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Author Topic: Lustfully's Requests (All Welcomed!)  (Read 681 times)

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Lustfully's Requests (All Welcomed!)
« on: August 01, 2016, 02:43:24 AM »

Hello everyone my name is LustfullyAddicted, you can call me Lust for short is you don't feel like writing all of that. Now this thread is really straight to the point, nothing smancy pancy. This is basically where I will be posting most of my roleplay ideas. Each story will be different from the other and I really hope they intrigue some of you. Here are a few things to know about this thread.

A. I have no preference if we roleplay in forums or pm's.
B. Any story labelled "Taken" will not be available to play anymore. (unless removed)
C. I accept one male and one female request before I label a story taken
C2. My stories are free for any gender.
D. I will mostly always add or edit stories here.
E. I am willing to hear any roleplay idea's you might have
F. Send me a Pm if you're interested in any of my ideas. (That are not taken)
G. My stories are free to be edited to my partners fancy if I agree.
H. Please Check my On's & Off's list before asking to roleplay.
I. There will be ideas where I will want to play as a male or female (up to my partner) These will be labelled with a blue and pink arrow.

A few ideas to get this started down below..

The Strippers Heart ( TAKEN )

For Sophie life hasn't been all that great. Everything started off normal. She had a happy family, a caring mother, loving father, and an older brother. Things were going smoothly until middle school started to come around. During this time her mother started getting into drugs. Drugs like crack cocaine. Her addiction grew slowly but surely. Each day she grew more and more unlike herself. Instead of the loving mother Sophie had known her whole life she became an aggressive and abusive woman. She'd beat Sophie and her brother whenever she felt 'agitated' or just in the mood. Her father seemed to ignore these actions completely, letting them happen because he just couldn't stand the thought of crossing his wife. He wanted to believe that she was still in there and that this was just a phase that would pass. It never did. Sophie's older brother eventually had enough of this and ran away from home, leaving Sophie to deal with all the abuse and neglect. When her senior year in high school came along her mother had disappeared, leaving Sophie and her father left to deal with the debt she owed to her distributors who work for a well respected drug lord. Her father, unable to pay the debt his wife owed, traded Sophie for his own life. Now paying off her mothers debt Sophie works her life away in a strip club. That's where your character meets her. He/She meets Sophie and takes a liking to her, He becomes a regular and they start off as friends but as time progresses deeper feelings start to develop. You grow close to Sophie and she grows close to you. You want to be together but will her dangerous life be enough for him/her to take?

Beauty Is A Beast ( TAKEN )

Your Family is poor. Dirt poor. You live in a small shack with all of your siblings and you all share one room. Food is scarce and hunger isn't new to you anymore. One day your father comes home and says he's made a deal that will make them filthy rich. Every one is happy when they find out. Everyone but you. You see there is this large castle located deep inside the treacherous forest and in that castle there is a monster. Your father just so happened to sell you to this monster for a sack full of gold. Of course you didn't want to go but he dragged you there by your will and forced you to the old rusty gates where you were lifted up by vines and tossed over the high wall where there is no escape. You try to climb the wall but find yourself failing every time. As you try a sixth time you find yourself being grabbed by the shoulder and steadied. You turn around expecting to find a hideous monster but instead you find a girl with a deep scar across her cheek and a welcoming smile. Your job is to keep her company, help her run errands, and also help cure a curse that turns her into a flesh eating monster at night.

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Re: ~Lustfully's Rp Idea's~ (All Welcomed!)
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 02:45:27 PM »
The Secrets Of Wonderland ^^

"Welcome to Wonderland! Where the fun is endless and the people are crazy! Wonderland is a fantasy land for men and women from all around the world and of all ages. Wonderland is an establishment built for all of your desires! Our resort has a long list of beautiful women and handsome men ready to service you and take you to new heights in order to get the full Wonderland experience. We have recently remodeled our resorts and we are now bigger then ever! We now feature The Caterpillars Garden, Red Queens Throne, and Mad Hatters House. Wanna bring the kids? Come to our family friendly resort located on the east side of the island where there are amusement parks and exotic petting zoo's for them to enjoy. Want to go have some adult fun of your own? We have an adult only resort located on the west side. We have care givers ready to watch your children while you have your own fun. So what are you waiting for?! Come down to Wonderland today!"

Wonderland is a famous resort that opened up its gates in 2017 on a private island. People from all over the world came to the grand opening and found themselves amazed with all the sites and fantasy aspects littered around the park. They were amazed at all the. Men and women with pixie wings showing them around the resort, human sized playing cards carrying around their luggage, exotic animals flying around the park, it was amazing. People come to awe and oogle at the so called special effects but trust me, they aren't special effects at all. Everything on the island is real from the people to the animals. Wonderland is a world of slavery covered up as a fantasy resort. After Alice found the real Wonderland she decided to make a profit out of it. She exploited all of the creatures and people of Wonderland and forced them to work for her on the island.

You come to the resort either on business, with the family, with friends, or by yourself but once you find out what's truly going on behind the facade will you help set the Wonderland people and creatures free?
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Re: ~Lustfully's Rp Idea's~ (All Welcomed!)
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2016, 04:25:44 PM »
Teaching The Good Girl

 Luna has found herself always closed off in the world. Her parents raised her to be the proper good girl. Respect adults, be polite to others, don't do reckless things, never raise your voice, be careful with how you dress, and a whole lot more. She's been raised to follow so many of these rules that she has become conditioned to them. All her life she's followed them and as a result she has become sheltered, scared of the world and to try anything new. Now becoming a freshmen in college and living on her own Luna is tired of this life she's always known and wants to stop living this way. She wants to break out of her shell and do the things that she wouldn't normally do. She wants to go to the parties, she wants to say whatever she wants, and she wants to dress like all the normal girls. Knowing that this sudden transition was going to be hard  for her to handle by herself Luna finds the perfect person who would be able to help her with her new aspiration. Someone who is the complete opposite of her and would be able to teach her about this new life. Your character, but in the end will this new life truly be something that she finds herself happy with? Will your character and her hit it off? Will she become absorbed into this new life and change herself completely or will she back out and always stay the same innocent little girl who's scared of the world?