Hot Girl on Girl RP ideas!

Started by Momo, August 10, 2016, 08:23:01 PM

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Hey there! So just so you know a bit about me, I'm nowhere near new to rp. I've been doing it for over 10 years now ever since I was a kid. I'm bi, but I prefer girls like 95% of the time, so I pretty much exclusively like FxF RP with a few slight exceptions. I also have a few fetishes some might consider weird such as: Incest, Sex in School, Public Sex (meaning people watching, but not stopping it), Babysitters, Sex in moving vehicles (bus, taxi, etc.), some anal, and more (don't judge >_<)

Now here's what you can expect from me, and what I expect from you!
Me: I usually try to match my partner in reply length, so if you do one liners, I'll do one liners, and if you do 5 paragraphs, I'll do 5 paragraphs. I have good grammar and spelling, but let's be honest we all make mistakes occasionally. I can usually reply multiple times a day, and a lot of the time we can even go back and forth for hours. I will never simply leave an rp in progress. If there's some sort of problem with it or I'm getting bored, I will let you know. I will always tell you if I'll be gone for a bit and can't reply. I'm open to a lot of fetishes and am also open to talking about whatever you might wanna add.

You: First and foremost, don't just leave the rp. If there's a problem, or you're getting bored just let me know. I won't get angry, and if there's no way I can keep your interest then we can part ways peacefully. If you're gonna be gone longer than a day or two, just let me know and I'll be patient as hell. I don't care if you're gone for a month as long as I know for sure you're coming back. I like strap-on dildos, and will lose interest super fast if you don't want to include them, so for the sake of the rp, make sure they're in there. I don't care much about grammar and spelling, but at least try. Since you're the dom character, dont expect my character to make the first move. On top of that, your character needs to be on top of mine most of the time. Obviously mine will give some loving back, but if I'm always doin the work I'm gonna get bored. I enjoy lots of smut, so make sure you're cool with that. Of course it's not like im not okay with story, in fact I like it, but I like a lot of smut too.

So on to the RP's id like to do, there's a few to choose from, and I'll take as many partners as I can get, so if you see that I've already started one with someone, I'm more that happy to start the same one with you. It's best if we rp through email, cuz I've had a really busy work schedule as of late, so email is my only reliable method of replying to your post at a decent speed, which I can usually do all day long most days. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND IF YOU'RE NOT OKAY WITH THAT. Also if you're interested, please shoot me a pm and keep my reply section clean!
Here's the list of RP ideas I'd wanna do. I have a plot idea for each of them, but of course you're free to make suggestions too:




Teacher/Student (CAN also the mother of said student if you like)

Nurse/Patient (nurse CAN also be her mom)

If you have any kinks or fetishes that you wanna include, I'm a very accommodating person, so just run them by me and we'll talk about maybe including it! Here are some I will definitely not do though: Toilet stuff, blood and gore, furries, futas, supernatural stuff.

Hopefully one of these sounds appealing and REMEMBER there's no such thing as a 'taken' scenario for me, for instance if I'm doing a mom/daughter rp with someone else, I'll still do it with you too!

If you're interested, please send me a pm ONLY! Wanna keep the thread clean. Hope to hear from ya soon!
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Made a decent amount of changes so people can feel free to think up a plot if they don't like mine XD
"Nerd? I prefer the term: intellectual badass."