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Author Topic: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (TARGETS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)  (Read 1414 times)

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The Stalkers Club

The Story

It was like any other typical story of unrequited love; boy liked girl, girl never noticed boy, girl had boyfriend, boy's heart got smashed into pieces. However, the story didn't end there; in fact, it got much darker from that point on. The boy, despite his feelings never being noticed, still continued to pursue the girl he loved, even going so far as to record her everday movements, figuring out where she was every moment of every hour.

He became obsessed, talking with his online friends on a forum that he had created about he loved this girl to death, how she had made a mistake for having such a terrible boyfriend, and that he would make her so much happier. He began to have more furious thoughts, of how her boyfriend was just using her, and that she was stupid for ever choosing someone other then himself.

He eventually went deeper into his madness, talking to his online friends on how he had a plan to win the girl he loved, so that she and him could be together forever. That very night he posted that message, the boy kidnapped the girl and kept her locked up in his home all to himself, doing any disgusting thing he wanted and even sharing pictures of his deeds with people on his forum that requested anything. He kept this going for a month, with no one suspecting him, until he slipped up and left an incriminating piece of evidence in one of his photos that showed his address to the people on his forum.

The police caught wind of the boy's scheme in no time once an anonymous tip came in of the girl's location, and in a flash the police arrested the boy, sending him to jail for a full life sentence.

However, that wasn't the end of the story.

The forum goers had seen everything, had watched from the beginning. People left the forum, disgusted by what had happened, but others created a topic on the site, chatting about what had happened, how some said the boy was brave for what he did, as others wished they were brave enough to do what he did to get the person they liked to be with them forever. In an instant, they all had the same idea in their heads; if he could do it, why couldn't they?

The forum was soon closed as soon as the police had seen the talkings of the boy's bravery by other users, but another forum was soon created by a user only known as "King" a year later, as well as a secret server only accessible thorough a secret password on the original forums, where users can sign up to be inducted into the Club only with the exception that they never reveal the location, and that they swear their utmost loyalty to the Club, as well as send a personal message to "King" as to why you want to join. Any members that try to break the rules or reveal what they've seen will have the highest consequences inducted upon them, and so far, no one's dared try to.

Given the forum as a base for new members, the group was given an anonymous donation of a large sum of money, allowing them to acquire a warehouse at a remote location, which could be used for their activities, as well as other ammenities, such as a high end security system with a member card system to gain access, as well as personal cellphones for each member in order to conduct their business without being found out. With many rooms in place, the group named their new base of operations simply known as "Castle", where members can safely enact their desires in a safe environment with others of their same interests, and if successful, bring their objects of affection to 'properly' break them in if they try to resist. Stocked with toys and tools to spare, the facility is stocked for comfort and luxury, as well as for the enjoyment of all carnal pleasures that the members wish to enjoy themselves.

However, whose to say that every member gets along?

So when you join the RP, you either join:




The Stalkers group could be the people that would be the torturers/kidnappers. They can be as sane or as insane as you want them to be, and their sole goal is to have the person that they've been following be with them forever. You may use whatever tactics or ideas necessary to get them to submit, and you have all of your information at your disposal to sway them in the right direction. Would you use brainwashing? Torture? Simple secrets that you know about them? But whose to say that kidnapping your target is that simple? Would you rather simply kidnap them in the middle of the night when they were alone? Or would you rather take a different approach? Maybe follow them and drug them when they least expect it? Or what about befriending them until you gained their trust? The possibilities would be endless.

Once inducted into the Club, are given a seperate cellphone for Club purposes, such as contacting other members, checking club activity on the forums, as well as personally contact "King" privately in case of emergencies or questions that you wish to ask.

However, you can always change it up with creating a character. You can make a character that doesn't have a specific target in mind, but simply joins the Club because they believe in the cause. Or why not a character that has an affinity for all genders? Or a character that is only interested in the money and the perks that come along with helping the Club? If you make a character like this they can still jon the Club and be a prt of it, however their intentions and goals would nee to be clarified in their history portion.

