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December 11, 2016, 04:06:34 AM

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Author Topic: Supernatural. Superheroines. Science Fiction. Scintillating Post-Apocalyptic.  (Read 670 times)

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Offline The Crooked KindTopic starter

    Greetings, everyone! I am currently searching for someone to be my other half, if you will, and I definitely hope to find that "special someone" on here. Speaking of roleplaying, Iíve been at this sort of thing for almost seven years now, and Iíd like to say that Iíve become increasingly proficient when it comes to it, though I could always strive to get better. I've never done a request like this on a forum such as this one, so i'll try to be as succinct and descriptive as possible. Well, I guess succinct wouldn't be the right word for it, eh? Haha. So, first things first, this is going to be a mature brand of roleplaying weíd no doubt embark in. Violence, gore, smut, and everything of the like is what you can expect from me. With that being said, Iíd prefer someone who was 18 years or older, for the sake of my own personal moral principle. Thatís simply because much of my writing is of the darker, R-rated (and sometimes even X-rated and NSFW-stuff) variety, and it would be most comforting to know that the other person is over that age limit as well. I'll definitely explain more in detail in terms of what I want and what I don't want.

    To sidebar off of that point, Smut and gore writing is very important to me, since itís a facet of roleplaying that I enjoy writing, as well as exposing inner desires and such. So someone with the type of comfort level to really engage in those sorts of things would be greatly desired. Iím looking for a challenge! Invigorate me with your deepest and darkest cavers of roleplaying, and Iíll promise you that you will be handsomely rewarded with the same, and then some. There are some taboo things that Iíd like to explore ó not necessarily incest, rape or that, although I wouldnít mind doing that as well ó but other things such as slavery, polygamy, polyandry, casual sexual encounters with multiple partners, those kinds of things. And combine that with a healthy dose of violence and graphic content, and Iíll bleed out oodles of muse for you. Seriously, I will. I understand that there are so many sticks-in-the-mud in the roleplaying world that aren't really willing to branch out of their comfort zones for even the tiniest bit, and for that, they should be ashamed of themselves! Nah, I'm just kidding. But really, I think they're missing out on that front. Now, this is strictly forum roleplaying, as Iím not all that interested in email or IM roleplays, any of that stuff. I lose interest in them too quickly for them to be considered as options, so if thatís a dealbreaker, Iím sorry.

    Genre-wise, Iím very much into the horror and supernatural genres. The broader sense of vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, that kind of urban fantasy kind of stuff -- nothing to do with Twilight, of course. It always draws in those darker impulses, and itís where my quality shines the most. Thereís also the sensual side of things, especially with the historically seductive nature of folklore vampires and demons that truly draws me in for some reason. Iím also into the kind of psychological horror themes, especially from Silent Hill. I've also been into science fiction, as well as dystopian sorts of fantasy. In terms of what and how much I like to write, generally, I tend to write somewhere between 700-1000 words, if that matters to any of you. And in a plot Iím really interested in, I can write much more to sate your need for something lengthy. I get the idea of quality-over-quantity, and if need be, I wouldnít mind supplying a sample of my writing. But I do have somewhat of a vain side that loves to see something lengthy, just not fluffed up to make it look long, if that makes any sense. So I am looking for someone to test those boundaries of both quantity and quality.

    Iíd also like someone who was comfortable with using real-life playbys and faceclaims. Though I can always appreciate someoneís ability to draw their own characters, it just doesnít mesh well with me for some reason. This is something I cannot overstate enough. Not only that, but someone who is comfortable using risque playbys and face claims -- by that, I mean along the lines of fetish models, latex and alternative models, and even pornstars, as well as your more typical actors and actresses. I'm all for visual representation, but I don't really dig the cartoony-anime stuff that I've seen other people do over the years. Not my cup of tea. Iím a self-admitted character manwhore, and I utterly love creating characters, from the twisted psychopath to the unadulterated womanizer, to the mysterious former slave. Anything you can think of, thereís a solid chance that Iíve been able to play them in some capacity. Also, there are times where I like to throw multiple characters into one thread or plot idea, so someone who can roleplay a bit between their own characters before mine would work. Like, me having three or more characters in a thread, I can readily interact with them, so someone who can do the same would be utterly awesome. Also, Iím only into M/F pairings, with me playing exclusively male characters.

    I want someone whoís gonna be as active as possible, who wonít fall off the face of the earth. I understand that real life gets in the way, I wonít bite your head off if you tell me whatís up. But Iíd like a little bit of proactivity, and not the eventual malaise of not knowing whatís going on, or taking too long to plot, or not contributing at all. I want a fairly good relationship where we can evolve a possible friendship, not just setting for roleplaying. And now, I'll lead you to some of the good stuff.

    So these are a few of my specific kinks.

        Whips & Chains
        Dirty Talking
        Threesomes & Orgies & Gangbangs
        Master & Slave Dynamics
        Body Modifications & Transformations
        Oral Sex
        Brother & Sister Incest
        Mother & Son Incest
        Public Sexual Scenes
        Rough Sex
        BDSM-related themes

    I definitely have more, but I have yet to figure out how to set up a K-list, so feel free to ask! And these are also some of the roles and pairings I'd love to do as well.

        Teacher / Student
        Police officer / Suspect
        Businessman / Secretary
        Businessman / Rival businesswoman
        Husband / Trophy Wife
        Husband / Mistress
        Vampire Master / Vampire Slave
        Vampire Master / Human Slave
        Vampire Master / Beast-like Slave (werewolves, shapeshifters, anything of the sort.)

    So this is what I most likely want from you. :D I think this list is pretty simple enough, and if anything, we can always negotiate on things.

LITERACY. Someone who can accurately read and write with minimal to no grammatical errors or syntax discrepancies. Now, I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm a Grammar nazi, but I do tend to think that my writing is proficient in that regard, and I'd like someone else that can match that.

FLEXIBILITY. I don't want someone who's hard-lined about specific things that I want and ask for, unless there is something obvious to it. Someone who doesn't wish to play out a rape scenario? That I can understand and sympathize. Someone who doesn't want to use a playby with big tits because she has big tits in a plot that would more than likely require someone with big tits? Yeah, that's a sheer lack of vision and not something that I'm interested in.

DETAIL, DESCRIPTION, AND CREATIVITY. I am at my absolute best when I'm getting the kind of quality and detail that I will no doubt be giving to my partner. Anything that allows me to vividly picture what is going on with a vibrance that can't be matched simple has me coming for more. Something that's less than inspiring usually shut down my muse. And in many cases, quantity is matched with quality.

APPEAL. I definitely don't want the same rehashed submissive slave in a master/slave character or a completely overplayed storyline. I like something with interest and intrigue. Power play with some added twists. Corrupting with some unforseen delights. I also want appealing characters; those that seem developed and interesting, not dull and boring.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I like to keep an open mind about things, and though this seems like a lot, I assure you, youíll no doubt get a quality roleplayer. With everything else in mind, if you feel we might mesh together and create wonderful plots, feel free to contact me. You can reply here, or you can PM me; I will reply pretty promptly. But please don't reply with a simple "I think we'd be great!" That may be true, but I have to feel that. So something a little more substantive, with either ideas or just detailed generalities would work. Thanks!
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