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Author Topic: Quiet Earth (idea on hold)  (Read 1440 times)

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Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Quiet Earth (idea on hold)
« on: July 17, 2016, 06:38:40 PM »
Please note this idea as per the heading is on hold ,unfortunately we haven't quite got the interest in the story that allows it to proceed . All things being equal I will re-do the request in a few months time when certain parts of the AU backstory has been refined, as its currently being written in a one on one that focuses on the immediate aftermath as opposed to a period 5 years after the mass disappearance

Hi all

Please note the Bio code further down this page, please use it to create your character and PM to myself and SlipperySue.

Making a change to my original request by adding additional male characters into the story. Please note that a significant part of the story involves the impact of males into a small all female community so none of the male characters will know any of the women at the start of the story..see further notes re male characters later in this OP

March 15th 03:15 EST ....Eight Billion people disappeared. No one knows what happened to them. At 03:16 the population of the United States was 427.
Scattered, alone. Everything else , buildings animals, remained intact. And yet people found each other and quite quickly.

Within six months only a handful of people where still alone.

Communities formed. Mostly around a few people , however two larger groups appeared, one centered around Tracey, California and its agriculture, the other is centered around Somerset ,Kentucky and the large body of  fresh water , Lake Cumberland.

Within a year these two groups had made contact with each other. They quickly realized that the male shortage they each experienced (both had male to female ratio's of almost 1 to ten) might be more than a statistical fluke . For a year both groups sent people to each community sharing skills and trading, they spoke about merging but neither group wanted to give up what they had build for themselves.

Each group also started to look for others, sending small convoys on road trips covering thousands of miles. After two years the gender balances hadn't changed and finding new people was getting harder and harder, so they both simply stopped looking.

They also both stopped dealing with each other.

 In California the role of men was reduced , power lay with the majority , with women. Men did the hard work and were used for sex and breeding , women made the decisions, they controlled the community.

In Kentucky it was men who came to the fore , men who planned and reaped the rewards , men who took multiple women as their own .

Neither group could agree with the others gender dynamic's thinking each group had got it wrong.

Still for all the searching that had been done smaller groups of people lived unaware of these two large communities. Just trying to survive and rebuild.

One such community/family is where our story will start. Some five years after the disappearance.

The population of wild animals has exploded , domestic animals have turned , for the most part, feral. There is no power other than what you can generate, there is no food other than what you can grew or raise , supplemented with food that has been preserved from the world as it once was.

Your characters found each other in the first few weeks and have been together on a small farm in Nebraska ever since , its hard running the farm but you have made it work. You haven't seen a man since the disappearance

Until one day.....


In five years your characters have formed deep emotional and physical ties to each other. It may have been difficult being without a man or men , or it may have been easy, regardless you have found in each other a loving and deep bond. So what happens when  males suddenly appear.

Will you choose a man over the other women or can you have both.

I really want to explore the relationship dynamics , so open to your characters having different reactions to the introduction of my character.

And what of the men  ...what are there stories?


What I'm looking for.

For starters more than one line at a time...prefer two -three paragraphs
I'm open to writers of all genders , thou your characters will be female. I only ask that any male writers be able to play convincing female characters.
Female character ages ...between 22-36. And pregnancy will be part of the story
I would ask for at least one real life photo of your character

Suggested Male Characters

One :Will be young, no older than 20, the reason for this is that I want him to have been a child when the disappearance happen , so he never learned to drive and has been reliant on others telling him what to do his whole life.
 He's fled the California community and has no desire to go back, he will be aware of the Kentucky community but not quite sure how to get there. Please note I want him to have survived the trip from California to Nebraska more by dumb luck then any talent

Two  A Character who has been on his own since the disappearance , happy for him to be a 'little' crazy but not completely mad. Please note I'm not looking for rambo types here , no special ops training or law enforcement, he's not in the story to save the women , they have been quite capable of saving themselves already . Also please note this character should not be older than 50 and preferably under 35.