The Targets group on the other hand, are the people that are being taken advantage of. They either know, or don't know, that they've got a stalker on their hands, and are taken to the Club's Warehouse by whatever creative way their stalkers has cooked up to be made into their personal toy and love for life. Here is where Targets will meet with other Stalkers, be caged or locked up, and will be tormented in painful (or pleasurable) ways. Would you simply take it and try not to escape just at the mere thought of what would happen if you tried? Or would you do everything in your power to resist your captor and run at the first chance you had?

What was mentioned above regarding different types of characters applies to Targets as well; you can make a character that is either simply a target for someone, or make them more complex if you wish, and have them have a whole seperate issue. Why not make a target that secretly wishes to be taken advantage of? Or a target that ends up enjoying what's happened to them and wishes to become full time member of the Club, and join in helping the others kidnap?

Possiblities are endless! If you have any ideas that seem too far out or you're hesitant however, you can always PM the Mod to get a claerer answer.

In this RP communication would be key for this scenario. Stalkers can talk to one another about plans for what they'll do to their victims, and some can even help one another break in their new toys, and Targets could talk with other Targets to try to find a way out, to call for help, or to even plan an escape.

What you do is up to the players!

Without trying to sound super duper boss like or anything, I will simply say the below rules are mandatory for the game at all times. If you have questions, please contact me directly. If you are unable or unwilling to follow the rules, then this game is not for you.

Posting Rules:

No god-modding. Communicate with players before taking liberties. Communication is highly encouraged.

A post header will be required on all in-game posts, with an avatar. One will be provided when enough players have joined.

Game threads are for game posts only; no OOC remarks or notes, spoiler tags, or quoted text.

The OOC is for planning and other idle chatting. Saying hi and such are ok, but if you want to keep future plans secret, put them in PMs so no one seems them ;3

Please make sure if you have any plans that could affect most of a group, like the Stalkers or Targets, let me know and I'll give my two cents to see where it can be fit in.

Once you are an approved player, please refrain from posting in the interest check. You may post in the OOC topic when approved.

If you're busy and can't post, just let us know in the Chat!

Post MUST BE at one and a half to two paragraphs. You have to be able to type enough to give other players an idea of what your character is doing. Three or more sentences isn't going to cut it.

Writing Rules:

Note: This Game will be in the Extreme Topic, and will be Freeform.

Dialogue must be contained within "double quotes".

Internal dialogue or thoughts must be italicized, just for the sake of keeping it less confusing from regular dialogue.

No colored fonts. They can be a bit annoying at times. :P

As mentioned before, no OOC sidenotes, spoiler tags, or quoted forum text in game posts. Please try to keep notes and other comments in the OOC topic!

Posts must be written in past tense, third person; it's to make sure no one gets confused regarding timing and such.

Refrain from simply leaving your character 'open' and expect players to come to you. Try to be creative or plot with other users to get scenes going!

Character Requirements

Since this RP is based in Japan like I originally imagined when thinking about it, please try to keep your characters from Japan or somewhere in the region. They may be half Japanese and another half of a culture, but try to keep them in that region.

All characters can have an occupation, but try to make them realistic as well. Despite this being anime based characters and in Japan, no strange powers or anyting like that; your characters are simple humans, albeit without of ordinary circumstances.

All character images must be anime/hentai-based.

When finished with your character sheet, please PM it to me for inspection, and then I will either approve you, or go over your profile to add some input or possibly change a few things.

For Stalkers:

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=5](Character Image URL here)[/img][/floatleft]

[b]Stalker or Target:[/b] (Are you a Stalker? Or a Target?)

[b]Name:[/b] (First name and Last name)

[b]Age:[/b] (Must be between 16 or older)

[b]Alias:[/b] (Your Alias given to you once inducted into the Club, AKA Your Club Name):

[b]Gender:[/b] (Male or Female)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (Pictures are fine, but please describe if you have any freckles, moles, scars, etc. As well, please give a weight and height. If comfortable, you may give intimate details about your character, such as Bust size or Cock size. If you use mature photos, please put them in a spoiler tag in order to keep everyone happy.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (How they act on a day-to-day basis or with other people, and other personality quirks.)

