The sissy strip club

Started by curiousjames, August 12, 2016, 05:11:14 AM

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Sissy Strip Club

Curtis stood in his shower the warm water running down his spine as he pondered the world his mind wondering from politics to all his hopes and dreams including dark fantasies. As usual he reached for his razor ready to shave his pubic area, after all the panties he loved so much felt all the better against smooth skin. This weekly routine was part of his ritual part of the taboo yet delicious nature of his secret fetish. You see Curtis loved wearing woman's panties it turned him on feeling the silky fabrics, more than that the knowledge that he was wearing something essentially forbidden to him by society made it all the more alluring. He first found his love of panties when looking at porn more often than not jerking off to girls in sexy panties and lingerie than those totally naked. This soon turned into wearing them when he found a pink satin thong left in his apartment after a party, his friends after all could get fairly wild. slipping the silky material up his legs and over his cock was too greater temptation. That sealed his fate from that point on he could wear nothing else, his obsession with panties grew until male underwear was out of the question.

Curtis went out after his shower meeting a few of his friends at a bar on this occasion flirting with danger wearing some jeans that were rather loose. He had gotten used to wearing pants that were tight around the waist so as to not expose his secret. After a few drinks and games of pool most of them lost by himself his friend Jimmy suggested they all go to a strip club near by. Curtis always nerves around women attempted to steer the group away yet the idea once implanted in drunken minds grew taking on a life of its own.  So Curtis found himself sitting in a surprisingly comfortable seat watching the women around him dance scantily dressed. He couldn't help but admire there beauty and in a strange way feel jealous of the attention and adoration they seemed to receive. There fine feminine yet slutty clothing drew his eye especially the plethora of pantie designs in every cut and colour coupled with the slutty lingerie. Sipping on a scotch and dry his friends some how sensing through there drunken haze that he was new to this environment, sniffing out his inexperience like piranhas sniffing blood decided to all put in for a private dance.

He couldn't look her in the eye whether through his all encompassing insecurity or through a fixation with the flash of pantie exposed underneath her short skirt was irrelevant. This coupled with the lacy white stocking tops held up by suspenders moving hypnotically on stunning legs, as she walked ahead of him holding his hand on the way back to the private dance area held him. His eyes glued to her as she danced for him grinding over his body stammering out responses when she spoke. Unable to look away as she peeled of the short skirt revealing her silky panties one thing slipped his mind. In all this action his shirt rode up and his pants fell down a little. This seemingly and usually inconsequential event revealed the light pink lace trim of his thong panties. Plain to see they were exposed his favorite pare a hot pink thong with light pink love hearts printed on, finished of with a delicious lace trim. Her eyes locked onto them as he noticed her gaze having finally built up the courage to look up at her. Curtis froze fully aware that she had seen them, that she now knew his secret. His heart raced along with his mind yet he sat there frozen waiting for her to laugh.       
to be a women for a day oh what a day that would be