Three: My character ....He's come from England , via a plane that he's piloting , having come with the intent to find the California community after a short transmission was received in England from the nearby radio station a year earlier....he has a full back story which I'll expand on if the story gets interest however suffice it to say flying a plane and landing is going to get noticed by everyone in the area

Four: If the other two male character types available don't appeal I'm open to considering any background you like as long as... they aren't representatives of the Kentucky community , don't know any of the females in the story when it starts, is definitely younger than 50, and is not a rambo type spec ops


If you are interested please post to this thread.

Will look to expand the idea and nut out any details once we have our writers in place...thou happy to hear any questions and hopefully I'll have some answers.



« Last Edit: August 10, 2016, 04:48:55 PM by eiselmann »

Offline SlipperySue

Up for playing this as a group game, and would even co-GM it with you if you want.  That is if we have other players, still continue with our one to one version set in the UK of course.

There is cope for a certain blonde singer to be involved in this one, or at least someone looking like her.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Yippee , yes this is a variant of our wonderful one on one story...which we will absolutely continue , both stories of course are set in differing circumstances(ours being in the immediate aftermath as opposed to five years down the line) , thou could easily be set in the same world.   

Hopefully we'll gather interest and get this story going. And yes if we do gather enough interest co GM is your's your work :-)

Offline SlipperySue

Your idea, your rules, but perhaps we should throw it open to a limited number of other males, and not put the sole responsibility for the males, Dominant and submissive on your shoulders.

I was thinking one or two other males, and a few women.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Happy to do that if it will gains interest in the story :-)

Would want to keep a reasonable gender imbalance between male and female characters as it would fit the background reason  for the disappearance..

Will rework the OP and open it up to a few male characters

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Just opened the story up to two male characters

Please note the specific character requirements for males  and while I'm open to your own character ideas, I'm going to be quite picky around any male bio's

This story will only start if we get enough female interest.

Offline Miroque

I might be in for playing 1 female, if you still need more ?

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

I might be in for playing 1 female, if you still need more ?

Yes definitely would love to have you on board

Offline Miroque

to have me on the board.. for whipping ? :)

I'l love to join.

Offline Sheng

I would perhaps be up to play a slightly crazy male.
It at least sounds intriguing to me!
Let me know if it is still open. :)

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

I would perhaps be up to play a slightly crazy male.
It at least sounds intriguing to me!
Let me know if it is still open. :)

Yes its still open.

Offline Sheng

Yes its still open.
Well allow me to think up a character then. :)

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Well yes I guess if whipping works for your character we can include it  ;D

I'll look at seeing what interest we gather in the next 24 hours and then start the planning in earnest (Bio's etc)

Most of the background story around what happened is still being written in a one on one that myself and SlipperySue are writing and once it gets revealed in that story (which so far has covered the first 100 days of this new world) , we'll introduce it to the group story

For the most part any curiosity that may have existed about what happened has been replaced with the day to day need to keep going so while characters may speculate ,only one (mine) knows what happened , thou he'll have reasons to keep that to himself for a while.

Offline SlipperySue

Character sheet, please give as much information about characters skills from pre-disappearance professions or interests and any skills learned since the disappearance.

Code: [Select]

[b]Character Image[/b] [img width=250]insert url here[/img]
[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Character age:[/b]
[b]Character Description[/b]
[b]Character history/skills prior to disappearance:[/b]
[b]Character history post disappearance:[/b]
[b]Character On's and Off's:[/b]


Please message character sheets to myself and Eiselmann rather than posting them direct to the thread.
« Last Edit: July 27, 2016, 04:22:45 PM by SlipperySue »

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Character name Simon Hamilton
Character age 23
Character image
Character Description 5'10 , slim and toned Simon has an old scar running along her upper right arm

Character history prior to disappearance Simon was born in Bury, England. His father was an English teacher at the local High School while his mother ran her own catering business. He had two older sisters. He was especially close to his mother's father who had been a pilot with the RAF and regaled the young Simon with stories from the older man's time flying around the world.

A good student, who excelled at maths, Simon's parents wanted him to go to University just as his older sisters had done, but Simon had his own dream, he wanted to be a pilot , so begrudgingly his parents supported his decision when it was clear he would not be swayed. Simon enrolled at the Merseryside Flight School in Liverpool, staying with an Aunt to save costs .

