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Author Topic: DemiGods -Camp Halfblood Interest Check!  (Read 17679 times)

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Re: DemiGods -Camp Halfblood Interest Check!
« Reply #150 on: August 30, 2016, 08:55:57 am »
The beautiful people,  the beautiful people!

Offline Kokaine

Re: DemiGods -Camp Halfblood Interest Check!
« Reply #151 on: August 31, 2016, 03:17:27 pm »
In case I can lure someone in...

I am looking for a close/best friend type for my Skylar. A romantic something is possible but certainly not required. But my Mighty Mouse needs a homie/partner in crime xD

Offline El Maligno

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Re: DemiGods -Camp Halfblood Interest Check!
« Reply #152 on: August 31, 2016, 05:58:48 pm »
Hello all I hope to join you soon! Lots of great writers here and a great set up all around. Really excited for this story.

Matthias Michel

Character Name: Matthias "The Fighter" Michel
Played by:  El Maligno
God or Goddess Parent: Ares 
Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed
Age: 24
Background Information:  Matthias' mother caught Ares' eye during a shootout between a determined group of bank robbers and the Austin, Texas SWAT team whom his mother happened to be a part of. The SWAT team was heavily armed but the would-be thieves had several automatic machine guns as well as home-made bombs and lead by a rather tenacious leader who was quick thinking. The SWAT had underestimated how well organized their targets had been and were on the verge of being overwhelmed. But the SWAT leader and his mother were able to flank and outmaneuver their target. Her unflinching bravery as well as her marksmanship impressed the god of war enough that he kept an eye on her. Again and again he would witness feats of bravery that he felt compelled enough to work his way into her life. And slowly he did where she soon fell in love with him. Their passionate affair ended the day she became pregnant after a few months and though she knew the truth about his father. Matthias' mother was determined to hide the truth from her son, once she heard how dangerous his life would become. She would stop at nothing to keep him safe even though her lover told her otherwise. Hoping to give the god of war a son to be proud of she hoped her son would grow to be a mountain of a man. Matthias however was born premature much to the dismay of his mother who had been hoping for a giant of a son in order to please the love of her life and carry on her name. Though it soon became apparent he wouldn't be a giant in life, he showed signs of having a great fighting spirit, a warrior's heart within him. He was unafraid of most things young children were afraid of. He loved to explore and never backed away from a challenge.   

As a young boy he would get into scraps with kids his age and older. Often times his mother would chide him but ended up giving him the nickname "The Fighter" a name he would hold onto for the rest of his life. When he was nine years old his mother fought till her death to protect him from a pair of Drakons. That would have been the end for him but for a small group of Hunters of Artemis who happened upon his path. They save him and killed the Drakons. And though unsure of what to do with Matthias at first they decided it was only right to escort him to Camp Half-blood. Along the way they informed him about what he really was and while it was hard for him to wrap his mind around such an idea Matthias had no other place to go. His mother had told him that his father was a fierce and powerful man. That one day he would maybe get to meet him but not for a long time.

It took a month but he made it to the camp at the age of nine where he would be claimed by his father Ares after a few months. The battle games were his favorite and he loved the competition around him.  Before being claimed Matthias showed great promise with his athletic ability and when he was claimed it was no surprise for most campers. Seeing his father's symbol made him determined to be a great warrior of note. He decided that he would earn much respect as a fierce fighter. As time went on duels or open challenges he never said no.

Quick and light on his feet he would systematically takes his opponent apart and it was the cheers of those who bet on him or egged him on that slowly caused him to develop a love for showmanship. The thrill of battle. He wanted to earn his father's respect and to polish his skills as a fighter. If he were to die he wishes to be remembered for his ferocity in battle, his loyalty to his friends and his never give up mentality.

Fatal Flaw: Getting a Thrill (Adrenaline high). A fight for him is not only about defeating his opponent  but to do so in a fashion that is as entertaining as possible.It is not enough for him to win with swift efficiency he must do so with showmanship. He does tend to have a morbid pursuit of thrill by facing death as closely as possible  which often times puts him in dangerous combat situations. Also loves wine and women a little too much....

Face Claim: Dustin Clare

Physical Description: Matthias stands at 5'11 while not a giant like some of his brethren he is indeed athletic, with tanned skin and long, light brown hair that looks bronze when the sun hits it right. While only 189 pounds he is all lean durable muscle, his body built through hard training, fighting and living a dangerous lifestyle. He has a few scars across his back and one along his ribs. On his right shoulder he has a tattoo of the sun in jet black ink. He wears light leather armor to better accommodate his fighting style, and his signature twin swords are never far from reach, and his twin daggers can always be seen at his waist. His light brown eyes are always filled with mischievous charm matched only by his love for battle.

Additional Pictures: 
Matthias Other
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