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July 21, 2017, 11:56:52 AM
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Author Topic: M-for-F story ideas. Please come write with me!  (Read 515 times)

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M-for-F story ideas. Please come write with me!
« on: August 13, 2016, 03:05:15 PM »

A few story ideas have been percolating in my mind during the first weeks I've been here. I've been roleplaying for more than four years and I believe I am a clean and graceful writer, even when I'm writing dirty!

I'd like a female partner for a few plots I've had in mind:

  • Chasing Their Fantasy: MC and YC are in their late 20s, married for five years or so. They love each other and are supremely confident in each other's love, but their sex life has gone boring. Roleplay, dress-up -- they've done and tried it all, and one night while having sex either he or she fantasizes aloud about being watched amid an orgy. Their orgasms are so violent that they begin to think and talk about whether they should try to make that fantasy come true. Our story would be about the way they do that, and the impact it has on their marriage. I see them going from "soft swinging," where they only watch and are watched, to same-room swapping, orgies and eventually sex in other rooms and even when they're apart in the daytime. But I want to use the sex scenes as a way to examine their feelings as they progress along this path. Will they follow the arc of excitement and happiness until they find that they've gone too far and need to haul themselves back? Will they discover the right blend of themselves and other people that fulfills them? Will they find their devotion to each other hard-tested? Will their love even survive? That's for us to discuss OOC and explore in our story.

  • Mom's a tease: Dan and his mother had always been close. But ever since the day she walked in on him while he was jerking off, she's gotten a little strange. She's gotten less careful about what she wears around the house, sometimes wearing only a thong and cropped tank top, or just a long T-shirt. And the bikini she's started to wear when she suns herself at the pool in our backyard would be illegal at the beach. She says it's for tanning purposes, but it's been doing something to Dan. I'm looking for someone to play a woman of about 35, pretty, smart and sexy, and hot for her teenaged son. One possible route: She knows his kik address, chats him up as another woman and finds out what he thinks of Mom, then guides him so he thinks he's seducing her.

  • Holiday Visit: YC and mine are siblings, cousins or childhood friends who come home from college for Christmas or some other holiday. They haven't seen each other in at least a couple of years, and they've had their share of drama in the interim. Maybe a close friend of one of them has died, and the other has been through several bad relationships. They remember how much fun they had when they were younger and they decide to have a different kind of fun now. This one has good story potential, as they can come to realize that the break in all their negative thoughts gives them courage and resolve to have a happier future, and there's also good smut potential in the ways they get to tease each other and sneak around day and night.

  • The Contract: She was young and beautiful, but conceived and born only to take the reins of the huge family business. Sent away to boarding school barely after infancy, she is now in her early 20s. She's beautiful and knows everything of commerce, but nothing of love. She is working in the family business and is committed to taking over on her 25th birthday. But she hates her parents for what they have done for her, and is intent on exacting her revenge, which is to die before her 25th birthday. But before she dies, she wants to know love -- to both give it and receive it. So she enlists the help of a professional assassin who specializes in dispatching the elderly and sick, and makes him an offer: Make them fall in love with each other, then kill her, for which he can name his price. She doesn't want to know when or how he will kill her, it just has to be after they're in love and before her 25th birthday. Can he do it? Will she change her mind? Please understand that this may not have a happy ending. And while I expect there to be smut here, I'm not looking for a smutfest. There will be romance, though. (With credit to Pandex, who offered this idea and started but who was unable to finish with me.)

  • Managing Up:YC is the president of a successful company maybe in her early 30s, married to a big-shot lawyer. She is tight, focused and particular about how things should be done. She is given to severe clothes that are businesslike but not particularly attractive. MC is her assistant, close enough after several years to be considered her work spouse. They are always honest with each other and while it's clear he works for her, she depends on him to keep her focused, handle her travel, get done whatever needs doing. She also leans on him for support as her marriage becomes increasingly troubled. One day her husband throws YC over for a client. His new girl is sexy and exciting, he says, not dull and boring like YC.

    When she tearfully recounts this to MC, he has to agree that she has not been big on femininity, and she could loosen up in her dress and her death-grip on life generally. Would it kill her to have a little fun? She doesn't want to make a fool of herself with people she doesn't know, so she suggests he show her. So they make a plan. A dinner out that isn't a business dinner. A walk in the park. A trip to the state fair -- maybe she actually has to buy shorts or a casual dress for this, and she finds she likes showing her body a little. Maybe a movie they watch on her couch -- she has Netflix but has never seen anything on it. You get the idea. Together they find a new balance for her life and she sees his value as more than an assistant. And the more fun she has, the more she wants, so she asks him what he looks for in women and starts dressing on their social occasions more to his taste. Ultimately she sexes up her work attire and maybe we can have some office fun. They may wind up together or not, but either way they become even more indispensable to each other.

    I would like this to be very plot driven, especially in the beginning. I'd like to develop some sexual tension, maybe even as he has her practice flirting, with sex coming later. I can imagine private masturbation as they get interested in each other and start to fantasize. YC starts out as a tight-assed woman, maybe a little fearful of letting go, driven by success. She realizes that she was largely the reason her marriage ended and she sincerely wants to change for her future happiness but hasn't a clue as to how to go about it. When it comes to sex, she'll realize that it's fun being dominant at work and submissive in bed.

