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Author Topic: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)  (Read 3051 times)

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Offline Latooni Subota

Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #50 on: August 05, 2016, 08:05:35 PM »
While Shar'mal is no Tali'zorah, she could lend a hand when not on medic duty with the ship maintenance, to lighten the load on Wayne. (And also for the possible amusement of Shar's calibrations irritating the hell out of Wayne for being totally different than his. :D )

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Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #51 on: August 05, 2016, 08:18:46 PM »
As long as it's not Garrus style "Calibrations"





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Offline CuriousEyes

Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #52 on: August 05, 2016, 11:38:09 PM »
Ok, now it's bedtime...

Name: Iain McGowan
Aliases: Sometimes referred to by nickname - “Bumpy”
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 34

Class: “Soldier” is most applicable, but ability level would lag behind most with experience/training
Talents & Specializations: Systems Alliance Navy-trained ship pilot with high aptitude marks prior to discharge. Capable of piloting large and small craft including Kodiaks and the M35 Mako. Related functional knowledge in areas such as Engineering & Computer Systems, although not capable of providing much more than emergency service in these roles - not a fit for long-term assignment. Basic Alliance military training in hand-to-hand and armed combat, field medicine, etc.
Professions: Previously held the rank of Flight Lieutenant as the Chief Helmsman of the SSV Gettysburg. Following discharge numerous mercenary jobs including one-off missions for Cerberus and various rival organizations throughout the galaxy.

Personality: Typically easygoing and relaxed, with a sarcastic and sometimes gallows sense of humor. Demonstrates an impulsive streak and willingness to “go with his gut.”This can be both an asset in piloting situations where rapid reaction is necessary, and a liability when consequences of an action are not properly considered.

Periodically Iain’s moods can drift into irritation and peevishness, sometimes to the point of irrational rages. This is generally an early sign of withdrawal from his addictions, which are not common knowledge even among his friends

While capable of loyalty and affection to friends, he does possess a selfish streak, particularly in times of personal need. Associates often describe Iain as “your best friend when times are good, only to leave you holding the bag when you run out of credits.”

Iain is also rather lascivious and in downtime will often “make a run” at women he perceives as available or potentially interested.

History: Iain is the oldest son of Major Andrew McGowan, a respected Alliance officer. A stereotypical “spacer” shuttled throughout his childhood from one assignment to the next, Iain was raised with the expectation he would follow in the family trade. At 18 he was accepted to flight school, and would ascend the ranks steadily over the next few years until assuming the role of Chief Helmsman of the SSV Gettysburg.

Despite appearing to most to be a promising officer on the right track, the pressures Iain felt to succeed did take their toll. During his time in flight school he secretly turned to the stimulant Videlicet in order to help his physical acuity and mental clarity behind the conn.

Although the medication provided the desired boost to his performance and became a regular part of his duty shifts, Iain found it difficult to come “down” from the heightened focus that was provided. To counteract this he began drinking regularly, as well as turning to the narcotic Hallex to dull his senses and allow him to relax. Quickly he found himself locked into a cycle of addiction, papered over by the veneer of his position.

At 24, Iain’s career was fully derailed by what he only refers to as “the incident.” Piloting a Kodiak over an uninhabited world scouting for Cerberus agitators, his shuttle took fire and was forced to make an emergency landing. The crash killed three marines who had been passengers on the mission.

It was later discovered in the course of the investigation that Iain had been severely intoxicated during the mission. Unable to verify that his sobriety would have affected the outcome of the landing with certainty, Iain’s Captain quietly suppressed this detail from his reports as a favor to his friend, Major McGowan. However, he was still presented with a general discharge from the Navy under other pretenses.

The incident created an extreme rift between Iain and his father. Virtually disowned, he set out as an independent contractor, taking jobs wherever he could find them. From piloting garbage scows to drug runs for Eclipse, no questions were asked. He even took a few odd missions for Cerberus from time to time, although if pressed about his feelings on their politics his response was that he was just trying to get the comm frequency of the woman who hired him, who ”has an ass that won’t quit.”

After the destruction of the Reapers and the collapsing of the mass relays, Iain found himself stranded on Omega, where he stayed quietly busy as society began the slow process of re-establishing itself. He continues to quietly abuse his drugs, and his unwillingness to align himself to a particular employer has sown growing resentment the last few years from actors on all sides who question his loyalties.

