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Author Topic: Splendiforous' Splendid request thread - Craving Naruto  (Read 738 times)

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Splendiforous' Splendid request thread - Craving Naruto
« on: August 12, 2016, 02:29:40 am »
Hi all!

New to this site so still getting my head around everything, but I thought I'd kick right into things and get my request thread going!

Current Craving - Naruto Roleplays
So at the moment I'm craving some Naruto themed roleplays. Further down the post are some suggested pairings, but they're by no means the only pairings I'll do. If you're interested in a Naruto themed roleplay and don't see the pairing you like, don't be discouraged. Get in touch anyway and maybe we can work something out!

The Plots
Reality Warp
Basically, my character will gain the ability to manipulate reality in any way he chooses. I have a couple of ideas for how he gains this power,
1) For some reason a god grants his divine omnipotent powers to my character.
2) My character is exposed to some kind of alien substance which grants him the power.
3) My character comes into possession of a device or smartphone app where anything he types into it becomes reality.
I would be looking for you to play my characters best friend, whom will probably be the main focus of where my character uses his powers.
One minute your character could be just a regular male, the next minute he's a female and head cheerleader of the school with breasts the size of over-inflated beach balls. Next day he's an effeminate male with a 10 mile long erection and balls the size of a house, after that he becomes a lust crazed egg-laying tentacle monster. Of course if you want to play other, distinct, characters I'm happy for you to do so, but a one off best friend type character is fine too since they'll be going through radical changes to essentially become whatever person or creature my character whims. My character will be transforming himself too, so you'll be spending time as a more regular human as well, don't go thinking it's just going to be one sided XD

As you may have guessed from reading that, when I said you need to be into pretty much anything I meant it. Some particular highlights are going to be stuff like,

Body transformation (Well, that's the whole point really)
Big/Huge/Macro/Ridiculous/Ludicrous proportions
Excessive cum ranging from Hentai level volume all the way to planet flooding volume and beyond, including cum inflation.

All of the changes are temporary of course, and my character can use his power to instantly repair any damage done and wipe the memory of events from everyone except those he chooses.

Impregnate Everyone
My character could be male or futa, and I'd like to play against females, futas and maybe even males (I've always liked the idea of M-Preg but never actually done it). Your characters can be a mixture of humans and other creatures, such as aliens, furrys, monsters, etc.

Whilst not exactly plots, a few general scenarios that might work for the roleplay,

1) During their sleep my character is given a divine mission in which he/she is instructed by a fertility god to spread his/her seed far and wide and to sire as many children as possible. In exchange they will be granted some kind of reward.

2) My character is the last human being left in the Universe after the rest of humanity is somehow wiped out (War/Disease) and so a more advanced species takes him/her and puts him onto a nature reserve planet where they put other 'last of their kind' life forms from all across the Universe. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, my character decides it's time to do something and so they set out across the planet to build a new species.

3) My character is some kind of explorer who discovers a new tribe in the jungle made up entirely of females who have eternal life and youth. If my character is male then he is the first male that they have ever seen and males are legendary to them, and their legends say that he must stay in the village until he impregnates every single villager. If female my character resembles their goddess and so they feed her a fruit that nobody but the goddess is allowed to eat and it turns her into a futa and gives her a divine instinct to impregnate everyone.

4) A virus has swept across the world which has rendered virtually every male sterile and only one in every 100 million men are now capable of impregnating a woman. In order to try and save the human race the American government grants my character, one of the only fertile male left in America, a license to have sex with anyone he wants whenever he wants wherever he wants and the other person is legally required to comply, if they do not they face immediate arrest and life imprisonment without trial or possibility of parole.
This plot could also have a futa variation where the virus renders all males sterile, but it turns one in every 100 million women into futanari.
Can also work in M-Preg since the license doesn't specify women, and when my character (Male of Futa) decides to use it on a man the guy also ends up pregnant.

Werewolf Revenge
So this is an idea for a plot for a Werewolf game I've come up with.
Just a stipulation to be aware of before you read on, this plot would require you to play as multiple characters, though not necessarily all at once unless you'd like to.

My character is a small, meek student at school who is often bullied by pretty much everyone, both students and teachers. On a school camping trip that he had little choice but to go on my character is bullied as usual and ends up being chased off into the woods whilst students laugh and teachers stand by doing nothing, but it turns out he wasn't the only being in the woods that night. Whilst wandering around feeling sorry for himself, my character is attacked by a Werewolf, which bites him before seemingly getting spooked and running away. Despite the wound, my character doesn't report what happened, knowing that it would just end up being more ammunition for the bullies. Instead he just bandages up the wound himself and keeps it hidden, thinking it was just a regular animal attack since he couldn't really see very well in the dark.
What nobody realised however is that my character is the carrier of an exceptionally rare gene, one that is almost unheard of. When bitten by the Werewolf it doesn't just make him into a makes him into a Prime Alpha, the largest, strongest, most powerful form of Werewolf in existence, one which even other Alphas will bow and submit to without a moments hesitation.

When he first transforms, my character loses himself and his mind is driven by thoughts of those who bullied him....and on getting his revenge and turning the tables by making them a part of his pack....whether they like it or not.
One of the perks of being a Prime Alpha however is that once someone is exposed to his seed, that person is then biologically compelled to obey his every command, even when both he and they are in human form. Mentally they can resist, they can still hate him, say whatever they want, but their bodies will be as compelled to obey as they are to breathe, no matter the order he gives. If he says to strip, they will strip. If he says to bow, they will bow. If he says to orgasm, they will do so immediately with zero additional stimulation...

This can involve MxF and MxM pairings. Happy to do MxF only, but MxM is only as well as MxF, not exclusive.
Kinks I'd really like to involve in this game,
Transformation (Obviously)
Huge cocks
Lots of cum
Cum inflation

Fandom Pairings
(If there's a preference, my character is the one in bold)
Harry Potter
Male/Futa OC x Hermione
Male/Futa OC x Ginny
Ron x Ginny
Male/Futa OC x Harry
Harry x Draco

Male/Futa OC x Sakura
Male/Futa OC x Ino
Male/Futa OC x Hinata
Male/Futa OC x Temari
Naruto x Ino
Naruto x Temari

Male/Futa OC x Rukia
Male/Futa OC x Tatsuki
Male/Futa OC x Karin

Male OC x Mary Jane Watson
Male OC x She Hulk

Male OC x Supergirl
Male OC x Lois Lane

Resident Evil
OC Male x Jill Valentine
OC Male x Claire Redfield
OC Male x Sherry Birkin
Jill Valentine x Monster
Claire Redfield x Monster

OC Male x Samus Aran

General/Random Pairings
So these are fairly random pairings for original characters, but they can apply to fandom pairings above too
Male x Female/Futa Alien
Male/Female/Futa victim x Tentacle Monster
Male Human x Female/Male/Futa Werewolf
Brother x Sister
Son x Mother

I'm sure I'll add new plots/pairings to this as time goes on so even if you don't see something you like right now, be sure to check back in future.
Also, if you don't see something in particular but think I've inspired you and you have something you think I might be interested in, then be sure to get in touch!
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Re: Splendiforous' Splendid request thread - Craving Naruto
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 04:04:24 am »
Made an update to reflect a current craving of mine. Really wanting a roleplay that's Naruto themed at the moment.