[b]School:[/b] (High school? College? Finished?)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Student? Office Worker? What does your character to for a job? Do they have a job?)

[b]History:[/b] (What's your character done up to being part of the Club?)

[b]Club Induction:[/b] (How did you hear about the Club?)

[b]Member Status:[/b] Are you a brand new member? Been here for a few weeks? A Year?)

[b]Stalker of[/b] (Do you have a specific person that you've been 'looking after'?):

[b]Sexual Preferences:[/b] (Straight, Bisexual, Homosexual?)

[b]Secret Fetishes Or Kinks:[/b] (Does your Character like any kinks or fetishes in paticular? Anything they don't like? Are they experianced or have none at all?)

For Targets:

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=5](Character Image URL here)[/img][/floatleft]

[b]Stalker or Target:[/b] (Are you a Stalker? Or a Target?)

[b]Name:[/b] (First name and Last name)

[b]Age:[/b] (Must be between 16 or older)

[b]Gender:[/b] (Male or Female)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (Pictures are fine, but please describe if you have any freckles, moles, scars, etc. As well, please give a weight and height. If comfortable, you may give intimate details about your character, such as Bust size or Cock size. If you use mature photos, please put them in a spoiler tag in order to keep everyone happy.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (How they act on a day-to-day basis or with other people, and other personality quirks.)

[b]School:[/b] (High school? College? Finished?)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Student? Office Worker? What does your character to for a job? Do they have a job?)

[b]History:[/b] (What's your character done up to being part of the Club?)

[b]For Targets:[/b] (Do you know you have a Stalker? If yes, how long have you known? Have you done anything for it to stop?)

[b]Target of [/b](Is there someone you know who's been following you? Keep watch on you?):

[b]Sexual Preferences:[/b] (Straight, Bisexual, Homosexual?)

[b]Secret Fetishes Or Kinks:[/b] (Does your Character like any kinks or fetishes in paticular? Anything they don't like? Are they experianced or have none at all?)

When Approved

When approve by the Mod to have your character in the Game, please refrain from putting chatter and other comments on the recruitment page for the sake of keeping it clean for new comers that wish to ask questions.

You may head to the OOC chat topic when you have been approved. You may conduct chatter and character planning, as well as ideas for the Game there, as well as in PMs. For questions regarding planning, character ideas, and other such inquiries, please PM the Mod.

Character Thread:

OOC Topic:
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Player: JoanieSappho

Stalker or Target: Stalker

Name: Sayuri Tsukuda

Age: 18

Alias: Kitten

Gender: Female

Appearance: Standing just shy of five feet tall and with a weight in the region of 130 pounds - Sayuri tend to get evasive and blush when pressed for details, she seems like an average, if somewhat chunkier than usual young woman, with her hair pulled up into a loose bun and gentle brown eyes behind her glasses. That her excess weight seems to have settled mostly on her hips and chest doesn't hurt, either, giving Sayuri a curvier body than one might expect

Personality: Outwardly, Sayuri seems like a gentle, quiet and kind girl, the sort who sits at the back of class doodling pictures of kittens and blushing when spoken to by someone that she likes. And while those things are all quite true, she is hardly as innocent as she makes sure to seem around others. She considers herself something of a romantic but in reality her idea of romance is more what most would consider incredibly creepy levels of obsession. Quietly and discreetly, she builds up a collection of possessions belonging to the current subject of her infatuation, pictures of them, shaky phone camera pictures and videos of them, recordings of their voice ... or at least she used to. Now she's worked up the courage to simply take them, instead.