More and more he finds himself with more enemies than friends.

Appearance & Equipment: Scruffy and casually dressed, but usually clean and sporting a wry smile. A bit short of six feet tall, and while some lines have started to appear around his eyes in recent years he still maintains a somewhat boyish aura.

Lately he has taken to carrying his previous service weapon, an M-5 Phalanx, but typically goes about his day in the minimum of armor or weaponry..

Misc. Notes: Within a day of losing access to his supply of Hallex, Iain will start to show signs of withdrawal - irritability, muscle aches, involuntary spasms in his hands and sensitivity to light. Within three days he’ll be suffering from the symptoms of detox, and will be unable to perform duties as a helmsman. Quickly able to resume duties with the delivery of his chems.

Additional Images

Offline OdanravTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #53 on: August 06, 2016, 10:43:45 AM »
Curious - Hello darkness, my old friend... I've come to accept you once again. Welcome aboard.

Still Pending

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Offline Andronica

Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #54 on: August 06, 2016, 12:31:44 PM »
Here we go! Sorry for the delay. ;)

Name: Arissa D'lari
Aliases: Wraith
Sex: Female
Race: Asari
Age: Unknown

Class: ??
Talents & Specializations: Hacking, espionage, seduction, and maintaining anonymity. Wraith is oddly quiet and graceful.
Professions: Handles the transition of sensitive information and funds. Works "independently" as a neutral party in various galactic conflicts.

Personality: Wraith predominantly communicates through private channels via omni-tool which are concise messages, sometimes coded. In person she is cold blooded unless dealing with Wayne, but even then, she often maintains a professional front.

History: Unknown.

Appearance & Equipment: Besides Wayne Essex and a select few clients, no one has ever actually met Wraith in person. Those who do are usually about to face an untimely and unexpected end. The asari stands around 5'8" with an athletic build. Usually Wraith is dressed in a dark full body suit which boasts white seams on her shoulders, upper thighs and down her chest. She has pale lavender skin and dark blue-purple lips. The purple markings in the middle of her lower lip and down her chin also surrounded her vivid teal eyes, which give her a beautiful yet slightly menacing appearance as if she is constantly scrutinizing whoever she's looking at.

Misc. Notes: N/A

Additional Images

Name: Dezthia Essex
Aliases: Dez
Sex: Female
Race: Human (modified)
Age: 30

Class: Vanguard
Talents & Specializations: Advanced biotic abilities, close quarters combat, intimidation and general bad-assery. She excels with various weapons from shotguns to pistols. Has very creative interrogation techniques.
Professions: Former genetically modified Cerberus experiment and enforcer. Former bodyguard to the Queen Bitch Aria T'Loak herself. Current a mercenary on the run.

Personality: Despite her rough upbringing, Dez's phase of being a stoic killer melted away rather over time while working for Aria. The charismatic, sarcastic young woman came back out of her shell and is the first to speak her mind. However, during combat and delicate negotiations Dezthia opts to remain quiet instead of acting rashly. She attributes this to her time as a Cerberus agent but in truth it's an instinctual reaction borne of from watching Wayne act with eerily calm precision when they were young.

History: Wayne's little sister. That was what she always felt like. While growing up on the derelict backwater planet with her brother and single mother, Dezthia always looked up to Wayne and admired him. The combination of naivety and adoration prevented her from realizing how contemptuous Wayne was of his younger sibling. She wanted to be just like him. So it was an understatement to say Dez had a chip on her shoulder when he vanished.

After the Batarian raid on her home planet leading to the death of her mother, Dezthia was bounced around the human trafficking ring until she was scooped up by a wealthy patron who would turn out to be a Cerberus agent. The supposed abandonment of her brother lead to her acceptance of her gross mistreatment by Cerberus. She willingly became subjected to various experiments that enhanced her biotic abilities until she was the perfect little soldier; just one of many. Yet even though she tried to remain detached from her former life, Dez used her connections to her advantage and eventually caught wind of an ex-Alliance soldier who piqued her interest. That gut feeling was spot on and Dez went to visit her brother during his imprisonment. Wayne didn't even recognize her at first as the lanky vulnerable girl he once knew was completely transformed.

