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Author Topic: Make a deal with the Devil? F for M  (Read 484 times)

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Make a deal with the Devil? F for M
« on: August 03, 2016, 08:40:45 AM »

So, I suppose I should begin at the beginning? My name is Devil, I’m a 26 year old female, a librarian, and a writer. I’ve been writing on and off for ten years, while still writing some alone on the side. I’m very fascinated by the rhythms of writing, so no two characters are anywhere near the same. I do write both male and female characters. I’m newly divorced, and finished with my masters degree, so I have a lot of time on my hands with only work to keep me busy. That being said, I am on at all times, sometimes in the morning, other times in the evening. Either way you can expect several posts within a day.

Now, you’d probably like to know a bit about my writing style and requirements? That’s fair enough. There seems to be so many classifications for writers now, I think I fall under the category of lazy-lit? I can write six or even eight paragraphs if you’d like, but I can also keep a quick pace and write a vibrant story with two to three healthy paragraphs. It all depends on the chemistry, the flow, and where we are in the story. Does that make sense? I am not picky about medium, I enjoy forum, pm, googledocs, email, thread, and IM all in that order. For instant messaging I have a kik and a skype. I’m here to please.

My characters tend to be complex, some are walking wounded, others are there to prove themselves, some have already climbed to the top of their goals. This all depends on what kind of story we want to write together and where I believe my characters can fit into this world. I do double, and sometimes triple, I write npc, and love a healthy living breathing world to work in. Well… maybe not healthy… we all love a little darkness sometimes.

With all that being said, please pm me with your thoughts or ideas of what you would like to have in a roleplay or post here. If I don't have a specific kink posted, I'm still more than willing to try anything. I love plot, I love smut, and I am more than willing to do a balance or all of one or the other. 
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Re: Make a deal with the Devil? F for M
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2016, 08:43:51 AM »
Plot Ideas
Slice of Life:
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{1} "Thing For You" - based on the song by Hinder, I want to write an affair. Two people who would never be drawn to each other, but because of circumstance, loveless marriages, and loneliness, both are drawn to each other. Layers can be added to this plot, they could be in high profile positions, their can be abuse or a lack of, its all up to you.

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{1} "The Devil Walks Into A Bar" - With a man down on his luck, looking for riches and love beyond his wildest dreams decides one night he's going to take charge of his life, he has no idea what he has gotten himself into. With a bit of liquid courage, said man picks up a beautiful woman, and unknowingly makes a deal with the devil. I'm more than willing to play a male or female devil.

{2} "This Will Never Be" - This is an interesting version of an arranged marriage rp. In this world, any woman who wishes to can join the military as a valkyrie, which includes a full set of wings. She may continue to serve in the military until she is wounded in battle. When this happens, she is required to adhere to a marriage that is arranged by the king. The better the valkyrie the better the marriage. This can be used to aid in diplomatic arrangements because the valkyries are not only exclusive to the city of Florn, but also because they are intelligent and extremely well trained. This rp would start on the battlefield where the two meet, not knowing that the person they would be opposing that day would be their arranged marriage of another day.

Historical Fiction:
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{1} "Love Her Not, Lovely Though She Be" - Happily married and ruler as far as the land can be seen, the king has been gifted a slave had been brought before him to be killed, accusations of thievery on her head. The king decides to grant her a pardon, on the chance that she can serve him, finding her unusual when she neither pleads nor begs. As the plot unfolds, slowly he comes to realize he has a sorceress on his hands, and the hungrier he gets to conquer land, the more he uses her powers and predictions to conquer all kingdoms of the known world. (I can play multiple characters, personalities, and roles for this roleplay)

{2} "Sleeping With One Eye Open"- A nomadic woman captured on a king's raid tries to find and easy out and steal whatever she can find before leaving in the dead of night. When she's caught by one of the king's men who secretly is of noble birth, she knows she's been had... or has she? With the over throwing of kings, jealous queens, and wars to be had, what will transpire when the gypsy is in service to a king slayer?

{3} "Love is Blind" This would be similar to Anne and King Henry VIII's relationship. To explain, this would be during the time when King Henry was married to Katherine (his wife, his brother's widow) and would continue from there. It doesn't have to follow exactly how the history books have it, but I do love the dynamics of the two characters.

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Xena, Trueblood, Marvel, DC, Almighty Johnsons, Lucifer, Buffy, Witchblade,

Plot Gumballs:
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Romance, violence, drug use, love triangles, sexual tension, two dominant characters, conflict, dogs, cats, sword play, love to hate, love/hate relationships, music that sets the tone for the scene, clubs, witches, witchcraft, crafty vampires, grand gestures, taboo relationships, arrogant characters, trust issues, mythology, polytheism, fated meetings, foreign languages, accents, library chatter, annoying best friends (side characters), affairs, lust at first sight, hidden identities, liars, past lives, human trafficking, conversations in airplanes, rival businesses, double crossing, cultural differences, poly-amorous relationships, pregnancy, ghosts, awkward roommates, characters who already have a history, characters who might and can die

Random Ideas (no plot yet)
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1. a man who can only see a ghost when he holds his breath
2. a priestess for her old gods and a warrior for his new one
3. a man who accidentally summons his own she-demon
4. a man who accidentally reads a woman out of a book.
5. Priestess and God (greek)
6. Priestess and warrior
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Re: Make a deal with the Devil? F for M
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2016, 02:25:29 PM »
Pure Smut:

To celebrate the festival of Ares, the sacred prostitutes at the temple of Aphrodite offer themselves to the Spartan warlords for a night of feasting on spirits, and a variety of flesh. I'd love to do this short rp with a group, possible orgy or just with someone who wants to write multiple characters.

Smut and Story:

I'd actually love for someone to put some sort of OC with my Artemisia from the sequel of the 300. Anyone want to plot?

I'd also have someone's babies if they would do an Almighty Johnson's roleplay with me.

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