of Wispyr. Great fun for everyone!

Except Wispyr, of course.

Online MiraMirror

small penis jokes at the expense of Wispyr.

It's a good thing he's a genius, because he needed to invent something that could actually see his dong.

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Hey now, they're at the expense of Anton, not Wispyr *nods* lol

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It's a good thing he's a genius, because he needed to invent something that could actually see his dong.
Or hell, something in place of it!

Hey now, they're at the expense of Anton, not Wispyr *nods* lol
Anton is an extension of Wispyr, so jokes still on him.  :P