Dez covertly aided in his escape and indoctrination into Cerberus shortly therafter which she believed was best for him - and it worked. He quickly rose in the ranks and she was once again trying to emulate him. The swell of pride in her chest conflicted with the painful wrench of envy in her gut and Dezthia built up a progressively more stony demeanor.

When Wayne discovered the Illusive Man's secret she took his advice and ran, although she barely made it out. She spent a few years roaming around the outskirts of derelict planets and stations to scrape together a living before she reached Omega and decided to take a chance with Aria T'Loak. Surprisingly, the asari took her on and it was Dez's turn to shine. She made a few friends (among them was a quirky Salarian named Torino) and found purpose up until Sarek wrenched it away and ousted her from the one true home she'd had since she was a girl.

Appearance & Equipment: Cerberus honed the lanky girl's body into a fighting machine with ample curves and muscle. She cuts a fearsome silhouette which is lean muscled with wide hips and a taut, shapely backside. Her body is mostly unmarked besides a few small scars indicative of her training days at Cerberus - she often learned lessons the hard way. Her enhancements are almost well hidden in her body and the dozens of surgeries have left behind thin silvery scars where her augmentations were internally wired. Her eyes are bright green but the right eye has been entirely replaced by a cybernetic implant which is noticeable by tell-tale red pupil.

While working for Cerberus her chestnut brown hair was cut short but upon desertion int he wake of her brother's escape from prison she let her hair grow out into a wild mess, but during her time with Aria once again cut it short. After years of wearing armor, Dezthia usually feels naked without some piece of heavy equipment or clothing on her person. She tends to wear armor made of thin interlocking ablative ceramic which is helpful to not impede movement during her charge attack. She uses a Cerberus Harrier assault rifle in combat.

Misc. Notes: Theme song: Avarice by Throwing Snow

Additional Images

Name: Dr. Livia Trezel
Aliases: Liv. But she's very selective about who calls her that.
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 32

Class: Adept
Talents & Specializations: Well educated, logical, a bit of a jack-of-all trades when it comes to most scholarly topics from history to psychology.
Professions: Researcher. Resides on the Vandal as Wayne's voice of reason, aka, his Yeoman.

Personality: Livia has a rather dry sense of humour and due to her stiff upbringing she may come off as pretentious because of her direct way of speaking. However, she's actually quite kind and prefers to observe rather than engage in extroverted activities. She's more than willing to be someone's confidant when they need to vent or desire some well-rounded advice.

History: Both of Livia's parents were affluent and belonged to the upper echelons of earth society. She lived in luxury and endured only superficial hardships. Her status made it easy to gain valuable connections during her adolescence who ranged from politicians and physicians to elite members of the Alliance, and through those connections she secured a place at a prestigious university. At 28 she graduated with her doctorate and worked for a research laboratory where she took on an understudy by the name of Jace Worley. Liv spent a few years balancing her opulent social life with work but grew increasingly disenchanted. Something was missing and she didn't know how to fill that void.

So Livia gathered her things and left behind all of her research for Jace. Only a few times during her education did she actually go out into the field and she realized just how badly she craved it. Walking around the office with a datapad glued to her face didn't even come close. Thus Livia took it upon herself to find some adventure and eventually she landed on a mid-rim planet for a spell. While there, she met a sullen mat at a local bar who called himself Wayne. Throughout the course of the night he unburdened himself (or at least he tried to) of past transgressions through the help of a dozen stiff drinks and Livia's rapt interest. She wasn't perturbed by the less than legal nature of his work. In fact, she found it thrilling. Wayne was like no one she knew back home.

Dr. Trezel managed to convince Wayne to take her along on his ship so that she could resume her research with a more hands-on approach. She paid him rather generously by the month while Wayne generously offered to teach her some basic survival and combat skills in return for her companionship. Over time Livi adapted to her role rather well. When her research began to take off she contacted her former assistant Jace (with Wayne's permission) and invited him to reprise his role. The two currently live on the Vandal with Wayne.

Appearance & Equipment: Dr. Trezel is of Hispanic and Middle Eastern descent with long black-brown hair and hazel eyes. A few freckles are splashed across her caramel cheeks and along the bridge of her pointed nose. She has full luscious lips and a small face that compliment her petite, womanly frame. Due to a life of scholarly pursuits Livia has little combat experience; although she isn't completely useless in combat thanks to Wayne's patient training with the Arc pistol gifted to her by her Salarian professor upon completion of her thesis.

