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Author Topic: Rehash of old idea with new twist [NC-H]  (Read 984 times)

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Rehash of old idea with new twist [NC-H]
« on: December 07, 2008, 09:35:56 am »
Decided to rehash an old idea that has been copied numerous times.  Because of that, put a different twist on the 'Student Pet',  even with a complete name change.

Taboo Blackmail

Susan Alexi Dupont, professor of archeology at the University of Texas.   At thirty six years old is still quite the beauty.  She is often mistaken for one of her students.  For she appears and often is assumed to be in her mid twenties around twenty four years of age.   

Of course the last name of Dupont should be widely recognized.  For she is a heiress of the Dupont fortune.  She does not need to work as a professor.   For her monthly allowance from the family trusts.  Is  $100,000 each month.

Of course,  a dark secret lays buried in her past.  It lies in the summer before her first year of college.  In the west Hamptons.  A summer romance, that would ultimately delay her first year of college.  For she had a whirlwind affair, that got her pregnant.   The father a organized crime figure of New York city.   Who at the time was twenty four years of age.  Antonio Garabali.   Had turned on his family and the way of organized crime.  For he had turned over state evidence to the the federal authories.   So at the time of the romance.  Antonio had just begun his life under the witness protection program.

The pregnacey was the last thing that Susan needed.    Beseiged by the federal marshalls of the witness protection program.   That she needed to abort the child.   For Antonio had been compromised.   His cover in the west Hamptons hand been breeched.   He had been whisked to another idenity and cover.      Yet the crime family had learned of the affair the young mistress Dupont had with Antonio.    The one thing they did not learn was the pregnacey.    It is the reason, the marshall's office wanted her to have the abortion.  However,  Susan would go through with the pregnacey.   She have baby, a son.  She give the boy up at a church.      Yet the reason is not all for Antonio.  A good portion of why.  Is her family and her dreams of the future.

She kept the pregnacey to herself.  And despite the deep love for her one true love.  She never again would see Antonio.   However, she learned where he was.  Despite his family watching her.  He in his new identity contacted her.   And throughout the years has kept in contact with her.  She has but a phone number.  But it would be enough to lead the family after Antonio and compromise the idenity and life he lives under.  And it is this love, that she has always kept a distance from him.  Never letting it go past the calls she would get.   Yet she longed and looked forward to these calls.  To hear his voice.

If anyone were to find out this.  It would be a powerful tool of blackmail and exhortion over her.   For she would do anything to protect Antonio.

The backdrop for blackmail.   Her son, a sophmore in college at the university of Texas.  Has taken her class, on archeology.   Is supplied with the information.  The information of the summer romance some eighteen years ago.  However, who ever sent him this wealth of information.  Does not tell him he is the son that was abandon all those years ago.

Through he learns if he gets the phone number.  A reward of $250,00 is coming.    Yet, he realizes that to actually get the number and give it up for the quarter of million dollars.  Is paltry in comparsion.   For he could gain much more with the professor.  With her being a heiress.

So under the guise as helping her as one of her student aids in grading papers.   He manages to acquire the phone number.   Luck comes into play.  For Antonio calls while he is at her home.   He is able to get the number.   Thus gaining the one leverage of blackmail fodder, that would establish his total control over the situation.    With the threat she did not do or give him what he wanted, he would turn over the phone number.  Thus insuring the fate of Antonio's death.

The plots and twists of the story unfolding.  Is that they are mother and son.  That he is blackmailing his own mother.  With the threat of sealing his fathers death.   The same two people who had abandon him.  Left him to grow up in a series of foster homes.   Does he carry anger, resentment this can fuel how far he goes and continues when he learns he is the love child of an affair eighteen years ago.

Nor does the setting have to stay on campus.   For the backdrop of wealth, with a well to do heiress.   It allows them to go anywhere, and set up.  Perhaps even to a country that still allows slavery.  Allowing for an even more open showing of her being his slave.