School: Final year of high school

Occupation: Student

History: Prone to becoming obsessed more than infatuated, Sayuri nursed crush after crush until she found something online that made her pause. A boy, much like herself, who had realized just what needed to be done. She had been afraid, and the fact that he had been caught held her back a little bit but her obsession had, for once, been turned onto something that wasn't a person and she was one of the first to find the forum that was set up a year later. By that point, a new teacher had arrived in her school and Sayuri was smitten. Deciding to be brave and do the right thing - she loved Ms Yamada, so clearly the teacher had to love her back! - she contacted King and, with some help, got her hands on her teacher. Sayuri was, to begin with, a little reluctant to hurt her but once she did ... oh, she had had no idea of what she was missing! The sobs, the screams, the little whimpers and the sounds of flesh being struck were beautiful and she threw herself into breaking her teacher with passion to the point where she would often be slapping or choking her with one hand while the other was hard at work between her thighs, incredibly aroused by the expressions of pain and fear that she was causing.
Given gentle tenderness when she obeyed and savage, over-enthusiastic beatings and choking when she showed even a moment of hesitation, Yamada soon broke under her student's attentions and now seems sincerely eager and happy to be used in even the most disgusting and degrading of ways, just as long as she doesn't have to face one of her mistress' punishments.
And then Sayuri caught sight of someone else ...

Sexual Preferences: Bisexual

Secret Fetishes Or Kinks: Older men and women, anything that causes pain, breath control, seeing people in fear or pain is a major turn-on especially if she caused the pain, foot and breast worship, all of her "loves'" bodily fluids, golden showers.
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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2016, 04:46:14 AM »

Player: Tokyorose627

Stalker or Target: Stalker

Name: Ryuji Kanagami

Age: 17

Alias: King

Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at 5'7, Ryuji is a young looking male, with a lithe and toned body, and fit looking muscles paired with clean, soft porcelein skin. His hair is a striking dark violet, with a streak of dark magenta, that is cut in a short bob that grows to shoulder length in the back. He keeps fit and it shows in his stamina and frame, and is shown to usually have a calm and cool demeanor. His body is toned, and has no body hair other then the hair on his head, as well as having a rather impressive 8 inch cock. When in public or in the Club room, people can usually see Ryuji with some sort of sweet, due to his insatiable sweet tooth.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Personality: On the outside, Ryuji can seem like a calm an quiet individual, usually the one that watches and observes others while the rest of the group chats away. It keep shim busy and helps him learn, and he may even chime in on a few occasions, or only if someone addresses him or the topic affects him directly. Despite how he believes he is mature for his age, he can still be flustered and embarrassed by things, usually brushing them off or denying that it ever happened, which has prompted his friends to label him a classic "Tsundere" type, despite his annoyance by the idea. However, on the inside away from the public eye, Ryuji is a manipulative boy that can use his charm, manners, and kind looking demeanor to make people do things that he wants, with no hesitation or problem. Having to think fo rhimself has caused him to be very cynical of the world around him, an the poeple that he interacts with, usually thinking that no one is worth his time unless he believes they are. On the outside and in the eyes of the public, he can be shown to be a somewhat cold and quiet individual with tsundere like personality traits, however back at the Stalker's Club, Ryuji is a calm and calculating individual that can easily manipulate anyone with the right words. His personality in public is to simply keep his true personality hidden away, so that no one suspects that he could be of any threat to anyone; however, deep down, many underestimate the young man.

School: Second Year in High School

Occupation: Currently an Idol in training in a Duo team, taking time off school

History: The boy that had started everything, the whole shamble of a mess back in Japan, had actually been Ryuji's cousin. Being close to him, he had overheard his cousin talk about his wrongdoings in secret with him, watching him go on forums and talk to others about how he wished that the girl he loved would only love him back, however it wasn't him that had started the ideas of kidnapping the poor girl.

It had been Ryuji, who had begun to ask those questions, who had started implant the ideas of keeping her all to himself, to make sure no one else had her but him. By then, his cousin had been brainwashed by Ryuji, going along with his ideas and starting the whole downward spiral of a mess that had been in Japan. After his cousin was arrested, with no connections or evidence on him, Ryuji took time to bask in what he had started, what he had done and how he had flawlessly gotten away with the deed without anyone suspecting him. However, the thrill had begun to die down, and the case head begun to go cold with disinterest which began to frustrate Ryuji. He wanted to continue what he had started, bask in more of the glory and power that he had, and began to plan something new.