Misc. Notes: Although her knowledge is primarily in the field of history, Dr. Trezel is also a horticulturalist by hobby.

Additional Images

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Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #55 on: August 06, 2016, 12:42:15 PM »
Name: Melisandre Jacian
Aliases: Red, Widow
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 26

Class: Infiltrator
Talents & Specializations: Tech control.  Enhanced reflexes and strength.  Incredible marksmanship.
Professions: Sniper.  Mercenary work under many various groups.

Personality: Widow is a cold, ruthless killer.  When on the job.  Off the job, she's playful and flirty, usually fairly laid back though she does have a few odd habits.  She doesn't use contractions for one, which for some people, can be a bit unnerving or just weird.

History: Not much is really known about Widow.  She appeared on the Merc scene a few years ago, but came with a great deal of clout.  She's done almost every job out there and with nearly computer-like efficiency.  Anything past a few years ago is shrouded in mystery, but those that have worked with her have reported that she is uncanny at her job.  Focused, perhaps too focused at times, but every job she has been on has had a 100% success rate.

Appearance & Equipment: Typically, she's a beautiful redheaded woman.  Though, her hair color has been known to change depending on the job.  She's not very tall, standing at just about 5'4".  In the right light, she seems almost too perfect.

Misc. Notes:

Additional Images

Offline Cuchulainn

Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #56 on: August 06, 2016, 01:07:09 PM »
Here is my character

DELTA - 45821
Asset Designation: DELTA - 45821
Aliases: A vast multitude currently going by Jason Rodgers
Sex: Male
Race: Designed Human
Age: 31

Class: Adept
Talents & Specializations: Advanced Cerberus training similar to N7, advanced CQC training, advanced biotic training, various branches of spycraft (He is skilled in stealth, survival, assassination, reading people, subterfuge and other fields), possess an eidetic memory, fluid and chameleon like personality, speaks various human languages both human and alien, some hacking ability.

Professions: Cerberus Agent, whatever profession which was required for the mission.

Personality: A very difficult question to ask, due to the nature of his “calling” in life, the need to constantly shift and adapt his personality shaping and moulding it into the perfect shape for his current task and mission has meant that DELTA - 45821 has so many faces that to most (and even sometimes himself) who is the real one. But the true DELTA is afraid, afraid of the fact that they may be nothing more than a mirror, an object with no depth or character or personality, an utterly empty vessel. Because of this he seeks to constantly portray some character rather than attempt to look inside to find the real him...and find nothing.

History: When word trickled back to the Illusive Man of the boasting and bragging of one of his greatest supporters about his supposed “daughter” a new viable method of ensuring humanity's ascension within the galaxy presented itself to the Illusive Man. He immediately ordered a science team be devoted to the creation of one of these perfect “humans” and even played a hand in selecting some of the genetic code. The project was dubbed the Prometheus project and met great success in the creation of subject DELTA - 45821 a male designed to be a perfect human. Attractive, intelligent, athletic, biotic, etc. As he grew he quickly proved to be all these things but then the decision became how best to use this perfect creation?

For one such as the Illusive man, he knew quite well that power was not a public thing, it was something best gathered and wielded covertly. The child was immediately isolated and cerberus began to mould him into their weapon. They quickly drilled into him their elitist and patriotic views towards humanity as well as the fact humanity's ascension had to be achieved by any means necessary (although initially enamoured with them he gradually lost his zeal due to the disconnection he felt from his species). They also began to give him the various skills and knowledge he would need to serve them, psychology, galactic culture, acting lessons, the sciences, languages, hand to hand combat, marksmanship, the list was extensive but he took to them all easily thanks to his genetic advantages.

As he progressed to his teenage years, despite the leaps and bounds he made in his training his handlers began to worry that even though some of the lessons were geared towards his ability to interact and deceive others, he would prove to have stunted social skills due to his isolation. So they decide to slowly introduce him back into society but to ensure this didn’t cause him to develop some personal traits that proved contrary to Cerberus and their goals these “social visits” were always seen missions. He would be implanted into various schools and areas across the galaxy, from colonies to the citadel. Each time he would be assigned a back story and then given certain tasks, infiltrate certain cliques, seduce certain people both male and female, break up couples, destroy friendships, etc. He was tasked with fulfilling these objectives despite whatever limitations presented by the character he was assigned. He accomplished them all and as he progressed Cerberus began to change the assignments they became actual missions, intelligence gathering, assassination, espionage.