The day he completed his first solo flight was the greatest day of his life, he rang his parents and promised to travel the short distance back to Bury the following day, and also promised the fact that Liverpool were playing Manchester United at Old Trafford had nothing to do with his desire to see his was the last time he ever spoke to them.

Character history post disappearance

When he realized his Aunt and cousins weren't home he didn't immediately feel alarmed , they were often out early in the weekend going to local sales, thou he was kind of hoping they would have been around to hear him talk about his solo flight....again. He didn't recall much of that first day or the drive to Manchester, passing crashed cars with no drivers, or half a dozen commercial airplanes that had crashed as they came in to land at Manchester Airport.

All he could recall was opening his parents front door to find no one home.

A week later Simon found himself standing outside Old Trafford when a car pulled up, that's when he met Claire, two years older than him and stunning. They made love that night simply because they had someone to share this empty world with. For all they knew they were alone.

They weren't.

Within a week they were part of a group of ten  which eventually became a group of fifty, the vast majority of them women. That group eventually settled in Anglesey, Wales, a good size Island with two bridges connecting to main land Wales, the idea being to have enough land under their control to support a community and rebuild since it was obvious help was not coming.

Two months later Claire was part of a group that went to London to see if there were signs of other survivors. That group found a sign suggesting survivors were in Leeds up in Yorkshire. When in reality they were in Leeds Castle in Kent. Claire died in attack.

Simon was devastated when told ,he soon left the group and traveled up to Scotland, promising to come back but unsure when ...he needed time.

Two years later he flew back to Anglesey and the world had changed once more. They had found the group in Kent and after a few minor setbacks had established close contact with that group, infact a dozen of their own group had relocated to Kent. They also found out that six major communities existed in Europe , and while none had more than 300 people , it was something to build on.

Simon being the only pilot started an air service between all eight communities, he had two cessna's on the go and was working on getting a Gulfstream ready for flight, he also had access to  more aviation fuel than he could ever need.

There were plenty of women to go around and while he couldn't bring himself to have exclusive relationships he was certainly happy to have some fantastic sex with various women in each community.

A year ago the community at Kent received a very brief signal from a Radio Station in Tracey California, there was no way they should have been able to receive it but they had. A decision was made (mostly by 'the boy*') that it was worth investigating.

Simon spend the next year training two others to fly ...just in he was diplomatically told.

Then one day he set off in a Gulfstream G550  with enough fuel to get to his destination and the expectation that he would be able to refuel and get back.

Character On's and Off's Simon's not adverse to multiple women , he can be a gentle lover or rough.
 He likes to be in control thou he hasn't yet embraced his dominate side when it comes to sex. In a world were men don't have to share a woman he's not adverse to that, thou he certainly has no interest in male on male, and he would find it difficult to be completely subservient to a woman , however he's happy for them to take the lead from time to time.

* more on him as the story progresses.
« Last Edit: July 28, 2016, 03:00:57 AM by eiselmann »

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

I'll give this another 24 hours and then if we don't get anymore interest I'll adjust my character above to the one who left the community in Tracey so that we have a character with a knowledge of both major US based communities .


Offline Tytus

Re: Quiet Earth (looking for 1 male and at least 2 more female characters)
« Reply #16 on: August 01, 2016, 09:44:22 AM »
Put me down as interested in playing one of the male characters.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Re: Quiet Earth (looking for 1 male and at least 2 more female characters)
« Reply #17 on: August 01, 2016, 02:04:57 PM »
Put me down as interested in playing one of the male characters.

HI thanks for your interest.

As it stands we won't be adding a third male character unless we can get at least 1 additional female character.

 If we do get an additional female into the story then you're good to join.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Re: Quiet Earth (looking for 1 male and at least 2 more female characters)
« Reply #18 on: August 01, 2016, 06:05:20 PM »
Hi just created an OOC

The OP in this OOC is still being written, will add more as time permits over the coming day or two

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Re: Quiet Earth (looking for at least 1 more female character)
« Reply #19 on: August 04, 2016, 06:07:20 PM »
Just giving this a quick interest pump before plowing ahead with getting the story started.

