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Author Topic: Kitteredge On The Edge  (Read 781 times)

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Kitteredge On The Edge
« on: August 03, 2016, 02:20:00 PM »
In general I am looking for imaginative writers who like a sense of collaboration and improvisation alongside solid ideas and some planning.  Who communicate.  Who have real lives but strive to post about once a day, maybe more, maybe less, permitting.  Whose RL gender doesn't matter.  Who like that I post about 3-4 paragraphs on average.

I like to hash ideas a bit before starting, but not to death.  Make sure we're on the same page, like each other's style, and roll forth.

Please check out my O&Os and personal site for more information.  When I'm in 'GM mode', I will run kinks and characters not usually in my kinkhouse.  When my character is the center of attention I generally fit into narrower categories.  I do not care for anime, futa, bimbo-plots, scat, watersports, other non-sexual fluids, megalo-genitals or breasts, snuff.  What perks me up are modern settings with a fantasy twist, semi-coercion plots, contrasts between a normal life and sexual life, certain contrasts between partners.  I like psychological realism combined with new predicaments.  ('I'm possessed by a succubus! what does this mean?' plotlines are fun.)

Story Notions
(all subject to negotiation)

1.  A Girl and Her Demon
A high school girl, or a girl in college, binds a bestial demon to take care of some problems for her, from failing grades to a rival horning in on her boyfriend.  Its price?  Sexual congress, of progressive intimacy.  Contrasting her stellar/pristine/popular exterior life and the savagery she is undertaking in private, which she is coming to truly enjoy.  Opportunities for farce (hiding aspects of the ritual in her bedroom!) to exploring her relationship with the lupine dark spirit as the years pass and they come to love and depend on each other in a decidedly unusual way. 

2.  A Symbiote In Space
An exploratory space vessel is 'boarded' by a light, wispy, barely perceptible collection of alien ganglia.  This alien may or may not be tasked with determining what these bipedal intruders are up to, but it floats through the ducts of the ship, crawling into the ear of one crew member to the next, taking control of their brains.  It becomes fascinated with the sexual uses of these bodies and winds up wreaking havoc among the hierarchies of the crew by having them fuck each other rampantly before getting confused and moving on.  Note: I don't want goofy, but this is a funnier scenario.)

3.  The Other Side
An older businessman has a strange secret: he has a superpower.  What this power is shall be determined, from something conventionally street-level (like fire-transmission) to brain control in the board room.  Problem?  Whenever he accesses it, he wakes up as a young black woman the next day, or is knocked into a coma soon thereafter, and so he must hide himself.  Or whatever.  Any case, he is transformed.  And in order to regain his usual life - for he is a family man, his kids off to college, donates to the symphony, etc. - he has found he has to fuck somebody in his new form.  But... is this such a problem?  ADDED: Opposite player might play her, a she occupies his body during these exchanges.  Hijinks ensue.

4.  What Does It Mean To Go Under Cover(s)?
An operative of an intelligence agency has accepted a new role.  He is to be transformed into a woman.  Maybe his old body is too wounded, or maybe he alone has the expertise to infiltrate the foreign rivals - to get to their leader, who has a particular taste in flesh.  But what expertise does our hero/ine not have?  He has to be trained to look, behave, move, and operate like this is who he has always been.  I'm thinking body-transformation is low-tech or unknown in this scenario, so no one will suspect him.  Twist?  The gears, or circuits, or whatsits, or chemical bath his brain has been steeped in presses the horny button almost constantly.  Or... the foreign agents have put their thumbs in and have done this themselves...  (Note: not looking for a bimbofication narrative!)

5.  Time Stop :: Reversal
Non-consensual/rape squicks me out a bit, although I understand there is a purgative quality to it.  Still...  This protagonist has the ability to roll back time.  Any time.  All the time.  At will.  And this is how he's come to use it:  he attacks people sexually, has his way, and then *splick!* rolls back time so the event never happened.  Except in his mind!  At first this has been liberating for him, doing the worst with no consequences.  Then, he started doing worse and worse things.  And now... while the world is intact and nothing has actually happened, his brain teeming with all the terrible things he has done.  (Note: I don't think I actually want to run this one, but the idea is there.)
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Re: Kitteredge On The Edge
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2016, 11:10:37 PM »
New story idea / craving...

This is a fairly common theme here, but with many variations that it seems vital to get the match right:

Heroine / Villain

Sprawling megalopolis.  Street-level superheroes and villains, but a few bigger fish swimming around that range from wicked to good.  Our young superhero is ensnared in the grips of a more powerful older villain.  At first their encounter - abandoned factory, edge of nowhere - is alarming, sensual, possibly non-consenting, before he throws her back into the concrete wilderness.  The experience, though, was overwhelming.  It gnaws at her.  And gnaws.  And gnaws.  She has to have it happen again; she hunts him and finds him; or... he lets her.  Thus begins a relationship that grows kinkier and kinkier as she discovers more of what she wants.

The key to this, to me, is how she must risk her ideals against the urgent need for his corruption.  Does he flip her?  Does she... maybe flip him?  Non-con seems to be a starting point, but is negotiable.  The rest should be con with an interplay between submission and fight.  Originally I had thought to play the young heroine, and have a couple ideas for her powers, but I could play either.  Length and depth of posts are important to me.  Hit me up.

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Re: Kitteredge On The Edge
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2016, 04:54:57 PM »
Name:  One Last Time

Content:  f/f, basically vanilla, high romance content, potential toy play, older woman/younger woman

Setting:  Modern, Washington D.C. or other similar city

Description:  Madeleine Connors has come to Washington D.C. twice a year for a good number of years, once for a conference, and then for follow-up.  It has become her practice to discretely hire an escort to meet her in her classy hotel to unwind.  The escort he has specifically asked for is Sophia Yeung, a beautiful, intelligent Asian-American.  They've talked, they've fucked, and over these several years have grown to like and care for each other, but now Madeleine's business is shifting and she will no longer be coming to the East Coast.  This trip is one last time.

Scenario:  I really want and expect this to be relatively short in real time: one evening, after hours, with Madeleine not daring to be seen in public with another woman (she is married).  But I'd like to explore these women in some depth.  Who are they?  What do they really know about each other?  How much are they willing to share with the other?  What do they mean to each other?  What does it mean that this secret relationship has come to an end?

Requirements:  Partner's gender is not important, but I do want someone comfortable with bringing a character to life.  I'd like to play Madeleine, so you would pick up Sophie.  I'm looking for improvisation.  I don't want to plan this to death, I want it to be alive and organic.  Posting rate is daily to every two to three days.  Posting size should be at least three good paras.

Bonus for anyone who can teach me better coding!

Madeleine Image Possibilities

Sophia Image Possibilities

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Re: Kitteredge On The Edge
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2016, 05:25:07 PM »
Please PM me any interest!