And so began his Cerberus career, for the next few years he continued to serve Cerberus faithfully. This was not due to any belief in their cause, he lost that long ago, no it was because he believed that with them he had a sense of purpose, a “family” that valued him and gave his life meaning and so he devoted everything he has to them. During the reaper war he was spared indoctrination due to the fact he was currently deployed in a deep cover operation along with the fact they feared indoctrination might compromise him due to its visible effects.

When Cerberus fell DELTA was suddenly left without a rudder, he continued on in his current posting unsure of what else to do and so continued to play the roll until a small cell that remained approached him and demanded his services once more. It seemed another asset had gone missing and he was to recover it. It seemed the assets last known whereabouts where omega.

Appearance & Equipment: DELTA was genetically designed to be perfect, standing in at 6’2, with a sinewy and athletic frame of tight, compact muscles. Deep green eyes (when not altered by contacts) are framed perfectly by sharp cheekbones which lead on down to a set of cupid’s bow lips. Besides this is appearance tends to change dramatically based on the character he is betraying, hair, stance, eyes, they all change but he tends to find himself most comfortable with a strong, straight back stance and the hair around his chin and head cut short but not shaved.

His clothing also tends to change but he seems to favour civilian attire (no armour) even in situations where combat is probable, that said when DELTA does possess a suit of armour for those situations which are basically a battlefield. Otherwise he tends to rely on his shield generator, marksmanship and biotic ability to see him through any situation.
His typical load out is a top of the line shield generator and military grade omni tool, alongside his M-6 Carnifex, that is not to say he is incapable of using other weapons.

Misc. Notes: N/A

Additional Images

Offline OdanravTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #57 on: August 06, 2016, 01:26:43 PM »
Thanks Lin and Cuch for the submissions, the next time Andronica is on we'll confirm with one another and you'll both be good to go. :)

Offline OdanravTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #58 on: August 06, 2016, 02:43:59 PM »
The Chucks have it, you're both in.

Offline Rajah

Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #59 on: August 07, 2016, 12:59:27 AM »
Name: Ziarrus Incalitrix
Aliases: Zi
Sex: Male
Race: Turian
Age: 29

Class: Engineer
Talents & Specializations: Armor and shield technology, turian martial arts, omni-weapons, biotic domination (bonus power!), painting, slam poetry, varren-raising, positive attitude maintenance
Professions: Ex-military engineer, ex-Reaper sleeper agent

Personality: Zi is friendly enough and tends toward a cheerful, cavalier attitude in even the worst situations, preferring gallows humor and hyperbolic optimism to the grim determination more commonly associated with mercenaries-for-hire. Although he accepts the eternal foothold of evil in the universe, he does his best not to contribute to it, making him picky about job offerings and vocal about ethics complications. That's not to say he's contentious, though; outside of moral scruples he's exemplary - sometimes uncomfortably so - at following orders and obeying commands with a distinctly machine-like focus and efficiency.

He's shy about his demons, and the damage he's inflicted on himself over the years; the lingering scars of indoctrination have left him uneasy without direction, and simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by synthetics and VI intelligence. That he uses his own VI as a sounding board not because it has unusual tactical or advisory expertise - in fact its programming is largely concerned with little more than emulating autonomy in a convincing manner - but because it's comforting to hear his thoughts repeated in synthetic tones is a part of his psychology he doesn't freely advertise.

History: Ziarrus Incalitrix lived a relatively uneventful life on a colony-world under the Hierarchy; like many turians, he felt a communal call to military service and took the opportunity to get in some travel and exploration. Loyalty and discretion became his bywords - for the most part - and between this and marked competence it seemed likely he was destined for advancement through the ranks. After distinguishing himself with a series of combat repairs and modifications during a pitched siege with a small but well-armed and well-trained group of turian separatists, Zi was assigned to the experimental project known as the Vandal EVR. Zi saw the assignment, and the ship, as a shining opportunity to show the galaxy turians at their best. When the Reaper War began in earnest, and monsters from dark space set fire to Tuchanka's skies, he prepared for the worst - but against all odds, he held onto hope. It was the darkest hour of the Turian Hierarchy, and Zi would be there, one more light between those terrible shadows and the worlds he loved.