The story does allow additional characters as we progress however it would be great to have an extra female character to kick it off

Offline Golden Spider

Re: Quiet Earth (looking for at least 1 more female character)
« Reply #20 on: August 05, 2016, 12:29:08 AM »
I would be willing to play a female character if it is alright with the GMs

Offline SlipperySue

Re: Quiet Earth (looking for at least 1 more female character)
« Reply #21 on: August 05, 2016, 01:34:54 AM »
I would be willing to play a female character if it is alright with the GMs

Eiselmann and I are happy with you playing a female role, please submit your character to use as soon as possible for approval. 

Offline SlipperySue

Re: Quiet Earth (looking for at least 1 more female character)
« Reply #22 on: August 05, 2016, 10:02:13 AM »
madison cook

Character Image
Character name: Madison 'Maddie' Cook
Character age: 22
Character Description Madison is 5 feet 11 inches tall with a slim body, weighing about 130lbs (9st 6lbs), with long naturallly straight blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.
Character history/skills prior to disappearance: Maddie was born in Springfield, Missouri, where her father (William) was professor at Missouri State University and her mom (Valeria) was a stay home mom but who performed as a singer occasionally, either alone or with a band.  At school Maddie was an athlete, especially middle distance running and had an interest in physics.  She could have gone to any college but chose to go the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs with a view to working in radar.  Like all cadets she learned basic weapon skills, unarmed combat techniques, field craft including basic survival, basic medical skills, map reading and parachute training.  She was on a detachment to Offutt AFB near Omaha, Nebraska and she woke on the morning of the disappearance to discover that she was the only person on the air base, when she was unable to contact anyone else by radio or telephone, she went to the motor pool and began to prepare for a road trip to try to find someone, starting in Omaha before heading out of state.
Character history post disappearance:  After Omaha, she headed towards Colorado Springs, having failed to find anyone she headed back North, and came across two other women, one of whom was the daughter of a farmer from just outside Lincoln, Nebraska, which is why they set up on the farm.
Character On's and Off's: Maddie is essentially a little submissive, but not a masochist, she doesn't enjoy pain and has no interest in anything involving bodily waste.  While she considers herself straight, she does appreciate the female form and has a girl crush on the supermodel Karlie Kloss.

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Offline Golden Spider

Re: Quiet Earth (looking for at least 1 more female character)
« Reply #23 on: August 05, 2016, 04:53:36 PM »

Character Image
Character name: Rachel Hummel
Character age: 22
Character Description: Smaller than average size, Kind, caring, hardworking
Character history/skills prior to disappearance: 3rd grade teacher
Character history post disappearance: Rachel awoke on the day of the disappearance to find her neighbors apartment empty, she assumed that he had just gone out until she saw evidence of people disappearing everywhere, cars sitting empty in the middle of the street and massive pileups as people randomly disappeared from their cars. after finding out what had happened from various sources and began the trek from Minnesota to Nebraska alone, finding the others along the way
Character On's and Off's: I don't really have many Offs, I don't really like much of the Extreme stuff, nor Scat or Vore, other than that i will try anything once

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Re: Quiet Earth (ide on hold)
« Reply #24 on: August 09, 2016, 04:52:35 AM »
HI everyone

Just to let you all know , those who have posted with interest and those who may have been planning to.

I've decided to put this idea on hold for the foreseeable future. The reason being is that we don't have the interest in the story that allows us the proceed in the way that makes the wider story work.

Also I think part if the problem is that I'm not yet in a position to expand the story idea to include what happened and when that becomes more widely known how it will impact on the new societies and that was the bulk of where the middle and later story would have focused on (in between all the sex of course). I do know what happened and why, however much of the story around that has yet to be revealed in a one on one , so in hindsight I started this thread a couple of months too soon.

SO once again I thank you for your interest , its always nice to know an idea appeals. I will reboot this at a later time


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