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May 27, 2018, 05:19:23 AM

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Author Topic: Badass Babes - A craving. (F/F)  (Read 287 times)

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Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Badass Babes - A craving. (F/F)
« on: August 12, 2016, 06:11:04 PM »
What, another idea thread? Yeah, well, I had this odd craving crop up just a few days ago, and it needs to be satisfied...

What I want is to write about two women who are in their twenties, who are a team, and are totally badass at what they do.

How is this any different to all the other stories I have going? Simple: They are already a couple!

See, most of my F/F stories feature two women meeting and falling in love while on some wacky adventure. Quite often they start out hating each other. I have nothing against stories like this; if I did I wouldn't write so many of them!

But I have a craving to write a story where the girls/women already know everything about each other, are already madly in love, and have sex at every opportunity... and get woken up in bed together at the start of the story by their boss/client/superior/(some other NPC role appropriate to the story/setting), and given a task to do...

The setting can be whatever you like: Contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, modern-AU, I'll even consider fandoms as long as it's one I know. If you suggest one I don't know I will tell you, but please don't expect me to read up on it. That isn't going to happen!

The character roles should be something that fits the setting, but also, I want the action to be physical rather than "virtual".

And finally there's the story. They need to get involved in something that is bigger than expected, something that puts them in danger, possibly without them even realising it at first.

I have a few ideas that might work. They need to be expanded, built upon, the rouge edges need smoothing off and the bad ideas need weeding out from the good.

1) Couriers. A couple of motorcycle chicks who have their own little courier service get employed to take a package across the country. The problem with this story is that I can't see a justification for needing both of them, unless they are taking turns to carry it, or are taking turns driving while the other sleeps on the pillion, or possibly doing a "Smoky And The Bandit" with one of them running interference for the other.

2) The crew of a small space-craft. They could be couriers again, or it could be a scout ship, or some other vessel, maybe a mining ship...

3) Cops. We'd have to come up with a setting in which two lesbian cops who were lovers were allowed to work together.

4) Assassins. In fact I'd like to do this idea if we could set it in a medieval/fantasy setting.

5) Fighter pilots. I have an existing setting/story for a sci-fi story based upon this image.

6) Rogues. I have an existing setting/story for a fantasy romp based upon this image.

Content can be anything you like from light to extreme. The characters can be D/S or just equal vanilla lovers, they can be older and younger, boss and apprentice, they can be related if this is what you are into.

I'm also not overly concerned about whether they are both human, especially for Science Fiction plots. They do both have to be female though!

I would like a female player please. Lady or female liege.

If you have any better ideas or any ways to make one of the above ideas work, I would love to hear them. I might even consider doing more than one story if they are different enough.
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Offline Nintentoast

Re: Badass Babes - A craving. (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2016, 06:50:49 PM »
Hello! I am interested in your plot! It sounds very fun! I have been improving my writing ability for a long time, but however, my computer is currently not working. I apologize for this fairly small reply, but at the moment, i am working from an iPhone. I expect that the computer will be fixed by later tonight, so if you are still interested, I am here!