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May 25, 2018, 08:16:57 AM

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Author Topic: M seeking F  (Read 402 times)

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Offline backlash84Topic starter

M seeking F
« on: August 13, 2016, 05:54:40 AM »
Please read my ons/offs before contacting me if a roleplay interests you. Your role is in bold.


This plot is set in a cyber punk future where humanity has clumped itself together under large domes called "Cells". Each cell holds dozens, if not hundreds of millions of people, all packed together in one huge city. There are slums, where the poor struggle to make do, and wealthy area's where all of the glorious delights the future hold are available, to those with the credits to purchase them.

My character lives in one of these slums, he is a talented individual, repairing and replacing old tech for the locals from the scrap he purchases, making enough money to get by, if barely. He is a genius, and if he had the means he could probably have been quite successful, yet unfortunately he was not born into wealth or power, and so he is stuck in the slums, like many others.

Your character has been hired to take out a gang leader that does business in the slums often, but resides in a more secure and wealthy part of the cell. It seems like the best move would be to take him out in the slums, where the police don't bother and a security camera is a luxury no one can afford. The terms of the contact were simple, no witnesses... so when your character sees mine looking over at her from an alley where he was salvaging some old electronics, she knows what she has to do... she goes to take him out, quietly, with a knife as to not alarm anyone further with the sound of a gunshot.

This is when your character discovers that mine has another little talent, one he wasn't even aware he had... he is frightfully good at dodging. He has no training, and not much in the way of experience with violence, yet he somehow manages to avoid her blade, no matter what corner she backs him into. Of course, your character could eventually tire mine out... but she sees potential. If my character could be trained, he would make a good partner... someone who could watch her back without getting themselves killed too easily. She offers him a deal, he can not only live, but make a small fortune... all he has to do is work for her.

I see my character as agreeing to this, thinking he could send money back to some of the individuals in the slums to help his community, maybe save up enough to start a repair shop and make some honest money outside of the slums... and besides, she was hired to take out a scumbag, he wouldn't mind removing a few people like that from society, besides... it's that or die.

How I see this going is my character and yours start working together, he repairs/upgrades some of her equipment, goes out as back up for a few jobs, and they start to grow a little closer over time. Your character would seem like a stone cold killer at first, but my character eventually learns about how tough her life has been, sees her as a human being and not just a killer, and eventually starts to soften her up a bit, show her that not everyone wants to use her or harm her in some way, and that she can do good things with her particular skill set.


Medieval fantasy setting. My character is a mage/exorcist, a specialist in the paranormal, a field that is seen as little more than spooky stories told by mothers to keep their children in bed at night by most of society. Magic is known, and for the most part accepted in regular society. My characters previous partner came down with a case of Rigor Mortis, and he needs someone to fill in on what could potentially be a very dangerous job. He doesn't have much time, and so he can't be too picky. Luckily, your character is in need of coin, and my character is promising a ton of it for what she sees as a fools errand. She thinks my character is either crazy, or a con artiest, but because she is in DESPERATE need of coin (you can decide why) she takes the job anyways.

I see this playing out in an episodic fashion, with our characters running into new and interesting mysteries as they go town to town helping the locals out with problems that most people just don't know how to deal with. The only real restraints I have on your character is they need to be a physical fighter of some kind, and not believe in the supernatural. We can go on from there.