And with that, the Stalker's Club was born.

Going on a forum site anonymously, Ryuji began to plant topics about the case after it had begun to die down, and began the rumors of a so called "Club" started up by a group of followers that worshipped Ryuji's cousin for his bravery. At first it was just an idea  to get people talking again, however after some time, Ryuji wanted to make it a reality. Making a site on a secret server with the help of a convinced individual, he was able to start up the club, that could only be accessed through a secret password on a specific site, the Club began, with Ryuji being the Founder.

Club Induction: Created it.

Member Status: First enacted Member/Founder

Stalker of: He has his eye on his assistant that works for his Idol group, Chiyo, but he likes to move around from time to time and help others that could use a little "push" in the right direction.

Sexual Preferences: Straight

Secret Fetishes Or Kinks: He prefers innocent girls that he can corrupt and play mind games on, thinking it of innocent fun to brainwash and play with their minds until they can't remember where they even are. Seeing fear in a person's eyes gives him a turn-on, as well as submissive types especially give him a rise, and nothing like a good cat and mouse chase can keep him entertained, however not for long. Despite his age, he's rather experienced in most sexual kinks and fetishes due to watching a lot of videos online, and is itching to try some of them out on some pretty girls. He has a kink for worship and Master/Slave relationship, usually liking to be told that he's the boss and what he says goes. He also loves to use drug enhancements and toys on his victims.

Another fetish of his is sweet smells, due to his fixation on sweets. He likes it when girls wear sweet perfume, with the scent of Vanilla being his particular favorite. As well, he's had a small fascination with food play regarding sweets, such as bringing chocolate bars with him to share durin heated kisses, or caramel sauze to lick off his partner.
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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2016, 11:17:07 AM »
Player: Yugishogun


Stalker or Target: Target

Name: Sakurako Miyazaki

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sakurako is of a short build of 5 feet, being rather light at a solid 100 pounds. In compensation though, her body is quite curvy, including her sizable E-cup breasts.

Personality: Sakurako is a rather shy wallflower of a girl. She's actually quite kind once a person gets to know her, but her natural stammering seems impolite at times and few people desire to patient with her. Thus, with her lack of friends, she's rarely seen in public unless she's attending her college courses or working shift at her job. She is very internet savvy and was actually part of the original forum before she quickly left it in disgust to due to the disturbing events that occurred.

School: College Senior (Completing her literature studies)

Occupation: Bookstore Clerk

History: Sakurako has always been quite the recluse with her lack of friends. The innocent girl has led a rather lonely life due to most of the students finding her an easy target to bully due to her meek personality and stammering. She was a rather intelligent student, but that just earned the ire of her tormentors even further. The bullying lessened in college, though by then her tendencies to avoid others out of fear had developed too far. This made the shy wallfower's regular routine rather simple, allowing for her stalker to easily get it down from the fateful moment Sayuri saw her at the bookstore.

For Targets: Sakurako is completely unaware of Sayuri's stalking of her.

Target of: Sayuri Tsukuda

Sexual Preferences: Lesbian

Secret Fetishes Or Kinks: Sakurako is a complete virgin, though she surely knows she never wants to be involved in anal, gore, or snuff.
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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2016, 02:59:29 PM »
Player: pdragon

Stalker or Target: Target

Name: Akira Jin Ibushi "AJ Styles"

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'8, 145lbs. Has a lean, svelte figure and a youthful, feminine face. His skin is very light and pale for a Japanese person, leading some to believe he is actually have European or American (both of his parents are Japanese, meaning this would be quite scandalous if true). Despite his more feminine appearance and build he isn't lacking in the manhood department, with a surprising amount of strength and a strapping 8 in. member.
additional pics