  • The Woman at the Side of the Road:TAKEN Dan, the young, high-living publisher of a leading women's fashion magazine, is riding in the back of his limousine late at night, taking a back road to avoid a construction tie-up on the highway, when his driver spots a woman standing in the rain at the side of the road. It's raining hard and she's just standing there, soaked but unmoving. Dan tells his driver to pull over and finds her completely unresponsive. He leads her into the limo and discovers in the light that she is heavily bruised and unable to speak. They head to the nearest hospital which admits her and discovers she has no identification, so Dan becomes responsible for her. After some time in the hospital the woman regains her memory; she had run away after being abused by her boyfriend. She has nowhere to go after the hospital releases her, so Dan takes her in. The woman, who is a little older than Dan, needs a lot of rehabilitation, including psychological help, all of which Dan pays for. As she recovers she becomes a kind of personal assistant to Dan, helping him pack for trips, doing things around the house, listening him talk about his work. He has a voracious sexual appetite, and frequently hosts one or two models for trysts, but he never lays a hand on his visitor.

    Dan's big project is a sweeping redesign of the magazine. When he leaves it out one night, the woman has a look at it. As a reader, she thinks it stinks and she tells Dan so. A focus group confirms her view, which saves Dan and his company lots of time and money. After that, she becomes more than a house guest/personal assistant, but their relationship doesn't turn sexual (you knew it would) until something happens to Dan that shakes him to his core and his guest becomes much more than a guest. I think this idea needs more development, which I'd love to discuss with you. I've left the woman's name and age and physical description out; that can come from you, too; also we should discuss what the issue is that shakes Dan.

  • Love and Money: Dan and his wife met and married as he had started working on a Big Idea that actually panned out. It was Master Menu, a mobile app that kept track of one's refrigerator and pantry, helped people design simple or complex menus and made party planning a breeze. It wasn't easy. Together they worked every day for years, often long into the night. Finally, after five long, hard years a national grocery chain bought their company. It made their venture capitalists a lot of money and the small, incredibly hard-working staff woke up millionaires one blessed morning. And Dan's and his wife's share? $35 million. Plus a contract for Dan to run the company as a division of the supermarket chain, at $4 million a year with a 100 percent bonus for what appeared to be easily achievable goals. They knew that money would change them. But how?

    I'm looking for a long-term partner to write the part of my wife in a story that's mostly fantasy but has hooks into real life elements. Make her whoever you want her to be, but please make her smart -- and maybe a smart-ass, too! -- and pretty. My guy is Dan Lawson, 28, not quite six feet tall with sandy hair and dark blue eyes. He's handsome and fit and he has a lusty sexual appetite that's matched by his wife's.

    They've never had money. Now they have a limo with driver whenever they want it, household help, any kind of clothes they want, and a mix of old friends and new acquaintances. People will look at them differently, though. Money creates attraction and they will be tempted with every kind of decadent pleasure. Maybe Dan's assistant will try to do more than flirt with him. Maybe his wife's trainer at the gym will make a move on her. Maybe the maid is bisexual and open to both of them. How will they deal with those temptations?

    The only given will be that they are secure and unbreakable in their love for each other. As writing partners, you and I can talk about pretty much everything else. There will be plenty of sex, but this isn't just about sex. I would like this to be about our journey together, a chance to really write something that we two can enjoy with characters we can develop.

    Dan loves it when his wife calls him Baby. He loves to be kind and sweet and romantic; he can even be a little gloppy at times. He had a difficult childhood under repressive, fearful parents and he is distant from them. He is cautious with other people, except his wife, and his greatest joy of joys is that he absolutely believes that his heart and hers are good and that he can tell her anything. She may punch him on the shoulder for bad jokes or when he looks at women in the short skirts he loves to see, but they both know to the depths of their souls that he can love only her, and she can love only him. This will be a very long and challenging story to write; it may not even be possible but I will wait forever for the right partner.

For all my stories my kinks are vanilla sex, group sex, incest, romance, dress-up, slutty dressing and lingerie (for you), voyeurism and exhibitionism, maybe some light bondage. I like ageplay but am happy to leave it alone if it's not your thing. Turnoffs for me are humiliation, violence, vore, gore, scat and other bathroom stuff and hard BDSM. A more fulsome list is on my profile page.

Please be able to write in first- or third-person past tense, be willing to write in the forum, have a good grasp of grammar and be able to write several paragraphs at least every couple of days. That last part is important. I understand about vacations, but otherwise if I can't write at least every other day I lose the thread of our story. I realize that's a problem for a great many people and may cause me to be very lonely around here, but it's how I am.

If all this works for you, or if you have ideas you'd like to try out on me, please send me a PM!

AND, I'm happy to note, one of mine that's been finished!

The Favor: TAKEN AND FINISHED WITH WOLVENTEARS Dan's wealthy family throws parties at their mansion every so often, and every time it's just after Dan has broken up with his girlfriend. It's become a running joke in the family, and his mother has begun to wonder if he's gay. And now, just before their big July 4 family reunion, it's happened again. Dan can't bear to be the butt of another year's jokes so he asks you to come with him as his girlfriend. I'm looking for a female writer who can write a character who's a little bit of a smart ass and can deal with Dan's slightly wacky family. There can be either a lot of sex in this, or just a little, but there will be tons of flirting and generally strange behavior for Dan and his fake girlfriend to deal with.

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Re: M-F story ideas. Please come write with me!
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2016, 11:52:28 AM »
ADDS The Woman at the Side of the Road.

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Re: M-F story ideas. Please come write with me!
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2016, 01:33:26 PM »
ADDS "Managing Up"

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Re: M-F story ideas. Please come write with me!
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2016, 11:19:06 AM »
Adds "Holiday Visit" and "The Contract." It also moves "The Favor" from active to finished!!

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Re: M-for-F story ideas. Please come write with me!
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ADDS "Chasing Their Fantasy."