The Usurper Sultan and the Unwanted Harem (M for F)

Started by Birchleaf, August 08, 2016, 08:24:45 PM

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A classical artist's rendering

Ah, the harem. Fodder for the fantasies of men wanting lots of women to serve their every need, or the fantasies of women (as attested to by too many romance novels to count) of being forced into servitude to and subsequently taming the heart of some wild sheikh.

But what about a man who acquires a harem that he does not want, but has to have? What of the women trapped into a connection with a man who wants nothing to do with them, with no other options besides him?

A... less classical artist's rendering.

The plot that came into my mind recently is of an adventurer from a faraway land coming to a wealthy kingdom in the midst of the desert and, somehow, all by his lonesome, conquering the place. How is not that important yet, and can be decided later, but his position is very tenuous. He is a stranger in this land, and most of his new subjects are anything but loyal. The former Sultan, a young man before his recent death, left behind him a harem of young, beautiful women, and, per the laws of the land, when the old Sultan dies any women not related to the new Sultan are either killed or moved into the new Sultan's harem. Said new Sultan is a kind man and refuses to allow any of the girl to be killed, and so 'acquires' the lot of them. In addition, his new subjects shower him with gifts he cannot possibly refuse, for to do so would be to insult them, and make his position even more uncertain, and among those gifts are slave girls to be his concubines, and daughters to be his wives.

The only problem with all this is that the new Sultan comes from a culture that practices very strict monogamy, is disgusted by slavery, and is in love with another. So, he puts the women he receives off in the harem, moves his personal quarters out of said harem, and sleeps alone, refusing sexual contact with any of them despite his polite kindness towards them.

Another classic- wait, well, this may be 'classical', but I hesitate to call it all that classy.

To summarize, a usurping sultan acquires a significant number of wives and concubines, but does not want them. I want to explore this dynamic, as much, if not more, from a story perspective than a smut one (although I am open to smut if you want to bring it). These women came expecting to be slaves to the rapacious appetites of a harsh, probably ugly and cruel, patriarch, only to find themselves bound to a seemingly gentle, decidedly handsome and kind, celibate. Albeit for all his kindness, he has personally killed hundreds of people and ordered the deaths of thousands more in order to seize control of a kingdom that was not his, so all that gentleness is definitely not the whole of his personality.

I am looking for someone willing to play the ladies of the harem, while I play most of the rest of the world: the usurper himself, the eunuch harem guards, the various vassals, enemies, bandits, et cetera (or otherwise, as suggested). I plan on having the RP focus on both the interaction between the sultan and his harem, as well as the plots, treacheries, and general byzantine politics of the royal court. Expect a lot of people trying to kill the new sultan, and some of them trying to enlist his harem to either kill him or bring him down. Or others who simply want to cozy up to the new leader, certain that trying anything against the One Man Army that conquered the kingdom by his lonesome is foolishness.

Of course, sex will ensue at some point, but probably not for awhile.

The actual thing. This is why we all prefer fantasy.

I am looking mostly for just one partner, although if more than one person expresses interest, given the nature of the plot it would not be that hard to turn this into a three person game. Or, hell, a group game, though that seems an unlikely dream.

In order to avoid too many unfortunate implications, I want to set this in a fictional country. Either a realistic one based on ancient Arabia, a more mythologized one with genies and whatnot from Arabian Nights, or full-out fantasy world with elves and catgirls and vampires and magic and whatever else stokes our fancies, depending on my partner's preferences.

Finally, be sure to check out my Role-Playing Preferences under my leafy avatar to the left to see if you will like writing with me.


I almost forgot that I ever wrote this. Been more than a year now. But, it is too good of an idea to leave floundering forever, so I will go ahead and put it back out there.


I like the idea of it but I would only do it if it is a 1X1 not group. I find groups tend to be more difficult to keep the story flowing.


I like it too tho I'm not experienced in playing female.


Quote from: Chrisking777 on August 17, 2017, 04:41:56 PM
I like it too tho I'm not experienced in playing female.

I apologize, but I think that Caldawen and I have this. Thank you for your interest!