Personality: For the most part Akira carries himself with a very composed, prestigious aura. He's rather popular in his high school, and has a sort of "unobtainable" feel about him, the kind of person you'll always dream about, but never actually have. While he's generally rather soft spoken and kind, he isn't immune to the kind of vanity and arrogance that such adoration can breed in people, and at times can be quite condescending and full of himself. He is also very protective of his image, always trying to cultivate and maintain an air of coolness and charm. It can be quite hard to break his laid back, confident facade, but when something does happen to break his usual image his reaction can be quite severe. Also while he acts as if he doesn't really care about much, he is actually very sentimental and emotional deep down, and used to be somewhat of a cry baby when he was younger.

School: Second Year High School

Occupation: Currently an Idol in training in a Duo team, taking time off school

History: Akira was born to a fairly well of family, and thus has never really wanted for anything. He's used to getting what he wants whenever he wanted it, and while not complete push overs, his parents were rather soft when it came to discipline and rules. While he did manage to avoid becoming a complete spoiled brat, that cushy upbringing definitely left it's mark on him as he came up through school. He was used to being the rich, popular kid in school. The most envied, the most desired, the most sought after for friendship. As such Akira always saw himself as an elite student, one who was generally above others, and while he kept up a mostly humble persona, he always reveled in the attention he got from others. Of course being such an attention whore, it was a foregone conclusion that he would jump at the opportunity when he was approached by a recruiter for an idol agency. The idea of being a celebrity, beloved and cheered by hoards of people, putting forth his beauty for all to see...he couldn't imagine a more amazing life. And while at first he wasn't to keen on sharing the spot light with a partner, ultimately he opened up to the idea. After all Ryuji is a pretty cool guy, and almost as beautiful as he is, someone he can trust to help take their careers straight to the top.

For Targets: Nothing strange outside of the occasional over zealous fan mail...which now that I think about it is odd since we haven't properly debuted yet

Sexual Preferences: Maybe a little bi-curious

Secret Fetishes Or Kinks: Has a major crossdressing fetish. Whether it's full on dresses or just putting on makeup for that extra "pretty boy" feel, the feeling of being beautiful and feminine makes him feel the most comfortable and relaxed. He also enjoys anal play, and while he hasn't actually let anyone do him there (either with a man or with a strap on) he does occasionally use toys on himself when he masturbates. Other turn ons include rough, dominant partners (despite his own seemingly dominant personality), public sex, being watched by others, and mild degradation.

Turn offs include pain, torture, toilet stuff, and hardcore bdsm (toys and light bondage are fine, but once leather suits start coming out it's a no).

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2016, 08:30:07 PM »
Player: Sephora

Stalker or Target: Target

Name: Chiyo Minami

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Chiyo is 5,2" and weighs 114 pounds.  She secretly wishes that her b-cup's were a size larger, and once even bought some pills from the internet that promised to enhance them in three short weeks! (they did not work)
other images

Personality: Chiyo is an extremely timid and nervous sort of girl.  She is incredibly shy and is quick to bow down to those with more authority than her, or those who simply possess a louder voice.  A big fan of cute and feminine things, she is actually rather cheerful and happy-go-lucky when she gets to do something that she really enjoys.  When she is given any kind of purpose or goal she is also incredibly enthusiastic.  Not all that great with being around people, the few people who Chiyo does manage to befriend have her undying loyalty and gratitude.  There is a very real part of Chiyo who believes that people are doing her a favor when they are kind to her.
School: Second year high school

Occupation: She is in her second year in high school, but has a part time job as an assistant for an idol management company

History: Chiyo's Father is a producer at a moderately succesful Entertainment Agency.  Likewise her Mother was a successful model back in her day.  Being their only child, they had high hopes that Chiyo would become a success in the entertainment world.  When she was very little (around 5) they used their connections to get little Chiyo an opportunity to be an extra in a children's show.  Unfortunately, from the moment she stepped onto the set, little Chiyo would not stop crying.  Her parents quickly realized that their daughter would never be fit for the spotlight.  Their attention drifted accordingly.  Chiyo was allowed to enter school like any other normal student, but became something of a latch-key child, in the sense that her parents were (and still are) usually too busy with their own careers to notice Chiyo much when they returned home.