It wasn't to be.

New orders, they were told. A special mission. A mission outside of turian space entirely - a mission, it became clear two jumps later, did not exist. They were running. Their captain had betrayed them - or, as it quickly turned out when push came to shove, some of them. In fact most of the crew was in on the treason, and Zi and his compatriots found themselves outnumbers. And then, shortly after, marooned.

The Reapers found them. They fought, some died, the rest - Ziarrus included - weren't quite so lucky.

Indoctrination rendered the rest of the war into a blur, punctuated by moments of hideous clarity. He was tasked on missions of sabotage, construction, pushed to impossible limits. Whenever he failed, he was...upgraded. Set to task again. Pieces removed, added - sometimes from machines, sometimes from compatriots who weren't so competent as he to begin with. He wanted to survive. That was almost the worst part, later; the memory of how survival was almost the only honest desire allowed to him faded and lost its edge, but the knowledge that he fought for life even at such awful cost did not. As the conflict burned on he saw less use as a saboteur. They wanted him to build things, design things that they had no time for. He was forcibly awakened along a single biotic channel to help him organize, though to this day he can't manage even the flimsiest barrier or lightest of kinetic lifts; the amplifying spines buried in his brain were not placed for versatility. He learned things about machines, scraps of technology and code - mostly useless now, and what's not useless tends to be lost within the forbidden category of AI research, but for a time he felt like some ancient turian spirit of craftsmanship incarnate. That was the very worst part. For the first and only time, he was living up to his potential.

The war ended. Things went haywire, and then collapsed. He and other survivors of indoctrination dispersed throughout the universe, some going home to return to old lives and professions. Zi couldn't do it. He was a traitor, compromised, broken - implanted with alien technology now impossible except in theory to remove. He would, he realized, never be a soldier again. That door had closed to him.

And the turian who closed it still lived.

Ziarrus went to the Terminus System to find his old commander and bring him to account for what he'd done. Instead, he found the Vandal under a new captain, a man named Wayne - a man with a very interesting proposition. ZI hadn't until that moment seriously considered what he was going to do with his life after he got revenge - but with revenge out of reach, suddenly the thought of being a mercenary (and getting to stay close to the greatest feat of turian engineering arguably ever performed) didn't sound so bad. That's how he found himself at the Derelict bar, listening to a former Red Nova outline a scenario...

Appearance & Equipment: Zi is a healthy adult turian with a pleasant hue to his pale coloration and softer features than is the average, somewhat reducing the impact the apex predator species can have on less unequivocally carnivorous members of the galaxy.  Some metal and circuitry is visible on the inside of his mandibles, along his talons, and nestled into the back of his crest, and the alterations extend in markedly less aesthetic fashion throughout his body; they have the combined effect of a slight increase in hardiness and physical ability, and he seems to be aging more slowly than is normative for his species. He prefers casual, comfortable clothing over the crispness of a uniform, but his other personal belongings are military-typical; his only real indulgences being a selection of acrylic paints from Thessia and an expensive personal VI modified with an unusually assertive attitude.

His combat equipment includes his armor, a heavily-modified and tech-assisted combat chassis whose startling bulk and weight conceal a range of redundant systems and defensive countermeasures, and his weaponry - a krogan-inspired variant of the M-358 Talon, the M-358x Scythe, and a number of practical and creative omni-tool combat applications. He also maintains the Gevaudan, a Frankenstein's monster of an intra-atmosphere vehicle built from a scrapped prototype for a vehicle-scale FENRIS pursuit mech, a badly-damaged Rachni fighter, and armor taken from an ancient solar probe. He doesn't particularly care who flies it - worst comes to worst, he can always rebuild - but he's a little obsessive about collecting field data on his "darling," specifically to what degree, after any given revision or "improvement," it continues to function.
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Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #60 on: August 09, 2016, 10:24:44 AM »
Ziarrus gets the Chuck of approval! Odan will update the CS thread accordingly later today. :)

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Re: Mass Effect: Terminus (Story Heavy, LF 2 or 3 Writers, Non-Con Exotic)
« Reply #61 on: August 09, 2016, 10:26:18 AM »
Yep, or make a new Character Sheet thread.

Anyway, this thread is now closed. It will be reopened if we ever look to find some more folks.