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October 01, 2022, 03:43:27 pm

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Author Topic: ❤ Eternal's snows UP-to-date thread ❤ M/M.  (Read 879 times)

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❤ Eternal's snows UP-to-date thread ❤ M/M.
« on: August 10, 2016, 08:29:45 am »

Status: Currently seeking more role player(s).

▌▌ҬԱГทՏ ◎ท ᗋทᗠ ◎ҒҒՏ ▌▌

Basic info:
How I role: E-mails or threads only. 
Gender? Female
Sexuality preference? Yaoi all the way.
Position role: I am versatile. I play all three positions.
Most preferred role: Dominant Uke.
Role preference to play with: All positions.
Fandoms? Yes. And Oc's as well as our own character(s).
Availability? I can respond every day, more than twice a week as often as I am available.
Availability I'm looking for:   Someone that can respond frequently.
Are you a paragraph writer? Yes.
Length? I love meaty paragraphs, someone that can mirror length.


ɱy name is Eternal0snow92. But you can call me єtєгภคl or รภ๏ฬ. I'm in my єคгlץ tฬєภtเєร.  I am based in єภﻮlคภ๔. I am employed as a tคאเ ๔гเשєг. Due to Driving long distance it means I struggle to wind down in the evenings so I use role playing as a mechanism to trick my brain to stop thinking about roads.  And plus nothing makes me more happy to know I have a response waiting to figure out whilst getting A to B that I have something else to think about.

Of course because we don't write letters anymore. I'm always worried about losing the ability use punctuation and proper grammar. Due to having a learning difficulty I try my best to excerise that part as much as I can and improve it so eventually I'd be able to publish a book and become author in the future.

ค๒๏ยt ๓є คร ค ฬгเtєг  

- I have been writing for 10+ years now.  I actually lost count.
- I enjoy playing all genres/themes.  Anything that involves Drama and angst I'm for it.
- I enjoy playing both bottom and top, but I prefer generally as a hole not to label characters.
- I enjoy Story Driven rather than 'sex, sex, sex'.
- I enjoy playing multiple characters. Along-side main.
- I enjoy building worlds and character development.
- I enjoy long-term role plays.
- I enjoy twisted plots, elements that my partner had decided on rather than just me take
- I can respond frequently.
- I do have a learning difficulty, which is Dyspraxia it tends to fuck with my brain sometimes.

  ฬђคt ςคภ เ ๏ŦŦєг ץ๏ย?

-  Detailed & meaty responses.
- Someone that puts 110% into her role plays.
- Commitment.
- All positions.
- Realism and fantasy I do it all.

ฬђคt ค๓ เ l๏๏кเภﻮ Ŧ๏г?

- Someone that can respond frequently.
- Someone that can contribute to the role play and throughout the plotting stage.
- Someone that can respond lengthy posts.
- Someone that can actually respond, rather than just 'actually' responding.
- Brings something to the table.
- All positions <--- Any wimpy and stuttering characters I will not tolerate.

ฬђคt ค๓ เ ภ๏t l๏๏кเภﻮ Ŧ๏г?

- Someone that takes forever to respond. I mean forever, I get the idea behind commiments outside of Elliquiy but there's a wait-limit. Some may be pushed a little further depending on the role play and partner. Wait kills my inspiration people!  True story bruv.
-  One liners.
- F x F role plays. It just isn't my thing although I'm bisexual in real.
- Someone that get's impatient with typos I get that they're annoying. I hate them too, but sometimes I do miss it when I'm proof-reading. I am improving though.
- Someone that text's talk I cannot stand it.

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Offline DabiTopic starter

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Re: ❤ Eternal's snows UP-to-date thread ❤ M/M.
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2016, 10:27:07 am »
❤ɱΘɖεરɴ ρλίરίɴĢȘ❤

- Council leader & Delinquent student.
- Transfer Student x Delinquent Student.
-  Popular Student x Intervort Student.

- Cafe worker x Famous person.
- Cafe worker x Loyal Customer/Regular Customer.

- Single man x Famous person (Who doesn't know who that guy is)
- Married man x Random person
- Married man x Best man
- Married man x Wifes Brother
- Married man x Single next door neighbor

- Doctor x Patient
- Doctor x Prisoner
- Therapist x Doctor
- Therapist x Therapist
- Doctor x Body guard
- Doctor x Doctor
- Solider x Doctor
- Warden x Prisoner
- Prisoner x Prisoner
- Gangster x Cop
- Witness x Bodyguard
- Exfriend x Friend.
- SoldierxSoldier
- Boss x Employee

- Philanthropist x  Juvenile

- Band mate x Band mate
- Band mate x Fan
- Fan x Bodyguard
- Bodyguard x Band mate
- Security x Band mate
- Band mate x Stalker

- Blind x Helper
- Deaf x Blind
- Hospitalized Patient x Helper/Voltunteer


- Vampire x Angel
- Vampire x Human
-  Shapeshifter x Vampire
- Vampire x vampire
- Shapeshifter x Human
- Vampire x Human
- Dragon x Human
- Angel x Dragon
- Dragon x Dragon  (Unawoken Dna)
- Elves x Dragon.
- Last unicorn x Vampire.
- Prince x Prince


- Assassins creed,
- Black dagger brotherhood,
- Bleach,
- Dark series By Christine Feehan
- Dragon fury novels by Coreene  Callaghan
- Clannad,
- Harry potter,
- Lord Of The Rings,
- Midnight Breed series, Lara Adrian,
-  A Dark warriors Novel by Donna grant,
- Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter.

Themes I enjoy playing:

Nothing stirs me more,  than a well thought-out plot. Although it's like a double-edged sword because I like having the very basics of the plot than just let the role play take its course.

Sorry, I'm a angst fiend. I simply love a good tear-jerker, whether it involves death of a character where it ripple effects around the characters. And how they respond.
                                                                                                   I love high-end of fantasy, whether it involves, vampires, angels, shape-shifters. My biggest kink in a story is having m-pregnancy.

I love, hurt and comfort role plays to where the main characters absolutely hate each other and can't stand each other.  Where they're mated for life.   Gotta love conflict!

« Last Edit: August 10, 2016, 10:54:35 am by Eternal0snow92 »

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Re: ❤ Eternal's snows UP-to-date thread ❤ M/M.
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2016, 10:56:17 am »
Very interested.  I sent you a PM :)