For her part, Chiyo does not wish to become any kind of celebrity, but rather wishes to follow in her Father's footsteps.  Chiyo's deepest wish is to produce amazingly skilled and fabulous stars.  For now however, she will settle on being a lowly assistant towards whatever idol she is thrown at.  Really, she is content with that work.  It forces her to be around the kind of beautiful people that she'd be far too nervous to approach organically.  It's a growing/learning opportunity!

For Targets: N-no way!  People don't typically take notice of someone like her.  Especially not to that extent. 

Sexual Preferences: Bi-curious

Secret Fetishes Or Kinks: Humiliation and degradation.  Not that she would ever admit that to herself or anyone else.

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Player: Drake Valentine

Stalker or Target: Stalker

Name: Torao Tsukuda

Age: 20

Alias: Matchmaker

Gender: Male

Appearance: Torao stands at a good five feet and seven inches, he is often found wearing a set of glasses and his build is just a bit below average. Still, despite his near lanky physique, he is quite outgoing, holding a bit of muscle tone to give him more of an athletic figure. His brown locks are often kept cut short, though usually they possess a rather wild appeal to them. He is not one of piercings or tattoos; however he can often be found wearing some set of jewelry or another on his person. He is also quite endowed, holding a good ten inches below the belt when aroused.

Personality: Torao's persona is rather fluid, he has a good grasp on understanding most people and can easily change his very personality to compensate towards them. With that in mind, he can adapt to most groups of people; making him a rather valuable asset in terms of luring individuals as prey for other members. Of course, with that in mind, there is always a price and Torao will collect; he does nothing out of fear. Every move is for his personal gain as well, even in times of interaction with his sister. The darker sides of his personality is what victims see, that he is truly cruel and sadistic behind the various masks he wears in attitude.

Still, very few really know about this. To most of society he is known as a rather outgoing and upstanding young man with lots of friends. To the club, a well rounded manipulator and 'wingman.' To the victims, a devil wearing the skin of an angel. To his sister, something far deeper than blood.

School: Second Year in College

Occupation: Student

History: Torao lived mostly a normal life, well till a year ago, at least. After his graduation from high school, he set his sights upon college with future goals towards the more psychological fields of study given his rather impressive people skills. He managed to secure a cheap apartment room as well; working various odd jobs in and out around the campus for part time. Within that time his sister had moved in, though their relationship was ordinary, given how more convenient it would be with them close to school and of course the aid of additional money support from the family.

That ordinariness change somewhere within the prior year. He found info on her computer about her involvement in some form of club. His first target and before his initial joining could be said to involve his very sibling. Torao stalked his sister, watched her in her work with her various targets, and begun to gather information to blackmail her down the road. In time he would confront her on it, she was hesitant at first to meet his demands, but eventually he did break her in as a target of his obsession during that time span. Inevitably things would tone down and she appeared to learn to accept her fate and his affections, no longer offering much resistance. From there he was more properly introduced to the club.

From there in that year he has spent his time bringing in new victims for side pay from fellow members and tormenting various toys with his sister that may also catch his eye or vice versa. The money, if anything, is good; allowing him to move to a slightly bigger apartment, though he hasn't went with anything outrageous expensive, just a minor upgrade for more room for him, his sister, and any victims they bring home for playtime in between. The rest of the money he is simply collecting and using to pay off for college; living a continuous rather 'ordinary,' life despite the darker side behind the scenes.

Club Induction: Discovered it on his sister's computer and things went from there.

Member Status: Roughly a year

Stalker of N/A

Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual

Secret Fetishes Or Kinks: Extreme kinks. Been known of incest, adultery,  subjecting victims to vile humiliating acts, recording events, causing pain, and general twisted mind games or other degrading acts on victims psyches.

