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Started by Rumata, August 03, 2016, 04:11:39 PM

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Hello there, I have been craving a few stories recently with a lot of extreme kinks in them.

First story would be following the Son of Batman movie, where Ra's al Ghul is killed, Damien is sent to live with Bruce while Thalia seeks revenge on Deathstroke. She gets captured by Deathstroke, but instead of wanting to kill her eventually, Deathstroke has other plans for her. Seeing how skilled and what a fine specimen Damien is, he decides to breed his own new race of assassins, using Thalia's fertile body. He would torture and rape her as much as needed to make her compliant, as he uses her body to breed a new generation of assassins to take over Gotham with.

A second story would be about a wealthy Roman family in the eternal city of Rome, who enjoys the favor of the Emperor. The family has two children, twins, a boy and a girl now of age. The family itself, while very influential it has gained that influence through unsavory means. The family worships Bacchus and often hosts lavish orgies and pleasure parties to gain more influence and allies. Now, with their children of age it is time to introduce them to what it means to be part of the family. The boy will need to learn how to lead the family, be a good politician and warrior, while the girl will need to learn how spread her legs for her parents, for coin, for influence and especially for her brother. Her brother who as a task to prove himself a man, has to train and whore our his own sister to gain a reputation on his own.

I also have a craving for some Trainer stories, such as Akabur's games like Princess Trainer, where Jaffar wins at the end and forces the Genie to whore Jasmine out in Agrabah to raise gold and soil her reputation. Or Witch Trainer where the Genie through some spell ends up replacing Dumbledor and forms a friendship with Snape. At his behest he works to solve his Hermione problem by making her whore and debase herself through Hogwarts in exchange for points. Or Library Story where Gaston in meets Tinkerbell who shows him his future and in order to save himself he must corrupt Belle to be his slave. Thus he takes over the library and disguises himself, feeding Belle cursed books to turn her into his personal sex toy.

If any of these ideas spark your interest, give me a PM. For all of them mutilation and scat are my only limits.