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Player: Relikai

Stalker or Target: Target

Name: Haruna Shimazaki

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Round and full breasts would be how a spectator would describe the gravure model, before pointing at the region between her waist and thighs where her perky butt was, even on a magazine hidden under white panties could one see its tightness. Haruna sports long black hair which reaches her lower back, a creamy skin complexion as well as a natural blush at her cheeks. Standing slightly taller than the average Japanese lady, Haruna carries a body which was the envy of many during her days in the idol industry.

Height - 164cm // 5ft 5in
Weight - 53kg // 121lbs
Bust - 92cm // 36in
Waist - 61cm // 24in
Hips - 89cm // 35in

NSFW Image

Personality: Haruna carries a quiet personality, known as the 'serious' one during her days as an Idol. Despite that, she often gives fans a smile during handshake events and meeting them in the streets, although she does not overly show friendliness. Haruna is known to be shy when meeting people, but daring in her line especially when she released a gravure photobook to join her fellow members in a group competition to draw appeal to the public. Haruna is hardworking, often acts as the listening ear, but gets easily flustered when the topic goes to the intimate side of things, often blushing and drawing laughter from her bandmates.

School: Finished with a Degree in Communications and Fashion Design.

Occupation: Former Akihabara Night Idol. Current Gravure Model and Junior Actress.

History: Working on it, will send on a separate Message

For Targets: Everyone who buys her magazines could be classified as one? No... Haruna feels that such people are part of her life as an Idol / Actress, and only takes precautions for herself.

Target of: None that she know of. Will be sought after by Ryuji in the future.

Sexual Preferences: Straight

Secret Fetishes Or Kinks: Haruna is a virgin, but is intrigued by the 'sexy talk' which her fellow members often talk about. The only sexual experience she has was having her virgin lips licked by her bandmates during their disbandment night, when they were all intoxicated by strong alcohol. Haruna felt excited, but did not feel turned on due to her lack of interest in women, and the drunken atmosphere.

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From now on, all approved character sheets will be posted on the Character Thread.

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (PLAYERS NEEDED! (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #9 on: August 02, 2016, 09:19:45 PM »
Still looking for Players to join! You can be either a Target or a Stalker, either Gender!

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (PLAYERS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #10 on: August 02, 2016, 09:54:49 PM »
Just adding for all that want to join, you are now able to make up to 2 characters!

If you have any questions about character creation or about the RP, feel free to ask here!
« Last Edit: August 03, 2016, 12:07:55 AM by Tokyorose627 »

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (PLAYERS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #11 on: August 03, 2016, 12:19:10 PM »
I will throw my interest in and will be putting in a cs.

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (PLAYERS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #12 on: August 03, 2016, 12:23:26 PM »
I will throw my interest in and will be putting in a cs.


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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (STALKERS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #13 on: August 04, 2016, 02:36:52 AM »
The Recruiting is going awesome! We just need a few more Stalker slots to be taken and we'll be able to get the RP started!

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (STALKERS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #14 on: August 05, 2016, 11:23:14 PM »
Still have a few places open if poeple wish to join! Don't be shy! :D

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (TARGETS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #15 on: August 10, 2016, 02:08:07 AM »
Two Target players have left the game, so we're looking for some more people to come on in and join the fun! The game has just started; don't be shy!

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (TARGETS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #16 on: August 12, 2016, 04:12:11 AM »
We'e still looking for some people to take Target spots! Feel free to take a look and submit a character!

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (TARGETS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #17 on: August 12, 2016, 03:50:02 PM »
Which targets up and vanished?

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (TARGETS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #18 on: August 12, 2016, 04:10:01 PM »
Which targets up and vanished?

Akira, and another person who's profile wasn't posted on here.

Feel free to take a look at character sheets and see who needs a Target. :3

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Re: The Stalkers Club [Recruitment] (TARGETS NEEDED!) (ANIME/HENTAI GAME)
« Reply #19 on: August 12, 2016, 10:32:50 PM »